Scumbag Developers Turn Their Attention to Music Apps

For years now there have been a lot of shady "developers" who merely troll through GitHub finding open-source apps which they then lazily rebrand and try to sell on the App Store. In the "Music" category this has mostly been limited to Radio apps. AudioKit developer Matthew Fecher was the original developer who open-sourced his radio app, the code for which now pollutes the App Store with literally thousands on copy-cats.

This necessitated a very specific function in the discchord code to weed them out of my new apps feed:

Now the scumbags are getting greedy. Luca Jaeger, an alleged shitbag, has released Wavetable Synthesizer Analog using the source code for Analog Synth X by Matthew Fecher and Aurelius Prochazka. While the original Analog Synth X is free, Luca's new "Wavetable Synthesizer Analog" is $9... with a weekly $1 subscription fee! You get nothing new in this app, nor even anything from the subscription.

This is just a greedy cash grab!

As Tom from Synth Anatomy points out, everything about this app is garbage. Even their contact page is a joke, with nonsensical phone numbers like 12345/67890, and an email address of So lazy.

Avoid this and be wary; I'm sure more of these will arrive soon. You could also download the real thing for free!

Angela Pagliero - Speaking In Tongues

We first met Angela Pagliero in her Thug Wife track earlier this month. If you missed it, it was quite fun and worth a listen! Here she is with another original song, and video editing, once again produced in GarageBand!

Video Description:

I am a singer songwriter. I have really been singing since I could talk. At this time I do not play an instrument.. so how do I write?; I create and/or use music & beat loops to create the music piece, using my iPad/garage band . Then I create the song by writing lyrics or poems, then I sing over the newly created music.

Dream Foot: My Live Rig with Peter Rodriguez

Peter Rodriguez shows off Dream Foot in his rig. This is a promotional piece from Dream Foot, but it does an excellent job of showing off the foot controller app.

Video Description:

In this video you will learn how professional Bass/Keyboard player Peter Rodriguez runs his live Bass/Synth Bass setup. Peter also did two small performances using our Dream Foot App.

Bass - MTD (Michael Tobias Design) 635
Amp Head- Gallien Krueger mb800
Top Cab - Gallien Krueger CX115
Bottom Cab - Gallien Krueger CX410

Keyboard: The iRig Keys I/O or Korg MicroKorg XL+

Pedals Top Row Left to right -
1. iRig Blueboard
2. Behringer Micromix MX400

Bottom Row Left to Right -
1. Gallien Krueger Plex
2. MXR M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz
3. MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe
4. ProLine Standard Expression Pedal
5. Hotone Bass Press Volume / Wah / Exp


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thesoundtestroom: ChordMaps2 - Set Up & Tutorial

Doug from thesoundtestroom takes a look at ChordMaps2, an overlooked controller released back in 2016!

Video Description:

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Detective Conan - Main Theme (Garage Band Cover)

YouTuber Hantyoko Arba did another impressive cover using GarageBand on his iPhone!

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