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Freebies: Bliss Pad Synth & TabRider 

Some freebies today; TabRider, a guitar learning game, and Bliss Pad! There are no IAPs in either app, so these are really free!

TabRider iTunes Description:

TabRider is a guitar coach AND an interactive game. It’s easy: just grab your guitar and start playing the tabs.

• Get a real time feedback on your performance
• Unlock levels
• Improve your guitar skills

Tabrider has a well-structured set of 80 guitar exercises divided into 5 categories: technics, rhythm, picking, chords and arpeggios. They will guide you step-by-step through the process of learning all the necessary skills to play guitar.

TabRider is a fun way to play and learn guitar, for beginners as well as more experienced guitarists who will put their skills to the test. It’s like a Guitar Hero with a real guitar, a real tab and both exercises and famous songs.

Our patent-pending audio matching engine detects if you play the right notes at the right time.

  • It works with any acoustic guitar
  • It works with any electric guitar, if it’s plugged to your amplifier with a clear sound or directly to the iPad with an adaptor.

Buy TabRider - Guitar Learning Game on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

I have no idea what "provisional" Audiobus support is, but Bliss Pad received it in the latest update.

Bliss Pad Synth iTunes Description:

Bliss Pad is a fun and easy to use three voice synthesizer with a simple to navigate, colorful interface and multiple sound sculpting features. Customize your sounds with the tone editor then play and loop them. Bliss pad is designed to be satisfying no matter your level of musical knowhow.

At a glance:

  • Quirky retro sound and graphics
  • Autochord makes playing a breeze
  • Reverb, pitch delay and wobble effects
  • Arpeggiator with randomizer
  • Multiple waveforms, cutoff and resonance control, noise generator
  • Super simple loop bank lets you layer your sounds
  • 12 old school drum samples

What's new in v1.1.1:

  • Added provisional support for Audiobus.

Buy Bliss Pad Synth on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

Chordec Under New Management

I noticed yesterday that a new version of Chordec appeared on iTunes, and the old one disappeared. I contacted developer Weibin Shen to figure out what is going on with this powerful and free chord recognition app. He's turning the project over to his friend Xiao Yixiang and his company, EUMLab which makes several related apps like DAW Remote and Pro Tuner. EUMLab will now maintain the app, and at present it is still free!

Weibin wants to make sure everyone deletes the old one and moves over to the new app so that you will get future updates.

Chordec iTunes Description:

Chordec does chord recognition for songs from your iOS device. Its algorithm has the highest accuracy among published algorithms till at least the end of 2012.

Chord recognition accuracy under default "chordec sensitivity":
• 80% if counting only major and minor chords,
• 65% if counting only maj, min, aug, dim, 7, maj7 and min7

Load a song from your iOS device, and chordec solves the chord for you. You can then learn the chord using the speed-variable playback. Can't figure out how to rewind or fast forward? Move the cursor or scroll/zoom the tape to navigate to anywhere in the song.

Buy chordec on iTunes: Free

Here is a video from Weibin announcing the switch-over.

Toa Mata Band: Episode 2

Back in March we saw the first episode of Toa Mata Band, the band of Arduino and app controlled automatons. Opificio Sonico has released the second episode, this time the band is out playing live.

Video Description:

Toa Mata Band is back and for the first time they perform live!

In this video some various drum-synth and glockenspiel keys are played by each robot and I'm jam together them. The performance was recorded live in four takes in early May 2013, and after edited and mixed in studio.

If you enjoy, you can free download the extended version of the soundtrack at the Facebook page or Dropify.

The gear used for this performance are: Coron DS-8 Drum Synth, The Kit -- Clap, Amdek PCK 100, Boss PC-2, Korg Kaossilator, Korg R3, Alesis Mod-FX Philtre.

Tutorial: Korg iPolysix Step Sequencer

Here's a new Korg iPolysix tutorial focusing on the power of the step sequencer, Mee Zanook style!

Buy Korg iPolysix on iTunes: $29.99

San Francisco Street Musicians with an iPad

For some reason this video makes me so happy. The synth-street-wiz, and his buddy on drums, are some highly-mobile musicians!