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AudioMaster: For Podcasts and Music

Future Moments, the developers of MicSwap, have released an automatic mastering app for using in both music and podcast production. AudioMaster is Universal on iOS. The app is free, with a $5 unlock IAP for unlimited uses.

AudioMaster iTunes Description:

Import any audio and instantly get a mastered version. Immediately hear the boost in volume and overall polish of the mix. Export, save and share anywhere you wish. 1 free trial included.

Great for Podcasts, Music, Voiceover, Demos, Memos, etc…

Let AudioMaster put the final touches on your sounds by enhancing the mix and sonic characteristics, . Our audio algorithm automatically adjusts levels and gives a general “sweetening”. Think of it as the difference between a good-sounding mix and a louder professional-sounding, finished master.

From the makers of MicSwap, MicSwap Pro and Audio Fix: For Videos

13 Genres to choose from:

  • Flat EQ
  • Podcasts
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • New Age
  • Pop
  • R&B / Soul

Universal App - Buy one version and own it on all devices
Compatible with iPhones, iPads iOS 9 and up

Buy AudioMaster on iTunes: Demo ($5 Unlock IAP)

Doug Woods posted this demo video for the new app!

Gadget Tutorial: Turning a Loop into a Song

Reader Hank Astral has started a tutorial series to show you exactly how he gets such great mileage out of Gadget! Hank's first video takes a loop and develops it out into a full song.

Video Description:

Here is my first video tutorial on korg gadget. It is an overview of how I try and make arranging enjoyable. Comments good or bad are very welcome.
Please subscribe/comment if this tutorial is helpful in any way

HOW I ARRANGE: After I've created a loop that I like I just launch/mute tracks and tweak parameters rather than consciously lay everything out. This way the whole process stays fun which for me is the key. I may do a more detailed tutorial on this.

Alba Ecstasy - Radio Waves

Alba Ecstasy takes us deep on another space jam. He's using an assortment of fun gear on this track, with the drone provided by SoundScaper. This one takes a while to build up, but it sounds gorgeous with all the layers he introduces.

Video Description:

Coming back from a one week exhausting trip, The Journey to the Edge of the Universe continues with Ep. 6 based on OP-1 - radio, SoundScaper - drone, Quadnic-Braids-Tides-Clouds - drone and sequence, microKorg - lead, Virus Ti2 - pads, Circuit - drumbs, bass, sequence.

ae http://www.albaecstasy.ro

Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $8.99

deltAdata - Outsider

YouTuber deltAdata gets glitchy in this head-mounted Cliqhop jam on Samplr with Thor.

Video Description:

Samplr, gopro hero 4 silver 1080 (indoor low light) , ipad mini, thor (lead sound), procam xl (video fx), audiobus, audioshare, shareit (video file transfert between android and ios), made on ipad mini 1 with imovie.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $14.99

haQ attaQ - Download & Install Presets 

Jakob Haq did a follow-up video on how to import presets using AudioShare. Apple forced Audioshare to remove its built-in browser, but you can still use it in your import workflow to get things like Jakob's presets!

Video Description:

Download and install presets from the web using Safari and AudioShare. Since my previously made episode on this topic is outdated I had to make a new one.

In the earlier video (haQ attaQ 70) I was using the now removed built-in browser in AudioShare. But this way of downloading and installing presets (or samples) from the web can still be done and In this tutorial I am showing you how to do just that.

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $4.99

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