TheAudioDabbler: Beatmaker3 - DIY Kick Drum From a bottle

TheAudioDabbler returned from his vacation with 3 BeatMaker 3 videos! Here is a fun one where he produces a kick drum by sampling a bottle. Check out his YouTube channel for a BeatMaker 3 Overview as well as a Mapping Quick Tip.

Video Description:

Create your own kick drum using a bottle.

Mad Zach video

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

haQ attaQ - KORG Gadget Production 8-bit Dubstep │ VOCALS

The next part of Jakob Haq's 8-bit Dubstep tutorial series focuses on the vocals! Jakob is even sharing the vocal samples for free!

Video Description:

I'm sharing my vocal samples used in this track! Here's the fourth and final episode of the KORG Gadget 8-bit Dubstep production tricks series. And this time we're digging deep into the vocal part for the track, having a look at the insert effect slot and how I am sculpting my vocal sound.

Kicking of another KORG Gadget production tricks series and this time we're breaking down a 8-bit Dubstep track. This one even has my own vocals in it.




Hands of Gold - Remix feat. Ed Sheeran

Reader Groundswell Studios remixed Ed Sheeran performance of Hands of Gold, from this week's episode of Game of Thrones. The Internet gave Ed a whole lot of shit for this performance. I'm not a fan of his music, I actually think the covers are way better, but I did enjoy this song in the show.

Video Description:

Remix of the song featured in Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1 featuring Ed Sheeran.

lalalab by Savelii Kaliupanov

Savelii Kaliupanov strongly discourages you, or anyone, from playing with his new free app lalalab. I'm not even sure if that's reverse-psychology. The app appears to be a follow-up to his "barely musical audio-effect" ZhSh. The new lalalab is based in part on an algorithm in Deregulator, used here to create an unstable echo feedback effect. It is apparently so unstable that even with a limiter it somehow manages to create loud bursts. If you need random loud bursts in your Audiobus and IAA workflow, then lalalab has you covered.

There are some audio samples on the official website that start off tame to lull you into a false sense of security before bursting with those HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME moments of loud pain.

lalalab iTunes Description:

Attention and warning :)
You don’t want this app as your first musical effect, if you just want some new free app to love 10 minutes you need to skip this one. Program uses audio signal and sends it back to create echo effects and if you setup too much it can lead to loud volume bursts. At first you must understand what is Inter App Audio and Audiobus and use them with other apps.

Create long, rhythmically undetermined echoes with cautious and discreet implementation. Lalalab is effect based on part of Deregulator, but designed in “iced donuts” style like other my apps. Part of Deregulator’s engine is Echo with parameters “delay”, “feedback” and “speed” of changing random values.

App have limiter to suppress loud bursts, but you must be extremely careful anyway. It would be good if you connect your favourite limiter application after Lalalab to avoid unexpected kick in head.

Again about potentially dangerous feedback abilities - if you setup “feed” > 0.99 you’ll get guarantied loop and volume bursts up to silence in good case (limiter is killing volume) or damaged hardware or meatware (limiter fails or late). Use 0.99-1.22 for feedback only with randomisers enabled and strong sincere prayer.

+ Audiobus and IAA
+ Stereo processing
+ Feedback up to 122%
+ Randomisers
+ Always enabled limiter
+ Free


Servando - Jam with Elastic Drums & Korg nanoKontrol

Developer Oliver Greschke featured this performance from Servando, using a Korg nanoKontrol to tweak Elastic Drums! The video description includes a note about the next update including improvements to make MIDI learning assignments easier.

Video Description:

Servando is showcasing how he uses Elastic Drums together with a Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Midi Controller. You can do this with the current version of Elastic Drums already, but the upcoming Update will make Midi Learning to do such setups much more easy also. In his setup he basically connected the midi controller to some instrument parameters and to some master effects of the Jam page.
Servando is not only one of the best Elastic Drums preset creator he is also doing crazy music tools himself, check out his stuff (links below).

Elastic Drums:

Servando Website:
Servando Youtube:

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