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Borderlands Demo

Doug from thesoundtestroom takes another look back at another overlooked app. This time focusing on Borderlands, with a rumor of an update coming to the seemingly abandoned app.

Video Description:

Rumour has it that there is a new update coming so I thought I'd check out Borderlands.

Buy Borderlands Granular on iTunes: $9.99

Waldorf Nave Sound Design

MATRIXSYNTH found this sound design video for Nave. Seen from Space modestly notes that it is more of a showcase than a musical piece, but I found it to be quite musical. Like some really out there ambient!

Video Description:

Not a finished piece of music; this is more to showcase the sound design possibilities of an amazing synth. You're hearing the raw sound output from Nave with no additional effects on the iPad. Just a touch of compression afterwards to tame the spikes.

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

App Sales: Auria & Cotracks

Synthandson wrote in to let me know about a sale going on now for Auria, and WaveMachine's Drumagog (PC/Mac), both 50% off. These sales last until July 6th.

I've been spending a lot of time with Auria lately as part of some Inter-App Audio beta testing. I hardly ever used it on my iPad 3, but even on the iPad Air it hasn't seen much use. Although I make a commission whenever you guys buy stuff with my links, I feel I should caution against this somewhat. If you already have Cubasis and a bunch of Audiobus/IAA effects, you probably don't need Auria too. That said, Auria's built-in effects, plus the many In-App Purchase effects, are all stellar.

Cotracks continues its weekly price plunge, pictured right, and is now down to $1!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $24.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $24.99)

Buy Cotracks on iTunes: $0.99 (On sale, from $14.99)

Last but not least; Alchemy Mobile has also got a 50% sale on its Pro upgrade and all other IAP sound bundles.

Buy Alchemy Synth Mobile on iTunes: Freemium ($7 Unlock IAP, on sale from $15)

ToneStack by Yonac

Yonac, developer of the popular Magellan synthesizer and Galileo Organ, has released Tonestack; an impressive guitar amp and effect simulator suite! The base app is on sale for $5, and comes with a fair number of effects and 2 recording tracks, but this can be expanded through IAPs. The IAPs are available individually or as bundles. There is also a $50 bundle that unlocks everything presently in the app as of version 1.0. My eyes kind of bulged at that initially, but then I remembered I've spent about that on JamUp effects. ToneStack rivals JamUp by offering stereo processing, instead of squashing everything to mono. More of my impressions are below, after the iTunes Description.

ToneStack iTunes Description:

ToneStack is the ultimate in signal processing: with the largest variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably powerful yet simple interface – it simply shreds all the other guys.

Thanks to ToneStack's state-of-the-art “Virtual Circuit” technology, each ToneStack unit is the digital mirror image of a real analog topology. Unlike other FX apps that try to copycat with EQing and other gimmicks, ToneStack recreates the intricate designs of the real thing. The result is a warm, responsive tone with the natural behavior you find in analog units.

Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX

Right away, enjoy 6 classic amps & cabs, and 20 meticulously designed FX. Expand to a total of 24 amps & cabs, and 70 FX – the largest collection on iOS.

ToneStack also brings many powerful guitar FX to the iOS for the first time: polyphonic octaver, harmonizer, realistic spring reverbs, virtual-reel tape delays are just a few examples.

The Most Versatile Signal Chain on iOS

Why be limited with just 4 or 8 FX that other guys max you out at? ToneStack lets you run a whopping 64 amps & effects simultaneously (Device CPU limitations apply) so you can let your imagination run wild.

For even more power, ToneStack includes a unique ABY unit not found in other FX apps. Split your signal anywhere: run dual amp setups, switch or blend FX chains, or multiplex your signal via frequency splitting – countless permutations, all up to you.

You can match any amp with any cab (all cabs have 3 mics with distance & position settings); you can insert any unit anywhere – even between amps and cabs like a true FX loop. Managing your signal chain is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon!


  • “Virtual Circuit” amp & FX modeling technology
  • Units modeled after real-life topologies
  • ABY: split signal anywhere, use dual amp setups, blend, pan or switch FX chains & more
  • Complete collection: 24 amps & cabs, 70 FX, with stompboxes & rack-units and more!
  • 64 simultaneous amps & FX
  • Independent amps & cabs
  • 3 mics per cab w/ distance & position setting
  • 8-Track recorder w/ 2 tracks free
  • Tapedeck w/ punch looping, sample-accurate rec, pitch/time manipulation, FX send & more
  • Tuner w/ permanent & fullscreen modes
  • Metronome, tap tempo, settable time signature
  • BPM sync mods & LFOs
  • onSTAGE mode w/ quick preset load & FX toggle
  • Unlimited banks & presets; easy preset sharing & more
  • Extremely powerful MIDI: control any amp or FX parameter
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • MIDI prog changes + bank & preset up/down
  • Audiobus: input, FX, output, state-saving
  • Inter-App Audio FX
  • Audio copy/paste, email, WiFi, iTunes sharing

Buy ToneStack on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

I've been a fan of the effects in JamUp, but disappointed by how it processes everything in mono. This is fine for guitars, but in the world of Audiobus it makes all my synth apps sound flat. Which is why I rejoiced when I tried out the ABY Splitter in ToneStack! Many of the effects are mono, but with the ABY Splitter you can maintain stereo separation and even apply different effects on different channels. This isn't a true stereo separation, because the sounds coming through the ABY are themselves in stereo. However, if you hard pan the A and B channels you can balance any stereo processing you've done in the original source app.

The effects that come with the initial $5 cover charge are pretty good too. This includes the new Octaver, mentioned in the iTunes Description, which deeply pleased me. I was also impressed by the Pepper & Vinegar distortion pedal, packing 4 different distortion algorithms for useably unique tones. Even if you never invest further into the IAPs, I think you'll get your money's worth for the base app. This is especially true while it is at the introductory sale price.

Here is a preview video from the developer.

iOS Update Vol. 77: Genome MIDI Sequencer

In the latest Sweetwater iOS Update, Mitch Gallagher takes an in depth look at Genome MIDI Sequencer!

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99