MiMiX Performance Demo with Audiobus Remote

Doug Woods did a demo of MiMiX, using Audiobus Remote on a second iPad to control apps in the background.

Buy MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus on iTunes: $3.99

Buy Audiobus Remote on iTunes: $4.99

Rheyne Jam #126

Rheyne posted a nice looking new overhead jam. So many pretty lights!

Video Description:

Live looping with Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

Equipment (clockwise):

  • Native Instruments KK25 triggering "Damage" library
  • Roland TR-8
  • DJ Techtools MIDI Fighter 3D
  • Roland System-1
  • Novation Launchpad-S
  • DJ Techtools MIDI Fighter Twister controlling Ploytec PL2
  • KMI QuNexus controlling Ploytec PL2
  • iPad 2 running Lemur
  • Ploytec PL2 synthesizer (under the desk)


  • 5x Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED
  • Enttec DMXIS


  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • Native Instruments "Damage"
  • Native Instruments "Massive" controlled by Lemur

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

Buy Lemur on Google Play: $24.99

2sher - #PHATLIVE 006

2sher is back with another nice Djay set, starting off with a remix of classic Confussion from the Blade soundtrack.

Buy djay 2 on iTunes: $9.99

Buy djay 2 for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99

Auria Pro Beta Applications

We haven't heard a peep about Auria Pro in 5 months, but reader Linda pointed out some signs of life! Over on the Auria Blog, Wavemachine Labs are now accepting applications from people interested in beta testing the long awaited Pro version of the app.

Unlike some betas where everyone gets in, this one is screening candidates. There are a series of questions you will need to answer ranging from your personal experience to hardware you have to test on. Full details here.

All beta participants must be running iOS 8, but when the app is released it will support previous versions.

Kymatica Mixer Preview

Kymatica developer Jonatan Liljedahl posted a screenshot of a new mixer app he's working on. This looks like it is set to compete with MiMiX; offering both Audiobus support, and Inter-App Audio/AU host integration. One important feature that distinguishes this from MiMiX is the promise of Insert Effects within the individual buses. Jonatan is not ready to guess when this will be released, but it sure looks pretty!

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