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Caramel Update

Holderness Media's Caramel distortion effect app got a solid update, adding new mixing options along with Bluetooth MIDI support. This update also comes with a new tutorial video!

What's new in Caramel v1.2:

Caramel 1.2 introduces a new Mix parameter for balancing the wet/dry signal, a new Settings screen with features including Input/Output gain, Latency settings, Bluetooth MIDI and more. I hope you enjoy the new features!

I don't want to be annoying while you're in the creative zone, so rather than adding a pop up asking you to leave a review and killing the vibe while you're in the middle of working on music, I'll just ask you nicely here. Don't forget to leave a rating/review on the AppStore if you love Caramel! Your support here helps a lot, and keeps me motivated. I appreciate it!

New Features:

  • MIX parameter for blending wet/dry signal
  • Receive MIDI over Bluetooth LE (*requires iOS 8, located in Settings screen)
  • Input/Output gain per channel (located in Settings screen)
  • Adjustable latency (located in Settings screen)
  • Clear MIDI Learn settings button (located in Settings screen)
  • update to Audiobus SDK 2.1.4b7
  • minor bugfixes for iOS 8

Buy Caramel - Crunch & Crusher on iTunes: $4.99

GrainProc Demo

The Sound Test Room did a demo for GrainProc, a performance oriented granular effect app from the bent.fm developer.

Buy Grain Proc on iTunes: $2.99

Retronyms Build: Wej Control Lightshow

Retronyms released a new Build video, showing off the lightshow produced by their $100 not-quite-a-dock dock. Retronyms is now halfway done with the funding window for the Wej, but sitting at only 31% of the goal.


Matt Hill did a synthtastic jam using a variety of gear and the rarely seen Omnisphere TR Orb on his iPad.

Video Description:

Haven't done one of these for ages, been too long. This was huge fun. Thanks all for subscribing :)

Sorry the video's a bit blurry. In my haste to get this done I forgot to focus the camera. Total n00b mistake! My brain was a bit blurry at the time though, so let's pretend I meant it this way.

Tech Notes for synthnerds:

Drums are Volca Beats through the Minibrute's filter being modulated by the 'brute's internal arp and lfo and controlled in real time. The 4 on the floor kick that comes in later is from the Electribe ESX-1.

There are 2 main arpeggiators running, both using Logic X's arp midi effect but with different settings:
One controls the Voyager, Volca Keys and Volca bass, (the Volcas being used as sound modules, not using their internal sequencers), but all 3 have different mod sources affecting their cutoff freqs and different delay effects.
The second controls the Doepfer Dark Energy which makes the throaty glassy distorted sound, and also has its filter contolled by the Dark Time sequencer. The Dark time sequence also controls the cutoff of the Voyager but inverted using the Moog CP-251.

The pad is Omnisphere, using the Orb interface on the iPad to make it swirl. I'm not ashamed to say it's a preset, because Spectrasonics' presets are works of art - it's called Mercury Rising if you want to play around with it yourself.

Buy Omni TR on iTunes: Free

zMors Update

zMors got an excellent update adding iOS 8 and Audiobus fixes, along with a bunch of free presets from App Sound!

Developer Sven emailed in with this note on the presets:

"The new presets are good starting points for exploring the specific sound possibilities of this app - think of four different sounds and four individual sequencer phrases."

What's new in zMors v1.42:

  • add modulation matrix
  • add iOS8 support
  • update audio bus 2.1.3
  • add additive osc mode
  • smoother automations
  • add more midi cc
  • new presets

Buy zMors on iTunes: $9.99