Elastic FX Update

Elastic FX, from Oliver Greschke, was updated with improvements to the level meters and delay effects.

What's new in Elastic FX v1.1.1:

- Improvement: Level meters react better now
- Improvement: Delays get cleared when you change an effect (no "ghost" artifacts)
- Bugfix: Possible crash when delete or sharing a non existing/non selected preset

There's a new official demo of Gad Hinkis (Dirty Honkers) using Elastic FX on vocals. If you dig Electro Swing you should absolutely check out the latest Dirty Honkers album, which has been my soundtrack this morning!

MoveMIDI VR 3D MIDI Controller + Artiphon Instrument 1

Sanjay C shows off MoveMIDI, which uses VR motion controllers outside of VR as a MIDI instrument. Sanjay made a bowed cello by combining MoveMIDI with an Artiphon Instrument 1! MoveMIDI will be releasing soon.

Video Description:

In this video I demonstrate Move MIDI, brand new software that let’s you play and control sounds in 3D space! MoveMIDI is a virtual reality musical instrument that translates your movements in physical space into musical notes and changes over time. It uses a combination of custom software and virtual reality hardware, to send MIDI Note & Control Change signals to any DAW software or hardware that supports MIDI. MoveMIDI for PlayStation Move hardware will be released in early 2018. Subsequent versions of MoveMIDI for other commercial VR hardware such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are also in development for the future. I wanted to stretch the capabilities of MoveMIDI to control the organic, natural movements of a cello bow. The Artiphon Instrument 1 had the perfect form factor to act as the cello body. So in this song I use the controllers like a bow for the cello sound. I cover the song “Feel No Ways” by Drake and use MoveMIDI for the string and cello sounds. All the other sounds were controlled using the Artiphon Instrument 1. I used a drum kit and Rhodes sounds from Ableton, as well as the Scarbee Jay Bass from Native Instruments, and some other Ableton sounds. A couple samples used were recorded directly from the source - just like the Drake song! :-)

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Artiphon Instrument 1 - https://artiphon.com

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LumaFusion Tutorial: Green Screen

YouTuber Zed Pro Media did a tutorial using the latest version of LumaFusion, which added Chroma Key, more commonly known as Green Screen, support.

Video Description:

A few of you were asking how to do Chroma Key/ Green screen with Lumafusion. So I thought I would put together a tutorial

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Hyper Objeckt - VOLCA MIX Techno with FM + Keys + Beats

YouTuber Hyper Objeckt got a new Volca MIX for his Volca setup, which he uses to great effect here as a performance mixer. He really puts it through its paces here, using all of the features of the MIX.

Video Description:

Taking the Volca Mix for a spin!

For my first weekend with the Volca Mix, I made a few simple techno patterns and recorded a track using all of the new features. I'll need to use this some more to get a feel for its capabilities, but right off the bat I was impressed by how aggressive the "dynamics" settings are. Got a sick sidechain-ish sound out of it right away.

This seems like it could have a future in my setup as... a submixer to add stereo width and reverb to monosynths? Or maybe it could squish some samples and drums together for french house? Don't know yet! It's a lot of fun so far.

Arp: Volca FM
Bass: Volca Keys
Drums: Volca Beats
FX: Zoom MS-70CDR
Interface: Steinberg UR22
Mastered with LANDR


Studio Live Today: Mic an Acoustic Guitar in GarageBand

In Pete Johns' last episode of the Complete a Song in GarageBand series he was recording electric guitars. Today he covers acoustic guitar recording via mic, using a large diaphragm condenser and a direct line.

Video Description:

In this video I record the acoustic guitars for my song “For the Birds” in GarageBand on my iPad, using both a large diaphragm condenser microphone and a direct line in to the audio interface (Steinberg UR12)

Covered in this video:
- Setting up microphone and instrument cables
- Plugging in to the audio interface
- Setting up inputs in GarageBand on the iPad
- Multi-track recording with a microphone and line input
- Setting audio levels to avoid clipping and get a good sound volume
- Recording acoustic guitar takes
- Punching in to overdub guitars
- Blending two guitar tracks
- Mixing acoustic guitars in the track

Episode 1 is here - https://youtu.be/jLBNkuQaTHY
Episode 2 is here - https://youtu.be/0KXwe4qm4S8
Episode 3 is here - https://youtu.be/BJY4cZvKpcs
Episode 4 is here - https://youtu.be/5y6Ikr_MRbM
Episode 5 is here - https://youtu.be/DcZwah3O4nE
Episode 6 is here - https://youtu.be/lnDQVDoXqnI
Episode 7 is here - https://youtu.be/QdqhX2eK9Rw
Episode 8 is here - https://youtu.be/asWwOu5PpJU
Episode 9 is here - https://youtu.be/MngSXoVVMBY

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