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Red Sky Lullaby - Sky Boarder

Reader Red Sky Lullaby did this surreal ambient-industrial piece in Borderlands, with visuals from projectM.

Buy Borderlands Granular on iTunes: $7.99

Singaling Update

Singaling got its first update with support for AudioCopy 2, AudioShare, and Audiobus 2; along with Inter-app Audio optimizations for Garageband, Cubasis, and Auria too. This update comes with the aid of Christopher Rice from Holderness Media, who has been helping them on the project!

What's new in Singaling v1.1

  • Audiobus 2 optimized
  • Audiobus effects slot supported
  • GarageBand Inter App Audio improvements
  • Added share to AudioCopy and AudioShare
  • Optimizations for Cubasis and Auria
  • Improved functionality of tempo/tap tempo selectors
  • Delay time now updates properly when tempo changes
  • Added User Manual to ‘?’ screen
  • Requires iOS 7

Buy Singaling on iTunes: $9.99

** We don’t want to interrupt you when you’re making music, so we’ll ask here. If you enjoy using Singaling, please take a moment to leave a positive review/rate us on the App Store; it really helps and we love you for it. Ratings and reviews reset with each new update, so if you’ve reviewed a previous version (thank you!), please consider doing so for this version too.

I usually strip out that bit in the end of app descriptions about "please rate us" but I liked this appeal here. I fucking hate those pop-ups in apps, but apps live and die on iTunes reviews. I respect the decision to avoid the usual games.

Here is a demo of developer Vanessa singing into her app and playing with the effects!


Reader Denis Kutuzov has released his first app! Navichord lets you see chords in a hex grid while playing on a keyboard, or play directly on the hex grid to explore new chord progressions. I spoke with Denis about the app this morning and he said that MIDI would be on the way soon.

Navichord iTunes Description:

Navichord is a powerful instrument for exploring chord progressions. Play rich sounding chords easily on the harmonic grid; play along on the classic piano keyboard below. Every note pressed is highlighted for all octaves on both views. Learn chord names from the automatic chord detector.

  • Play simple chords with one finger from any root (minor, major)
  • Play complex chords with just two or three fingers from any root (sevenths, ninths)
  • Use the same chord shape for any root
  • Discover interesting chord progressions
  • Find chords matching a melody
  • Find a melody matching chords
  • Learn chord names easily
  • Learn chord structure from the piano keyboard and play along

Buy Navichord on iTunes: $0.99

Controller Clinic: Mapping iPad FX with Midi Fighter 3D

Reader Kyle Mohr has been featured here many times in his great videos of the iPad with a Midi Fighter 3D. Today he shows us how he does it! In 3 minutes Kyle reveals the tricks behind his Music On the Move studio.

TriqTraq Universal Update

One of my favorite iPhone apps just got ported to iPad in a free Universal update, and is still just $3!

What's new in TriqTraq v1.5:

  • NEW iPad interface! triqtraq is now a Universal App
  • Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator inside an Inter-App Audio host
  • "Open in…" export option: export audio to apps such as Dropbox
  • iOS 8 compatibility
  • Audiobus 2.1 support
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements

Buy triqtraq on iTunes: $2.99

This update comes with 3 new iPad specific tutorials on the TriqTraq website. The interface can take some time to get your head around, but once you do, it offers an extremely efficient workflow as demonstrated in this new jam video!

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