Ecce Cello & Maureen Lopez - Cello Porn

YouTuber david fernandez, an avid Loopy user, was joined by dancer Maureen Lopez to bring us Cello Porn. No shit. Not even remotely safe for work. This is cello playing and nudity during a live performance at Volksbühne, Berlin.

NSFW Warning: Even the thumbnail has boobies, so scroll past this one fast if you are at work!

Video Description:

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Knobcon 2016: Audulus Showcase

Flux302 was at Knobcon 2016, where he was hanging out with Mark Boyd, aka Bimini Road. There Mark gave Flux a tour of the new features planned for Audulus across both desktop and iOS! New modules incoming within a few weeks!

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Vogesen Tape Sessions Part XI

YouTuer Nils Mango posted this nearly 2 hour live session. He and his buddy are jamming on a lot of hardware and software, including an iPad running an unidentified app. Whatever it is, this all sounds good!

Update: Nils popped into the comments here to let us know that it is Borderlands on the iPad.

Video Description:

Live electronic music set with Ableton Live, iPad, Moog Sub Phatty, Push, MINIBRUTE and some toys.
We had a blast. Somebody book us now please 💁

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Auxy Music Studio Update

Auxy Music Studio has been updated with landscape support across both iPhone and iPad now!

What's new in Auxy Music Studio v2.2:

Big update for iOS 10 with full landscape support and improved editing features.

  • New grid setting lets you add triplets and 32nd notes
  • Select and edit multiple notes by long-pressing the grid
  • Work in portrait or landscape on both iPhone and iPad
  • Quickly delete or duplicate loops by long-pressing
  • Jump straight into loop edit with 3D Touch
  • The arrangement can now be opened while tweaking sounds
  • Haptic feedback on iPhone 7
  • Improved design and performance

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maasijam session #16

YouTuber maasijam's latest jam session is epic! Holy shit this has so many layers and they all sound so good!

Video Description:

Ambient atmospheric jam session number sixteen. Live recording in one take.

Hope you like it. If you have questions - feel free to ask in the comments.

DIY Arduino Midi Controller
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
Korg NanoKontrol2
Akai MPK Mini
NI Rounds
ValhallaRoom (I love it)
NI Replika Delay
Launchpad mini
Miditemp 8x8 Midi Merger
Ableton Live

Recorded directly on a Tascam DR07 MK2.


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