Audulus Tutorial: Note Beat

YouTuber PLU Collective has released a free Audulus patch called Note Beat, which shapes the oscillators with a lot of different inputs. In the following video he explains the whole setup. Jump to 5:00 to hear some of the wild sounds it can produce.

Video Description:

A demo of an Audulus 3 patch which uses audio and MIDI input plus envelopes and filters to shape oscillators for synthesis.

For more details and to download patches:

Charlie Puth - The Way I Am (Piano/Auxy Cover)

YouTuber Piano Videos posted this cover of The Way I Am with his titular piano and Auxy!

Video Description:

This is a piano/Auxy cover of Charlie's new song "The Way I Am" from his new album Voicenotes.
(Auxy is a sequencer app for iOS.)
I hope you'll enjoy this!

#iphone #lyrics #チャーリープース #ピアノ #logic #iRig

Stereo Modulator by Ngo Minh Ngoc

Ngo Minh Ngoc, developer of iFretless Guitar, just released Stereo Modulator. This new AUv3 effect lets you convert a mono input into stereo, with width and modulation.

Stereo Modulator iTunes Description:

Stereo Modulator is an AU3 effect that converts mono sound into stereo, with an adjustable width and optional stereo modulation.

It works by using a bank of randomized stereo de-correlators that apply micro-delays introduce random differences between the spectrums of the left and right audio channels. In its output we hear a natural sense of space that is not present in mono recordings. It's similar to the sound space one gets from using a stereo reverb plugin except that it is tight and clear, without any feeling of echo.

It can operate either as a static effect or it can be gently modulated by a low-frequency oscillator. The modulation is akin to the sound of a Leslie speaker, except that it doesn't do any pitch shifting, so the output remains focused and tuning is not compromised.

This effect is especially useful for mixing electric guitars together with vocals. Using Stereo Modulator on the guitars, we can push them out to the sides, creating a space in the centre for the vocal to cut through, without needing to reduce the volume of the guitars.

NOTE: Stereo Modulator is an AU3 plugin only, not a standalone app. To use it, you will need an audio unit host app such as Garageband or Audiobus.

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom was the first to notice the new app, and he's produced a demo for it!

Studio Live Today: Cheap Guitar Interface for iOS

Pete Johns takes a look at a $10 guitar interface for iOS to show you what you get when you are cheap about your I/O. In most aspects of my life I am extremely frugal, but I/O is one area I won't cut corners. If you invest in production gear, it makes no sense to then record it through garbage. That is like buying an expensive steak and then slathering it some fucking generic A1 sauce rip-off that smells of toes.

Video Description:

In this video, I test a guitar interface for iOS based on the original iRig, and see what sort of quality recordings can be achieved with such a cheap piece of gear.

If you have a favourite way to record guitars on your iPad or iPhone, let me know in the comments.

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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Groove Rider GR-16 Walkthrough

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy takes a close look at Jim Pavloff's groovebox app Groove Rider GR-16.

Video Description:

Jim Audio has made a very efficient iPad DAW in Groove Rider GR-16. At first, I did not know what to think of it. It took me some time to actually understand the workflow that Jim Pavlov has applied in this great sounding app.
In this video I give you a walkthrough of Groove Rider GR-16. Hope you like it!

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