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Waldorf Attack Drums Update

Waldorf's Attack Drums got its first update addressing some of the critical bugs present in the initial release. Although not mentioned in the patch notes, this also fixes the intentional crash bug on Jailbroken devices! I've been playing with it this morning on my Jailbroken iPad Air without any crashes at all!

What's new in Attack Drums v1.0.1:

  • fixed graphics bug that only appears on iPad 2 and on the first generation iPad Mini
  • fixed AudioPaste bug

Buy Waldorf Attack on iTunes: $14.99

Developer Christian Bacaj let me know that Advanced MIDI handling "will come soon" to the app! Here is a little demo of the Vocoder by reader Red Sky Lullaby!

Sugoi Gaijin - SUGOI GAIJIN!!

Reader Juan Ortiz is now known as Sugoi Gaijin, Japanese for "scary foreigner" and probably describes the experience of someone named "Juan Ortiz" living in Hiroshima.

Video Description:

Hey!! Fresh news!! I'll be recording in a few months my new electronic project, called Sugoi Gaijin!!

If somebody was wondering why I changed my Youtube's Name, this is the reason!! This will be my electronic artist name from now on!!

Buy Korg iKaossilator on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Gumdrops Update & Sale

Gumdrops just got an update adding MIDI clock and controller support! The app is also on sale for $3 off.

What's new in Gumdrops v1.4:
  • (っ◕‿◕)っ New Gumdrops Logo
  • MIDI clock receive
  • MIDI controller support lets you adjust master volume and level for each group using a hardware mixer as well as control playback and switch patterns.
  • Tap Mode pads no longer require holding the pad down to play the whole sample.
  • Adjustable Audio Latency (3ms to 23ms aka 128 to 1024 frames)
  • Upgraded Audiobus
  • Upgraded The Amazing Audio Engine
  • Upgraded MBProgressHUD (fixes rotation issue on download progress indicator)
  • Upgraded SVGKit

Buy Gumdrops on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Auxy 2.0 Update

Auxy just got a major update with new synths and effects courtesy of Sonic Charge! Sonic Charge makes some of the wildest VST/AU plugins you'll find on desktop. Their Synplant and Microtonic are especially creative. Of course you won't get to play with any of those creative controls, since these are just sampled instruments. Meh.

What's new in Auxy v2.0:

  • New synth and effects (partnership with Sonic Charge)
  • New sounds included for free
  • Upload and share links to your tracks
  • New pump feature for "side chain" effects
  • Chromatic editing added in addition to scales
  • Precision editing options now included for free
  • Lots of improvements to design and performance

Buy Auxy on iTunes: Freemium

SidTracker64 MIDI Setup & Jam

SidTracker64 dev Fred walks through MIDI configuration before jamming along to the Commando track in their latest video.

Buy SidTracker64 on iTunes: $12.99

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