STEPS by Reactable Systems SL

Today Reactable Systems SL unveiled an entirely new iPhone app, STEPS. This MIDI sequencer promises complex rhythmic patterns through experimentation with dials. The app launches with Ableton Link support and a Virtual MIDI port, as well as utilizing the headphone jack on iPhones (where available) to sync Korg Volcas and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. Unfortunately it arrives without a demo video.

STEPS iTunes Description:

Steps by Reactable is a small yet powerful MIDI sequencer that allows you to create complex rhythmic patterns in a surprising new way. Forget piano rolls and experiment with Steps’ inspiring dials. With Steps you can control any MIDI compatible app, send MIDI over network to your laptop or any other compatible device, and even synchronize external hardware analog synths such as Korg Volcas or Pocket Operators via an audio cable.


- Plug and play MIDI-out system automatically sends to all available MIDI input ports and our own virtual port.

- Connect your iDevice with an external MIDI interface and control MIDI hardware.

- Synchronize external hardware synths such as Korg Volca or Pocket operators via the audio output.

- A carefully designed user interface that allows you to quickly switch between performance to editing mode.

- Play together with Ableton Link and sync multiple apps and devices over WiFi.

- Global Swing function (50% - 75%) - applied automatically to eight and sixteenth notes.

- Save and recall sequences, seamlessly during playback.

- Global bpm control ranging from 20 to 999 BPM.

- Global Gate level allows global control of note duration.

- Global MIDI velocity control.

- Global Glide function applies pitch bend to small distances between adjacent steps (if the synth being controlled supports pitch bend).

- Global transpose ribbon allows for easy transposition of the entire pattern.

- Step pitch preview function (available while transport is stopped).

Jordan Rudess - Looperverse Using GeoShred

Maestro Jordan Rudess is seriously shredding in his GeoShred app with the help of Looperverse.

Video Description:

Looperverse allows for very flexible looping. Here is an experiment using GeoShred as an Inter App Audio instrument within Looperverse on my iPad.

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Andrew Huang: "Actually making good music with apps"

YouTuber Andrew Huang has had difficulties integrating apps into his Ableton workflow. In his latest video Andrew tries to bring them in to the Ableton Live arrangement with a fun attitude. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to troll the iOS community that hard with the video title.

Video Description:

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Tonebridge Guitar Effects Update

Tonebridge Guitar Effects, from Ultimate Guitar, was updated with pedal boards. These allow you to arrange a series of effects, which can be quickly recalled like presets.

What's new in Tonebridge Guitar Effects v1.8:

Introducing PEDALBOARDS in Tonebridge!
• Create pedalboards from your favorite presets to quickly switch between tones;
• Press and hold a pedal in pedalboards to quickly rearrange pedals;
• Swipe left a pedal on any list screen to quickly add pedals to pedalboards and Favorites;
• Press and hold a pedal on Featured, Collections or Favorites screen to quickly add pedals to pedalboards and Favorites.

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David Graham - Apnea

Reader David Graham did this haunting and beautiful piece on Mitosynth, Samplr, Mixtikl, and an upcoming app called Goose EQ. The video is also all iOS in iMovie, with Glitché and Hyperspektiv.

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