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Klevgränd Produktion ENKL Teaser

Earlier this week Klevgränd Produktion brought us Weeel! with a funny release video. Today they shared an equally amusing look at their upcoming ENKL synth. ENKL will be coming to iOS, OSX, and Windows at the end of this month!

Buy ENKL on iTunes: $5.99

Jad Montenegro-Amor - Summer Skin (Loopy Cover)

Jad Montenegro-Amor did a Loopy cover of Summer Skin by Death Cab for Cutie. Although this was disappointingly recorded with the camera mic, her beautiful voice cuts through!

Video Description:

A short looping cover of one of my favorite songs. Chair was squeaky, sorry. Also wasn't using a mic to sing, I was just basically singing to myself. All audio is from what my Canon 550D is picking up with its native mic. Guitar used: Epiphone ES-339 Pro

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99


Buy Loopy (iPhone) on iTunes: $2.99

Audiomux Update

Audiomux was updated today with support for multiple channels. You can now stream up to 16 audio channels between iOS and Mac!

What's new in Audiomux v1.0.2:

Added Multichannel support.
You can now stream up to 16 channels at the same time.
Also, it is now possible to choose the Samplerate freely.

Buy Audiomux on iTunes: $6.99

SoundScaper Update

Igor Vasiliev's SoundScaper has been updated with complete MIDI and a new demo to prove it!

What's new in SoundScaper v1.2:

  • Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and other modes.
  • Possibility to create MIDI control maps for different controllers.
  • Two different MIDI devices can be used to control.
  • Quick MIDI learn mode for each fader in advanced control panel.
  • Change type of faders on the oscillator main panels.
  • Copy and Paste operations for oscillator parameters through text clipboard.
  • Copy and Paste operations for scenes through text clipboard.
  • Possibility to send scene parameters through Email.
  • New features for automation in advanced control panels.
  • Additional samples in built-in samples library.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $7.99

I love to watch developers really jam on their apps. It gives you a sense of what they had in mind before dedicating all the time and effort to create the app in the first place!

MESSE 2015: Arturia BeatStep Pro Demo

Musikmesse 2015 is going on in Frankfurt! There haven't been a lot of iOS revelations at the show, but I thought it was worth sharing this excellent BeatStep Pro demo. Sonic State's Nick Batt was treated to this jam using an array of Arturia synths controlled by the upcoming $250 sequencer. Originally intended to ship in April, Arturia are now saying the BeatStep Pro will be 1-2 more months.

Watch in awe as Sebastian uses $3500 worth of gear to emulate the capabilities of the $15 ReBirth app.

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $14.99