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Elastic Drums - Audiobus Remote Triggering Preview

Elastic Drums developer Oliver Greschke has released a new preview for Elastic Drums v1.6, arriving next month. In this latest demo he shows off Audiobus Remote triggers that he's added.

Buy Elastic Drums on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Audiobus Remote on iTunes: $4.99

Half-assed Synth App Updated with Apple Watch Support

Shovelware developer Music Paradise, LLC. has updated their FM Synth with Apple Watch support. There is still no way to get your audio out of the app, besides iTunes-fucking-file-sharing, but Apple Watch support was their top priority!

I'm posting this here because it is interesting to see how developers struggle find a use for the new watch. Clearly this was tacked on just to ride the Apple Watch wave, but it's interesting to note the controls they felt you'd benefit from being able to access on your wrist.

The watch gets two pages of controls. These consist of: Play, Record, Save, Clear, Preset, and Wave. It is unclear how this is possibly more convenient than using the onscreen controls, since even the iPhone screen (pictured below) can fit them all neatly.

Buy FM Synthesizer Plus on iTunes: $1.99

SongTree Updated with Import Options

SongTree received its first update, adding several new ways to import your own sounds. The app is still in semi-open beta, so to play with it you'll need to use this invite code: NT64JF64HD

What's new in SongTree v1.1:

  • Added AudioPaste and General Pasteboard to paste audio from other apps
  • Added support to import audio with 'Open in' iOS functionality
  • Simplified login
  • Solved a problem with Audiobus when switching between apps

Buy SongTree on iTunes: Free

Data Broth - Memory Location

In addition to having an awesome artist name, Data Broth also has an analog video recorder to go along with his analog synths! He's also got Kymatica-laden Audiobus chain in the mix.

Video Description:

More songs @ soundcloud.com/databroth

Gear used: Microbrute, Microbrute SE, Vocla keys, Volca bass
Apps used: Sector, WOW, Audiobus, AUFX:Space, AUFX:PeakQ, AUFX:Dub

Buy SECTOR on iTunes: $8.99

Buy AUFX Audio Effects Bundle on iTunes: $8.99

Magellan Jam with Fantom X & K-Board

I failed Spanish twice. I'm pretty sure Ronny Vasquez is using two keyboards to control two different parts in Magellan. The bigger keyboard is a Roland Fantom X, while the smaller one on the left is a KMI K-Board.

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

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