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Fingerlab Apps Demo

DM1 developer Fingerlab did a demo of their apps with gear, including an upcoming multi-effect called DFX.

Drums XD Update 

Drums XD has finally received its iOS 8 update, including support for Audiobus/IAA and 64-bit devices.

What's new in Drums XD v1.5.2:

  • iOS 8 compatibility
  • Added mallet / soft touch
  • Added ultra-low latency options
  • 4 count-In synced with metronome
  • Interface tweaks
  • Audiobus update
  • Inter-App-Audio support
  • AB/IAA connection indicator
  • MIDI improvements
  • Fixed xylophone/vibraphone key mapping
  • Fixed low volume levels in recording
  • Code updated to 64-bit

Buy Drums XD Free on iTunes: Free


Buy Drums XD on iTunes: $7.99

NAMM2015: Korg Goodies!

Korg had a good showing at NAMM this year with several new product announcements and revisions.

Building on the success of the long defunct, but highly prized, KAOSS DJ Mixer, Korg has announced the Kaoss DJ Controller. This could be the most affordable mixer/controller for Serato. The official price has yet to be announced, but the build quality would suggest that it won't be too much.

They've integrated a lot of interesting features into the diminutive package including a USB audio interface, and built-in Kaoss Pad with 120 different effects.

This is arriving in stores soon, with a March release date.

The Kaossilator 2S was also announced! This update to their popular pocket music maker includes undo/redo options, and features Ableton project export.

This will be a boon to anyone who uses Ableton, and continues a trend we've been seeing in Korg's apps and new Electribe.

Other than that I don't believe much has changed. Pricing and availability have not been announced. Typically a new Kaossilator will take the price of the old one, so somewhere around $150 would be my guess.

Korg has announced an analog step-sequencer with outputs for CV, MIDI, Volca Sync, and even littleBits. The SQ-1 step-sequencer is a very mini version of the classic SQ-10, as featured in their iMS-20 app.

I can't find any mention of a release date on this one just yet and the only price I could find was, "around £95."

This will go nicely with the also announced...

Korg MS-20M Kit! Holy shit! This is a full-sized MS-20 module, sans keyboard. This comes with all of the modern niceties like MIDI In and USB!

It is a kit though, so you've got to put this thing together. There are many reasons I shouldn't perform surgeries, but among them is the fact that I do not have steady hands. I've not had a lot of success in the realm of DIY with soldering irons for the same. This looks so sweet though, and includes stylish panelings.

This kit includes the SQ-1 sequencer, and unlike everything else listed here you can actually buy it right now from Korg for $1,400. Which is reason #2 that I will not be getting one. For that money you can buy a conveniently pre-assembled Elektron A4 or RYTM.

Last, and most definitely least, is the upcoming Step Master for iPhone. This app combines the fun of being commanded to dance by a robot, with the post-hipster trills of wearing a fanny pack! Watch in awe as Japan's foremost Michael Jackson and McHammer impersonator obeys with alacrity. I'm probably going to pass on the app, but this guy has opened my eyes to the possibilities of BeDazzling my collars.

Korg cortosia Tuner

Korg has released an oddly named iPhone tuner designed exclusively for use with flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

cortosia - GOOD SOUND TUNER iTunes Description (Abridged):

Learn “good sound” and enjoy “good performance”!
Korg cortosia, the tuner app that makes it enjoyable to practice the basics.

Korg has answered the question: “Can a tuner recognize good sound?” With the Korg cortosia you'll see what's missing from “good sound” with just a glance. Even practice that's slightly boring (such as practicing the production of single notes) will become enjoyable. The cortosia is a completely new type of interactive tuner app designed to improve the overall quality of sound produced by the artist. The initial release supports the flute, clarinet and trumpet with future upgrades expected to increase the variety of instruments supported.

  • Analyzes five elements of “good sound” and rates them in real time
  • Automatically records “good sound” so you can check your daily improvement in technique
  • Lets you compete against the world in “good sound” and vie for ranking
  • Lets you communicate via “good sound” with friends around the world
  • Supports flute, clarinet, and trumpet
  • Buy cortosia (iPhone) on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

    App News Round-Up

    With all of the NAMM News happening I've been falling behind on some of the app news! Here's a brief round-up.

    DM1 fixed their shit... a mere 5 months later.

    What's new in DM1 (iPad) v5.0:

    • Brand new Audio Engine with nice, crisp, clean sounds
    • 64bit architecture
    • iOS8 and iOS7 compatible
    • Accurate volumes for Mixer Effects
    • New Pitch ribbon algorithm (glitch-free)
    • Live Waveform display for FX pads
    • New export WAV and AAC algorithms
    • Minor fixes and UI improvements
    • Removed WIST support (current SDK 1.0 is not compatible with iOS8)
    • Removed “Synth” effect (not compatible)

    Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99

    Egoist added AudioShare support!

    What's new in Egoist v1.0.5:


    • Audioshare, Dropbox & Soundcloud export
    • Audioshare sample import


    • audio in background fixed

    Buy Sugar Bytes Egoist on iTunes: $29.99

    Pro Midi got Inter-App Audio and is on sale for $5.

    What's new in Pro Midi v1.2:

    New Features:

    • Inter-app audio with multichannel Audio Recorder.
    • Endless play (something like Song mode. After the end of the clip, next clip begins to play)
    • Export wav, midi through "Open in...".
    • Improved access for clip "add/copy/paste/duplication, etc" actions
    • Quick link to create clip.

    Bug fixes:

    • onboard-keyboard now playing correct channel and adds new notes only if enabled "R".
    • fixed clock/start/stop messages.
    • fixed position of the clip when you do general "stop".
    • fixed row removal. (also added cute/copy/duplicate/paste)
    • other

    Buy Pro Midi on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

    Figooroo is allegedly working on Figure 1.7 projects now.

    What's new in Figoooroo v1.0.1:

    fixed some issues with Figure 1.7.1 and onward

    Buy Figooroo on iTunes: Adware

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