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Review: iPhone 6 Plus for Music Apps

I've been playing with the iPhone 6 Plus quite a lot since taking delivery of mine on Tuesday. The larger screen is definitely a big step up from the iPhone 5 in terms of usability in apps, but the extra weight and size can be cumbersome if you're used to operating your phone one-handed. I'm finding I'm always re-positioning it to reach buttons with my thumb.

As soon as the Plus was officially announced we saw a lot of folks eager to try the new format. The most common comment was with the hopes that people could stop buying iPads AND iPhones, to just get away with an iPhone 6 Plus as their primary music making device. Answering that is the primary focus of this video review!

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ScaleGen Demo

The Sound Test Room took a look at the new ScaleGen, from Gestrument developer Jesper Nordin.

Buy ScaleGen on iTunes: $9.99

Beat Handles - Live iMPC Beat Making

Beat Handles posted an awesome live beat, performed on the original iMPC app! Check his channel for more!

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Buy iMPC Pro on iTunes: $12.99 (On sale, $19.99)

Chamber of Hellos - iPhone 6 Plus Garageband Cover

TelevatorMuzak did an excellent cover of Chamber of Hellos by Wire Train, on his iPhone 6 Plus.

Video Description:

Here's my latest cover using iPhone 6 Plus Garageband. It's a cool song from Wire Train, Chamber of Hellos. All instruments are native to the app. Mic used is a Blue Yeti and Apple EarPods.

Notice: No iPhones were bent during the making of this video. :-)

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DM1 for iPhone Update

DM1 for iPhone got the update that came to the iPad version earlier this week.

What's new in DM1 for iPhone v2.2:

  • iOS8 ready
  • 4 new Fx added (Envelope follower, Dub delay, Synth, Noise gate)
  • Templates song added (rock, hip-hop, grunge)
  • Choke mode added
  • AudioBus2 support
  • Midi sync bug fixed
  • Load page layout updated

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Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99

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