Let's Play with Shoom

I loved Yuri Turov's Xynthesizr, so I was looking forward to his second app. Shoom does not disappoint!

Video Description:

Shoom is a unique 3-part synthesizer that can be used for ambient droning, and traditionally played performances. I use it for both in this Let's Play! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord

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Let's Play with Arturia iSEM

My muse has been focused on making really pretty Pad sounding synths lately, so naturally I reached for Arturia's iSEM... and then I realized, "Holy shit! I've never done a video for iSEM!" How did this happen? It's one of my favorites and it was developed by Rolf Wöhrmann. This Let's Play satisfies both of my needs with an Epic Pad and a long overdue iSEM video!

Video Description:

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to iSEM! This is one of my favorite analogish synth apps, so I use it in this episode to create an epic sounding analog pad! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord

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North Korea is Best Korea!

Haha, capitalist pig-dogs! You sanctions say we cannot have iPads. Now we can not play music apps.

We hack discchord!!!! Now YOU can not play the music app!! Haha!

North Korea is Best Korea! 안녕 엄마!

If want to play music now, you must to do like us. Now you learn to sing the hymns of Supreme Leader!

iPad Air 3: 2GB of RAM, Underclocked CPU

When the iPad Air 3/iPad Pro mini was announced on Monday my only grievance was with the price. I was strongly considering an upgrade from my iPad Air 1, especially if it had the beefy RAM and processor found in the iPad Pro 12.9" model. Apple has decided to save me a lot of money though, because they gimped this shit.

You wouldn't know it from looking at Apple's own "specs" page comparing the iPad Proses, but the littler of the two is only equipped with 2GB of RAM according to ArsTechnica.

This is bad news for musicians when multiple apps open in AB/IAA/AUX will quickly gobble up memory. I remember being astounded the first time I ran 3 apps simultaneously on an iPad 2, but now we're regularly loading up a hell of a lot more apps and we need more memory to support that. Otherwise iOS will start to panic when it detects low memory, where it will helpfully terminate background apps.

Another factor for musicians is raw clock speed. When you're setting an audio rate of 48kHz, with a low input latency you need a fast CPU. For Apple reasons the iPad Air 3 has been underclocked by a small amount according to TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino; who benchmarked the new iPad Pro at 2.16GHz, versus 2.24GHz in full-sized iPad Pro. That's a minuscule amount, but it's extra annoying to think of the new tablet as being any slower.

ArsTechnica points out that memory deficiency could bite a lot of people in the ass a couple of years from now:

Apple has occasionally stopped supporting certain devices because of RAM limitations rather than raw performance limitations—the original iPad had 256MB of RAM and didn't get either iOS 6 or iOS 7, while the 512MB iPhone 4 with the same A4 chip got both updates. It's going to be fine for now (many actively supported iPads still have 1GB or even 512MB of RAM), but it could one day be a problem nevertheless.

discchord - Man Against God, God Against Nature

After working on it all month, I'm proud to present my February Album Writing Month album... that practically wrote itself.

Alright so the idea behind FAWM is that you're supposed to write 14 songs, or 1 song every 2 days. I think this at least observes the spirit of the tradition in that it is an album that I spent all of my free time on in February! Here's a little video of it playing, while I add notes and tidy things up. I even went on to add some more goodies while it was playing.

This is ambient, so you're probably better off just letting this play in a background tab while you do something else.

This is the culmination of the massive Audulus 3 patch I've been working on in February!

You can download the final patch here.

Inspiration for this album:

Music has always had a tradition of blending storytelling with applied philosophy. Or at least, at its greatest, it aspires to do so. We can never hear the first songs of mankind, but we can guess what they were about. The earliest stories undoubtedly revolved around the struggle of man against nature. Then Gods against man. As we cast about today we find a narrative in which Gods and Man are mutually forsaken, and Nature is I'm totally fucking with you. This is ambient. I just tried to make some pretty bleeps and bloops.

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