iPulsaret Update

iPulsaret, from apeSoft, was updated with new keyboard transposition and scale options. The update also adds Audiobus 3 MIDI input!

What's new in iPulsaret v2.4.2:

- Keyboard State/Presets is loaded properly
+ Grain Source responds to MIDI CC
+ Audiobus 3 SDK updated
+ New Keyboard Transposition Key
+ New Keyboard Musical Scales, up to 35
+ New Keyboard Musical Scales, User Defined Scale
+ Keyboard split is now saved in presets
+ MIDI through IAA/AB3 now play in the coherent octave
+ Audiobus New MIDI Receiver Port
+ New Quick View for the Presets Manager, simplify the Presets navigation while playing the Keyboard
+ Stereo Echo bug fixed
+ Sample Retrigger now is working from MIDI
+ New Sample Tune Parameter
+ Improved Dynamics Compressor/Expander

MR TUNA Music - Wireless Control Behringer Deepmind 12

YouTuber MR TUNA Music did a great demonstration of the Behringer DeepMind 12 with its companion iPad app. Here he is jamming out on the Deepmind while his girlfriend plays with the app for a fun duo!

Video Description:

Arppin’ out with the DeepMind as the girl explores the iPad controller app affecting various parameters over Wifi MIDI. Pretty bad lighting but that’s the way it goes.

K Machine Update & Tutorial Videos

K Machine, from Dominique Baillot, was updated with Ableton Link! The update also includes new export/import options; including AudioShare for transferring video shaders.

What's new in K Machine v2.61:

* Ableton Link support.
* New 'Tempo bypass' controller in the main audio track panel. When on, the loop specific tempo is not applied on entering loop (useful when using AB Link and don't want the tempo to be changed by K Machine on each loop selection).
* Input level moved from 'user setting' panel to the 'main audio' controllers panel, now a project global controller.
* Zip export:
- any shaders or sounds samples folder can be exported as zipped file.
- any project can be export as zipped file, containing the main project and all it's dependencies (audio samples and shaders files).
* Zip import:
- any zipped folder of shader or audio samples can be export as a zipped file.
- any zipped project can be imported. The main project file and all it's dependencies will be automatically installed.
* "Open in..." feature.
- any .glsl (shader file), .wav or .aiff, and .zip file can be opened by the K Machine.
- From the K Machine, any .wav/aiff or .glsl file can be opened in any app integrating the 'Open in' feature for this kind of file. For example, .glsl shaders file can be opened in text editor for code edition.
* Audioshare can be used for shader file importation.
* Link to video tutorials Youtube channel added in the Infos section.
* Link to the K Machine Forum added to the Infos section.
* Randomization button added to the sequencer tools panel.
* Loop selection tools enhanced.
* Overall stability greatly enhanced.
* Split tool automatically turns off after event split.
* Updated documentation.
* Simplified code for adding controllers in glsl files (no more need to assign a specific number to each controller).
* Lots a smaller bugs fixed.
* AudioShare can also be used for shader files transfers.
* 6 new shaders + 4 glsl examples shaders.

Developer Kolargon Generative released a series of tutorials K Machine today. There is a handy one on using K Machine as a visualizer for other apps. Embedded here is a more complete tutorial on building a whole project inside of K Machine.

Video Description:

This video show the steps to create a simple animation with the K Machine.

Product page: http://www.kolargon.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kolargon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kolargon_
contact: kolargon.art@gmail.com

iDousyn Update

iDousyn, from Jorge Lozada, was updated with a built-in recorder that can then be uploaded to SoundCloud, or exported via AudioCopy; both of which were also added!

What's new in iDousyn v2.2:

•Built-in Recorder
•Upload to SoundCloud
•Support AudioCopy
•Chords Piano
•Minor Bug Fixes
•Add Sustain
•Adding Velocity Sensitivity (MIDI USB Keyboard)

iOS 11 Update Round-Up

For the last couple of years I had given up on my annual warnings about upgrading iOS versions too early. I can put up with a lot of trolling, but the comments generated by Apple fanboys to those posts were just depressing. Apple can make mistakes. It's okay. Everyone does. You don't need to defend one of the richest companies in the world from the evil blogger that points this out.

Yesterday Tom from Synth Anatomy posted his own iOS 11 warning and the fanboy comments on Facebook weren't just depressing; they were disrespectful. He's not saying you absolutely shouldn't upgrade to iOS 11. It is your device and you're free to do as you please with it. Upgrade it, jailbreak it, wipe your ass with it, I don't care. But don't wipe your ass with a blogger that's trying to look out for readers.

I think it would be wildly irresponsible for any blogger to advocate for anything other than caution. There are a lot of apps out there that are still 32-bit. Some classic, and beloved, apps like Bebot whose own 64-bit update only arrived Tuesday. There is no reason to rush out an upgrade to iOS 11. If by some miracle this is the first iOS update that has no bugs, you may find problems running the many apps that don't see frequent updates.

Everyday Looper and the iPhone version of Sunrizer were both updated, for the first time in a very long time, with 64-bit support. The Midiflow apps also saw "Fixes for iOS 11" today.

What's new in Everyday Looper v1.6.1:

- 64 bits compatibility
- Improved large screen support

What's new in SunrizerXS synth v1.5:

Added support for 64-bit devices

What's new in Midiflow Monitor (Audiobus) v1.0.3:

What's new in Midiflow Splitter (Audiobus) v1.0.2:

What's new in Midiflow Motion (Audiobus) v1.0.2:

+ Fixes for iOS 11

YouTuber Rebecca Loops is best known for her use of Everyday Looper, but hurricane Harvey and other calamities have left her to resort to this Stone Age take on looping. If Everyday Looper hadn't been updated today, and she updated her iPad Air 2 to iOS 11, she'd be left without her favorite app.

iOS 11: Basically as bad as a hurricane.

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