App Sales: Cyber Monday 2016

Today is the last day of the week-long sales inundation. We hit a total of 150 sales this weekend, and now the deluge continues with even more new sales! Retronym's apps and Genome top today's list of additions with several other noteworthy apps. Some sales have ended, so I've pruned them from the list.

I've tweaked my sales tracking code to handle iTunes spazzing out, and I now have a high degree of confidence in the system. So if an app is no longer shown here as (On Sale)... you missed it!

Let's end our week of gluttony with a track by Eclectic Method that reminds us that Cookie Monster...
is a fucking MONSTER!

Video Description:

Cookie Monster TRAP!!!!!!!


20 Free Patches for Electro-Harmonix Mini Synthesizer

Tom from Synth Anatomy has released another free PatchBook, this time for EHX Mini Synthesizer

Video Description:

►Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

►Mini-Synthesizer is a faithful digital re-creation of the circa 1980 analog cult-classic, The MINI-SYNTHESIZER.

►In this video, I demonstrate my new free PatchBook for the Mini-Synthesizer where you find 20 free patches. You can download free of charge (donations welcome) the PDF here:

E-H Mini Synthesizer is available here:

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jakoB haQ - Inspired by Resident Evil Movie Theme

Jakob Haq posted a performance on his iPhone that is heavily inspired by the Marilyn Manson title track for the first Resident Evil movie. That soundtrack had some excellent music on it. I especially loved the remix of Fear Factory's Invisible Wounds. The rest of the movies in the series have been pretty spotty, but the soundtracks continue to fucking rock! My favorite of the bunch is the remix on A Perfect Circle's The Outsider by Nine Inch Nails' Danny Lohner, on the sequel. This track by Jakob is awesome, with lots of little details.

Video Description:

I remember playing the original Resident Evil back in 1998. The dark atmosphere, the jump scares, always being low on ammo. It all really helped in making it one of the scariest games I had ever played back then. Sure to say I fell in love with it instantly. So as a fan of the game when I saw that a movie was being made about it, I was skeptical at first. But wow, I was wrong. When the movie movie came out in 2002, it had everything I had hoped for including a great soundtrack. Especially the main title track by Marilyn Manson named simply "Resident evil main title".

For this project, using Xynthesizr by Yuri Turov I recreated a melody that can be heard in that track. The rest of the sounds where added using Blocs Wave.

This track was inspired by the bit in this track here:


Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music

Many of you have kids, and many of your kids suck at music. mDecks, developers of Tessitura and Mapping Tonal Harmony, have released Sounds of Christmas as a solution to let them play Christmas music with you. The app includes sheet music so you can play on an instrument, while they flail around in time with the music.

Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music iTunes Description:

This app uses the core motion detector in your iPhone to read your movements in real time with no delay, turning the rhythms you play into actual Christmas songs!!! You can follow the rhythms in the sheet music scores within the app or play a game trying to guess the name of the song you've selected.

More than 30 Christmas Songs and Sounds where YOU ARE THE PERFORMER.
Entertain family and friends with a modern twist on traditional Christmas tunes.
An amazing app that will keep you singing and guessing songs all day. Ideal for kids an adults.

Great for learning music while having fun!
You may print a rhythmic score and challenge your sight reading with all-time Christmas classics.
If you are not a musician: this is your chance to learn how to read and play music in an intuitive way. This app will help you study and learn rhythms like no other.

Auria Pro: Multi-MIDI Tracks with One Multimbral Audio App

Anthony from A.I.R.Studio/ iOS Recording Tutorials posted a detailed tutorial on recording multiple MIDI tracks in Auria, which are then fed to Sampletank.

Video Description:

Here Anthony will show you how to use a multimbral audio app to record many midi tracks with different instruments into AuriaPro and then convert those midi tracks into,audio tracks. Very useful to know this trick. No need for Audiobus with this method. Here we use Sampletank to demonstrate as per a request. Cheers and enjoy everyone. Thanks for all your support.

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