Audulus Audio Sampler - 512 Stage Bucket Brigade Chip

Mark Boyd posted this example of an elaborate delay line using 512 stages, similar to classic Bucket Brigade effects. This patch can be downloaded for free from the Audulus forum.

Video Description:

This is a model of a 512 stage bucket brigade chip. Essentially, it is an expansion of the Control Signal Looper - but instead of 8 steps it has 512, making it suitable for capturing and looping quick bursts of audio.

Make sure you play with the max step number - increasing it past 512 basically gives you a PWM wave. Also make sure you modulate the trim of the Saw wave, or even try attaching a Sine or Triangle (just not Square).

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App Sales: Easter Weekend 2016

Happy Easter weekend! Here's the complete list of apps on sale right now. I'll keep it updated throughout the weekend.

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AUM Update

Just a month ago AUM was released and already it has a nice update out with a ton of new features and fixes! The actual changelog is quite long, so I'm only including the new features here. Check iTunes for the complete list.

What's new in AUM v1.1:

  • Sync end of recording as well as start, for making beat-perfect loops.
  • Display recorded num beats at each channel while recording.
  • Allow channels input/output as sources for the main bus meter.
  • IAA/AU nodes: MIDI filter with channel mask and note range.
  • Multiple AU plugin windows can be shown simultaneously.
  • Separate mono hardware inputs/outputs makes it easier to use mono channels.
  • Selection of Metronome output channel.
  • Allow saving user presets for AU plugins.
  • Round-trip latency compensation when recording hardware inputs.
  • 'All Notes Off' button for MIDI destinations.
  • 4 more IAA/AB output ports, making it 8 in total.
  • New 88.2 kHz sample rate option.
  • FilePlayer: MIDI controllable Rate parameter.
  • FilePlayer: Beat Offset setting.
  • Setting for default Bus Send amount.
  • Setting for initial PRE/POST for first FX slot in new channels.
  • Save/restore bypass-state for nodes in sessions.

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Snekula - Born

Reader Snekula did another awesome track, with a creepy video. This track was done entirely on Samplr. For those of you worried, like me, he reports that the beetle was eventually flipped over and went on his way unharmed.

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Drums by Asrodot

Reader Arno Van Goch, aka Asrodot, is recovering from two years of serious health problems that hindered his ability to continue iOS development. He emailed yesterday with some good news to let me know, "I again fully enjoy working on apps, and I am full of new ideas!" We're getting the first sign of that in this update to his Drums app released in 2013!

What's new in Drums by Asrodot v1.3:

After a long struggle with health problems I am now finally able to release the latest update to Drums by Asrodot.


  • Inter-app audio support
  • Added a simple yet powerful loop recorder. You can now record multiple layers of drumloops and export them to iTunes, AudioCopy or Soundcloud.


  • Problems with using AudioBus

Happy Drumming,

Buy Drums by Asrodot on iTunes: $1.99

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, here is the original demo video!

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