Let's Play with Syndt

For those of you that do not follow me on Twitter, I've historically always posted an Early Access Screening for my Let's Plays that were only available to Patrons. But since Patrons of the Let's Play series are getting Ad Free status on this site, I wanted to make sure that Site Patrons get the benefits of Early Access to my Let's Plays. So I made a Patron Only mode for posts. If you can read this, you are a Patron of either campaign! Thank you!

Update: This post is now visible to everyone, so that is why you can see this if you are not a Patron!

I'm just making sure Patrons of both campaigns get the same benefits. Everyone else gets this on Friday!

This is my first Let's Play I've done in a while, and I felt really good about it! I hope you'll enjoy it too, and forget all about Jakob and Doug's videos... even if they got theirs out ahead of me!

Video Description:

KLEVGR's Syndt is a new synth app with some unique sound shaping parameters, and a beautiful UI. Let's Play with it and make something awesome! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a new monthly Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/discchord_com

Behind the Scenes: See how Contest Mode picks winners!

The first contest was a huge success, with 38 entries! Since this is the first giveaway I wanted to do a little recording to show off how the contest works from behind the scenes. Congratulations to all of the winners! Everyone else will have a lot of other opportunities to win, because I will be bugging devs for more codes!

Video Description:

Several updates are rolling out onto discchord.com, and the first of those is a new contest mode. I'm super proud of how this works, so I wanted to record how it looks on my end when I push the button!

Lots more contests coming in the future, so check the site often!

discchord v3.1: The Roll-out Begins with new Contest Mode

The new site has been running quite smoothly since the launch back in October! I'm seriously relieved to see it doing so well. Developing the new CMS basically meant sacrificing 2016 from my life, but from what I gather I didn't miss much. All of that work has been worth it though, and that is reflected in how much more you guys are coming to the site! Monthly views have tripled since launch!

We were at a constant 200,000, but that soared to 600,000 in March. Here are the raw numbers:

Who Sponsors the Sponsors

With views this high I'm able to offer advertising at an extremely low rate that I hope will be attractive to sponsors. I've taken all of the old prices and cut them in half! Previously each slot had 50,000 guaranteed views, but now they each get 100,000 minimum. That's twice the views for half the price!

Blocking AdBlock

AdBlock does not block my in-house ads, but it does block all AdSense ads. I get it. Many of those AdSense ads suck. But this site is supported by advertising revenue. This is my job. So I've added some nags for people that are running AdBlocker. For those of you who aren't running an AdBlocker, or have whitelisted discchord, thank you!

For those of you that absolutely do not want to see any ads, become a Patron! Patreon patrons get a completely ad free experience; including in-house ads.

This is true for both site Patrons and Let's Play Patrons.

What's new in discchord v3.1:

Since the launch in October I've been working on minor tweaks and bug fixes, as well as performance boosts. Once I had all of that taken care of I started setting my sights on the next big thing. Discchord v3.1!

Here are some of the key features coming in discchord v3.1:

  • Preset Sharing (ETA August) - This has been a frequent request. I like the idea of sharing app presets here so we're doing it! I've been thinking a lot on how to implement it, and think I should be able to pull it off. I want to get this done in time for the site's 6th Anniversary.
  • Tweaks to App Voting (ETA June-July) - I want to streamline the process of voting Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down on the Music App DB. The "Discchord Reader Rating" is only useful if lots of people are voting for apps, so I want to make that process as easy as possible.
  • Contest Mode (ETA Today!) - Doing giveaways on Twitter and Facebook limit those giveaways to just people using those services. Instead I want to offer giveaways to people who use discchord!

Comment for a chance to Win Audulus for iOS!

In fact, this post is a contest! Everyone who comments on this post has a chance to win a copy of Audulus!

To make that work, and to make sure people aren't just commenting over and over again to increase their chances, I've had to limit contests to registered users. I'm sorry to all the anonymous posters here, I really do try hard to include you, but pulling this off requires registration.

You can comment here with whatever you'd like, but I'd be especially interested in hearing any suggestions you have for 3.2... or how to get you guys to use the forums you bugged me to make for years.

I have 5 copies of Audulus to give away, and will close the contest Monday morning. The site will then automatically email out the codes to all of the winners!

