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DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer Demo

Doug Woods did a demo for the new DRC Polyphonic Synthesizer. Released in March, DRC has already seen 5 updates!

Buy DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer on iTunes: Demo ($15 Unlock IAP)

WR6000 Update

WEJAAM's synthesizer studio WR6000 has been updated with Ableton Link support! This is a bit surprising, and the first update to the app since 2014.

What's new in WR6000 v1.4:

This new version of our famous WR6000 groove machine is now compatible with ABLETON LINK.

Better stability and performance upgrades.

Buy Wejaam WR6000 on iTunes: Freemium

Charles Leax - Toying with iKaossilator

YouTuber Charles Leax is having a lot of fun with iKaossilator! There is so much going on in here, but he manages to keep it relatively tamed. If I were more of a hipster music blogger I'd try to sound knowledgeable here and claim that this is representative of some entirely made up genre; like Bloopcore. Turn on, tune in, bloop out!

Video Description:

Playing Music with the Korg iKassiolator on my old ipad mini. This thing is creative and much fun. Especially with imported loops. Works on the iphone too but imo to small there. The ipad mini 1 is a bit slow for the app and crashes from time to time but overall works ok. Making music and import the loops in imachine, garageband, logic pro or ableton is fun.

Buy Korg iKaossilator on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

AC Sabre - MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller

Air Craft has released their anticipated AC Sabre MIDI controller. This is a fully matured and updated version of the, now classic, Sound Wand. This has a lot of buzz behind it too. I first heard about the release today in a direct message from Palm Sounds' Ashley Elsdon.

I had to check AC Sabre out and it immediately lived up to the hype. The app renders laser beams that shift direction as you move your phone around. Hitting one of the 9 cells triggers the note for the beam directly in front of you. You physically rotate your body, or move your arm, to change notes. It might sound weird, but in practice it is surreal and instinctive. It's like Augmented Reality, but instead of chasing Pokemon you're making your favorite synths soar!

The app arrives on sale for 50% off at $13.

AC Sabre iTunes Description:

AC Sabre is a revolutionary wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers, composers, performers and DJs which brings the dynamic richness and performance energy of traditional instruments to your digital music library, in a way that is not possible with the existing studio and stage tools.

AC Sabre reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It lets you pluck invisible strings in the air while controlling up to 7 additional parameters, intuitively with your movements, via MIDI CC messages.


  • Use AC Sabre to compose distinctive hooks that go beyond the MIDI keyboard
  • Conduct automation in realtime with human sensitivity instead of spending painful hours with the mouse
  • Add sophisticated musical elements without the need for years of theory and training

DJs & Performers...

  • Play electronic instruments without being shackled to your gear
  • Introduce spontaneity into your live digital performances
  • Infuse signature attitude and style into your performances
  • 3 words: Live Bass Wobble.

Buy AC Sabre on iTunes: $12.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Lorentz Presets: PolyTouch v.2 

Tom from Synth Anatomy has released a new preset pack for iceGear's lovely Lorentz synthesizer. PolyTouch v.2 offers 60 new presets, for $4.69, plus you get 100 presets for the Arpeggiator Module. If you purchased his original PolyTouch v.1 then you're eligible to get these as a free upgrade! Here is the demo video for the original presets.

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