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Mr. Phormula - Minority (Live Beatbox Looping Remix)

Palm Sounds found this... fuck, I don't even know. Welsh Raggaeton? It is technically well executed, so I think it deserves to be here, but I'm not sure what to make of it. I never noticed before how similar written Welsh is to R'lyehian, the language of the Cthulhu death cult. Coincidence? I think not.

Video Description:

Decided to setup all my pedals / devices and do a live looping beatbox cover of one of my tracks - Minority.

Di setio fyny'r offer i gyd a penderfynu wneud fersiwn bitbocs o un o fy caneuon - Y Lleaifrifol. Fersiwn gwreiddiol isod, mwynhewch!!

Buy Turnado on iTunes: $19.99

DBoards - Guitar Pedal Planner

DBoards is a way to plan out your effect pedals, as well as take notes on knob configurations. All of this is accessible via their website, or through the new app. The app is only on iPhone at the moment, but an iPad version is planned.

They are trying to build a whole community of sharing pedal board layouts. To encourage this, they have a complicated rewards point scheme. Basically interacting in any way will get you more points, and being an ass will lose them. They promise "rewards like t-shirts, guitar pedals, guitar picks, guitar strings, etc." on the website.

DBoards iTunes Description:

Create, browse, share, like and comment guitar pedal boards. Chain your guitar effects with the DBoards pedal planner and win fantastic prizes!

DBoards' Features:

  • Create amazing effects chains: just add effects, connect them and set their parameters
  • Customize your boards by adding notes and uploading photos and videos
  • Search for effects chains created by other users
  • Like and comment on boards
  • Share your pedal boards directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Get points and redeem them for rewards

Search, create and share

Search for great pedal boards, create your own effects chains and share them with everybody on Facebook and Twitter. Effects including - overdrive, distortion, wah, compression, delay, tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser etc - can be easily and beautifully arranged, linked and set up.

Customize your guitar pedal boards

Change the background, add notes and upload photos and videos related to your song from Youtube to make great and original boards. Add generic guitars and amplifiers in order to get complete effects chains and write notes to your boards. For instance, describe which guitar and amplifier do you use.

Buy DBoards on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

ScratchVOX Demo

Last Friday an intriguing new app came out. ScratchVOX offered a new way to develop melodies with an X/Y pad, but this offer did not include any demo video of how that was supposed to work. Doug from The Sound Test Room tackled it this morning, and went mad trying to understand it. At the unbelievably low price of Free it is hard to stay mad at it though!

Buy ScratchVOX on iTunes: Free

n-Track Studio Update

n-Track Studio got an update with some interesting new additions.

Ultra Low Latency support has been implemented, allowing for 128 samples on recent generation iDevices. I believe this is the first time any music app has brought the latency that low!

What's new in n-Track Studio v3.7:

  • Improved low latency performance
  • Ultra low latency (128 samples) available on iPhone 5/5s and iPad Air
  • Upload MIDI files to dropbox
  • n-Track can be used as Inter app source (switch available in “Settings" menu)
  • Fixed subtle clicking while moving Volume/Pan sliders
  • Minor bugs fixed

Buy n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $7.99

Buy n-Track Studio Pro Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $18.99

Let's Play with iMPC Pro

Patreon Patrons voted for iMPC Pro as this week's Let's Play video. It was a very close call, narrowly beating out Audulus by 1 vote. Unfortunately I came down with a cold and have been fighting it all week long. I rallied triumphantly with the aid of pseudo-ephedrine and caffeine to bring this to you in a timely manner!

Video Description:

iMPC Pro is a major upgrade from the previous iMPC. In this video I try to condense some good workflow tips into 20 minutes. This Let's Play was suggested and voted on by Patrons! To support this series please consider sponsoring them on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=107612

Buy iMPC Pro on iTunes: $12.99 (On sale, $19.99)

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