The Music News Lamestream Media Won't Report

When I first started the site Alex Hapted, then editor of iDesignSound, said discchord was the Fox News of music apps. He's a Brit, so I don't think he meant that to be as offensive as it is. But these are changing times. Between Buzzfeed's saccharin slant, and "Fake News" dominating Facebook feeds, the nature of reporting in the 21st century is rapidly changing. To stay relevant, discchord must also change.

By now we've all seen the Alt-Reich rise on the heady vapor of their hyperbolic alt-media. With pundits no longer bickering over spin, but now just lying outright and manufacturing hysteria. Alex Jones is the exemplar in this new media landscape. His rise began with conspiracies of George W. Bush, and later Obama, setting up "FEMA Death Camps" all over the country. He started to stoke the fires of nationalism by calling our last two presidents "Luciferian" and claimed that they were preparing to kill all of the Christians in America.

One would expect, and I certainly did, that someone making such insane claims would simply disappear. Who would continue to listen to him after all of his dire predictions and conspiracies have been blatant nonsense? If you know of any Christians in America, you can ask them personally what it was like in the FEMA Death Camps. They will, hopefully, respond with confusion because at no point in the last 16 years have any of our Presidents lead a genocide against Christian Americans.

Yet somehow this guy is more popular than ever! He has single-handily demonstrated that you can't go wrong screaming an endless stream of insane shit. In fact, you'll prosper!

I feel it is my duty to this community to foster growth and continue to spread our message of mobile music making. In order to achieve that I feel bound to emulate the Alt-Reich, and the new paradigm of our modern news. Instead of spreading their messages of nationalism and hate, I will continue to celebrate music making.

Music apps, however, seem like a bit of a dead-end.

A side-effect of Global Thermonuclear War is the large Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) that fry all circuitry for miles. I'm frankly amazed we've gone this long without Trump nuking Canada to get the "Snow Mexicans," but it is only a matter of time before he enters a full nuclear exchange with Russia to prevent Putin from releasing details of Trump's golden shower fetish. If by some miracle we avoid a shooting war, the impending Trade War with China will be financially crippling across the globe.

In these and countless other calamities we are left without electricity, iPads, or apps to play music. We've got to get inventive now and prepare for ways to make music in the holocaust that awaits.

Audiobus 3 Releases on March 27th(ish... Update!)

Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds accidentally let slip that Audiobus will be releasing at the end of this month! Over on the Audiobus Forum, Sebastian Dittmann confirmed that March 27th is the official release date!

Update: On Saturday morning the Audiobus team modified their release date to March 27, "+ maybe 1 or 2 days for the media to calm down about Gadget again. I'll announce the actual day as soon as we decide it for sure." Since Gadget was delayed to late March, they want to give that some space.

Audiobus 3 features three key factors to propel the platform forward, while also greatly improving the workflow of connecting multiple apps.

Unified MIDI

Since early 2012 we've been fortunate enough to have many developers agreeing on OMAC as a standard for Virtual MIDI. This has enabled us to do a lot of amazing stuff, and opened up new opportunities for sequencer apps. Entirely app-based studios became possible! Unfortunately none of that has ever been very sane to manage. 5 years later and life is about to get a lot easier!

Audiobus 3 includes a new way to route MIDI between apps, using a similar interface to the one pioneered by the original Audiobus. Simply select your input app and tell it where you want it to go. Finally MIDI between apps can have a consistent and logical routing procedure, instead of the archaic trail-and-error we've all had to experience a hundred times over.

As you see in the screenshot above, multiple tracks from Fugue Machine are being routed out to other apps on their own lanes. Having discrete lanes opens up a whole new world of possibilities on iOS! For the first time ever we can begin to use MIDI effects between apps! This sort of feature is popular on desktop DAWs, and allows for all kinds of interesting trickery; like scale-locking, and dynamic key-remapping. You can see one such app is active in the MIDI Effect Slots of the two right lanes. This is an entirely new class of apps on iOS!

AudioUnit v3 Support

This screenshot also reveals two instances of Phasemaker are in play! Audiobus 3 can act as an AU host, allowing for multiple instances of any AUv3 app. We've all experienced a lot of problems with Inter-app Audio over the years, but I think Apple nailed it with AUv3. Now we can have AUv3 with the convenience of Audiobus!

Audio Mixer

Hosting all of the routing platforms available in Audiobus 3 will be a lot easier now with an integrated mixer. Instead of diving into every single app to tweak their master volume, you can easily change individual app volumes from inside of Audiobus!

Coming Soon™

And all of this will be available in just 10 days! No more vague "coming soon" here, we have a release date!

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