TC-Data Universal Update

TC-Data, from Bit Shape, is now Universal! The update also includes support for 14-bit NRPN MIDI, along with split-screen multitasking on hardware that allows it.

What's new in TC-Data v2.0:

New Features:
• Split-screen multi mode
• Universal
• 14-bit CC support
• Support for all iPad resolutions
• Split-screen Multitasking support

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed MIDI channel assignment bug

Bram Bos Troublemaker Review / Tutorial

Jason Donnelly from iPadLoops did a review of the latest Bram Bos app, Troublemaker!

Video Description:

Acid Techno is easy with Troublemaker by Bram Bos. A TB-303 inspired audio unit synthesizer with step sequencer. In this video I will 1) Show you how to create a pattern in Troublemaker and export the midi into Cubasis 2) Use Troublemaker in Cubasis as an audio unit 3) Run Troublemaker through Squashit multi band distortion. I hope you enjoy it! PS - 600 subscribers!! Thank you for the support over the years.

deltAdata - leave's house

YouTuber deltAdata did another haunting outdoor jam on Samplr!

Video Description:

Outdoor chiptune -ish & odd beat Samplr jam in adandoned house.

Used: ipad mini, Samplr, filmed with xperia z3 compact 1080, audiobus, audioshare, shareit (ios to android video files transfert) and isupr8 filter 8 (8mm video effect on android).
Made on ipad mini with imovie.

Thanks for watching & happy new year !

FL Studio Mobile Update

In the continuing saga of FL Studio Mobile renaming, FL Studio Mobile HD is now just "FL Studio Mobile" while the original FL Studio Mobile is now, "FLSM." They're both still the same exact app, and they both got an update today with Project Looping and various fixes.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile v3.1.13:

* App store name change 'FL Studio Mobile HD' to 'FL Studio Mobile'.
* Sharing updated - you MUST UPDATE the FL Mobile target to 3.1.12 or higher, get the FL plugin here -
* Project looping - Clips now cut themsel
* Project looping - Clips now cut themselves
* GUI bug - Drum Channels overlap fixed
* FX-target - Automation clips now named correctly
* MIDI import - Crashes fixed
* Projects - Failing to load fix
* Misc bugfixes and stability improvements.

Cubasis as a Songwriting Tool

Adam Steel continues his iPad Pro in Audio Production series with a tutorial on how he uses Cubasis as a songwriting tool!

Video Description:

Today we're looking at using Steinberg's Cubasis 2.0 for iPad.
We've already looked at Garageband and Auria Pro, so now it's time to look at the third part of the iPad "holy trinity".

It's got a lot of features, including inbuilt FX, MIDI in and out, multitrack recording and a lot more.

The track used here to demonstrate the features of Cubasis is the demo song that came with the software.

Soon we'll be doing a comparison of all the of the iPad DAWs, as well as looking in more depth at the synths and comparing the features and who they're aimed at.


I'm Adam Steel, and I run Hop Pole Studios in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester, England. Check out for info on Mixing, Mastering, Recording services and Guitar Reamping, amongst many other things.


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