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MidiBlob for Blofeld

MauLabs have release MidiBlob, a 3D performance MIDI controller for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. The app is not much to look at, but he gets some nice results in the demo!

MidiBlob for Blofeld iTunes Description:

MidiBlob is a performance oriented multi touch controller for your Blofeld synthesizer.

By a set of very intuitive interaction you can modify and control your synth sound to a depth that cannot be reached with traditional controllers. Graphical feedback keep you in touch with what you are doing and where you are in your sound space.

MidiBlob works with any Core MIDI compatible interface or with a network based Core MIDI connection, and it is an iPad application. It runs on iOs 6.x and 7.x.

Buy MidiBlob for Blofeld on iTunes: $6.99

Dead Rider - Blank Screen

The publicist for Dead Rider assures me that the band uses a lot of iPad apps, though there is no evidence of this in their music video. Oh well, it's still some fun glitchy Alt Rock! I really dig this, and she sent me a haiku. No one would lie via haiku.

The new album, Chills on Glass, is coming March 18th. Apps reportedly used on the album include Synthx, Nlog, Cassini, Animoog, iPolySix, Nave, iDensity, MegaCurtis, Hyperspace, Bitwiz, Turnado, ielectribe, Manetron2, and Alchemy Mobile.

Zero Input Mixing Guide

A few weeks ago Kymatica developer Jonatan Liljedahl tweeted out an example of Zero Input jamming in his AUFX apps. The idea being to play with AUFX:Dub without an input and just make a tune with self-resonance. It was inspiring stuff!

Here Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds shows you how it's done!

Buy AUFX: Space on iTunes: $3.99


Buy AUFX: Dub on iTunes: $3.99

Ryouichi Harada Korg Gadget Performance

Most of the examples we've heard from people using Gadget fall under some sub-genre of EDM. Pianist Ryouichi Harada has released something quite different and epic!

Buy Korg Gardget on iTunes: $28.99 (On sale, $38.99)

MIDI Designer Templates

Reader CSwinn wrote in about a bundle of MIDI Designer templates that he's made for other apps, and has released for free!

A few months ago I got pretty into Midi Designer and made a bunch of templates (link at bottom of post). It kind of fell by the wayside as I started working on other projects, but I wanted to make sure I shared them as I think some of you might find them useful. They are all one file, so it's all or nothing. These should be way more useful as well once Audiobus 2 is available.

The Magellan and Galileo templates are on the same pages, where all of the effects are available in one layout. I also did a little mock up of the Magellan sequencer which gives control of velocity, gate, etc all at once.

The AUFX ones are also available to be mix and matched on one screen so you can control two at a time with IAA (and soon AB2).

Filtatron has a knob screen and pad screen, so again, everything is available on one page.

The Loopy HD templates are in two sections as well. I tried to make one that looked more like a traditional mixer, and another that mimics Loopys original layout.

I worked pretty hard on these and have had quite a bit of fun with it. If others can get some good use of them, all the better. The only thing I ask in return is if you improve them in any way, please post about it so I can do it too. :)

Follow the link and use "open in" Midi Designer. Enjoy!
https://www.dropbox.com/s/to4sx4wsffrizeo/2014-01-18-new all.mididesigner

Buy MIDI Designer Lite on iTunes: Free


Buy MIDI Designer Pro on iTunes: $24.99