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PhaseRings Demo

Developer Charles Martin posted this excellent sounding demo of his free PhaseRings app!

Video Description:

This video shows a demo of PhaseRings, a touch-screen musical instrument app for iPad. PhaseRings is an annular interface for performing expressive music with touch gestures. Each ring on the screen represents a different pitch; these rings can be tapped and swirled to create combinations of long and short notes. The angle and size of taps changes the timbre and volume of these notes. While this interface originated with the Singing Bowls app, PhaseRings introduced a generative composition system, seven expressive sound schemes, and a system of menus for user configuration. The sound schemes included percussive sampled sounds, such as marimba and singing bowls, as well as phase and string synthesis sounds.

Three compositions of pitches are included in the app, but the user can define their own custom composition by choosing a sequence of root pitches and scales. This flexibility has allowed PhaseRings to be used by musicians to add sounds to their own musical works. PhaseRings is compatible with the AudioBus and inter-app audio systems for making internal audio and MIDI connections on iOS devices and can thus be used as a sound source for other apps that record or process audio. PhaseRings was released on the iTunes App Store in November 2014 to coincide with the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). Since its release, PhaseRings has been used by Ensemble Metatone, the ANU New Music Ensemble, as well as adopted by other musicians for their own projects.

Buy PhaseRings on iTunes: Free

FieldScaper Update

Igor Vasiliev's FieldScaper was updated with new presets and a new Band Stop filter.

What's new in FieldScaper v1.6:

  • Added several new presets.
  • Added band stop filter option in filter section.
  • Anti-aliasing filter in clock control section.
  • Turning off ring modulator in distortion section.
  • Small improvements of audio engine.
  • New color schemes for user interface.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Buy FieldScaper on iTunes: $8.99

David Ventura – Inter Process Audio

David Ventura, better known as @gamedevventura, has been a powerhouse in the community since joining Propellerhead's mobile division back in 2013. Together with Kalle Paulsson and others, he's brought us Figure and Take. He was invited to speak at CocoaHeads in Stockholm. Because Sweden is awesome, the whole presentation is naturally in English. This video is intended for developers and wannabe developers, so it won't be informative to users, but at least you get to see and hear David if you're curious!

Video Description:

Throughout the years, there have been different ways for audio apps to work together on iOS to create music. In this talk, David Ventura of Propellerhead walks us through techniques for both realtime and offline audio collaboration, including the shiny new Audio Units framework. Oh, did we say there was a cool demo too? Recorded at CocoaHeads Stockholm.

A Hell of a lot of Free Sunrizer Presets

Reader Sam Izrael, aka SoundofIzrael, has released a hell of a lot of free sunrizer presets! There are 201 presets in one pack, and an additional set of 30 were released this weekend.

Video Description:

Free presets for sunrizer synthesizer app for ipad
made by SoundOfIzrael !
201 presets in the first pack
and 30 new ones in the second pack
This track was made by those sounds only! (beside the drums)
Link to download :

Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $9.99

ThumbJam Updated with Ableton Link

Reader Joe alerted me to a massive update for Thumbjam. This is the first update to the classic app since October 2014, and it is trying to make up for lost time! Listed here are just the new features; including Ableton Link, and a new Arpeggiator. Click through to iTunes if you want to read all the fixes as well!

What's new in ThumbJam v2.5:

New Features:

  • Added Ableton Link support, along with time stretchable loops, so tempo can be changed at any time now
  • Added new arpeggiator feature, with multiple patterns and options. Playable on screen or via MIDI input.
  • Support for Audiobus Remote triggers, and updated Audiobus SDK
  • Now optimized for iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Pro, with slide-over and split view support on recent iPads
  • Added 3D Touch support on iPhone 6S/6S+ options for velocity, volume, and filter cutoff controls
  • Added static MIDI CC input bindings for many controls (see users guide in app for details)
  • Added touch velocity UI control separate from volume, useful for velocity layered patches
  • Added max pan width control and added random pan control option
  • Relocated split popup button for iPhone
  • Can now send midi volume for x-axis volume mode
  • Make x-axis velocity use more of the space, no more half width. (Can revert to old way in options)
  • Added support for importing Scala or SXML files inside a ZIP archive
  • Now changing presets from the main menu will override any multi-splits (preventing confusion). Changing instruments within a specific split can still be done from the splits panel.
  • Added new reverb type (made it default), added additional higher quality choice for original reverb too.
  • Updated LPF filter implementation
  • Added custom background image option
  • Added option to toggle visibility of note grid

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

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