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Fragment GB

Wilfred Kluft is a high school teacher, who makes his own apps to teach his students! Here's one for learning to read music.

Fragment GB iTunes Description:

Fragment is a fun App to train yourself to listen and read musical notes. Especially the relationship between the score and what you hear is practiced well with Fragment. Well-known melodies have been cut into eight or nine separate parts (bars) and are mixed. You put the parts back together in the right order. The melodies vary in level of difficulty. You can choose which melody you want to begin with. More than one person can use Fragment, because you log in with your own name.

Choose a melody and have a good listen to it. Then put the parts in the right order. You can also listen to each part separately and easily swap it for another part. If the melody is correct, it is checked. Before you start, check the explanation (?) and the info (!).

Tip: make it even more difficult and sing or hum the separate parts or play them on your own musical instrument instead of listening to them on your tablet.

Buy Fragment GB on iTunes: $1.99

WholeWorldBand - Collaborative Online Music Sessions

WholeWorldBand brings the most authentic experience of professional studio sessions to iPad. Or at least the parts that require a lawyer and an accountant to navigate. With a convoluted pricing structure that blends Euros between some imaginary Spacebucks, and rights management that will suck the creativity right out of you, 30 minutes in this app will make you deeply regret any interest in the world of professional recording musicians.

But before I shit all over the app, have a look at this informative interview from NAMM. Sonic State spoke with creator Kevin Godley about the project. I think you'll see the potential in this new collaborative opportunity. I personally envisioned doing dozens of collaborations with readers here, until I actually loaded up the app.

Kevin's enthusiasm and whimsy had won me over, but the hard reality to all of this talk about revenue-sharing is a deal breaker. What would have been a great app to collaborate with friends is instead a mired mess of cryptic currency conversions that seem designed to gouge everyone involved. American media outlets are always warning about how European socialism is trying to spread over here, and this feels like the latest effort in that plot. After just a half an hour I am now a raging Communist desperate for a world untrammeled by commodification. The app really is a good idea, buried under minimum-buyout clauses for €150.

WholeWorldBand iTunes Description:

WHOLEWORLDBAND is an audio visual recording studio and a new way for people around the world to make music together and share it.

Pick What You Want to Be

Want to be a singer? A songwriter? Play guitar or bass? Using the WholeWorldBand app is like entering a virtual recording studio. Just pick a recording session and play or sing along. It’s that easy! Or upload YOUR song and let others add to it. You also get to be the producer by creating a Video Mosaic of the track, featuring yourself plus any five musicians. And when you’ve made something great, SHARE IT!

The Player

This version of the app lets you see what’s going on inside the WholeWorldBand virtual studio. This includes top songs, the latest additions, and our staff picks. You can also check out new music as our artists record with musicians and fans from all over the world.

The Performer Upgrade

When YOU are ready to perform, you can upgrade for FREE to the full version! This enables all of the audio/video recording, mixing, and sharing functionality - bringing you into a whole new music collaboration ecosystem. Get ready to become an international recording artist!


• Start an audio/visual recording session that others can join
• Collaborate and contribute to other people’s sessions
• Create a Video Mosaic with up to six performers.
• Build and mix custom bands and tracks, then share the results

We think making music with others is an amazing / fun / phenomenal / beautiful / fantastic / incredible / rewarding experience. And that's what WholeWorldBand is all about.

Buy WholeWorldBand on iTunes: Freemium

Thanks to readers Eric and Charles for encouraging me to check this one out. Death to the Bourgeoisie!

Pacemaker - Spotify DJ App

Pacemaker is a new DJ app with a great looking interface design, and access to the millions of songs on Spotfiy!

Pacemaker iTunes Description:

The first DJ-app with a revolutionary Spotify connection. Your iTunes favorites works too.

With its carefully crafted design, Pacemaker makes djing easy, beautiful and fun. Sync with the tap of a button; and with a full set of colorful effects and a crossfader, you’ll have unlimited creative influence over the music you love!

Mix It

Spotify - Connect with Spotify and mix millions of tracks.
iTunes - Your iTunes favorites works too.
Sync - Automatically keeps everything in sync so you don’t have to.
Scratch - Put the needle to the groove and scratch like the grandmaster.
Crossfade - Swipe to blend your tracks together. Voilà! A mix has been born.

Loop It

With a tap you can loop it, extend it, half it and re-loop it.

Drop It

Build it up, maximize the tension and take it through the roof. Everybody’s waiting. It’s time to kill the effects. It’s time to push the Drop button.

Jump It

Hop back and forth between the beats in a track to create your live remix with Beatskip.

Blend It

Adjust the Bass, Middle and Treble of your tracks and glue them together.

Save It

Record the mix on the fly. Play it, cue it and rewind it (only with iTunes).


Split the output and preview a track with the headphones crossfader before blending it into your mix (using the optional Urbanears Slussen adapter).

Upgrade It

Pick and choose from a wide range of colorful effects at the Pacemaker Store:

  • Hi-Lo - Remove the high or low frequencies from your tracks to create a swooping sound effect.
  • Echo - Echo echo...
  • Roll - Create a loop that spins on top of a track.
  • Reverb - Make the track sound as if it’s being played in a small hut or the largest of cathedrals.

Buy Pacemaker on iTunes: Freemium

Synth Modelling with Caustic 3: Electric Strings

Palm Sounds found this great tutorial from EIP Studios Ohio on modeling Electric Stings with Caustic 3's modular synth.

Buy Caustic on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Caustic on Google Play: $9.99


fo-Vocalise is a new diagnostic vocal pitch-visualizer for iPhone, with an unfortunately heavy-Engrish iTunes description.

fo-Vocalise iTunes Description:

Singing now, are you aware of the pitch of your own?
In vocal lessons, you will be taught how to control rhythm, pitch and vocalization in order to be able to sing well. Sense of the pitch in singing voice is a very important element among them.

"fo-Vocalise" is a visualize application of estimating the pitch in the human singing voice, and displays it on the piano keyboard scale in real time.

"fo-Vocalise" can display the pitch of the sound of human emitted by vocal cords, such as singing, humming, snoring, and baby cry. For example, it will assist you visually for training your a cappella vocals and practice of Passaggio. By checking your sense of the pitch in real-time by yourself, please be exploited to improve the ability for your sing.


  • Pitch and Frequency analysis corresponding to the vocal range of human.
  • Pitch display on the piano keyboard scale by SONAGRAM analysis mode;
  • Reliability of pitch estimation (view color: red - highest priority, Green - the second priority, Blue - the third priority)
  • Frequecy spectrum display on the piano keyboard scale by SPECTRUM analysis mode.
  • Display ranges: 5 octave (up to C8 from A2) or 2.5 octave (up to A5 from D3).
  • Pause function for the display.

Buy fo-Vocalise on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)