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HOWL Update Demo

Doug Woods did a demo for the new HOWL update released last week; adding Audiobus and iPad support!

Video Description:

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

Buy Howl: A Formant Synthesizer on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Elastic Drums on iTunes: $9.99

Frozen Lonesome - Electric Angles

Reader Steve Raizen, aka Frozen Lonesome, has released his 10th album! Electric Angles has an analog grit throughout, and that's not surprising as this album includes the use of both a Korg Minilogue and a Novation BassStation II; in addition to all of his favorite apps.

Buy Electric Angles on Bandcamp: Name Your Own Price

Yeco Update

Yeco, the touchscreen Ableton Live controller for Windows and OSX, got its first major update today. The update is free to existing customers, and the app itself is $50/€45. The demo video is worth playing for the beautiful Irish accent.

What's new in Yeco:

In this update we have added two new MIDI controllers; the 8x8 pad grid and a full size, 98-pad Hex controller. This is free to existing customers and is included in all new purchases of Yeco. If you are an existing customer, please check your inbox!

Other improvements are as follows:

  • Major improvements to the loading of the clip grid
  • Improvements to the load time and overall responsiveness of Yeco
  • Added playing position timer in the toolbar
  • Sliders position is now relative instead of absolute
  • Improved latency and responsiveness of the drumpad controller
  • Several other improvements to the efficiency and reliability of the live script
  • Small bug fixes

Rhythm Lab Update

Rhythm Lab got a much needed update, adding MIDI in and out!

What's new in Rhythm Lab v3.1.3:

  • MIDI - Rhythm Lab can now send MIDI out as well as receive MIDI input - set the option in MIDI settings. Also allows recognition of Bluetooth MIDI devices.
  • New rhythm patterns - featuring rhythms for "Rhythm - Make It Count" series by Leila Viss.
  • Bug fixes - imported custom rhythms are now immediately saved, improved custom exercise set editing and export, other bug fixes.
  • Expanded User Stats reports - now users can see most recent as well as high scores for all completed exercises, and also see the total number of completed attempts for each exercise (starting with this version 3.1.3).

Buy Rhythm Lab on iTunes: $4.99

Plekyn Records - Terrible Jam End

Plekyn Records, featured here previously for his Novation Launchpad app performance, has a new jam on different Novation gear! Here he's MIDI syncing a Volca Keys with a Novation Circuit. I love the feel on this one; which is bleepy-bloopy with a dark atmosphere.

Video Description:

Terrible Jam End with Novation Circuit & Korg Volca Keys.
End of preformance It's very funny for me.
Circuit is MIDI connect with Volca.
Gear I used
Novation Circuit
Korg Volca Keys
Tube preamp for Volca
Behringer Xenyx
Focusrite 2i4 audio interface
PC computer to record audio signal with Reason 8 on board.
IPad mini and Nicon P530 to record video.
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Thanks for Watching.

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