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Mixbox - Free Remixer

Mixbox showed up on iTunes today as a free remixer, and to my great surprise it really is free! No ads, no IAPs, no nags. Just a free app that lets you import music from your iTunes library, which it conveniently slices into little clips on a multi-track.

Mixbox iTunes Description:

Make music from music with Mixbox! Create remixes and mashups using songs from your iPad with this simple and colorful app.

  • Automatically mix and match songs from your iPad.
  • Split up songs and rearrange them as you like.
  • No training necessary - Mixbox makes it easy for anyone to make new music.
  • Save your creations to email or iTunes.
  • Add audio effects like distortion, reverb and delay.
  • Comes with pre-made sample clips that sound great with any song.
  • Mixbox beatmatches and pitch-corrects your music to make your creations sound professionally made.

Buy Mixbox on iTunes: Free

Monophonic Arpeggiator

JoLu MSosa did a video for his entry into the Monophonic Arpeggiator Contest, which was happening over at the Facebook iPad Musician Group. He's got a nice gritty, quasi-chiptune, vibe going here!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

Buy 76 Synthesizer on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Modrum on iTunes: $3.99

DigiTech iStomp Demos

YouTuber mtbsteve1 does a lot of demos for various guitar pedals on his channel. This week he's doing a series of videos demonstrating the various effects you can load up onto the DigiTech iStomp from your iPad. Sadly since the price was reduced to $40, the little customizable pedal seems to be sold out everywhere.

Buy DigiTech Stomp Shop on iTunes: Free

iVCS3 Lemurized

Reader Softcore put together a free Lemur template for iVCS3, allowing for lots of unique control and modulation of the new modular app! He's even put together a demo video of all of the great functionality included in here. While watching the video I was increasingly impressed by the amount of thought that has gone into the layout. Even if you aren't interested in either of the apps, I think everyone should be able to appreciate the amazing sound design opportunities presented in this design. To think that this is something made by a user for the community; for free! This is such an awesome time to own an iPad!

Video Description:

A walkthrough of the settings and features of iVCS3 Lemur template for controlling and modulating the iVCS3 iOS synth app.

Download template:

iVCS3 iOS app:

Buy iVCS3 on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

nIGHTtIMEsCHOOLbUS - Swimming with You

nIGHTtIMEsCHOOLbUS, a duo which includes reader Otem Relik and his girlfriend Robin, have released an excellent music video for Swimming with You. The music was done entirely on an iPad, including vocals, while vacationing in Hawaii. This sounds quite dark for such a sunny vacation!

Video Description:

New music video from nIGHTtIMEsCHOOLbUS! This one took quite a while so I hope you all enjoy it.

A little back story on this one...
The music was all created on my ipad while we were vacationing in Hawaii and swimming with sea turtles. All Robin's vocals were recorded directly through the ipad mic while on a walk one night after we had returned.

The video was created entirely in after effects using various images and video over the course of a couple months.