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Temperament is a new Universal circular synthesizer, which released today with Audiobus support but no demos.

Temperament iTunes Description:

Temperament is synthesizer with a circular interface offering physically modeled instruments, as well as instruments using traditional synthesis methods. Two swipe/gesture areas allow on the fly changes to key, instrument, zoom, temperament, and more.

Audiobus supported.

Universal purchase supporting iPad/iPhone/iPod. Requirements: iOS6, Apple A4 processor or better. For best performance, A5 or better is recommended.

Buy Temperament on iTunes: $2.99

iDesignSound Closes

Yesterday iDesignSound editor Alex announced the closure of the long running iOS music app site.

Alex has been a good friend to many in the community. He provided extremely helpful free consulting to both iOS Musician and myself when we were starting out. Discchord would be a much poorer place if I didn't have him helping me out from the beginning.

His kids, now 5 and 8, are getting to that stage where they can do things besides drool and shit, so he wants to spend some more time with them! I guess I can see how that would take precedence.

Although he reported music app news in a no-nonsense manner, he's a very funny guy and it has been my privilege to get to know him over the years. We've tried to support each other as Gear Addict Anonymous sponsors, but ultimately we just ended up egging the other one into buying more synths.

We also collaborated, unwillingly, on his TT-303 Unboxing video when I couldn't let slide his pronunciation of "three" in the video. Here Alex introduces the synth, and I provide the American English overdub.

Fiddlicator - Free IR Effect with Audiobus

Free Impulse Response effect app Fiddlicator has been updated with Audiobus support!

Fiddlicator iTunes Description:

The Fiddlicator is an audio tool which can simulate various kinds of acoustic environment by the convolution of the input signal with a custom impulse response. It was developed to simulate an acoustic body resonance for electric musical instruments (mainly the electric violin), but it can also be used for a cab simulation with proper impulse response files (not included).

The impulse response files can be imported via iTunes share or via 'Open in' option from another application.

The Fiddlicator is not appropriate to use as convolution reverb engine, because it can not process impulse response files longer than ~0.35 sec.

Now with the Audiobus support!

Main features:

  • main filter is based on convolution (filter kernel up to 16k TAPs)
  • own custom IR kernel files could be imported
  • 6-band parametric equaliser (low-shelf, 4xpeak, high-shelf)
  • simple delay
  • simple reverb
  • high-pass and low-pass filter on input
  • low latency
  • IR files could be imported from standard sound files (wav...) or csv file (via 'Open in...' or iTunes share)
  • mono input/output 44.1kHz (allows channel selection)
  • Audiobus and IAA support

Buy Fiddlicator on iTunes: Free

Here is a demo of Fiddlicator working with Inter-App Audio.

thesoundtestroom Hospitalized

I had noticed Doug Wood, aka thesoundtestroom, has been quiet on his YouTube channel since his csGrain video last week. Doug is relentless about releasing new videos, so the week long absence seemed unusual. Last night readers Patrick and hansendesigns alerted me to a thread over on the Audiobus forum from his wife, Jo on April 9th.

Hi all, this Is Jo, Dougs Wife, just to let you know Doug has been admitted to hospital. I pray and hope he will be back soon. Annoying me with his video recordings. :)

Yesterday she posted an update in the thread.

Hi all Jo here again, update on Doug. Doug was taken in with dangerously high blood pressure as a result his retinas ruptured and his sight is impaired for the moment, he has an enlarged heart and one side isn't working properly. He is going to be in hospital for a while, its been quite a week, unfortunately my sister died and my brother is in a coma, so all prayers and positive thoughts are very welcome. Thank you all for your wishes and comments they mean an awful lot too us xxxx

Jo is continuing to watch that thread, so if you'd like to wish him well please jump over there and do it!

FabFilter 10th Anniversary Sale

FabFilter is celebrating their 10th anniversary, with a 40% off sale on all of their plugins. Including the ones in Auria! This sale will last for 10 days, ending on the 24th. Thanks to reader Shay for writing in with this news!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

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