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The Dead Society - WormHole (Live)

The Dead Society have done one of the weirdest app jams I've ever seen, but I kind of dig it!

Video Description:

Live experimental noise using Hexaglyphics and Phawuo synth via Audiobus Amplitube

Buy Hexaglyphics on iTunes: $3.99


Buy Phawuo on iTunes: $1.99

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Buy AmpliTube (iPhone): $19.99

AmpliTube 4.0 - Looper Demo

IK Multimedia has released a demo for the new Looper IAP added to AmpliTube 4 yesterday. At first glance this may seem like a mini Loopy rip-off, but they have added some useful visual cues to the formula.

Buy AmpliTube For iPad: $19.99


Buy AmpliTube (iPhone): $19.99

Beautiful Crime (uFX Loop Remake)

Andreas wrote in with this cover of Beautiful Crime produced in his uFX Loops app for Android.

Video Description:

I produced this Instrumental Remake of the Daredevil Title Beautiful Crime by Grayson Sanders (Tamer) as a showcase for uFXloops and to express my feelings for this epic song. This version has been produced from the first note to the final production on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with uFXloops. The only post processing was to convert it to mp3 from ogg.

Buy uFX Loops DAW on Google Play: Freemium

Music IO: Windows Support Open Beta

Music IO has released an open beta version of their VST! Now finally Windows users can get in on the direct digital audio over USB! The fact that this is a VST gets around most of the issues related to aggregating audio inputs on Windows, but they need help testing out all of the various DAWs and hardware setups.

Open Early Access Beta for Windows

Because of the diversity of Windows DAWs, MIDI controllers, and audio systems, we’re running an open beta for debugging and testing. We very much appreciate your help in making Music IO better. If you notice unusual behavior, or see some sort of bug, please check on the beta test web page (on musicioapp.com); we’ll try to keep this up to date, and may have new versions of the plug-ins available. If you think you’ve found something new or interesting, please contact us at support@musicioapp.com.

To use this application, we recommend that you be familiar with installing plug-ins for your DAW (every DAW is different, and we don’t have have the resources to provide technical support for this).

You will also need to have iTunes installed on your PC. Please note that iTunes does not need to be running. This version only supports 44.1k sample rates; this will be fixed in the next update, but for now, if you use other audio sample rates, it will sound awful.

You can download the VST from the official site, as well as read up on the stuff that needs testing.

Buy Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Music IO: MIDI over USB on iTunes: Free (On Sale, Intro Price)

AmpliTube 4.0

All 15 fucking versions of AmpliTube have been updated to 4.0, which includes improved sound quality, a 4 track looper (IAP), and a new Cab Room (IAP) that lets you position microphones in 3D. Plus even more IAPs!

What's new in AmpliTube v4.0:

  • Significantly enhanced sound quality: AmpliTube now uses the same amp DSP as AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop for OS X and PC
  • "Cab Room" feature that allows 3D miking of cabinets with up to two mics (available via in-app purchase)
  • New Looper feature (available via in-app purchase)
  • You can now place 2 FX after the amp for even more sonic possibilities
  • Added drag and drop stompbox FX placement
  • 16 mics derived from AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop are now available via in-app purchase
  • Improved Studio section interface
  • Complete project compatibility between iPhone and iPad AmpliTube versions
  • Loop Drummer now features improved time stretching and UNDO/REDO editing
  • In-app purchases are now displayed by an easy-to-browse graphic carousel system
  • Overall aesthetics have been redesigned to suit iOS 8
  • Greater consistency between all versions

Buy AmpliTube For iPad: $19.99


Buy AmpliTube (iPhone): $19.99

I am not making 15 different links for all of the different SKUs. Click on one of these and find one you like.

Here is a demo of the new Cab Room feature.

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