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Tutorial: Creating Beats with DM2 & Volca Sample

Reader Brian Kupferschmid did a tutorial on creating beats in DM2 and then exporting them to a Volca Sample!

Video Description:

Finally! After several failed attempts, due to video editor issues, I now present to you a tutorial on creating beats in DM2 and loading them into your Korg Volca Sample.

If you'd like to learn more about DM2, check out this video from Jakob Haq: https://youtu.be/chTx-66al88

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for a Volca Jam, featuring a drum kit made entirely on DM2.

Buy DM2 on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

BTM - Moog Synth Rig Jam

Bill T Miller from Orgy Of Noise posted this intense jam using a variety of Moog goodies including Model 15!

Video Description:

http://OrgyOfNoise.com/ = Bill T MILLER of ORGY OF NOISE recording a live synth improv session at Headroom Studios Boston on BTM MOOGY SYNTH RIG with Mother-32 & Werkstatt & Taurus II & Model 15 & Arturia BeatStep & custom BTM controllers. Shot on May 14, 2016, the day before AHNE Synthfest concert performances at Berklee.

Directed & Edited by Bill T Miller
Cameras: Sheri Hausey & BTM
Assistant Editor: Ziggy Cat

Shot on an iPad 3 and two iPhones (4s) with 8mm & Filmic Pro apps, then edited and mutated in Final Cut Pro 7. Audio recorded direct to Digiesign Pro Tools. All made with Apple computers.

see more BTM adventures @ Analogue Heaven North East Synthfest - http://billtmiller.com/ahne/

Buy Moog Model 15 on iTunes: $29.99

Mackie MixerConnect

Mackie's set to release their ProDX4 and ProDX8 mixers in about a week. Ahead of that they've released the companion app for controlling these sweet looking digital mixers, from both iOS and Android devices!

Mackie MixerConnect iTunes Description:

MixerConnect™ provides complete Bluetooth® control over your Mackie ProDX4™ or ProDX8™ Wireless Digital Mixer – allowing for adjustments of levels, EQ, FX and more – all right from your mic stand, podium or pocket.

MixerConnect also allows you to demo the software before deciding to buy a Mackie ProDX Series mixer!


  • Intuitive multi-touch control over every mix function
  • Grow and Glow™ clearly shows controls being adjusted
  • Mixer view allows fast adjustment of channel controls including level and mute, while also providing full input/output metering
  • Channel view gives control over 3-band EQ, low cut, compression and FX send level
  • System view provides control over additional features, like three memory recall locations and phones level
  • Control over GEQ on main and aux mixes


  • Supports iOS 8.0 and later
  • Mackie Connect does not mix audio on its own; it requires a Mackie ProDX Series mixer to fully function

Buy Mackie MixerConnect on iTunes: Free

Buy Mackie MixerConnect on Google Play: Free

VGM #76: Underground (Yoshi's Island) Ft. Carl Waters

YouTuber Ace Waters did another interesting video game music cover. This time he's joined by his dad on acoustic guitar.

Video Description:

This week I went on a trip to visit my family in Illinois. I brought my iPad, my Game Boy, My OP-1, and my camera along for the ride and filmed this weeks video while chilling at my parents house. Most of the clips were performed and recorded in my childhood bedroom! Ft. my dad, Carl Waters on acoustic guitar solos. We recorded a bunch of takes and I loved so much of so many of them, that it kind of jumps around a bit. Hope you enjoy it!

This one has a distinctly unique sound from my other videos, due to my limited collection of instruments and use of the iPad and apogee as a daw/mobile recording unit.

I picked a song I thought my dad could jam to, that wasn't too complicated for arrangement, that I was inspired to do.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Chronium by MN Signal Processing

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room found an interesting new sequencer app with rhythm patterns generated from different binary signals. It's kind of a clever app with a lot to like, but it lacks MIDI; which is a fairly significant fail for a sequencer. There is also no Audiobus or IAA. It looks really cool though!

Chronium iTunes Description:

Chronium is a sequencer/synthesizer app for creating, recording, and sharing complex melodies simply by a few finger touches.

The main user interface consists of a fingerboard and a control bar. Touch the fingerboard to start, stop, or modify a voice. The horizontal axis of the fingerboard corresponds to different frequencies, similar to a guitar fingerboard. The vertical axis corresponds to different sounds and rhythm patterns which you can configure. When a voice is playing, the corresponding rhythm pattern is shown as a loop around the touch position, along with the red play cursor. On 3D Touch devices (for example iPhone 6S), the pressure applied to the fingerboard affects the sound by changing filter parameters or modulation depths. On other devices, the same parameters are controlled by an estimate of the surface touched by your finger.

The rhythm patterns are produced by thresholding a weighted sum of binary signals. The weights and thresholds can be set using sliders in the pattern editing interface. 7 basic binary signals are available with periodicities ranging from whole notes to sixty-fourth notes. 5 thresholds are used to determine the timing of the notes, the octave, and whether the notes should be accented or not. The weights and thresholds can be set for 3 different locations along the vertical axis of the fingerboard. Patterns in intermediate locations are obtained by interpolating the weights and thresholds.

Up to 7 different sounds can be placed on the fingerboard and sounds in intermediate locations are obtained by morphing between the two nearest sounds. For this app, an advanced virtual analog sound synthesis engine was developed to enable morphing between classic analog and FM synth sounds.

On devices with an A7 processor or higher (iPhone 5S or higher, iPad Air or higher, iPod Touch 6th Gen or higher), you can record what you are playing as a video and share it on social media, via email, or to the device's camera roll.

Buy Chronium on iTunes: $4.99

Here is Doug's demo of the new app!

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