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Gestrument Update - Removes JACK, Fixes Audio

Gestrument has been experiencing audio dropouts, and in an effort to immediately correct these issues JACK support was removed from the app in a new patch released today.

This is quite unusual, and the first time any app has dropped support for either Audiobus or JACK. I contacted developer Jesper Nordin to get some details on why he felt it was necessary. He quickly responded:

"In our work to fix the problems, one of the things we tried was removing JACK. We are not sure where the problems come from, but that they should be solved now."

A new FAQ entry has been posted to the official website:

In version 1.3.2 we have stabilized the audio experience and the known issues should be gone, please make sure you update to the latest version. Unfortunately we had to revert the JACK support for now (that we just recently added), as part of improving the audio engine, and we hope that is not a problem for our users.

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Caustic 3 Sneak Peak

MATRIXSYNTH found this impressive sounding promo video for the upcoming Caustic 3 (Android), from Single Cell Software.

Video Description:

Here's a quick peek at the upcoming Caustic 3 App from SingleCellSoftware, as I demonstrate the power of the new synths and many tracks now available. I put this track together in just 2 hours.

Review: JamUp XT Pro

Some girl's names instantly make you think, "Oh, yeah. She's going to be a stripper." In that same way, Daddo Oreskovich sounds like he was destined to be a Metal Guitar God. You can watch him in this JamUp XT Pro review before he is/was famous!

Buy JamUp XT on iTunes: Free

Buy JamUp XT Pro on iTunes: $19.99

PUC Indiegogo - WIFI MIDI Gear from the Makers of JamStik

Following the huge success of Zivix's JamStick Indiegogo campaign, they're back with a new product and a new appeal for cash. The PUC offers MIDI In to your iPad via a WIFI connection. PUC itself has a 5-pin MIDI connector, for plugging in your keyboard and wirelessly controlling your apps. You can grab one for $69 if you back them before the 11th. After that the price increments up in batches, ultimately ending at a retail price of $129.


  • Wireless MIDI connection via WiFi
  • 1 MIDI Port: In/OUT

  • Power / reset button

  • Micro USB auxiliary power input
  • Power and Battery
  • 2 AA Batteries
Micro USB auxiliary power input

After receiving $170,000 of their $100,000 goal on JamStik I can hardly blame them for wanting to milk more of that sweet sweet free money. I have to question the timing of this though, when they haven't actually shipped the JamStik yet. Nor even the grab-bags of swag they promised early-backers would receive in June.

I spoke with Zivix's Christopher Heille about this, and he assures me that JamStik is still on schedule for the December release promised in their campaign. He went on to explain how PUC came about during research and development. As an in-house prototype of the WIFI MIDI in JamStik, some of their guys got so excited about the prospect that they decided to spin it off on its own. The PUC is scheduled for release in December with the JamStik.

I further asked why they decided to go with just a single MIDI jack on PUC, rather than a complete In/Out solution. Christopher responded:

The PUC is actually bi-directional - it can be switched to a wireless MIDI output from iOS in firmware - but that complicates the messaging. Diehard MIDI guys will appreciate that, but early users might scratch their heads. We'll tell the output story next week.

Christopher did have one bit of good news though! Zivix have severed their relationship with Engage, the PR company that went rogue and threatened me with "very unconventional methods" earlier this year.

Em One - Jaded Mirrors (Propellerhead Figure Remix)

Em One did a fantastic remix of his own song, Jaded Mirrors, using just Figure. The layering in here is very inspiring!

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99