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Tuplet Trainer 

Tuplet Trainer is a new iPhone app that will guide you through the intricacies of corporate tax law with regards to off-shore...

Nah, I'm just fucking with you. This looks like an elaborate trainer for learning to play odd rhythms! It arrives on sale at 50% off, and has a free "lite" demo. The demo will only play a Reference Rhythm for the 10 over 4 tuplet.

Tuplet Trainer iTunes Description:

If you want to learn rhythms like quintuplets, septuplets and similar, you will enjoy TUPLET TRAINER.

TUPLET TRAINER is based on a simple method for learning tuplets. The method is based on intuition and has been tested on and used by students for more than two decades now, and has proven to be extremely effective. Once you master the method, you will easily perform any tuplet with full control thanks to the reference rhythm.

You can operate the app either in Listen mode or Practice mode. In Listen mode you can listen to the reference rhythms transform into tuplets. In Practice mode you can set up different configurations for practicing.

The Lessons section will guide you through the basics of the method. There is also a detailed manual as well as video tutorials and music demos available on the Internet, reachable from within the app.

You can select from 28 tuplets in 4 time signatures, each with multiple motifs, all in all allowing thousands of combinations. Add a groove (hi-hat and bass drum) to reinforce the feel of the time signature. Select different sounds and patterns for the metronome, grooves, and pads.

Buy Tuplet Trainer on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Buy Tuplet Trainer Lite on iTunes: Free

A whole bunch of tutorials are available on the official website. Here is the first which explains the method.

Indiegogo: Stomp Pad

Stomp Pad is a seemingly doomed Indiegogo campaign which offers a unique device, but has zero PR to back it. The device is a MIDI pad that you can trigger with conductive straps on your foot. Sadly they've been trying to fund the campaign for the past month and I only just saw it today during my morning YouTube dive for new content when I stumbled on a random video about it. There are 34 days left on the campaign, but they still need $24,000 more!

GREAT SOUNDS!!... how do we do that?…well… you use Stomp Pad with our Stomp Pad App or any MIDI enabled third party App … play your samples and sounds or those preloaded in the many great iOS apps...sounds just like the record... whether your a guitarist, drummer, DJ, vocalist, whatever... there's something Stomp Pad can do for you

Stomp Pad also works with Windows, Mac, and Linux devices

Easy Set Up... It works as you imagine out of the box with an intuitive design. Plug and Play USB, compatible with USB standards including core MIDI in iOS, means Stomp Pad is good to go in seconds…

Natural Feel... intuitive and natural ‘toe tapping’, ‘foot stomping’ feel from our ‘mechanism free’ design. Tap out the beat, touch on/touch off, or put your foot to the floor to drive your sound...whatever the surface

Mobile Ready.. Mobile ready, connect quickly and easily with low power USB-MIDI. A HID class compliant device that is compatible with Core MIDI on iOS, Mac, PC, and Android.

Low Latency.. As a drummer and engineer, Dr Helmer understands that responsiveness and natural feel is important for tight beats and this means low latency. Stomp Pad makes use of core MIDI and a high sample rate sensing system to trigger sounds in sync with the haptic sensation of tapping your foot. Basically you can play fast syncopated beats with Stomp Pad


MidiXpress is a new app that will let you pump Yamaha accompaniment styles from your iPad to any connected MIDI device. You know those goofy generic backing tracks that come on most keyboards? Well now you can play decent ones with this! The app watches what you're playing so that the auto-accompaniment follows your lead. Official Yamaha Style files are available from the Yamaha website for $7-9, but you can also find thousands of user made .sty files for free!

This one is by MidiBand developer Kateryna Sharayeva and she even provides a detailed guide on her site.

MidiXpress iTunes Description:

  • With a MIDI keyboard connected, play live along with a 16-track accompaniment provided by one of the hundreds of existing Yamaha .sty styles, with up to 12 style variations in each style file.
  • With just a few clicks, convert any .mid file in a basic General MIDI format into a Yamaha-like style, and play along with it live, sounding just like your favorite band.
  • Besides the iPad, iPhone or iPod, the MidiXpress app also requires a General MIDI-compatible piano keyboard for playing melody and changing chords, and a hardware or software synthesizer for converting MIDI into sound. Usually both requirements can be satisfied by a traditional music synthesizer keyboard with MIDI In/Out capabilities. If the synthesizer cannot be connected to the Pad, iPhone or iPod directly, a Mac computer with its Audio MIDI Setup application may be used as an intermediary.

    The MidiXpress app replicates and expands on the auto-accompaniment feature of common musical keyboards by playing Intro/Verse/Chorus/Fill In/Ending loops from widely available Yamaha style (.sty) files or any .mid file over a MIDI interface. It establishes a two-way CoreMIDI connection between the iPhone/iPad and your synthesizer, analyzes chords played with your left hand, and sends the style's accompaniment in the key of the chord back to the synthesizer. At the same time, the melody/voice part played with your right hand is passed unchanged through the app.

    Buy MidiXpress on iTunes: Free

    zMors Modular Tutorial

    Developer Sven Braun has put together a tutorial to help you get started in his modular synth environment. I have to warn you that you should only watch this with your hand on the volume control! It gets quite loud in spots when he makes the initial connections to the oscillators!

    Buy zMors Modular on iTunes: $9.99

    humbleTUNE strng

    humbleTUNE is back with a new instrument app! strng is a physical modeling string synth doing some elaborate shit I barely understand with delay buffers. It sounds fantastic in the demo video!

    strng iTunes Description:

    Strng is a string synthesiser inspired by the karplus-strong alghorithm. The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and string tension filter, generates plucked string like sounds. No samples are used. Strng is 16 voice polyphonic and can be controlled with an in app 25 key chromatic keyboard or connect prefered midi controller through USB or Wifi. To further shape the sound two post effects are available, a ping-pong stereo delay and two channel resonant filter controlled by two LFOs.

    • String synthesis engine
    • 16 voice poliphony
    • Audiobus
    • IAA
    • Core MIDI
    • 25 multitouch keyboard
    • Save/Load
    • Gain control
    • Tune, Detune control
    • ADSR Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release
    • Noise (length, sample crush)
    • Noise pre filter
    • String tension
    • Stereo ping-pong delay
    • Two channel resonant low pass filter LFOs

    Buy strng on iTunes: $1.99

    Seriously check this demo out! The screenshot doesn't do it justice.

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