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Lemur Update

Liine released a major Lemur bug fix patch. I think regular Lemur users will be surprised at the scope of this update, because it never actually felt this broken!

What's new in Lemur v5.2:

  • Fixed file system access on iOS 8
  • Fixed On MIDI scripts receive messages from Parent/Project MIDI Targets
  • Fixed templates loading with mismatch between navbar and displayed page
  • Fixed CoreMIDI issue where ports were not displayed for some hardware devices (Novation X-Station and others)
  • Fixed Fader.value displaying correct type
  • Fixed stretch function displaying correct types
  • Various Canvas fixes and improvements
  • Added Relative cursor mode to Fader object
  • Integer values are now parsed as such when saving / loading JZML.
  • Added automatic conversion of OSC INT64 & boolean to INT32
  • MIDI Target configuration now properly saved when quitting the app and returning
  • Sequencer objects phase no longer jumps when changing 'steps' attribute
  • StepSwitch now sends out values when out variable goes back to null (i.e. Note Off messages correctly sent now)

  • Editor

    • Fixed crash with canvas_restore() on Windows
    • Fixed crashes when opening menus while Canvas is drawn
    • Fixed copy/paste from Lemur to other applications


    • Fixed issues where Daemon ports would get disconnected and appear in red
    • Fixed issue with mislabeled Daemon ports

    Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

    Animoog Update

    Moog's Animoog got a major bug fix update today!

    What's new in Animoog v2.2.2:

    • File not Found message and app stuck when AudioCopy from 4 Track
    • Animoog Midi In appears as an option for Midi Out
    • MIDI IN state always appears as OFF
    • Canceling Restore Purchases, app will ignore Cancel user's request
    • Choosing Delete causes crash, when no saved project on the list
    • Saving project while in record mode, app crashes
    • Choosing AudioPaste option while in record mode, cause crash

    Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

    Korg Volca Sample Official Demo

    Korg has just released an official demo of Sample, their upcoming addition to the Volca Range.

    Reactable Jam & Sale

    The official Reactable channel released this video with Le Freak Selector on both the iPad and physical version of the remixing table. This comes along with a 50% off sale on the app!

    Buy Reactable on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

    Apple iPad & Mac Press Event

    Apple is having their last annual press event today! This is the event in which new iPads are introduced, but rumors are mostly circling around Mac stuffs. There are indications that iOS 8.1 will be rolling out too. The event starts 10am Cupertino time (Noon CDT, 1PM EDT, 6PM UK, 19:00 CET). You can watch the event on the official stream from Safari on OSX or iOS. I recommend watching instead on the TWiT Stream where many respected tech pundits will call Apple on their bullshit, which always flows as freely as the Kool-Aid at these events.

    When I started this site I mocked all the Apple rumor-milling. After doing this for 3 years it has occurred to me that Apple rumors are just about the only Apple news. So here is my meta-analysis of the rumors.

    iOS 8.1:

    Apple Pay was absent in the initial launch of iOS 8 and the new iPhones, but retailers have been preparing to accept the new payment method. According to Mac Rumors the Apple credit card partners have been prepping their employees to begin processing orders with the new payment system next Monday, the 20th of October. 9to5Mac is also reporting that Panera Bread has told their employees to be ready for Apple Pay on the 20th. In order for any of that to happen Apple will need to push out iOS 8.1 between now and next Monday!

    iPad Pro

    Late last year there were a lot of rumors about a larger iPad coming out in "early" 2014. As you can tell, those didn't pan out. These were treated by most in the press as being fairly credible, because Chinese manufacturers were showing off larger iPad aluminium bodies. All of those rumors dried up by February. Once again rumors are resurfacing, and once again Chinese manufacturers are insisting they will be shipping an iPad Pro in "early" 2015. I'm fairly certain we won't see one today.

    iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3

    As confusing as those names seem, that does appear to be the official moniker of the new devices to be revealed today. Apple accidently let slip a screenshot in the iPad User Guide For iOS 8 (screenshot removed), which featured the two new products. Rumors about the specs are all over the place, but if they release these with 1GB of RAM I highly recommend you wait until next year's model. The iPad Air 1 will no doubt come down in price today, and you'll be fine for at least a couple of years on that while we all wait for Apple to get their shit together. Out of Memory errors are a persistent problem on the iPad Air and iPhone 6 under heavy app usage, so without an upgrade to the memory there is no point in paying a premium for more processing power.

    iPad Air 2 Aftermath:

    Apple just concluded their iPad Air 2 announcement. Puzzlingly that is the actual name of the new device, along with the iPad mini 3. If you missed the event you missed 35 minutes of dad jokes and 20 minutes of regurgitating the last keynote. As I predicted there was no mention of the long rumored iPad Pro.

    iPad Air 2

    The new iPad Air 2 will be 1.4mm thinner than the previous iPad Air at 6.1mm. The new A8X processor included in the iPad Air 2 is 40% faster than the A7X, found in the new iPad mini 3 and in the original iPad Air. In all of the stats thrown around today not one word was mentioned about memory. This does not bode well. The iPad Air, and hell even the iPad 4, were already powerful enough processors for music apps, but it is the memory limitation that causes most of our problems when running multiple apps.

    Missing from both of new iPads is the NFC required for Apple Pay. I'm not sure how many people that would effect, but it seems like an odd omission with this big push behind the new payment method.

    You can pre-order tonight at Midnight, Cupertino time, but unless you hear otherwise about the memory I would strongly discourage that. If you're on an iPad 3 or earlier and looking to upgrade I recommend pick up an iPad Air 1 for $400.

    iOS 8.1 Arrives Monday

    As expected Apple Pay will be starting up nationwide on Monday the 20th, with iOS 8.1 facilitating that on the same day. They really didn't go over what changes here very much, and just rehashed their Keynote from last month.

    Post-PC Era

    One of the most surprising graphics at the event revealed how well PCs are selling in the last year. Just counting the top 4 manufacturers, the PC has out sold iPads by 105 million units. And real PC users build their own...