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Matteo Cozza - Blocs Wave on 2 iPads

Matteo Cozza posted this excellent example of rocking out on Blocs Wave using two iPads, using Ableton Link!

Video Description:

Performance with iPad Air 2 and iPad 2 with Blocs Wave by Novation trying new Ableton Link support!

What do you think? =)

App used:

  • Blocs Wave
  • Studiomux

Buy Blocs Wave on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Buy Studiomux on iTunes: $9.99

Sungazer - I Walk Alone 

Sungazer is an interesting experimental DNB duo. I enjoyed this live performance at the echo chamber in Brooklyn. It's great seeing DNB played by a real drummer, but I also like their inclusion of MIDI controlled visuals, controlled from a Roland SPD-SX. They've also got an iPad running Lemur in there, but I have no idea what it is doing.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

Buy Lemur on Google Play: $24.99

Blocs Wave Update

Novation's Blocs Wave got a couple of new export options in today's update.

What's new in Blocs Wave v3.0:

Highlight Features

  • New export mix feature - You can now export your project with our new offline export mode
  • Batch export the individual pads to easily get them into another app or onto your laptop

Other Improvements
Various bug fixes

Buy Blocs Wave on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

App Sales!

Voice Synth 4.0

Classic app Voice Synth has been updated to 4.0 in a truly massive update. Besides a new stylish interface, this update includes IAA and... jesus this list is just too long. Here's a third of the iTunes patch notes.

What's new in Voice Synth 4.0:

New features and improvements

  • Manually pause your voice in live mode
  • Mic-thru switch to talk clean or compare with designed sound
  • Use midi footswitches to control live-pause and mic-thru
  • Voice-Vocoder slider to mix in your own voice, e.g. dress up beat-boxing
  • Automated selection between repeated live (built-in mic/speaker) and true live (headset or other)
  • Select autopitch and pitch tracking/speed independently
  • Samples can be fully integrated within a preset
  • Adjustable sample speed/direction and pause
  • More import, export & share options, including iCloud and AirDrop
  • Unlimited number of presets, samples and tapes
  • Favorite marking of presets and samples
  • Online manual in readable form, accessible within the app
  • Hosting of IAA input, pre/post effect while being hosted by e.g. Garageband
  • Improved noise gate, both manual and automatic
  • Adaptive noise reduction, with bypass for high-quality mics
  • Improved autogain limiter, pitch tracking, stereo panning and stereo delay
  • Synchronize timing of sampler, arpeggiator, delay and strobo voice
  • Adjust which settings are included in presets, e.g. samples, musical scale
  • Polyphony up to 24 voices (depending on your iOS device's processor)
  • Discontinuation of iTunes FileSharing (in favor of iCloud)
  • Discontinuation of audiobus (in favor of Inter-App-Audio)
  • Now 200+ factory presets with incredible sounds!

Buy Voice Synth on iTunes: $14.99

The app is Universal, and arrives with a demo on iPhone.

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