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NanoStudio Birthday Sale!

NanoStudio developer Matt wrote in with some impressive news and some great news!

NanoStudio is turning 4 this weekend. That's quite an impressive feat! To celebrate the app is 50% off, down to $7 from $14.

The great news is that NanoStudio 2 is still in development. This year it has been getting his full-time attention. Although he's not prepared to reveal any of the new features, he plans for an early-2015 release!

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $13.99)


A radical new reverb app is out now from apeSoft developer Alessandro Petrolati. Oddly this does not come under the apeSoft banner. Instead GliderVerb is listed as being from Amazing Noises, whose primary business is selling Ableton Live plugins. The video below showing it off is on Alessandro's personal YouTube channel though.

Wherever it comes from, it is going to my iPad!

GliderVerb iTunes Description:

GliderVerb is a “Reverberator with Glissandos” simulating a room gradually changing its shape. It is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 programming language!

The original algorithm had no user-variable parameters: this device adds a series of parameters to create a wide palette of effects; from evolving reverberations to granular disintegration to smooth resonances!

Buy GliderVerb on iTunes: Free ($7 Unlock)

What a wild idea for a reverb algorithm. You can test it out fully, but need to pop for the IAP if you want to use Audiobus, IAA, or mic input. You'll be presented with the purchase dialog as soon as you hit the Mic-AB-IAA button in the top left.

Breslaux - Not Afraid

Breslaux has an exceptionally well produced live looping video; using his iPad mini, a Boss RC-300, and a sax!

Video Description:

Breslaux - Not Afraid

Music video created by using Boss RC-300 Loop Station, Ipad mini and simple camera.

Official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/breslauxofficial
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/breslauxofficial

VirSyn Tera Synth

VirSyn revealed a preview of their next app, Tera Synth. Not to be confused with microTERA, Tera Synth is a modular synth app with a much more traditional UI. It looks quite good, and traditional layout could make this easier to use than previous modular apps. Thanks to reader Tom for writing in with this, and reader Garrett for pointing out that VirSyn intends to have this released next week!

Video Description:

Modular Analog Synthesis for the iPad

Explore new sound spaces with Tera Synth that go beyond the emulation of synthesizer legends. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis combined with new modules for physical modelling. Wireless patching of modules combined with an intelligible modulation routing simplifies the development of new synthesizer designs from scratch.

Tera Synth supports Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio for integration with other Music Apps.

Buy Tera Synth on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Modular Updated with 2 New VCOs

Pulse Code Inc. updated Modular today with 2 new VCOs! These are of course free to people who buy the Unlock Bundle, which has gone up to $9 now.

What's new in Modular Synthesizer v1.05:

New Modules:


Analog Modeling Oscillator
Variable waveform which morphs from triangle, saw, square, and pulse. Analog circuit characteristics from minimal to extreme. Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range.


Super Wave Oscillator 7 simultaneous oscillators which have been slightly detuned from each other to create a huge sound. Choose from Super Sine, Super Triangle, and Super Saw. Detune and mix controls. Sweepable frequency modulation over the entire oscillator frequency range.


  • Audiobus 2.1 compatible
  • MIDI event handling vastly improved. Fast playing legato should work perfectly now.
  • Misc. bug fixes

Buy Modular Synthesizer on iTunes: Freemium ($9 Unlock Bundle)

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