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midiSequencer Update

midiSequencer got a major update over the weekend, with an overhaul to the midi controllers!

What's new in midiSequencer:

  • new colour scheme - cool blue.
  • monitor function - enables you to hear steps by touching. Can also play sliders (even whilst not playing) to make MS a controller interface.
  • limit controls - will narrow down lower/upper ranges for easy input & clip existing. Note: will reset on load to avoid clipping.
  • new ornament - 2 note tremolo (octave arpeggio)
  • new step logic : repeat notes x2 to x8 and stop
  • latched notes - use for drones (no midi note off sent until unlatched)
  • performance panel - One touch load with non-empty slot selected now loads immediately. Save Bank for quick save action
  • increased bank size up to 40 snapshots (20-40 accessible from performance panel)
  • big improvement on file/bank save/loading times and file size
  • file/Bank description increased from 50 to 120 characters
  • files Panel - can now sort by Name or Date (see small buttons at top of list)
  • tempo clock fraction multipliers now 1/2, 1/3 & 1/4
  • chords - can save current chord+notes as a preset and use to restore on other steps
  • auto close non-moveable panels by touching outside panel
  • complete rework of midi controllers - now have 16 midi controllers :
    ⁃ Each can be defined as Continuous(0..127), NRPN, RPN, Program Change, Aftertouch, Pitchbend or Sysex (or custom) data
    ⁃ Can record these into midiSequencer too.
    ⁃ Optional one byte entry for NRPN & RPN
    ⁃ CC's can be named to match hardware (will update list on future updates - Novation Ultranova & Waldorf Q & Blofeld)
    ⁃ Key(polyphonic) or Channel(monophonic) aftertouch on step notes
    ⁃ Pitchbend (14 bit)
    ⁃ Hex pad entry for Sysex data (up to 76 bytes) with autolayout
    ⁃ Sysex data not restricted to sysex - can be any midi data you wish! Chain sysex using multiple CC's.
    ⁃ Define 16 controllers in one panel - will reload on next runup or save/loaded with your snapshot.

Buy midiSequencer Lite on iTunes: Free

Buy midiSequencer on iTunes: $11.99

Kevin Wyman - Ambient Jam #1

MATRIXSYNTH found this synth-app Ambient Jam by Kevin Wyman, featuring Nave and Sunrizer.

Video Description:

Live improvised ambient music. Qunexus controlling Nave, Beatstep controlling Sunrizer, A-800 controlling iMini, and a Roland VR-09. Thanks for watching!

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99


Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $9.99

Djay 2 & Vjay Updates

Algoriddim's Djay 2 and Vjay apps got updates; including support for the upcoming DDJ-WEGO3 controller.

What's new in Djay 2 v2.6:

  • NEW Sample Pack: Drop Science by GENERAL ELECTRIC
  • NEW plug & play support and optimized UI for all-new Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 controller
  • NEW setting to distinguish major and minor when key detection is enabled
  • Improved Spotify integration: now BPM and KEY are shown in the media browser (even for tracks that have not been analyzed yet)
  • Improved Spotify integration: songs that you have listened to before are now marked in the library so you can find undiscovered tracks more easily
  • Improved sort by KEY: now tracks with matching keys are highlighted with color
  • Improved sorting: now sort order is maintained when switching iTunes or Spotify playlists
  • Improved Edit Grid: now fixes misaligned beat grids by re-analyzing the track based on the downbeat you set (and optionally your tapped BPM)
  • Improved VoiceOver integration
  • Added FX wet/dry setting for Numark iDJ Pro
  • Fixed crash when selecting certain FX on Numark Mixdeck Quad
  • Lots of bugfixes and overall improvements

Buy djay 2 on iTunes: $9.99

Buy djay 2 for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99

What's new in Vjay v1.4.2:

  • NEW plug & play support for all-new Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 controller
  • Improved Edit Grid: now fixes misaligned beat grids by re-analyzing the track based on the downbeat you set (and optionally your tapped BPM)
  • Added FX wet/dry setting for iDJ Pro
  • Bug fixes and overall improvements

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Vjay for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99

Algoriddim also released this preview video of the new effects, from SugarByte, available as a $10 IAP in Djay 2.

Mellotronics M3000 Update Fix

Mellotronics M3000 just got an update to address problems faced by some users who bought IAPs, but unfortunately that caused problems for some other users!

What's New in Mellotronics M3000 v3.0:

AudioBus 2.0 support, Inter-App Audio support, fix for In-App Purchase bug that was affecting a small number of users.

Buy Mellotronics M3000 on iTunes: $11.99

Reader Chris Catalano alerted me to problems he and others were having with the new update. Chris was facing immediate crashes following the update.

Fortunately the fix is quite easy! Just delete and reinstall, followed by re-downloading all of your purchased IAPs. Chris reported in a follow-up email that this did the trick!

Dubspot: Creative Sampling Using Samplr 

Dubspot instructor Matt Cellitti did a concise (read: kind of lazy) overview and tutorial for the popular Samplr app.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99