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Ableton Link Updates

Alex Matheu's classic GlitchBreaks app is now Link compatible! I'm quite excited about this one and will have to revisit this fun glitchy performance app. Triggler sampler for iPhone has also been updated with Link support!

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Triggler: Sampler Synth (iPhone) on iTunes: $2.99

Acoustic-Electric Dulcimer Tutorial

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul recently picked up an awesome Mountain Dulcimer. Naturally she needed to figure out a way to use it with apps! Here Maria explains her setup, using the MIDI Guitar app.

Video Description:

Excited to merge my love of synths with my new love of the mountain dulcimer! iPad 4, Alchemy app, Midi Guitar App, Pinnancle Studio, Behringer usb mixer and iPhone 6s for recording and McSpadden Standard hourglass dulcimer.

Buy MIDI Guitar on iTunes: Free ($20 IAP to Unlock MIDI)

haQ attaQ - LFO vs. OSC?

Jakob Haq's latest video explains the differences between Low Frequency Oscillators and Audio-rate Oscillators.

Video Description:

LFO vs OSC, might sound like weird topic but then again, it's not. These two waveform generators are basically doing the same thing, but at different speeds.

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $14.99

MobMuPlat Update

Just one month after the last MobMuPlat update, a new one arrives with even more improvements to workflow and support for PureData's array widget.

What's new in MobMuPlat v1.70:

  • Render PureData "array" gui widget.
  • New autoload-last-patch-on-app-start preference.
  • Store document preferences across app starts.
  • Find media/patch files in subfolders.
  • Revisions to PureData patch manipulation for display.
  • Bug fixes.

Buy MobMuPlat on iTunes: Free

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