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Mitosynth Update

Wooji Juice has released a major update for Mitosynth, extending features for iOS 8 users while maintaining compatibility with iOS 7. Among the new features is Bluetooth MIDI on iOS 8!

What's new in Mitosynth v1.2:

New in 1.2 for all users:

  • Step Sequencer automation feature, supporting blend curves and sustain
  • Pitch Tracking and Note Tracking automation modes
  • MIDI Program Change & Patch Bank mapping
  • MIDI Polyphonic Aftertouch support
  • XY Pads highlight where they were last touched
  • iPhone users can now flip Performance Mode between XY pads, tempo controls, master gain control, and IAA Transport Control (where available)
  • 20 new built-in patches
  • Latest Audiobus SDK

Additionally, for iOS 8 users:

  • IAA Transport Controls
  • Bluetooth MIDI configuration
  • Use finger pressure to control aftertouch
  • Import & export audio from iCloud Drive and other compatible services
  • Support for iOS 8 Extensions provided by other apps

Mitosynth is also enhanced for iPhone 6/6+ screen sizes: larger XY pads, wider keyboards.

(Mitosynth remains compatible with iOS 7)

Buy Mitosynth on iTunes: $14.99

Yonac miniSynth Update

Yonac's miniSynth for iPhone celebrates its 6th year on the App Store with a modernization update!

What's new in miniSynth 2 v1.1:

mini's 6th year on iOS....Thank You All for your curiosity, criticism, support, and your openness for the unknown. Exploring that with you has been our signal pleasure.

  • miniSynth 2 is now an Inter-App Audio instrument! You can use it with your favorite IAA host or IAA-compatible DAW
  • Newest Audiobus SDK
  • New, even more robust audio subsystem
  • Lots of other improvements

Buy miniSynth 2 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Ableton Live: Export from Korg Apps & New Electribes

Ableton released this short promo to celebrate their partnership with Korg! So far iKaossilator and Korg Gadget can both export Ableton Live projects, in addition to the new Electribes announced earlier this month. The videos shows how you can extend your mixes, master your tracks, an add a hell of a lot more Cowbell in the desktop DAW.

Cubasis Update with Audiobus Fix

Cubasis receieved a timely update to address Audiobus problems under iOS 8, with a load of other fixes!

What's new in Cubasis v1.8.2:

  • Full iOS 8 compatibility
  • New Audiobus 2.1.3 SDK
  • Monitoring of Audiobus tracks

This maintenance update enables the compatibility with iOS8 and requires iOS7 at minimum.


  • Fixes a rare issue where audio files were deleted after an undo command has been performed.
  • Executing undo on an audio file that has been edited now works as expected.
  • Fixes a problem with swing quantization introduced with Cubasis 1.8.1.
  • Global buttons in the mixer are no longer active when creating an empty project.
  • Fixes a problem where locator positions of an audio file were lost once re-opened in the audio editor.
  • Freezing a track no longer leads to mute status changes of other tracks.
  • Fixes a rare issue where mixdown or freeze leads to longer tail of silent audio at the end of the mixdown.
  • Punch out recording now works as expected.
  • Freezing an audio or MIDI track is no longer affected by the master volume level setting.
  • Copying audio files between projects now works as expected.
  • Fixes a rare issue where an established Audiobus connection renders Cubasis unreliable.
  • Fixes a rare problem where trimming an audio file in the editor multiple times leads to unwanted results.
  • Fixes a problem where undo and redo states are not updated when switching between audio events.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

SongSheet Update

SongSheet got an update adding iCloud Drive support for managing your chord charts and set lists.

What's new in SongSheet v2.2:

New Features

  • Import songs from iCloud Drive and other supported document sources using the new iOS 8 document picker
  • Songs can be now be imported/converted from PDF: on import, files in this format are converted to SongSheet's native format by extracting and parsing text from within the PDF.
  • The import process now has better preview as well as the option to manually correct some conversion issues (e.g. chord lines misidentified as lyrics) and add image tags to a song


  • Improved detection of key, tempo, etc for songs imported from plain text
  • Improved conversion for songs imported from DSBSoft's Song Sheet 5 for Windows .dbt format
  • Creating a custom chord from the chord palette has been removed; instead do so from an existing chord within the song
  • iOS 8 is now the minimum version required (devices running iOS 7 can still download version 2.1.1)

Bug fixes

  • When adding songs to a set list, filtering the All Songs list will now display the correct section headers
  • Fixed a number of compatibility issues with iOS 8

Buy Songsheet on iTunes: $6.99

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