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Take Creative Vocal Recorder Update

Propellerhead's mobile recorder Take Creative has been updated with new export and monitoring options. The app is still totally free, with nary an IAP in sight!

What's new in Take Creative v1.1.2:

  • New song export option: iTunes File Sharing
  • New About Take screen with manual and support links
  • New headset and monitoring options in Settings
  • Recording and sharing improvements
  • Performance and bug fixes

Buy Take Creative Vocal Recorder on iTunes: Free

iOS 8 Update Warning for Musicians

Doug from The Sound Test Room has a warning to musicians thinking about upgrading to the latest shiny iOS: Don't!

Back in June the Audiobus team warned developers that they would need to update to the latest SDK in order for their app to be compatible in iOS 8. Unfortunately only about a quarter of them have been updated in the last 5 months. If you are on older devices (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S seem problematic), or are otherwise severely unhappy with iOS 8, there is still time to downgrade to iOS 7 if you have recent backups.

Grain Science Update

Wooji Juice's Grain Science, a universal granular synthesizer and old favorite of mine, is the first music app to specifically mention iPhone 6/6+ support. The update is also includes MIDI over Bluetooth!

What's new in Grain Science v1.6:

  • Audiobus State Saving
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Bluetooth MIDI configuration (requires iOS 8)
  • Enhanced for iPhone 6/6+ screen sizes

Buy Grain Science on iTunes: $9.99

iOS Update Vol. 86: Alesis iO Mix Review

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update looks at the new Alesis iO Mix! Originally announced back in January 2013, the Alesis iO Mix is finally expected to begin shipping this month for $300. Naturally, you can pre-order at Sweetwater!

DM1 for iPad Update

The iPad version of the popular DM1 Drum Machine app has been updated with 4 new effects!

This update also comes with a MIDI sync fix, and choke mode! Choke groups allow you to cause one drum part to silence another. As soon as your sequence triggers a choking part it silences all other parts that are also assigned to that choke, while letting the others play on.This is especially helpful on hi-hats, but there are other possible uses such as with multiple kick drums when you don't want them to overlap.

What's new in DM1 (iPad) v4.2:

  • iOS8 ready
  • 4 new Fx added (Envelope follower, Dub delay, Synth, Noise gate)
  • Templates song added (rock, hip-hop, grunge)
  • Choke mode added
  • AudioBus2 support
  • Midi sync bug fixed
  • Load page layout updated

Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99