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SOLO [Nr.19]

apeSoft, developer of iVCS3 and iDensity, has released a unique performance app based on algorithms. I can't even pretend to understand half of what's going on here, but fortunately there's a demo video! Oh yeah, and it's free!

SOLO [Nr.19] iTunes Description:

SOLO [Nr.19] is an algorithm that aims to implement digitally the original analog set-up for the performance of six versions of Solo für melodieninstrument mit rückkopplung by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The original composition was conceived for five persons. Four technicians plus the main instrument performer. SOLO [Nr.19], performs the work of four technicians for each of the six Stockhausen's versions.

In Demo mode you can hear the first version of “Solo” composition performed by Enrico Francioni, Contrabass. With In-App features, you will be able to feed algorithm with your audio Live.

Buy SOLO [Nr.19] on iTunes: Free

Audiobus Origin Story: The Final Chapter

A Tasty Pixel developer Michael Tyson has concluded his blog post on the history of Audiobus' development. The first part was posted a day before Audiobus was released, so this comes a bit late... but still makes more sense than JJ Abram's Star Wars 30-years-later sequels.

Here is a snippet. You can read the whole thing here.

Thirteen Months of Audiobus: Part 2

I’d been conversing with my friend Sebastian more and more frequently, sometimes spending hours each day talking. I was struggling with two things: Usability, and a way to turn this idea into a viable product. And then, Sebastian solved both: We make a separate app which does all of the configuration.

Sebastian’s proposal turned what would be a mainly self-funded, unsustainable project into something that we can truly throw our weight behind. That’s when we became a partnership for real, and dived into designing the workflows.

“iOS Audio Pipeline”, the in-progress name for the project, soon became “Audio Bus”, then “AudioBus”, and finally (with Sebastian’s German influence!), “Audiobus”. It felt right.

As someone who has Sebastian on Skype I can attest to the accuracy of this statement. You can easily spend hours each day talking to him! I did the same thing just prior to the launch of this site. He's full of ideas and more keep coming!

App Sales!

A bunch of apps went on sale. Most of them useful, but a particularly interesting and not-so-useful one went free!

Nokia Composer lets you write classic ringtones the way they were originally crafted. I wouldn't ordinarily think of this as a music app, but back in the day I spent a whole hell of a lot of time trying to save $1 by composing the Muppet's Theme in this method. The app doesn't seem to let you export your creations, but it is a free nostalgia trip and the reason for the delay in posting news today!

Buy Nokia Composer (iPhone) on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

Buy Crystalline on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Stereo Designer on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Voxkit! on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Buy Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, $5.99)

Buy MIDImorphosis on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Das Lauflicht - Core MIDI Step Sequencer

Das Lauflicht is a new step sequencer, meaning The Chaser in English, with a full name on iTunes of, "Das Lauflicht - Core MIDI Step Sequencer for Serious Musicians." It's certainly hitting all the right boxes in the iTunes description. Unfortunately I can't find a demo on YouTube, and the official website is just a domain landing page. Let's hope no one needs any support! This may be for Serious Musicians™, but their web-presence seems pretty amateur.

Das Lauflicht iTunes Description:

DAS LAUFLICHT is a Core MIDI capable step sequencer. Create fantastic basslines, drum beats or chord stabs and send them to your favourite synth app, or to an external device. Using the 70+ built-in scales you can create very exotic melodies.


  • Provides over 70 different musical scales in all 12 keys spanning 8 octaves.
  • Can run as a MIDI master clock source or synchronize to an external clock.
  • Supports 16 patterns per scene and an infinite number of scenes.
  • Adjustable pattern length.
  • Fast and intuitive user interface that won't get in your way.
  • Configurable tempo and note length, including support for triplets
  • Send notes to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Composing tools such as randomize and retrograde.
  • Support for Virtual MIDI and external devices.
  • Engineered for very accurate timing.

Buy Das Lauflicht on iTunes: $3.99

Audulus 2.8

Audulus' update today dramatically improves the performance of the app with a dramatically improved graphics engine. Beyond looking pretty, this also allows you to make much bigger patches!

What's new in Audulus v2.8:

  • Improved graphics rendering. Sharper, faster, and consumes less memory.
  • New Create menu for creating nodes and inserting patches. With integrated documentation.
  • Now show the patch name in the toolbar.
  • Update Custom Nodes so the exposed UI now can be edited right on the patch node.
  • Improved labeling of inputs and outputs.
  • Update Audiobus.
  • Improved on-screen keyboard.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $29.99

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