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rsTouch Pro Updated for Reason 9

This week Propellerhead Software released Reason 9 ($400 or $130 Upgrade), and already rsTouch Pro has been updated with support for it! That's pretty timely. I'd like to congratulate the rsTouch team on their continued support for the app.

If you bought the app at release in 2012 you have received 20 free updates to keep it going strong, all for $20! They even send me a limerick every time they release an update! That's commitment!

What's new in rsTouch Pro v2.7.5

This release provides support for Reason 9, including custom device panels for Reason 9’s three new player devices: Scales & Chords, Note Echo, and Dual Arpeggio.

Also added are device panels for these four Propellerhead Rack Extension instrument devices:

  • A-List Studio Drummer
  • A-List Power Drummer
  • A-List Classic Drummer
  • Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist

Buy rsTouch Pro for Reason on iTunes: $19.99

Sylvius Leopold Weiss - Courante (iPad Performance)

Reader Vinícius Mello shared a performance on his MinorThirds app, this time using it with iLectric and ToneStack.

Video Description:

I'm playing with iLectric Clavinet processed by the "Phased 'N Confused" phaser and T-150 plate reverb from Yonac's ToneStack.

Buy MinorThirds on iTunes: $0.99

Buy iLectric on iTunes: $19.99


Buy ToneStack on iTunes: $9.99


Jason Fellin has released an iPhone app for playing back classical Indian ragas, called NagmaLive. This could be a nice way to add some ethnic flavor to your music thanks to the inclusion of Audiobus! The app is free, but requires $15 to unlock.

NagmaLive iTunes Description:

Enliven your Indian Classical music or dance practice and performance with the live instrumental recordings of Nagma Live. Whether you’re a tabla player, kathak dancer, instrumentalist, vocalist, or an electronic musician, Nagma Live will personalize and track your practice sessions, inspiring your progress.

  • 14 raags to choose from
  • Choose your instrument: sarangi, harmonium, and sitar
  • Real instrumental recordings by Ustad Roshan Ali Khan (Sarangi), Jayanta Banerjee (Sitar and Harmonium), Hiranmay Mitra (Harmonium), Chaz Hastings (Tabla).
  • Several taal options: Tintal, Rupaktal, Jhaptal, Ektal, Dhamar
  • 15-600 bpm for Tintal; 15-300 bpm for all other taals
  • Play a tanpura along with your nagma


  • Adjust volume, reverb, and panning for each instrument


  • Use presets to personalize your session
  • Set time intervals with nagma, pitch, and beats per minute

Kathak Mode

  • Play live tabla recordings with Kathak Mode
  • Play a theka with matching taal and pitch for each Nagma


  • Add an alap to enhance the live feel of your session


  • Practice tabla accompaniment with gat recordings
  • Inspire your drut tintal practice with real jhala tracks


  • Save your practice or performance details and keep track of your progress
  • Share you progress on Facebook or Twitter

Buy NagmaLive (iPhone) on iTunes: Freemium ($15 Unlock IAP)

mudlogger - Padman

MATRIXSYNTH found this mad modular mayhem by mudlogger. He's using Abreakpoint 2, a free "experimental note generator" for Lemur. This is both cacophonous and kind of catchy!

Video Description:

Using an iPad, Lemur app and Antonio Blanca's Abreakpoint 2 template to control the modular via an iConnectmidi2 and Expert Sleepers FH-1 module

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

Buy Lemur on Google Play: $24.99

The Bad Cat - Gadget Jam

YouTuber The Bad Cat broke out his old VHS camcorder to record this fun Gadget jam!

Video Description:

Nicolas Cat testing / ipad music app / Korg Gadget


Buy Korg Gadget on iTunes: $39.99

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