Price Of Dill - Downtempo Jam with Korg Monologue

YouTuber Price Of Dill has a bunch of apps helping him on this jam with a Korg Monologue.

Video Description:

Short downtempo jam with Korg Monologue and iPad apps: Zeeon (acid line), Mitosynth (pads), Audiodamage (reverb, delay, saturation), BeatMaker 3 (midi sequencing, bass), Patterning (drums)

G-Stomper Update

Developer updated G-Stomper Studio and G-Stomper Rhythm with MIDI Import and Export.

What's new in G-Stomper Studio v5.7.0.2:

NEW MIDI Importer: Import MIDI files/songs as Pattern Set including Song arrangement (Main Menu / IMP / MIDI Sequence (.mid/.midi))
MIDI Exporter: Now supporting multiple loop cycles, GM Percussion export, conditional drum steps, humanize timing, and musical Time Signature
Timing & Measure section: Now showing the musical Time Signature of your Patterns + a new Wizard to setup new Patterns by selecting a musical Time Signature

When the Rush Comes - FM Player 80's Hybrid Sound

YouTuber When the Rush Comes explores all of the sonic territory available in the 80's Hybrid Sound patch of FM Player. It is pretty incredible to hear so much coming from a single preset.

Video Description:

Playing the AudioKit Pro FM Player '80s Hybrid Sound' patch, using the Yamaha Reface CS as a midi controller.

More info on this great free app:


Alien Box by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev released Alien Box, another totally unique effect for AUv3. The idea behind this one is to make your sounds more impactful and BIG; with increased sustains and an LFO gently modulating a resonator. He notes that this is ultimately a modulation effect, but it is unlike a flanger/phaser. There is unfortunately no demo for this one yet.

Alien Box iTunes Description:

Alien Box is a completely new kind of audio effect that you have never heard before. It makes the sound big and slightly increases the sustain while adding gentle vibes to it. The vibes are LFO modulated and the effect is using very complex resonator system inside. It is modulation effect and you can compare it to flanger, phaser or chorus but it is not like any of them…

The app is an Audio Unit Effect AUV3 and can be used inside GarageBand or other AU host apps as an effect plug-in. Alien Box can also run as a stand alone app adding effect to the audio input so you can play your guitar, bass or synth directly three the app if you have the connector to do so.

Alien Box controls:
- Gain - you can use it increase the gain and sustain
- Vibe - main tone and background vibes balance
- Depth - controls the modulations depth
- Reverb - adds reverb to the background vibes

REMAKE by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev released REMAKE, a multi-band effect for AUv3. This is a unique effect that tweaks the harmonics at different frequency ranges, with this own positions in the stereo field. The end result is then warmed up with a "gentle" overdrive on the low-end, while the higher frequencies get a touch of vibrato.

REMAKE iTunes Description:

Remake is a multi-band effect designed for rich and crisp sound. The input signal is split into 3 parts. Then resonances are added to the lows (under 100Hz) and at the same time two harmonic voices are added to the mid frequencies only. One unison voice and one on perfect fifth interval. These 2 voices have their own positions in the stereo. Then the original mids are mixed with the additional voices and the signal goes through warm and gentle overdrive/gain booster effect with gain control. The high frequencies of the sound are sent through slight vibrato effect.
All these signals are finally mixed on the output to form the result sound.

The effect can work as a stand alone app and as an audio unit AUV3 plug-in.

- Bass Vibe - amount of resonances on the low frequencies
- Mid Gain - gain on the midshipmen’s
- Voices - level of the additional mid voices
- Reverb

This is my first multi-band effect and I made it on a music hack day at Vienna to demonstrate my audio technology.

There is a video on the developer's YouTube channel, but it is a shaky cam demo of the macOS version.

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