Concentric Rhythm by Jeff Holtzkener

Jeff Holtzkener released Concentric Rhythm, a totally free new way to explore musical patterns with geometric transformations in concentric circles. It sounds like fun, but requires iOS 10. Thanks to reader Chris for the heads-up on this one.

Concentric Rhythm iTunes Description:

Concentric Rhythm is an interactive tool for generating, developing, and combining musical patterns. It uses geometric transformations and many other simple processes to create, develop, and evolve music. It provides a unique way to look at and explore musical ideas.

The looping musical timeline is visualized as a circle, which allows you to treat musical patterns as concentric shapes. This makes performing geometric transformations such as rotations, reflections and folding very natural and intuitive.
It also provides tools for melodic lines such as random-walk generation and scale-based inversion and transposition.
You can generate rhythmic lines using cross-rhythms or the Euclidean algorithm, and allows for great visualisations of complex polyrhythms.

Concentric Rhythm was originally developed as a new way to improvise electronic music, but it is also a great tool experimenting with and developing musical material, or just for casually playing with music in a unique, hands-on, way.

Many of the ideas here were inspired by the book ‘The Geometry of Musical Rhythm’ and this app is a powerful tool for anyone who is interested in exploring these ideas. But at the same time is easy enough to use that anyone (even with no musical or mathematical background) can make interesting musical patterns and think about the musical world a little differently.

Developer Jeff has even provided a detailed, and well recorded, tutorial video for the free app!

DA ONE Synth by MN Signal Processing

DA ONE Synth is a powerful, but ugly, modular synthesizer that lets you combine subtractive, additive, wavetable, vector, and FM synthesis! All with Audiobus and MIDI! Thanks to reader yactre for the tip on this!

DA ONE Synth iTunes Description:

The DA ONE synthesizer app provides you with a powerful synthesis engine combining digital and (virtual) analog synthesis methods, such as wavetable synthesis, vector waveform mixing, subtractive, additive, and frequency modulation synthesis. The individual blocks of this synthesizer are connected using an innovative and highly flexible routing system that allows millions of different configurations of oscillators, filters, and distortion blocks.

Doug Woods did a timely demo for this one! It certainly sounds unique in the provided presets.

Weekend App Sales

Several apps are on sale right now, including Audulus 3 which is currently featured on the Mac App Store.

Cube Synth Update

VirSyn's Cube Synth was updated with Ableton Link support as well as Bluetooth Audio. It's also on sale!

What's new in Cube Synth v1.5.0:

- Ableton Link support
- Bluetooth audio support
- Open recording in other app
- Export recording via mail
- 64-bit Binary added

Buttercup Bitcrush Update

I noticed earlier this week that all of Timothy J. Barraclough's apps had been pulled from iTunes, but I'm glad to see these inexpensive effects are all returning in the form of 2.0 updates. Buttercup Bitcrush is the latest to return with Audio Unit v3!

What's new in Buttercup Bitcrush v2.0:

Buttercup Bitcrush has received the 2.0 treatment to rebuild the infrastructure, with a focus upon improving stability, user experience and audio quality.

Also included in this update:

- AUV3 Support
- Preset saving (Bonus: Saved presets are accessible from AU Hosts)
- Massive perfomance upgrades to both the audio processing and user interface.
- Reduced download footprint
- Improved stability
- Enhanced support system.
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