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Scratch Disc Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room did a demo of the new Scratch Disc, released last week to surprisingly huge approval.

Buy Scratch Disc on iTunes: Free ($4 Unlock IAP)

PixiTracker Update

Both versions of PixiTracker were updated today with Audiobus 2/IAA support and more. I can't imagine how this happened, but the icons on the two apps seem to have been switched on iTunes.

PixiTracker (Both) iTunes Description:

  • new song parameter - Shuffle;
  • now any song parameters (BPM, Shuffle, Number of lines, Number of tracks) can be changed in the Main Menu -> Song Settings;
  • Audiobus 2 and IAA (partially) support;
  • bugs fixed.
  • Buy PixiTracker on iTunes: $2.99

    Buy PixiTracker 1Bit on iTunes: $2.99

    New SunVox Videos

    SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov has released a couple of new videos showing off some of the advanced features in his app. Embedded below is an example of using the MetaModule to create a recursive arpeggiator. There is also a video on how to achieve multiple effects per track, using the Previous Track command.

    Video Description:

    MetaModule is a full-featured copy of SunVox in a single module. So you can include one SunVox-project into another recursively. Some complex synth or effect (with large amount of the modules) may be hidden in MetaModule. You also can use it as arpeggiator.

    Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99


    Metatone has released PhaseRings a free (really) instrument with a simple circular interface and whole lot of great samples. I was playing with it this morning and especially liked dragging my fingers around on the synths.

    PhaseRings iTunes Description:

    PhaseRings is a musical instrument for performing expressive music with touch gestures. Anyone can create a beautiful piece of music with our sound schemes and generative composition engine!

    Each ring on the screen represents a different pitch, and you can tap and swirl on each ring to create combinations of long and short notes. The angle and size of your tap will change the timbre of the notes you create!

    PhaseRings includes seven expressive "sound schemes" featuring percussive sounds like marimba and singing bowls as well as pure synth sounds like phase and string synthesis.

    Three "compositions" of pitches are included in the app, but you can also create your own custom composition by choosing three base notes and scales, PhaseRings will do the rest, generating a series of great setups from the harmony you choose!


    • 7 sound schemes
    • 3 built-in setups
    • Custom generative composition
    • 11 scales and modes
    • Core MIDI support for iOS MIDI Accessories!

    Buy PhaseRings on iTunes: Free

    iPad & Resolume Webcam Jam

    YouTuber Jason Casey combined his Korg KaossPad 3 with his iPad to create a very vibrant VJ live mix. He's using Resolume, VJ software for PC/Mac, to mix in a live video feed from his iPad with his webcam. He's using MIDI from the KP3 to control the visual overlays from the iPad feed.

    Video Description:

    KP3 controlling shaders in Magic via MIDI, iPad input thru BlackMagic, mixed with a PS3 Eye camera in Resolume Avenue

    Music: Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix) - Nina Simone (via Pandora)

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