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haQ attaQ - Addictive Pro | Organ Tutorial

Jakob Haq dives into designing an organ sound from the init patch in VirSyn's new Addictive Pro!

Video Description:

VirSyn Addictive Synth is awesome in so many ways! In this episode we are taking a look at how easy it is to get some Organ drawbar-type action going.

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Apogee Control for Element Series Interfaces

Apogee has just announced Element, a new series of Mac audio interfaces. They're pricey, but not as pricey as you might expect of Apogee. Ahead of their arrival in stores, Apogee have released a remote control app for iOS. The app is Universal, so you can control an Element interface from iPhone or iPad!

Apogee Control for Element iTunes Description:

Apogee Control for Element Series Interfaces provides simple wireless control of analog input and output settings for your Apogee Element 88, Element 46 and Element 24 audio interface.

Simply connect both your iPhone/iPad and your Mac running Element Control software to the same WiFi network, launch Apogee Control, and choose your Element Series interface. Once you've allowed the connection on your Mac, you're ready to go!

The following hardware interface settings are accessible from the app:

For All Analog Inputs

  • Analog Level: Line, Mic, Instrument
  • Gain
  • Input Settings: 48V, Soft Limit, Group, Polarity Reverse
  • Meter and Over indicator

For Main, Alt, HP Outputs (number & type vary by interface)

  • Source
  • Output Level
  • Mute, Dim, Sum to Mono
  • Meter and Over indicator

System Settings

  • Clear Meters
  • Mute All

Even if you don't have an Apogee Element system yet, you can try the app by selecting a Demo (or virtual) hardware interface to experience just how simple it it.

System Requirements

  • Element Control v1.0 or greater installed on your Mac
  • iOS 9.0 and above
  • iPhone 5 and later; iPad 2 and later

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SugoiGaijin - Episode 2

Reader SugoiGaijin posted this nice sounding live looping jam using Borderlands with a bunch of hardware!

Video Description:

(Best in HD, headphones recommended)
This is EPISODE 2, SEASON 1!
I hope you enjoyed the video, I'll be uploading new content every other Tuesday from now on, so subscribe and stay tuned!!

Gear: Push 2, Roland TR-8, Borderlands for iPad & AKAI LPK 25.

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Tomplay Update

Tomplay, the interactive sheet music app released in April, got a major update today adding curated sheet music collections.

What's new in Tomplay v2.1.0

Now introducing curated Collections. We’ve worked on creating themed sheet music bundles, so rather than searching for single pieces, we’ve combined several compositions together for you to purchase for less. With the Collections section, our editorial selection makes it easier for you to find your favourite music collections to play along to.

Recent updates:

  • Fully reworked audio recording system. Record your performances without any time limitations and listen to the recordings to improve your skills.
  • Visible performance improvements on iPad Air 2 and newer iPad models.
  • We’ve updated the Tomplay website! Check it out at the new address, tomplay.com

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All Blues | Solo Live Performance!

YouTuber Krux is an extremely talented young man. Here he plays all of the parts in All Blues by Miles Davis!

Video Descrition:

I've been messing around recently with playing other styles of music on my setup. This is a live improv on All Blues by Miles Davis.

To clarify, everything you hear in this performance was played live. However, I used Ableton to automatically loop certain sections of the music, which eliminates the need for a looping pedal; this keeps my hands and feet free to actually play all the music.

It's by no means perfect but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out, especially given all the technical issues and latency that comes with running all the gear at once.

Setup details:
Keyboard 1 (Piano) - Thomann SP-5500
Keyboard 2 (Clav and Drums) - M-Audio Code 61
Pedalboard (Double Bass) - Viscount 30 straight midi bass pedals
Camera 1 - GoPro Hero3+
Camera 2 (+trumpet audio) - iPhone 4s (lol)

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