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Jam Maestro Updated with Ableton Link

David Blake's Jam Maestro app has been updated with Ableton Link and is now on sale! The Lite version is free.

What's new in Jam Maestro v3.3:

  • Ableton Link integrated! Go to Settings, Ableton Link, to enable.
  • New Automation menu in the tab screen. You can now automate tempo, volume and balance changes as your track plays.
  • Fixed a major clicking bug that was occuring when playing sound on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  • Fixed bug stopping you exporting custom drum kits.
  • Fixed wav files from rendering silence if Audiobus was connected.
  • Fixed some bugs reading in Guitar Pro files.
  • Screen lock idle timer now disabled when app is open.
  • Added 2 new demo songs.
  • Audiobus SDK 2.3.1
  • AudioCopy SDK 3.2
  • Various other fixes.

Buy Jam Maestro on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, $8.99)

Buy Jam Maestro Lite on iTunes: Free (On Sale, $0.99)

Waldorf Attack Drums for iPad Overview

PantsOfDeath did another overview video, this time looking at the (somewhat maligned) drum synth by Waldorf. To his credit, Jon struggles through to produce some insane sounds by the end of it... unfortunately he ends up drowning himself out. Getting the audio levels balanced on app videos is hard. I still struggle with it on every single video that I do. This still a good no-bullshit overview of what the app can do, and how it does it.

Buy Waldorf Attack on iTunes: $14.99

Noatikl & Mixtikl Updates

Intermorphic's generative apps both received iCloud support in today's updates.

What's new in Mixtikl 7 v7.1.0:

  • Improved productivity by adding support for iCloud: a new "Files" screen allows for easier file creation / opening; access to this, and an Action menu, is now via links in a new panel at the top of several screens
  • Removed no longer needed "Menu" screen now we have Files screen; some things have been moved to the Info or Settings screens.
  • Many minor bug fixes

What's new in Noatikl 3 v3.1.0:

  • Improved productivity by adding support for iCloud: a new "Files" screen allows for easier file creation / opening
  • "Saved files" section added to bottom of template list to allow merging of saved files into an open piece
  • Several minor bug fixes

Buy Mixtikl 7 on iTunes: $5.99

Buy Noatikl 3 on iTunes: $9.99

SoundBow In Dub

MATRIXSYNTH found this trippy SoundBow beat by developer binaura, with some nice camera work.

Buy SoundBow on iTunes: $1.99

haQ attaQ - PO-28 & iKaossilator - Ableton Link Tutorial

Jakob Haq did a short tutorial on how he's using Ableton Link to sync iKaossilator to a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator, as seen in his jam video from yesterday. It's funny to see Korg WIST abandoned in the flagship Korg WIST app.

Buy Korg SyncKontrol on iTunes: Free

Buy Korg iKaossilator on iTunes: $19.99