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Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Updated with Audiobus

Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft just showed up with an Audiobus update. You may be asking yourself why in the hell would I possibly need a $19 metronome with Audiobus, but this looks to be far more than just a metronome.

Flamenco Metronome Sevilla iTunes Description:

This application is much more than just a metronome, is a flamenco drum machine with stereo sound and high quality percussion instruments.

When you play the guitar, sing or dance, you feel like you really percussionists accompany a perfect compass.

Metronome classic with compasses from 1 to 12 beats and combinations of different accents.

35 percussion instruments on 16 tracks:

Clave - CajonA - CajonG - DarbukaA - DarbukaAF - DarbukaG - PanderoG - PalmaA PalmaS - PalmaAV - DjembeA - DjembeG - PanderoAM - PanderoGC - Shaker - Tacon BomboL - BongoA - BongoG - CajonA2 - CajonG2 - DarbukaG2 - DjembeA2 - Golpe Golpe2 - PalmaA2 - PalmaAV2 - PalmaS2 - Plato - Plato2 - Shaker2 - Tacon2 - Tacon3 Timbal - Timbal2

You will see on your screen the beat you are at all times, and accented distinguishing to normal times.

Combine the sound of a metronome with programmable time-hit, two, three, four, five or check only the accented beats. Select the metronome sound from the list of 35 instruments and mix it with percussion at the level you want.

Connect it to your computer via WIFI through MFSS_PROF application for Windows or Mac OSX. You can compose new rhythms and send them to the application.

New in v1.1.3:

Audiobus support: connects to other audio applications. Optimized for iPhone 5 screen.

Buy Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft on iTunes: $18.99

Here is an overview of the app. For a practical example of its usage and an illustrious mullet check out his other video.

MIDImorphosis Preview

thesoundtestroom tests out the new MIDIMorphosis, coming soon from Secret Base Design. This is the new name for Audio MIDI Connect and, beyond a name change, includes new algorithms for turning your audio into MIDI with ridiculously low latency. This video starts off poorly with some blurry shaky-cam, but he gets into the goods quickly with demos and observations.

Buy Audio Midi Connect on iTunes: $4.99

Introducing Logic Remote for iPad 

Lynda.com has a deep (and free) introduction to Logic Remote for iPad and a demo of how it works with Logic Pro X.

Buy Logic Remote on iTunes: Free

Buy Logic Pro X on Mac App Store: $199.99

Instructive DM1 & BassLine Jam

DJ Zetu did a jam in DM1 with BassLine, and then added instructional subtitles (in English) about his process.

Video Description (Google & Me Translation):

My improvisation on iPad mini with Fingerlab "DM1" and finger Pro "Bassline". Synth-based application Bassline sounds great with drum machine app DM1, creating a similar sound of having Roland's TB-303 and TR-909. I synchronize the tempo in Virtual MIDI, pattern of four-bars, with a more complicated Bassline pattern developing.

Buy BassLine on iTunes: $3.99


Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99

Kinskop - Broiler Room DJ Set with Lemur & Launchpad

DJ Kinskop has a nice setup with a custom Pure Data script controlling his Launchpad, and Lemur on his iPad. This set melds melodic content with rough industrial sounds quite well.

Video Description:

This is more or less just a little test screening following the Broiler Boom (you know what I mean).
[Editor's Note: I have no idea what he means.]

My Setup is running NI Traktor with a Reloop Jockey 3, Lemur on an iPad and a Launchpad. In the Background I have Pure Data controlling all the Midi to turn the Remix Decks into a Monome kind of Looper. So I can grab Loops from a Tracks with just a Fingertip and Slice and Combine them. Very similar to the Slicer in Serato DJ but with for Loops on each Deck.


  • A Made Up Sound - Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)
  • Hyetal - Northwest Passage (Factory Floor Remix)
  • Isomer Transition - Downtime in the Hangar
  • Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99