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Lorentz Update

Lorentz got its first update adding the ability to modulate PWM and Resonator with the Envelope. There are also a couple of short new videos. There is one on assigning MIDI mapping, and embedded here is an overview of the new modulations.

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $5.99

Patterning Jamming

Vimeo user _|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\_ posted this fun bit of synthy percussion in Patterning.

Video Description:

Plumbutter for your iPad?!?! The new app Patterning by Olympia Noise Co includes two really slick Shbobo Shnth Kits- "ShnthDrum" & "ShnthString". This is a quick preview. Many thanks to Steve and Peter!

Buy Patterning on iTunes: $9.99

Korg iElectribe for iPhone

Korg has just released an iPhone version of iElectribe. The original iElectribe for iPad was released 5 years ago in 2010. This appears to be a Guinness World Record attempt to test the adage, "Better late than never." The new app arrives on sale for 50% off, and iKaossilator is also discounted.

Korg iElectribe iPhone iTunes Description:

This app’s intuitive operation allows anyone to easily create powerful beats on the ELECTRIBE series. The enormously popular ELECTRIBE-R instantly became a must-have item for track-makers around the world, and now it’s been reborn as an app for iPhone.

With this app, we’ve effectively “put the original hardware chassis into your iPhone,” by faithfully reproducing the sound engine and design of the ELECTRIBE-R. We’ve also included the latest preset patterns and many new functions that are currently featured on the “iELECTRIBE for iPad”, released in 2010. , taking a further evolutionary step in technology. Taking advantage of the ease of use that you expect on iPhone, we have maximized the intuitive nature of the ELECTRIBE to make this new product worthy of its name: the iELECTRIBE mkII.

Amazing rhythm machine that generates powerful grooves

We’ve perfectly replicated the thick-sounding synth engine of the ELECTRIBE-R and its intuitive step sequencer. Now you can instantly obtain extreme tonal changes and powerful rhythms with just one


Not only can iELECTRIBE for iPhone be easily enjoyed by anyone, but it also allows detailed beat-making that transcends iPhone specs. In addition to playing back the provided audio data, you can also freely synthesize sounds from a single waveform and combine those sounds into your own original beats. This allows for the true experience of music production that connects all musicians.

Powerful functions that bring infinite possibilities to your grooves

We’ve packed maximum potential into this machine with eight types of powerful master effects featured on the upper-level models of the ELECTRIBE. This includes the ring modulation function of the ELECTRIBE-R and the cross-modulation function of the ELECTRIBE-R mkII. This app allows you to switch back and forth to choose between the two. It also includes the BEAT FLUTTER function that uses a proprietary randomizer to create fresh rhythms and the motion sequence function that remembers your knob movements. In addition, you can use an external USB-MIDI device such as the nanoPAD or nanoKONTROL for performance and control. There’s also support for the latest iOS technologies such as Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, Virtual MIDI, and iCloud.

Operating Requirements

OS: iOS 8 or later
Device: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPod touch fifth-generation, iPod touch sixth-generation. *Because of differences in screen resolution between models of iPhone, the display is smaller on the iPhone 4s. For the best experience, we recommend using iPhone 5 or later.

Buy Korg iElectribe for iPhone on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy Korg iKaossilator on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Toa Mata Band: Daft Punk Medley 

Toa Mata Band's latest video is so fucking meta. Watch tiny Lego robots play big robot music in this Daft Punk medley!

Video Description:

Toa Mata Band is known as the World's first LEGO robotic band controlled by Arduino Uno, which is hooked up to a MIDI sequencer. In this video (the fourth episode) the robots are playing another tribute, this time to the coolest electronic music duo ever. Enjoy!

The performance was recorded live in July 2015.

Artwork: Giuseppe Acito
Camera: Giulio Masieri
Music: de Homem-Christo\Bangalter
Performed: Toa Mata Band

Buy BassLine on iTunes: $3.99

Alpha Editor for Roland Alpha Juno 

Lachlan Mooney's first app is a seriously stylish looking control surface for the Roland Alpha Juno series of classic synths. The Roland Alpha Junos are considerably cheaper than most vintage synths, at around $200-400 on eBay. This might be one to look into if you're in the market for a polyphonic hardware synth.

Alpha Editor iTunes Description:

Alpha Editor is an editor and patch library app for the Roland Alpha Juno synthesiser family. It provides direct access to all of the Alpha Juno’s patch parameters through a clear and reactive touch based interface.

Alpha Editor is a MIDI based app; it uses MIDI to communicate with your Alpha Juno. In order to do so, it requires a coreMIDI compatible adaptor or a connection to a Mac or PC that provides MIDI capabilities.

Alpha Editor is compatible with the Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2, MKS-50 and HS-80. It is intended to only be used in conjunction with one of these synthesisers: it does not double as a generic MIDI controller and it does not produce any sound by itself.


  • Create, edit, manage and save Alpha Juno patches on your iPad
  • Organise your patches into banks
  • Load patches from the Alpha Editor to your Alpha Juno
  • Load the current patch from your Alpha Juno to the Alpha Editor
  • Create random patches
  • Ships with 5 banks (320 patches) of presets

Buy Alpha Editor on iTunes: $6.99

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