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Semi-Generative Music Using Borderlands Granular

Crème Douche has been doing a lot of great Borderlands videos, and now he's done one to explain exactly what he's doing.

Video Description:

One or two people have asked me to explain this “thing” I’ve been doing with Borderlands lately. So…

I tried to keep this demo simple so it’s easier to work out what’s going on, but hopefully still produce reasonably musical and interesting stuff. Hopefully.

There are only 12 sampled notes (the rectangular waveforms) and three parts / clouds – the moving circle things. The strings part on the right is cycling through three pairs of two-note chords. Top left are three cycling notes on trumpets, bottom left are three cycling notes on trombone / tenor sax.

Because the three cycles are slightly different lengths and not synchronised in any way, you get the illusion that the piece is constantly evolving – even though it isn’t really - it just takes quite a long time for it to repeat as a whole, even though the three parts themselves aren't very long. So I call it "semi-generative" music.

I used NI Session Strings and NI Session Horns to produce sustained single notes then imported them into Borderlands and recorded the parts' motion that you're watching now.

Hope you find it interesting, and apologies to Michael Nyman fans :-)

Buy Borderlands Granular on iTunes: $9.99

Fugue Machine & Magellan vs iPhone Slo-Mo Camera

YouTuber App Fusion used Fugue Machine to control Magellan, and set that to some interesting original Slo-Mo video.

Video Description:

Made with an iPad Air 2 and Iphone 6s
Audio created with Fugue Machine
with Midi Out controlling Magellan Synth
Video created with Iphone 6s default camera set to Slo-Mo

Buy Fugue Machine on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Magellan on iTunes: $14.99

Pioneer RMX-1000 for iPad

Pioneer has ported their popular DJ multi-effect processor RMX-1000 over to the iPad! The RMX-1000 app includes Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support, though the description is somewhat confusing. It indicates the Audiobus is "bought separately." I'm reasonably certain that they just mean Audiobus is a separate app, and not that you need to In-App Purchase Audiobus support. There are no IAPs in RMX-1000 at release.

The app is on sale for just $10, which is a savings of $790 off the hardware RMX-1000!

Pioneer RMX-1000 iTunes Description:

RMX-1000 for iPad is the tactile iPad app that lets your high-quality FX to tracks in their iTunes library. This app really comes into its own when linked to the Audiobus app and Inter-App Audio, which will let you add FX to music you’ve made on your iPad.

Launched in 2012, the RMX-1000 is a hugely popular effector that can be used in the studio and for DJ performances. Now the RMX-1000 app emulates the hardware to deliver touchscreen control of Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-PAD FX and Release FX. Just like the RMX-1000, the app lets producers customize the parameters of the FX to create their own unique sound.

Main Features:

A host of high-quality FX for limitless creativity

  • X-PAD FX: Trigger pre-assigned samples in time with the BPM and use the X-PAD to repeat samples at different speeds. 
  • SCENE FX: Build up and break down tracks by combining ten types of FX.
  • RELEASE FX:Elegantly exit complex FX combinations and return to the original track using Back Spin, Vinyl Brake and Echo.
  • ISOLATE FX:Alter the rhythm and timbre of the music by adjusting the Hi/Mid/Low frequencies, and add three types of FX.

The parameters of many of the FX can be customized

Create unique sounds and experiment with your own style.

Supports Audiobus (bought separately) and Inter-App Audio to become a full-blown music production tool

Buy RMX-1000 on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Doug Woods has already got a first impressions video out for RMX-1000! I think he likes it!

ToneStack 2.0

Yonac has released the 2.0 update for ToneStack. This arrives with a sale on the base app and on bundles.

What's new in ToneStack v2.0:

Welcome to ToneStack 2.0! The biggest collection of effects, amps and cabs on iOS just got even bigger! ToneStack 2.0 offers 43 BRAND NEW amps, cabs, and effects, including lots of new exciting gear for guitar and bass. These new units sound better than ever and emulate many classic and modern sounds.

  • 15 all-new amps
  • 14 all-new cabs
  • 14 all-new FX

We're introducing several new bundles featuring our new effects

  • Motherload v2.0: Unlock everything the entire app has to offer from versions 1.0 & 2.0
  • Motherload v2.0 Upgrade Bundle: Designed for Motherload 1.0 owners, the Upgrade Bundle contains everything new in 2.0
  • Boutique Bundle 1
  • Boutique Bundle 2
  • Bass Bundle 1
  • Bass Bundle 2

But wait! There's more! (We've always wanted to say that)

  • Preset changes are 8X faster - almost instantaneous (measurements on iPad Air, iOS 9.0.2)
  • Completely redesigned ToneStack store, where you can now search for gear via keyword or genre
  • Enhanced amps & FX processing
  • New bank “ToneStack 2.0” showcasing some of the new gear
  • Double-tap to reset on fx/amp faders
  • And lots more!

Buy ToneStack GO on iTunes: Freemium

Buy ToneStack on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

The new update comes with the craziest fucking app promo video. Ever. There was also this teaser.

App Sales: Positive Grid 

Positive Grid has announced a whole series of sales ahead of Halloween! Final Touch is just $3!

Get ready to scream some rock on this #Halloween - we've got some massive savings for your studio! But RUN before it's too late, offer valid now thru Nov 1st.

BIAS FX DESKTOP $20 OFF ($99->$79)
BIAS AMP DESKTOP $20 OFF ($99->$79)
BIAS FX & BIAS AMP MOBILE 30% OFF ($30->$20)
JAMUP PRO 50% OFF ($19.99->$9.99)

Buy Final Touch on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy BIAS FX on iTunes: $19.99 (On Sale, from $29.99)

Buy BIAS on iTunes: $19.99 (On Sale, from $29.99)

Buy JamUp Pro on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

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