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Tripflag - Sentinel 

Tripflag is participating in the Summer Chip III contest, from Battle of the Bits, with an excellent chiptune done entirely in SunVox.

He's using the desktop version of SunVox in this video, but the iOS version is pretty much identical to the desktop so everything you see here could be accomplished on your iDevice. I've experimented with making my own chiptunes on the iPad, to varying degrees of fail, but this video has convinced me that the best way to put together a serious chip track on iOS is to go with SunVox!

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Echo Pad Updated with New Effects

Holderness Media has updated Echo Pad with a couple of new effects and input gain control!

What's new in 1.4.7:

  • new effect Multi-Tap Delay,
    a stereo multi-tap delay with cross-feedback
  • new effect Oil Can Delay,
    inspired by vintage oil can reverb/echo units
  • adjustable buffer size from 64 to 1024 samples
  • new input gain slider
  • option to enable/disable input light animation
  • global preferences now saved (background audio, audio buffer size setting, hardware input setting, input light animation on/off)
  • minor bugfixes

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $3.99

Here is a new demo video showing off the new Oil Can Delay.

efectism - tHe lOst iNnocence

efectism shared another great jam, this time using Brian Eno's Scape with the new poly-rhythmic app Poly.

Buy Scape on iTunes: $5.99


Buy Poly on iTunes: Freemium

Resurface (Improvisation for Gestrument)

Reader Stephen Calhoun did an amazing ambient improve on Gestrument, with some appropriately ethereal visuals!
It starts off pretty quite and slow, but a sense of urgency creeps in with the volume as the track builds up.

Video Description:

Preparation for this piece involved sorting through lots of soundfont sample sets, or fashioning new sets to import into the iPad generative sampler and touch performance tool, Gestrument. I selected eight different sample sets and fired up Audiobus on iPad 3, plugged in the excellent new reverb AUFX:Space, piped output to Audioshare, and linked the output to Logic on a laptop.

Gestrument tip: arrange your samples in a hierarchy so it is easy to distinguish between 'beds' and 'stabs' and 'fx.' For me, this allows me to toggle through the main sonic content and what I think of as secondary 'commentary.'

I pick up a feel for the generative pace of the performance and then respond intuitively. In this instance the BPM is 10, GLIDE is set to slowest, and, HOLD and CONTINUOUS PULSE is set to [on]

(Please comment on the blog and ask questions if you have any - nogutsnoglorystudios.squareone-learning.com )

Buy Gestrument on iTunes: $9.99

Master Record Modular Demo

MATRIXSYNTH found this interesting demo for Master Record by Ted James, using a modular synth.

Buy Master Record on iTunes: $11.99