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Samer Kanaan - A Story

Reader Samer Kanaan did some awesome guitar jamming with Oriental Strings controlled via a Roland GR-55!

Video Description:

a story ... progressive melodic rock instrumental guitar solo played by Samer G. Kanaan

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Korg Gadget Tutorial: Sound Design with Helsinki

Reader Hank Astral did another tutorial for Gadget, in this 30 minute sound design course on the Helsinki gadget.

Video Description:

Sound design tutorial in helsinki

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Korg gadget is a complete IPAD electronic music workstation - like a propellerhead's Reason for mobile.
To make music you just pick any of the following 'gadgets' from within the program and start composing:
Drum machines/Drum Samplers
London: drum sound module Gadget designed specifically for dance music but with the right FX can fit any style really. Has 8 Tracks.

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Toccata avanti la Messa della Domenica - Frescobaldi

Developer Vinícius Mello treats us to another beautiful performance of a classic piece on his MinorThirds app.

Video Description:

I wanted the purest sound to enhance the polyphony, so I chose the RoundSine from ThumbJam. Then I added a gentle phaser using Svep and a reverb from a huge cathedral using AltiSpace.

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flight manual :: samplr & sector

MATRIXSYNTH found this performance by coloring pad on 3 iPads, with Samplr and Sector.

Video Description:

flight manual :: samplr and sector on ios

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