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Galileo Organ Update

Yonac's Galileo Organ 2.0 arrives ahead of iOS 8 to ensure compatibility, along with some other goodies.

What's new in Galileo Organ v2.0:

Galileo 2.0 introduces a series of user-experience features, and also incorporates audio system updates to ensure out-of-the-box compatibility with the upcoming iOS 8.

  • Fullscreen controls mode: use the new "FULL SCN" button on the top menu bar to switch to a full screen layout of all organ controls. Browse secondary screens on the bottom-most screen area
  • Galileo now works as an IAA effect
  • Galileo now can be added in Audiobus output slot
  • Latest Audiobus SDK (iOS 8 compatible) and state-saving
  • Lots of other improvements

Buy Galileo Organ on iTunes: $9.99


TRAX is a new backing track app with a condescending iTunes description, but at least they have a demo video!

TRAX iTunes Description:

TRAX is an iOS iPad App that makes running live backing tracks RAD!

Perfect for live bands and church environments as well as music lessons and practise sessions.

It's so simple, even a drummer could use it!

Buy TRAX on iTunes: $11.99

Here is a demo for v1.1, which has been submitted to iTunes for review.

Takete - Audio/Visual Performer Preview

Refined Stochastic, developer of Bucephalus, has released this preview for Takete. The app combines audio and visual elements that can be manipulated in real-time performances. The demo starts off kind of boring as he builds up everything, but gets interesting around 1:30. Takete is slated for release at the end of this year.

Gumdrops Demo & Tutorial

Doug from The Sound Test Room took a look at the new Gumdrops, a performance-oriented drum machine.

Buy Gumdrops on iTunes: $4.99


VoiceMirror is the 2nd vocal practice app to come out today. This is free (really), available on iOS (Universal) or as a beta on Android, and invites you to participate in their research.

VoiceMirror iTunes Description:

Voice Mirror: Immediate Feedback For Your Voice. Sing, listen and improve your voice.

Voice Mirror Technique is based on practising short voice exercises having immediate feedback from the app. This way, you can know right in the moment if you are in tune or doing the right pronunciation or expression.

Just tap record button to start recording, when you stop singing Voice Mirror App will start playing your last audio fragment. You can then forget the app since it starts and stops automatically. Just concentrate on your body and exercises, or sing in front of the mirror, as usual in vocal training.

Adjust Noise Level if your are in a noisy ambient.

Designed for singers, voice practitioners, musicians, teachers, speech therapists, etc.

Voice Mirror Technique is a research project, so we will appreciate really much your feedback (you can participate in www.voicemirrorapp.com/feedback ). A wiki will soon be enabled for that.

Buy VoiceMirror on iTunes: Free