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Mood481 - Flutterfry

Clif Johnston posted this gritty industrial death dive into apps and grainy pictures of butterflies! So many apps!

Video Description:

50/90 2015 #2: SECTOR, Stria, Caelestis, FLUX:FX, AudioShare, Limiter, AUFX:PeakQ, AUFX:Push, Audiobus

Buy Stria on iTunes: $7.99


Buy Caelestis on iTunes: Freemium

Buy SECTOR on iTunes: $8.99

Ryouichi Harada - Bass Sound

Ryouichi Harada's latest app jam features two iPads running Wizdom Music's classic MorphWiz app!

Buy MorphWiz on iTunes: $9.99

App Sales: July 4th Weekend

Filtatron iPad Demo - Vinyl Scratching

Nic Nice has started producing app demo videos, and he manages to keep them very entertaining! Here he shows off a technique for producing a "vinyl scratch" like effect with Filtatron. I hope we'll see more demos from him!

Buy Filtatron on iTunes: $6.99

Perplex On - Nightshift 

Perplex On released his first solo EP, Nightshift. Perplex On makes use of a lot of different apps as we've seen over the last year and a half of videos featured here. The album is well titled. The tone is dark, and the tempo is hectic. Each of the tracks feature a combination of calming and chaotic elements. Rakete is a good track to start off with, but I especially liked Creature, which features fully developed vocals in a modern-glitchy take on TripHop.

Buy Nightshift on Bandcamp:  €4