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Harmony Learning

Ganko Tech has released a totally free app for learning harmonies, aptly titled Harmony Learning.

Harmony Learning iTunes Description:

Learn Harmony easily and efficiently, free to download today!
The UI is beautiful and clean for you to use!

In music, harmony is the use of simultaneous pitches (tones, notes), or chords. The study of harmony involves chords and their construction and chord progressions and the principles of connection that govern them. Harmony is often said to refer to the "vertical" aspect of music, as distinguished from melodic line, or the "horizontal" aspect. Counterpoint, which refers to the interweaving of melodic lines, and polyphony, which refers to the relationship of separate independent voices, are thus sometimes distinguished from harmony.

In popular and jazz harmony, chords are named by their root plus various terms and characters indicating their qualities. In many types of music, notably baroque, romantic, modern and jazz, chords are often augmented with "tensions". A tension is an additional chord member that creates a relatively dissonant interval in relation to the bass. Typically, in the classical common practice period a dissonant chord (chord with tension) "resolves" to a consonant chord. Harmonization usually sounds pleasant to the ear when there is a balance between the consonant and dissonant sounds. In simple words, that occurs when there is a balance between "tense" and "relaxed" moments.

Buy Harmony Learning on iTunes: Free

Hong Kong Danger Duo EP

Reader Aaron Apter has formed the Hong Kong Danger Duo with a guitarist friend. To fill out the band they employ a lot of iOS apps. He included an amusing tale of how they got there:

"Bassists always fuck everything up. When I started a new band with me on drums and a guitarist, we decided that we just didn't want to put up with shit from another flakey bassist, so we resolved to work as just a duo. To fill out our sound live and in the studio, I use various iOS devices and apps. The first EP from my new band, Hong Kong Danger Duo, is just drums, guitar, vocals, and a shit ton of iOS. Sunrizer, Magellan, Animoog, Flitatron, Glitchbreaks, and Voice Synth (used on kick drums for bass lines in conduction with StepPolyArp) are some of the tools I used to help shape our sound.

I've had videos on your site several times before, but haven't submitted anything lately because I felt everything I was doing with an iPad was merely a novelty. I wanted to focus more on making music and less on becoming a youtube hero. So here's my first effort at integrating iOS into my band. I hope you enjoy!"

I did enjoy this quite a lot! Their style is that New School Classic Rock that's been popularized lately by bands like The Black Keys. This EP is quite short, but each track packs in some weighty rock. The mastering is pretty excellent on this one, which is important in this messy-rich spectrum of sounds.

Fiddlewax Pro Update

Fiddlewax Pro, released earlier this month, just got its first update!

What's News in Fiddlewax Pro v1.1:

  • Chord octave control via zoomed keyboard position.
  • MIDI channel indication when MIDI output is enabled.
  • Improved instrument sample timing.
  • Keyboard note hinting preferences
        (show all note names for learning).
  • Updated colors and visual feedback (softer on the eye).
  • Extreme BPM range (via +/- for experts).
  • Sharing of both audio.m4a and MIDI.mid files to iOS.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Buy Fiddlewax Pro on iTunes: $19.99

    App Sales!

    Pearl Guitar Pro

    Amidio has released a Pro version of Pearl Guitar, which includes the Pro Upgrade IAP as the base price.

    Pearl Guitar iTunes Description:

    The premiere 6-string acoustic steel guitar simulator, Pearl Guitar delivers absolutely stunning sound - the most realistic, lush, organic and warm tone you will hear in the mobile digital domain. In addition, Pear Guitar features Retina graphics, smooth animations and stylish parallax effects animating the strings!

    Pearl Guitar is a carefully tuned virtual representation of the legendary vintage 1979 Martin & Co dreadnaught, one of the best acoustic guitars in the world. An optimized 76-Mb sound database is further processed by CascadeEQ synthesis, producing pristine clear stereo audio with a nasty bite of accidental roars, movement hums, string noises and guitar body resonances.

    Premium Mode brings:

  • A virtual 1979 Martin acoustic steel guitar
  • Unprecedented sound realism
  • True stereo output
  • CascadeEQ synthesis - lush and warm sound
  • Guitar body hits and hums, string noises
  • Variable strumming speed
  • Conga Drum Machine
  • Up to 16 chords per song
  • "Smart Follow" highlights the next chord
  • "SoloBoard" - unique solo interface
  • Record to .WAV with a single tap
  • Record singing using a headset or mic
  • iTunes File Sharing support
  • 16 most popular chords
  • Chord Menu (edit songs, chords and sequences, exchange with the community over internet)
  • 1000+ chord database with variations and custom chords
  • File Manager with sharing options (Dropbox, Audiocopy, Email)
  • MIDI record (along with .WAV), virtual and hardware in/out
  • Audiobus functionality.
  • Buy Pearl Guitar Pro on iTunes: $5.99

    Buy Pearl Guitar on iTunes: Free (Plus $5.99 Premium IAP)

    Here is one of the original promo videos released last year. At only 3,000 views it really deserves a lot more!

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