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Dorapro MINE - Prototype Customizable Modular MIDI 

Dorapro Engineering has posted a prototype of a video for a modular MIDI controller called MINE. It's cool to see elements appear on the companion app as they are inserted into the controller. Unfortunately I can't make any amount of sense out of the website. Google translate is failing hard. One headline literally translates as: "Please be sardine because wearing a technique." There's lots of talk about needing money, but I see no mention of a Kickstarter or whatever.

Dronescape with Frequency Sound Generator

Synth Anatomy has another video showing off Inter-Device Audio, this time running the new Sonic Synth: FM into VST/AU reverb effect EAReverb 2 on his Mac. Correction: This is Frequency Sound Generator, another app by the same developer.

Buy Frequency Sound Generator on iTunes: $0.99

Piano Tiles 2 Robot

Matt really wanted to cheat at the piano learning game Piano Tiles. So he made a robot! It's quite impressive in action!

Buy Piano Tiles on iTunes: Free

Jordan Rudess - Purple Rain (Prince Tribute)

Jordan Rudess had a whole stage and lighting crew at his disposal, so he put together this epic Prince tribute!

Video Description:

Performed by Jordan Rudess on Korg Kronos and Wizdom Music's GeoShred for iPad
Produced by Keith Wechsler

Buy GeoShred on iTunes: $19.99

iOS Update Vol. 125: Tachyon by Wizdom Music

Mitch Gallagher is looking great these days! Here he explores Jordan Rudess' Tachyon, originally released in 2012.

Buy Tachyon on iTunes: $1.99

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