NOIZ Update

NOIZ, from Studio Amplify... not to be confused with NOISE, by Roli... was updated with new instruments!

What's new in NOIZ v2.3:

- We've added a brand new keyboard & drum machine. Easily record juicy basslines and phat beats to create your own EDM tracks in minutes.
- Added a new toolbar with the Master Settings & Mixer exposed to make editing easier.
- Now you can delete tracks that you don't want anymore!
- Improved the tutorial and added a video so you can see how to make a track in less than 10 minutes on NOIZ. Check it out on the profile page!
- Improved sampling quality.
- Fixed a bug that was unexpectedly logging users out.
- Lots of bug fixes & tweaks!


YouTuber iPad Sessions has been doing a daily series of videos, called UM SOM POR DIA, in which he makes a short track using a featured app. For dia número 6 he's using the rarely seen Oscilab!

Video Description:

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Instagram: @ipadsessions
Twitter: @ipadsessions

Remaking The Beat On iPad | Timbaland & Missy Elliott - The Rain

Maschine Masters posted another episode of their Remaking The Beat On iPad series. This time Marv chops up samples in BeatMaker 2 to remake the classic Missy Elliot track, The Rain.

Video Description:

Timbaland - Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott "The Rain - Supa Dupa Fly" beat making tutorial. Watch as Marv4MoBeats breaks down how he remade the classic Timbaland "The Rain" beat from Missy Elliott's Supa Dupa Fly album released under The Goldmind Elektra 1997. Marv goes in-depth how he chopped the sample, which drums he used and arrangement in the IOS Beat Maker 2 app by Intua. The Mobile Tuesday MakeOver is a must see series to open up your mind to the possibilities of producing professional sound quality music on an iPad, iPod or any mobile device. For more mobile production tips, tricks and tutorials join us at

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DJ Soyz's Djay 2 Mix (Electro/future house)

YouTuber Dj Soyz posted an amazing performance on Djay 2. Seriously, this is one of the best sets I've seen in the app. It starts off a with a little Hip-Hop before launching into some impressive Future House.

Video Description:

Yeah another mix! Now with an ipad.
Pls like the damn video,thanks. Consider subscribing also

1.Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini (Tom Budin Remix)
2.Glover - Faces (Zac Waters Remix)
3.R3HAB & NERVO - Ready For The Weekend (Don Diablo Remix)
4.Don Diablo - Back In Time
5.New World Sound - Cheer Up
6.Carnage feat. Timmy Trumpet & KSHMR - Toca

Sonic Logic 2.0 App Preview

A brief preview was posted to show off version 2.0 of the Sonic Logic modular MIDI controller.

Video Description:

App store video for the Sonic Logic 2.0 release.
Coming very soon...

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