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MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.1 Update

Another major update arrives for MultitrackStudio this month, which is the 3rd month in a row for the app!

What's new in MultitrackStudio v2.1:

  • Now includes 64 bits version (better performance).
  • On 64 bits iPads the Guitar Amp effect uses 4x oversampling instead of 2x (better sound).
  • Semi-transparent 'Rewind' / 'To last start' hints appear on touching transport counter box.
  • Onscreen MIDI keyboard is a bit smaller (except for Guitar and Drums layouts).
  • Height of full-size tracks is now automatically adjusted when MIDI keyboard appears or hides again.
  • Audiobus now works with 32 bits values instead of 16 bits.
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.6 SDK.
  • Some graphics and user interface improvements.
  • Punch-in recording: transport now automatically starts at least one bar before punch-in point (2 seconds if editor timescale isn't set to bars).
  • Improved MIDI recording compatibility (recording MIDI data from certain apps didn't work).
  • Fixed: error message could appear after purchasing Pro Extension.
  • Fixed: issue with sending volume controllers (#7) to External MIDI Instruments

Buy MultitrackStudio for iPad on iTunes: $29.99

Juan Ortiz - Musyc Jam

Reader Juan Ortiz got some interesting results in Musyc with the help of his Boss Digital Delay 7 pedal.

Video Description:

Many times my students ask me how to compose a song. My answer is that the only way of getting better at composing, is composing. There are so many ways, and in this case I wanted to try to start a new song with this beautiful app "Musyc" and a Digital Delay 7. Hope you like it!!

Buy Musyc Pro on iTunes: $3.99

iConnectivity Meets FLUX:FX

iConnectivity shared this video of FLUX:FX developer Daniel Rowland talking about how they use iConnectMIDI.

Buy Flux:FX on iTunes: $19.99

Pyxis Minor Update

Following the release last week of Phlox Phaser, developer Timothy J. Barraclough updated his first app Pyxis Minor. The update includes Audiobus support, and the app remains free!

What's new in Pyxis Minor v1.4:

Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps!

Fixed screen resolution issues on smaller devices.

Replaced Envelope generator with more intuitive envelope controls.

Added ability to change the scales and keys.

Buy Pyxis Minor on iTunes: Free

DrumKick Updated & Free for a Limited Time

DrumKick just got a major update today and is free this weekend! Thanks to reader Henry for this news!

What's new in DrumKick v1.1.5:

(Both iPhone and Universal version updated.)

Core and Virtual MIDI support, thanks to Nic Grant of Audeonic Apps for his robust MidiBus Library (http://midib.us) and generous help. You can now customize input and output MIDI note maps, so that DrumKick can easily play or be played by other MIDI-enabled apps and hardware. Suh-weet!

Added a Background Audio switch, so that you can hear DrumKick's audio while playing with other MIDI-enabled apps in the foreground. Background audio is disabled by default, so that it won't drain your battery.

Updated Audiobus SDK 2.1.6

Added new content in the Help & Tips section for potential MIDI or Audiobus related questions.

NOTE: The 3D animated cymbals have been disabled to save memory for use with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio with multiple apps. Please feel free to enable the 3D animations from within DrumKick's app settings.

Buy Drum Kick on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Drum Kick for iPhone on iTunes: Free(On Sale, from $1.99)

Here's a little demo video posted by Thai YouTube channel AppMusic iOS.

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