EarProg by David M. Alvarez Marin

David M. Alvarez Marin, developer of GetProg, released EarProg. This is an ear trainer specifically focused on identifying chord progressions. EarProg arrives with a demo video.

EarProg iTunes Description:

The skill of identifying the musical notes of a melody is one of the most important skills for any musician. But being able to identify chord progressions is the closest thing to having superpowers. Knowing how to identify chord progressions opens the door to a world of possibilities as a musician, which will allow you to improve your songwriting, improvisations, jams onstage...

EarProg is the ultimate ear training app to help you identify chord progressions. With this app, you can train your ear to learn how to identify 60 different chord progressions.

Press “Play" button. When you press that button, it will sound a random progression. Tap the progressions below. If your answer is wrong you should press the "Replay" button to listen again to the progression and try again your answer.

EarProg features all these chord progressions separated into three categories:

-Standard: The most commonly used chord progressions in pop-rock music over the past 75 years. Basic movements of 2 and 3 chords that are the foundation of more complex structures. The audio examples are based on the key of C major;

-Four Chords: A careful selection of progressions with 4 chords. Very common in choruses, intros...

Again, all examples are in the key of C major;

-Minor. There are a large number of songs arranged in a minor key. If in addition to mastering chord progressions in a major key, you can identify progressions in a minor key, you will become an extremely exceptional musician. No situation will have any difficulty for you.

In this section, the examples are based on the key of A minor;

So you can listen to the chord progressions available in the app, you have a screen where all the progressions are grouped together.

Forget the scoring pressure. Ear training is not a competition. That's why no scoring is used in this app. Simply open the app and practice at your own pace, without pressure, for as long as you want. Mastering ear training is a gradual work. We're musicians, not Superbowl players!!

Become a first-class musician with EarProg.

TheAudioDabbler: Tidal Orchestra - Borderlands Tutorial

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler shows off a cool "Tidal Orchestra" technique inside of Borderlands with AUM!

Video Description:

In this video, I go over how to achieve a Tidal Orchestra inside Borderlands Granular. Super fun technique and you can add as many orchestra sounds to get even more dynamics.

The Hans - Radiohead interview

Blue Planet 2 - In Bloom

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link


bitKlavier Update

bitKlavier, from Dan Trueman, was updated with a complete redesigned. Co-developer Mike Mulshine commented here with some details; including IAA support and that the new version was built with JUCE.

What's new in bitKlavier v2:

Redesigned user interface, much more flexible, object oriented, with graphical elements where before there was just text input.
Much more efficient.
Now available for iPhone as well.

Mike Mulshine also put together a new tutorial on the official bitKlavier YouTube channel.

Groove Rider GR-16 Update

Groove Rider GR-16, from Jim Pavloff, was updated with new selectable skins. You can reskin the whole app with 25 different options available in the Settings menu.

What's new in Groove Rider GR-16 v1.3.0:

In this version (1.3.0):
- added 25 selectable interface skins (Settings->Skin parameter). You can also left-swipe selected skin to customize its parameters;
- default interface skin is slightly modified. If you want to revert the classic GR-16 skin, set the Settings->Skin parameter to "Default";
- bug fixed: chained patterns were not playing correctly sometimes.

soundfruuze Update

soundfruuze, from Alexey Nadzharov, was updated with automation, including AUv3 automation. The update also includes support for MIDI controls, and even Open Sound Control(OSC)!

What's new in soundfruuze v1.3:


The app engine is completely rewritten to support automation:
- OSC. Send and receive all control values and touch actions.
- AudioUnit automation. Store and recall presets.Send and receive all control values and touch actions.
- MIDI. Control sliders with midi data.
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