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jakoB haQ - Pocket Prism

Jakob Haq posted this fun bouncy bubbly jam, using a couple of Pocket Operators that are Ableton Linked to SoundPrism.

Buy SoundPrism Link Edition on iTunes: $4.99

Tosin Abasi - "Mind-Spun" on BIAS Head

Animals As Leaders​ founder and guitarist Tosin Abasi plays a new track off their 2014 album, using Positive Grid's upcoming BIAS Head amplifier. There is a lot to love in this video. The camera crew did an excellent job of capturing Tosin's virtuoso performance. Typically metal guitarists are said to "shred," but his technique looks more elegant and delicate than that descriptor would imply.

Video Description:

Tosin Abasi​ from Animals As Leaders​ played "Mind-Spun" off the album "The Joy Of Motion", plugged into BIAS Head - amp match amplifier. Pre-order BIAS Head: https://www.positivegrid.com/bias-head

BIAS Head is a 600w standalone guitar amplifier with the revolutionary Amp Match technology, allowing musicians to capture any amp tone in the world. You can virtually design your own amp at a component level, share and download thousands of amp match models in the cloud, and it’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop. BIAS Head ships with 25 factory presets, and you can expand to infinite through BIAS Amp and ToneCloud. It comes with MIDI, external pedal input, effects loop, desktop connection via USB.

Synth Anatomy - 50 Laplace Presets

Synth Anatomy has released a pack of 50 Laplace presets titled Resonator Dreams, available for £3.50 on Synth Patcher.

Video Description:

Resonator Dreams is the final version of my IOS Laplace Synthesizer Preset Library. Before some month, I released a 35 preset bank for it but this is now the final version. If you have bought it already, please contact me, you will receive a free upgrade to the final.

If you want to purchase it, please visit this SynthPatcher Website.

Korg Module Vs. IK Multimedia iLectric

MoonWolf - 4 the Pain

Reader Moon Wolf has released another amazingly well produced music video! I loved his previous Pumped Up Kicks video. This one is for an original song, but once again it is all created on an iPhone!

Video Description:

Original song by Moon Wolf, recorded on an iPhone with less than $20 in apps. This is first in a series of performances and tutorials, aimed at demonstrating accessible ways to create and record music at a near-professional standard.

Apps used in this recording were Audiobus, Garageband and VocaLive. Tutorials coming soon.

More info on Moon Wolf at www.moonwolf.us.

Buy GarageBand on iTunes: $4.99


Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99

Buy VocaLive on iTunes: $15.99 (iPhone)


Buy VocaLive for iPad on iTunes: $15.99