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Beat-Machine Update

MPC-inspired Universal drum machine, Beat-Machine, got a huge update! Included in here is full IAA (with MIDI and tempo sync), Audiobus 2 (with amusing Sister Act 2 reference), AudioShare, and a couple of new In-App Purchases for $1 each.

What's new in Beat-Machine v1.3:

  • Redesigned user interface! It's faster and easier to use!
  • Way better iPhone 5 interface
  • 64 bit audio engine
  • Improved MIDI clock sync
  • Sample accurate Inter App Audio tempo sync / timeline integration
  • Inter App Audio Instrument node / IAA MIDI support
  • New dark color scheme in addition to classic vintage white
  • Sample rate decimator / bit crusher added to sample player for vintage crunch
  • "Feel" algorithm emulates the subtle timing variances in the clocks of vintage beat boxes
  • Feel algorithm also works on MIDI output
  • Filter has been added to the delay to emulate analog delay sounds
  • Speed control added to the sample player (this works independently from 16 Levels, i.e. they both work at the same time)
  • Song mode! String your patterns together on a timeline to create a song
  • Audiobus 2: back in the habit
  • Audiobus 2 state saving
  • Audioshare import / export

New IAP: Drum Synthesizer! Create classic analog drum sounds and trigger them with the sequencer (iPad only) or sample the sounds you create to pads (all devices). Makes the fattest 808 kicks.

New IAP: Time / Pitch / Vinyl! Change the duration of an audio sample without changing the pitch or change the pitch without changing the duration. This uses the classic (offline) timestretching algorithms found on old MPC's and other vintage samplers that gave so many classic hip hop beats "that sound." It also includes a vinyl record emulator that processes the audio sample rather than just overlay hiss and crackle on top of it. Dust, hiss, electrical interference, record wear and groove distortion are all adjustable to add a little crackle to your audio samples... or destroy them.

Buy Beat-Machine on iTunes: $0.99

Apollo Remote Recorder Update

Secret Base Design's new Apollo Remote Recorder got its first update last Friday, but had to be pulled because of a crashing bug on iPads. The fix is now on iTunes!

What's new in Apollo Remote Recorder:

Added support for AudioShare import and export, Audio Copy and Paste, export of recordings through Mail, and "open-in" functionality.

Recordings are now stored as WAV files, for greater interoperability with other apps.

Enhancements to the built-in web server to enable automatic syncing of recordings to the desktop.

Buy Apollo Remote Recorder on iTunes: $9.99

Toa Mata Band: Everything Counts (Depeche Mode)

Opificio Sonico's Toa Mata Band robots return with a cover of Everything Counts by Depeche Mode. Toa Mata Band has been featured here previously because the robots were controlled by apps like Nord Beat. The setup has moved entirely into Ableton Live, but it is still fun to see these!

Video Description:

Toa Mata Band is known as the World's first LEGO robotic band controlled by Arduino Uno which is hooked up to a MIDI sequencer. In this video, the third episode, the robots are playing some unconventional drum-percussions made by some food packaging are captured by a contact microphone (piezo) and processed in real time in the D.A.W. Ableton Live. A brand new device appears for the first time, it's a moving platform on x-axis, made of Lego bricks, gears and servo motors that permits to move with semitones-steps the tiny synth.

The song is a cover of the famous synth-pop band Depeche Mode, it's a personal tribute to the band who made my days in the 80's. The performance was recorded live in July 2014.

Artwork:Giuseppe Acito
Camera: Luca Zanna for ZeD video project
Music: Martin Lee Gore
Performed: Acito & Toa Mata Band

Altermoog: 30 Free Presets for Animoog

Reader ZenLizard shared a free preset pack for Animoog over on the SynthPatcher site! 30 patches are included in this bank, and you do not need a subscription to SynthPatcher to get them. They even come with a SoundCloud demo.

iOS Update Vol. 83: Steinberg Nanologue 

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update looks at the excellent freebie Nanologue synth, as well as a metronome app.

Buy Nanologue on iTunes: Free


Buy Tempo Advance on iTunes: $3.99