Moodscaper Demo with AUM

Doug Woods did a demo of Moodscaper's new Inter-App Audio functionality, using it in AUM with Blocs Wave.

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Barry Neilsen - Rosebud

YouTuber Barry Neilsen posted this fun '80s-vibing track, using Genome for sequencing the backing tracks.

Video Description:

This is an oldie for me. I came up with these ideas back in the mid eighties, but I just wanted to get them back in my head ... well, they've never really left my head but it's a long time since my hands played them (and doesn't it show).

All sounds from my Modal 002; reverb and delay are an LXP 15II; and sequencing is from Genome on iPad hooked up to an iConnectMidi4+. (Glad my iPad 2 is still good for something.)

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MidiBlob Pro Update

The first update for the new MidiBlob Pro app includes a couple of new features to fine-tune the blob behavior.

MidiBlob Pro v1.1:

Other than the usual bug fixing, version 1.1 add two functionalities. Now the range parameter for controllers can be negative: this allow to raise one MIDI controller value while lowering another one with the same gesture. Also an optional automatic return to zero (spring loaded) behavior has been added for all the blobs, for one finger move gestures; this simplify the use of MidiBlob Pro for temporary changes, in the classical pitch wheel behaviour style.

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Slushii x Marshmello - Want U 2

YouTuber XanderXides posted this cover of Want U 2, performed on Launchpad and MIDI Fighter. Although it is not without error, I think the goofups help to let you know that what you're seeing is real. Judging by his hands I'd say that Mr. Xides is quite young, but already talented.

Video Description:

Hey Guys! Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoyed! I Would like to apologize for not putting out project files! I've been busy with SOL's right now and i PROMISE i will start releasing files again soon! ;3




iPhone 6

Ableton Live 9.6
Windows Movie Maker

Deuces! :)

S7G - Microesfera

Paulo Agostinelli and amgio form S7G in Buenos Ares. Here they pump some excellent House on a jam called Microsphere.

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Video recorded at the home studio of S7G.
It's a jam where we use an Akai MPC 1000 Microesfera bases and Electron Octatrck (Drums percs, samples from other synths) that sends a midi seq Access Virus Snow (low) and connected to an iPad with Korg Gadget (percus and FX)

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