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AudioShare Update

Kymatica's excellent AudioShare utility got a massive update, with lots of features in addition to a new icon!

What's new in AudioShare v2.7:

Major New Features:

  • New and improved visual design.
  • Auto-zoom when trimming audio.
  • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio.
  • New built-in text editor for taking notes.
  • WiFi Drive: Access the library and upload files from any web browser on your local network.
  • Allow access to Document Providers from within AudioShare on iOS 8, for example iCloud Drive.
  • Include a Document Picker app extension to allow other apps to access the AudioShare library directly on iOS 8.
  • Support iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions.
  • Scroll up to reveal a Search Bar to search the current folder.
  • Support 24 and 32 bits recording and conversion.

More News & Fixes:

  • New waveform display with doubled resolution, that shows RMS as well as peak levels.
  • Waveform display now reads both channels for stereo files.
  • Allow sorting on size as well as name and date.
  • Auto-start a file when opening it if another file was already playing.
  • Tap navigation bar folder title to show navigation menu.
  • Group multiple Inter-App Audio node ports in 'folders’.
  • Inter-App Audio sync: send play & rec flags to connected nodes when recording.
  • Show play progress on preview buttons.
  • Display helpful instructions when Inter-App Audio zombie node detected.
  • When opening a zip file, ask to unpack instead of opening an empty detail view.
  • Check microphone permissions before starting recording.
  • Use a separate iTunes File Sharing folder for access from computer (iTunes, iFunBox, etc). This folder is not available in the Document Picker extension.
  • Update TheAmazingAudioEngine for upstream bug fixes.
  • Update Audiobus SDK for upstream bug fixes.
  • Several small and big tweaks of the user interface.
  • Update file listing in background, improves user experience and startup time on big folders and/or slow devices.

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $4.99

Sunday Sunrizer Synth Jam

MATRIXSYNTH found this Sunday Synth Jam, from stereofect, featuring Sunrizer with a bunch of gear!

Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $9.99

App Sales: Late Holiday Deals

iVCS3 - Under the Dust Library Demo

Here is an excellent demo from Sinapsya of his Under the Dust library, available now in the iVCS3 preset store for $3.

Buy iVCS3 on iTunes: $14.99

Pepp Preview - Playing at Random

We got out first preview for Pepp at the start of the month. Developer Patrik Hedmalm has released additional preview videos, including this example of Pepp playing itself at random. Pepp is scheduled to be released next month.

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