"Looking Out to Sea" with Wotja Generative Music

Palm Sounds spotted this video from Intermorphic co-founder Tim Cole, using their Wotja Generative Music Maker app to create an ambient piece while looking out to sea.

Video Description:

Ambient, spacious, relaxing generative music created from text and emoji. The (intentionally sparse) live music generated in this video by Wotja can be played (without the image) if you have Wotja / Wotja FREE for iOS and you visit this Wotja Music URL from Safari on iOS: http://goo.gl/tXBMdC. Experiment with the settings and retweet your remixed wotja if you wish!

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Buy Wotja on iTunes: $3.99

WWDC2015: iOS 9 Aftermath

One of the most talked about bits of news to come from WWDC occurred after the keynote when someone spotted an interesting blurb on Apple iOS Developer site.

The Audio Unit extension point allows your app to provide musical instruments, audio effects, sound generators, and more for use within apps like GarageBand, Logic, and other Audio Unit host apps. The extension point also brings a full audio plug-in model to iOS and lets you sell Audio Units on the App Store.

There just isn't a lot of detail here and no one can say for sure what any of that means. Remember that Inter-App Audio was first introduced as an "Audio Unit framework" back in 2013. Applying the name to something doesn't imply any specific functionality. I'm not going to call anyone out specifically, but some of the reporting on this one paragraph has gone beyond speculation and far into the realms of divination.

Fortunately one of the many interesting jobs I took up during the .com crash in 2001 was as a phone psychic. No shit. I was a part of Ms. Cleo's network right up until the FTC cracked down on them. The most common question people asked me was whether or not they were pregnant. If they had established that they were indeed pregnant the next most common question was, "Who is the father?" With my powers of divination, honed through years of occult research and eldrich rituals, I can elucidate definitively on this latest Apple omen: You are not the father. Be wary of people with brown eyes.

That is all the stars tell me. Do not question or doubt the omen! Also, your lucky number is 93.

In more mundane news, iOS 9 is now in the hands of people who know how to get it into their hands (and developers). We now have a better idea of which iOS 9 features will be available on individual devices:


  • Slide Over: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2.
  • Split View: iPad Air 2.
  • Picture in Picture: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2.

Several people are reporting that older devices are performing dramatically better on iOS 9, with the iPad 2 seeming to benefit most. There are a number of interesting new tweaks and changes from iOS 8 to iOS 9. Among these are a whole bunch of tweaks already available on iOS 8 via Jailbreaks! Here's a video documenting the Jailbreak tweaks that have been integrated into iOS 9. Sadly the two I use the most (OpenSSH and Display Recorder) are not among them.

Conductr & CaboSanRoque - HiLo

Conductr teamed up with CaboSanRoque to create one of the most ambitious music app demonstrations I've seen to date. Here they jam on the app, which is controlling a vast array of physical instruments, in the Conductr space at Sonar 2015!

Video Description:

"HiLo" is the first collaboration between Conductr and CaboSanRoque: a convergence between two different but complementary perspectives on the relationship between musicians and technology.

CaboSanRoque manipulate objects to reveal their sonic personality and turn them into instruments; with the involvement of Laia and Roger, a typewriter, a comb and a can of insecticide transcend their strictly functional and anodyne nature, and are transformed into a singular new technology.

Starting from a similar process, Conductr turns the iPad —a device that wasn’t originally designed to make music— into an instrument: it analyzes its resources, observes its potential and puts it into the context of musical creation. An app that offers a different way of interacting with audio was born as a result. One that makes sense on an iPad, just as a particular can or a particular shape or size of comb make sense as instruments for CaboSanRoque.

"HiLo" is an interactive installation located in the Conductr space at Sonar 2015 where the audience will be able to play with Tres Tristos Trons, one of CaboSanRoque's pataphysical instruments, using an iPad with Conductr. CaboSanRoque will also perform a composition specifically created for "HiLo" twice a day.

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Molten Drum Machine Update!

Molten's first update since September 2013 includes a whole bunch of modernization and a new icon.

What's new in Molten v1.3:

This is a huge update bringing Molten Drum Machine up to date with iOS 7+. Thank you for your patience and continued supported.

  • Support for iOS 7+
  • New Audiobus 2.0+ support
  • New AudioCopy support
  • New Kymatica AudioShare support
  • Fix for tuplet timing
  • Sample rate now 44.1KHz
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Updated user interface elements

Buy Molten on iTunes: $4.99

Kickstarter: OWOW - Musical Instruments

OWOW is the latest Kickstarter offering some unique new musical technology. A series of 5 different instrument types make up the OWOW set of fully class complaint controllers. While not specifically emphasized on their Kickstarter page they do have one picture showing off a OWOW connected to an iPad.

The 5 OWOWs are named: wob (D-beam), wiggle (gesture X/Y controller), drum (accelerometer air drum), pads (4 pressure sensitive pads), and scan (similar to PhonoPaper).

They all look like a lot of fun, but their diminutive size is offset by a large price! To collect the whole set you'll need to shell out $661, or $328 if you just want the boards without cases. Despite the high price tag, this project has already reached 9% of their funding goal in under a day.

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