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Skoog Update

The unique controller Skoog got a major upgrade today in the latest update to the companion app, adding Polyphonic Mode!

What's new in Skoog v1.1.5

  • Polyphonic mode. Play corners, edges or up to 3 adjacent sides at once.
  • Instrument improvements.
  • Improved response controls.
  • Improved key analysis for iTunes songs.
  • Offline key analysis for your iTunes music library.
  • App stores key analysis information for offline use.
  • Multichannel MIDI pressure send for improved compatibility with 3rd party MIDI apps.

Bug fixes

  • Instrument recall between sessions.
  • Peak detection improvements.

Buy Skoog on iTunes: Free

No talk, just sound - Eventide H9

MATRIXSYNTH found a new series by The Inventory called, "No talk, just sound." In the first episode they explore the sounds found in Eventide's enviable H9 multi-effect pedal, which is controlled from an iPad.

Video Description:

We explore some of the sounds of the incredible Eventide H9 Multi-Effects processor. Sounds are from a Arturia MiniMoogV sent from Ableton and we use the iPad editor to control and modify the sounds.

PLEASE use good quality headphones or studio monitors to listen to the rich harmonic content in this video.

Eventide products are exclusively distributed in India by The Inventory. Contact us to locate your nearest dealer or visit our website at www.theinventory.in

Contact us: info@theinventory.in, 04442026415

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theinventory.in
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theinventory
Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/theinventory.in

Buy H9 Control on iTunes: Free ($20 Per Effect)

GoBeats By Positive Grid

Positive Grid has released a new "Artificial Intelligence Drum App" that listens to what you're playing and then attempts to provide appropriate accompaniment. It seems this is primarily aimed at guitarists. It's free but lacks any kind of connectivity, so reception from the community has ranged from tepid to Polka.

GoBeats iTunes Description:

The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Drum App


Create full drum tracks with just a few finger taps! GoBeats has the most advanced artificial intelligence for drums - our artificial intelligence technology listens to your guitar playing and learns your song structure, BPM, time signature - it then gives you the best possible drum beats with the feel of a real drummer. It’s designed to help you create the music you ever wanted to, so now there are no excuses. GoBeats: Play. Tap. Ready.

Top Features:

  • Smart drums: it learns your playing and automatically generates the proper drum pattern
  • Easy to use: just tap on the recording icon and start playing, GoBeats will learn your playing
  • Thousands of drum beats: it comes with thousands of different drum patterns
  • Fully featured: you can adjust BPM, time signature, and drum feel

Buy GoBeats on iTunes: Free

Positive Grid hasn't released a demo video for this one, but Jason Donnelly from iPad Loops took out his guitar to show us the app in action!

Felix Bernhardt - Livebox Pt.7

YouTuber Felix Bernhardt did a fun live set using a bunch of gear and a couple of iPads! This is some grimy Dark EDM, which benefits from SoundScaper's weirdness!

Video Description:

livebox pt7... Have fun, enjoy and share :)
The full set goes a few minutes longer....
If you want to download this live set go to https://soundcloud.com/felixbernhardt...

Elektron Octatrack + Maschine are making the beats and some synths. Another Maschine is synced via Midi and goes in to the OT.
one Ipad is running soundscaper this goes to the second Elktron OT input and get effected from it. OT goes straight into Ableton for final processing. The second ipad and the DJ Techtools Midi Fighter is used for controlling ableton.

Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Conductr on iTunes: Freemium

Notetracks Update & Sale

Notetracks' second update this summer adds a recording function. It also arrives with a 50% off sale!

What's new in NoteTracks v1.0.5

Recording function added to transport bar
  • New demo projects added
  • iPhone draw track enhancements
  • Bug fixes/tweaks
  • Buy Notetracks on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

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