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birdStepper Update

Elaborate sequencable effect app birdStepper got its requisite iOS 8 update, along with a new stepper detail editor.

What's new in birdStepper v1.1:

Updated for iOS 8

  • Audiobus fixes
  • Inter App Audio compatibility
  • Layout bug fixes
  • New stepper detail editor

Buy birdStepper on iTunes: $9.99

Update: birdStepper just tweeted that Audiobus is not working in this version. A fix has been submitted.

Pyxis Minor

Developer Timothy J. has released Pyxis Minor; a free Universal app that lets you sequence loops, with some basic synthesis functions. I played around with it for a bit and didn't see any ads or In-App Purchases.

Pyxis Minor iTunes Description:

pyxis minor is a novel instrument / sequencer / synthesizer.

Users play and record sequences in real time and are able to play with various synthesis parameters to create a tailored musical experience. Bright colour, sleek aesthetic and intuitive user interfacing allows users of any age and prior musical experience / training to have a truly unique creative musical experience.

Buy Pyxis Minor on iTunes: Free

Retronyms' The Build - Codename: Digits - Part 2

Retronyms brought Louis back to show off the oscillators in their upcoming app, codenamed Digits.

Video Description:

In this week's development video, Louis delves into Codename Digits' powerful phase distortion oscillators. This is only one of the features that makes Codename Digits such a unique and rich sounding synthesizer.

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Haunted House Sound Effects w/ Traktor & TouchOSC

DJ S Craigs put his Traktor license to good use! Aided by his Denon Sound card with 4 individual outputs he is running some pretty elaborate sound effects for his house this Halloween! Best of all he designed it so he can control it from his pocket with TouchOSC on his iPhone.

Video Description:

Traktor DJ software coupled with TOUCH OSC app on an iphone 5. Software connects via usb to a denon sound card with 4 discreet outputs. Each of the 4 audio outputs goes to it's own QSC K8 1000 watt self powered speaker. I can stand in front of my home and trigger sound effects at high volume when people get near a speaker zone. Each of the 4 speakers are placed in different spots with their own unique sounds.

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Apptronica: "My iPad Made Me Do It" Community Album

Apptronica has released a creepy community compilation Halloween album! 21 songs, many of them great, and all free!

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