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Filtatron Fixes Update

A couple of weeks ago Geert Bevin announced he had joined Moog as the Senior Software Engineer, responsible for pushing out updates to existing apps as well as hinting at "new projects" on the iPad Musician Facebook Group. Geert is best known for his music technology explorations and virtuoso performances on the Eigenharp. Over the weekend the Moog app team released an update for Filtatron addressing many fixes, as promised!

What's new in Filtatron v1.4.1:

  • Fixes for MIDI learn and manual CC assignment
  • Fix for unstable sampler import functionality
  • Fix for knobs not updating when using MIDI control on iPhone
  • Presets and sampler files are now automatically refreshed when making changes through the WebDAV server
  • Support for AudioCopy/AudioPaste v2
  • Smoother Audiobus state loading
  • Improved Audiobus sampler 'play/pause' trigger support
  • Added Audiobus sampler 'stop' trigger
  • Updated Audiobus to v2.1.6
  • Fix to properly support upside-down orientation both on iPad and iPhone
  • The about view now shows the Filtatron version number

Buy Filtatron on iTunes: $6.99

haQ attaQ - "Bazztard" 64 More Presets for Argon

Jakob Haq has release 64 more presets for Argon, which you can download for free! If you missed the last two Argon preset packs there is also Astronaut and Well Done.

Buy ARGON Synth for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99

Synthmaster Player for iPad: Pre-Release Demo

Originally expected to release in March, KV331's Synthmaster Player has been teasing us for a while now. It may be taking one step closer towards release as Doug from The Sound Test Room now has his hands on it to do this pre-release demo!

Juan Ortiz - NodeBeat Crazy Beat Maker 

Reader Juan Ortiz shared a fun jam he did with NodeBeat and a Roland TR-8!

Buy NodeBeat on iTunes: $1.99

Buy NodeBeat HD on iTunes: $2.99

MusicIO Effects Loop Preview

MusicIO co-developer Patrick Madden posted this tidbit over on the iPad Musician Facebook Group; showing off an interesting addition in the next update coming to the audio and MIDI over USB app.

Effects loop will be in the next update to Music IO. Using the VST/AU plug-ins, you can send up to four stereo channels of audio to your iOS device, run them through whatever effects apps you have, and then the audio can bounce back into your DAW track. Use it with live instruments, or process audio tracks or your DAW synths. Plus, we've sorted out sample-rate mismatch issues, tightened up the latency, and a few other things.

When can you have it, you ask? Waiting on Apple now, for the thumbs-up, so with a bit of luck, early next week. And we've got other stuff up our sleeve too. Much goodness going on right now.

Buy Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB on iTunes: $8.99