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Athenus Music - Grove

Reader Linus, aka Athenus Music, has released his second iPad only EP!

Grove explores several jazzy sub-genres, with a whimsical almost-chip-tune quality. Any one of these tracks would make great background music in a 16-bit era video game.

Buy Athenus Music - Grove on Bandcamp: $5

Korg Volca Keys with Loopy HD

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this amazing jam by DreamsOfWires, using a selection of small hardware devices with Loopy. The results create an atmosphere that manages to be quite lush and lively, while being very dark.

Video Description:

This is mostly junk, but I was messing around with the Volca Keys and Loopy HD, which has been one my favourite apps for some time, so I decided to spam Youtube with the unremarkable results.

As you can see, a Minifooger delay and EHX Small Stone phaser were used for effects, and some reverb was added in the mixdown.

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99


Buy Loopy on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Photophore Update

Unique app Photophore got its second update today, adding 6 new waveshapes and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

What's new in Photophore v1.0.2:

Happy Spring everyone! This update includes bug fixes, a big performance improvement and new features including the single most requested feature: more waveshapes! If you're happy with the update, please rate Photophore. Good ratings make a difference, and will help us to keep improving this instrument. Thank you so much for your support!

  • Performance improvements -- up to 15% reduction in CPU usage!!
  • 6 new waveshapes! We’ve doubled the waveshape options, giving you a wide variety of new timbres. Enjoy!
  • Glide: smoothly glide between notes when in monophonic mode!
  • 12 new presets showcasing the six new wave shapes.
  • Added glide to two existing presets: Killer Reese and Mr Legato.
  • Fixed bug where Photophore would go to sleep while Inter App Audio was connected, causing it to disappear in the IAA host.

Buy Photophore Synth on iTunes: $7.99

haQ attaQ - "Synth Fart Tutorial" 

Jakob Haq from The Sound Test Room challenges and defies Apple's draconian ban on new fart apps, by turning the powerful Thor Polysonic Synthesizer into a Fart app. ¡Viva la revulsion!

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $14.99

Laplace & Arpeggionome Pro Jam

YouTuber Music Making Apps did a live jam on Arpeggionome, which is sequencing Laplace.

Buy Arpeggionome Pro on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Laplace on iTunes: $3.99

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