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thesoundtestroom Hospitalized

I had noticed Doug Wood, aka thesoundtestroom, has been quiet on his YouTube channel since his csGrain video last week. Doug is relentless about releasing new videos, so the week long absence seemed unusual. Last night readers Patrick and hansendesigns alerted me to a thread over on the Audiobus forum from his wife, Jo on April 9th.

Hi all, this Is Jo, Dougs Wife, just to let you know Doug has been admitted to hospital. I pray and hope he will be back soon. Annoying me with his video recordings. :)

Yesterday she posted an update in the thread.

Hi all Jo here again, update on Doug. Doug was taken in with dangerously high blood pressure as a result his retinas ruptured and his sight is impaired for the moment, he has an enlarged heart and one side isn't working properly. He is going to be in hospital for a while, its been quite a week, unfortunately my sister died and my brother is in a coma, so all prayers and positive thoughts are very welcome. Thank you all for your wishes and comments they mean an awful lot too us xxxx

Jo is continuing to watch that thread, so if you'd like to wish him well please jump over there and do it!

FabFilter 10th Anniversary Sale

FabFilter is celebrating their 10th anniversary, with a 40% off sale on all of their plugins. Including the ones in Auria! This sale will last for 10 days, ending on the 24th. Thanks to reader Shay for writing in with this news!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

Strymon Templates for TB MIDI Stuff

Boele Gerkes, who brought us a Strymon Timeline TB MIDI Stuff template last year, has new templates for Strymon's Mobius and Big Sky effects pedals. All of which are totally free! Here is a nice sounding demo of all 3 Strymons.

Video Description:

Strymon Timeline - Mobius - Big Sky iPad editor templates for TB MIDI Stuff.

For the templates please email to scd@synthmusic.info

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

Loose Kontrol - Vidibox Mix

Vidibox developer Billaboop posted this excellent Deep House mix using their VJ app!

Buy Vidibox on iTunes: $9.99

Voice Synth's Audiobus Drama Reportedly Unnecessary

Qneo announced this morning that although it still plans to remove Audiobus support from the next version of Voice Synth, they will not be releasing that version until Audiobus supports IAA. Which is the current plan for Audiobus, as expressed by developer Sebastian Dittmann on the Audiobus Forum. This way users of Voice Synth will be able to continue to use it in Audiobus without interruption. Here is the announcement on Qneo's Facebook page:

Good news on the Voice Synth/Audiobus compatiblity!

Right now, Voice Synth is still compatible with audiobus, we never removed the functionality as this was and is planned for the next update. If you start Voice Synth first, it will show up in audiobus and work fine. Before audiobus updated, it did show up always in the list but many customers got a spinner if the apps were started in audiobus-VS order.

Audiobus announced they are currently working on incorporating IAA into audiobus. That way, you will have the best of both worlds:
  • Connect all your audio apps together, be it native IAA or audiobus apps (thus including Voice Synth)
  • Better performance (IAA outperforms audiobus in terms of latency and dynamic range)
  • Stability of entire audio app collection does not depend on a single 3rd party app (audiobus)

We are currently developing new features for the next update. As audiobus is currently already working on IAA, we expect their update to preceed Voice Synth’s. If not, we will withhold our update for some time. That way, you can enjoy Voice Synth in audiobus without interruption.

With the conflict between Qneo and Audiobus at an end, I believe that frees me to opine...

What a Load of Shit

So after all of this unnecessary drama, everything is essentially staying status quo. We've seen some ridiculous developer drama in the community before, but this takes the cake. Nothing happened. Nothing changed. All Qneo accomplished here was angering their users. Well done.

Audiobus has been planning to implement Inter-App Audio for a while now, and had already notified Qneo of this fact. They could have just patiently waited for that to happen. Instead they announce to the world, "Hey remember how you bought our app to use it as an Audiobus effect? Suckers!"

Then a week goes by and they realize, "Oh, angering customers unnecessarily wasn't such a smart move..."

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