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Phase84 with Tabletop Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room pushes his iPad Air 2 to the limits with 7 instances of Phase84 running in Tabletop!

Buy Phase84 on iTunes: $12.99


Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Freemium

haQ attaQ - "Photo 4 FM" [Let's Play] 

Audulus Modular Synthesizer for Windows

Audulus for iOS got a minor update, but the big news today is Audulus is now also available on Windows! You can buy it directly from the developer's website for $30.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $29.99


NOIISE has released Flux:FX, a performance oriented multi-effect app with support for both Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and any other way you can manage to cram audio into your device. There is also a new demo video added to the playlist, embedded below, showing off the sequencer view.

They take some amusing swipes at IK Multimedia towards the bottom of the iTunes description.

Flux:FX iTunes Description:

FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for next-level sound design. Guitar, bass, synth, drums, vocals, DJ setup, violin… basically ANY audio signal can be processed in real-time by FLUX:FX. Over 18 months in development, this app represents the pinnacle of touch-screen multi-effects, and was designed in conjunction with acclaimed musician Adrian Belew for both studio and live use.

TRULY CREATIVE EFFECTS: FLUX:FX has over 30 studio-quality effects to choose from, and an almost unlimited range of settings to let you twist and sculpt your sound. Chain 5 together for maximum aural impact.

POWERFUL SEQUENCER: A touch-based automation sequencer for your effects that adds a completely new fluid dimension to your sound design.

DEEP EDITING HEAVEN: Every parameter of every effect is editable, assignable and with the fine tuner dial, PRECISE. That makes FLUX:FX a tweaker’s paradise.

TRANSPARENT INTERFACE DESIGN: FLUX:FX has a beautiful, minimalist interface combining easy-to-use controls with a mesmerising liquid polygon audio visualizer. No fake road-worn pedal graphics here.

MADE TO BE TOUCHED - Designed and built from scratch as an iPad app, FLUX:FX is not a port from an existing plugin, it is MADE to be touched. And swiped, and dragged, and tapped. No tiny dials here.

MADE BY EXPERTS - conceived and created via the combined talents of guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Belew, audio software developers ElephantCandy and mobile specialists MOBGEN.

PLAYS WITH EVERYTHING - Audiobus compatibility (including saved states), Inter-App Audio compatibility, super-fast MIDI, virtually all the audio interfaces… they just work with FLUX:FX.

COMPLEX SOUND, EASY TO USE - chopping, shaping, crushing and looping – FLUX:FX can take you from subtle modulating echoes through to wrecking-ball destruction, all with a swipe of a finger.

LOWEST POSSIBLE LATENCY - FLUX:FX features ultra low-latency settings to give truly professional performance capabilities.

There are more than 30 individual effect blocks that come built-in to FLUX:FX. We do not force users to make in-app purchases to unlock essential tools, or to register in order to stop ‘advertising’ alerts.

Buy Flux:FX on iTunes: $19.99

Amazing Noises Limiter

Amazing Noises & apeSoft have released their first collaboration, Limiter for iPhone & iPad. As the name implies, this limits the peak volume of whatever you put into it (via IAA or Audiobus). This can be used as an effect or a "brickwall" limiter, by cranking up the gain on the input and crunching the output down so that it doesn't clip. This one is just $1!

Limiter iTunes Description:

A brickwall peak limiting app, for the complete control of your audio volume. Please note that this app is made for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio; it is not intended to be used as standalone!

The Amazing Noises Limiter it has a wide range of dynamic processing: from very gentle volume attenuation to heavy distortion (if you want it!).

Main Features:

  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support
  • Brickwall Limiter
  • Live Normalizer
  • Control Manager LFO for Parameters
  • Midibus, Virtual Midi and Network: 14 bit NRPN controllers
  • Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad
Tech Requirements:
  • iOS7 or later
  • iPad 2 or later

Buy Limiter on iTunes: $0.99

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