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Electrofood Ch - Digital Pray (Live)

Electrofood did a fun live jam with lots of gear and his iPad mini running LaunchKey. The music starts off really quite, but it really kicks in with some nice Dubby Triphop. Motion Sickness Warning: He's recording from a head mounted cam.

Video Description:

using: Korg ESX-1 Electribe, Korg EMX-1 Electribe, NI Traktor Z2, Vestax PDX-2000mk2, Alesis Air FX, Launchkey + iPad mini, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo audio interface for iPad, M-Audio oZone midi keys

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Winter In Temecula

Jeff Musial got up to all manner of interesting experiments with his handmade guitar and Auria on his iPad!

Greetings Everyone, I am kicking off my YouTube channel with this short little clip. The music composition is nothing fancy (and doesn't change or go anywhere). This was more of an experiment. Many experiments actually.

The first experiment was mobile/remote recording. I use a Steinberg UR824 audio interface, which is USB. I have Auria on my iPad (music production software) and I use Apple's camera conversion cable to interface the UR824 to the iPad. So the first experiment was to multi-track "on location" and get out of the studio. Result? Success! And a lot of fun to boot!

The next was to multi-track with big room sound. There are three mics: 1x close mic and 2x room mics. The close mic is a BLUE Mouse large diaphragm condenser that sounds awesome on nylon guitar (you can almost see it by my right leg in the top left video). The two room mics are a pair of AKG pencil condensers in XY configuration. They are about 10' away from me (at least) and very high.

The next experiment was simultaneous recording of video while tracking "keeper" recording takes. The result is success, but the effect is a little odd - for me at least. You're watching three untreated videos yet listening to 9 tracks mixed, treated and mastered. Still worked though!

The last was video production. I got myself some video editing software and need to learn how to use it, so this was my first attempt at throwing something together.

All in all a pretty fun and rewarding experiment. Enjoy!

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Apple Eats Camel

During the unexpected closure of Camel Audio there was no explanation, and a whole lot of speculation. If you had bet on Apple buying them then you're in luck, but if you've invested in Camel products I fear you'll find yourself shit out luck.

MacRumors reports that as of today Camel's Corporate register information has been changed to include Apple's London address and Apple lawyer Heather Joy Morrison is now listed as the sole director.

The abruptness of the closure makes me very pessimistic about the future of Camel's products. You don't just close up shop if you plan to continue with business as usual. But business as usual is not part of Apple's acquisition strategy. Even Apple fanbois are doubtful we'll ever see Alchemy return to its former glory.

CDM suspects we'll see a repeat of Redmatica, an audio developer gobbled up in 2012 with only some of their technology brought into MainStage.

It seems highly unlikely that Alchemy Mobile, or their many preset IAPs, will ever return to the App Store.

Audiobus Update 2.1.10

Today's Audiobus update promises only "Performance improvement on iPad Air 2/iPhone 6" and you may be wondering what actually means! Do iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 users get some new magic Audiobus version? Nope. There were some performance issues on the new devices, which Michael explains and fixes in this recent Dev Vlog.

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DrumLine Apps has released a whole new app, complete with Audiobus, dedicated to Snares.

SnareLine iTunes Description:

Heads up, Snares! Need to practice your feature? Input it and play along. Change tempos, edit, revise, save, listen, and learn. Can't get that sweet lick out of your head? Put it in and share it with your line. Tweak it, add rimshots, buzzes, dynamics. How fast can you play it? Test yourself with various tempos. Drumline Apps puts composition in your pocket.

Basses and Quads - input or download the snare parts and play along with the line. Be more than ready for rehearsal. Drumline Apps puts the drumline in your pocket.

The brand new Snare App uses the sounds of Paul Rennick's killer 2012 Santa Clara Vanguard snare drums, sampled by tech extraordinaire Brian "Chavez" Lowe.

Buy SnareLine on iTunes: $2.99

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