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Synthtopia found a peculiar little app for exploring new microtonal harmonies, with Audiobus support.

Wilsonic iTunes Description:

Wilsonic is your portal to new musical universes. Ervin Wilson's 65 years of tuning research and discovery are now at your fingertips. By touching, hearing, and feeling Wilson's designs you can break free of the limits of the 12 note scale used by historical musical instruments to pioneer new music never-before heard by mankind.

The app features 3 of Wilson's most profound scale designs. Your hands and ears naturally find new melodic patterns and harmonies that touch on those feelings and emotions you couldn't find before. When you find that perfect scale export it as a Scala file to tune up your favorite software synthesizers. Share your favorite scales with your friends.

No previous knowledge of music theory is required. These tonal worlds are based on an entirely unique mode of thought that has little to do with historical musical thinking.

Wilsonic is Audiobus 2.x compatible.

Buy Wilsonic on iTunes: $2.99

haQ attaQ - "Spirit Talk" [Let's Play] 

The latest haQ attaQ from Jakob Haq uses the new Reverb - Feedback Delay Network, and reveals some of his behind the scenes production of the show. Those talking heads take a lot of time to get right!

Buy Reverb - Feedback Delay Network on iTunes: $3.99

TC-Helicon Voice Jam Studio Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room did a demo of TC-Helicon's original Voice Jam Studio app, which is still on sale.

Buy Voice Jam Studio on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

MIDERA - Winter

MIDERA has a new track using iProphet, joined this time by iElectribe and iPolysix. Hang with it until it kicks in at 1:30!

Buy iProphet on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Korg iElectribe on iTunes: $19.99

Buy Korg iPolysix on iTunes: $29.99

animalaleman - toomanywordsintooshortatime

Reader animalaleman has been working on a collection of 10 audio visual performances, which he carefully hid on Vimeo where no one would see them! He uses 2 iPads and an iPhone, along with a MacBook Pro to perform these at theaters and other places with projectors. Here is one of my favorites; stare deeply into the center of the screen.