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Ritchie DeCarlo - Fairlight, FLUX FX & Multitrack DAW

YouTuber Ritchie DeCarlo did an Industrial-Ambient Hellscape with CMI (formerly known as Fairlight) into Flux:FX.

Video Description:

Getting started with the FLUX FX app. It really brings a whole new dimension to these old 8 bit sounds. All 3 apps are linked with audiobus

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Buy Flux:FX on iTunes: $19.99

Buy MultiTrack DAW on iTunes: $9.99

How to use Custom IR with Fiddlicator & BIAS

Mateusz Trojak shows off the free Fiddlicator app as a means to get custom impulse responses in BIAS with Audiobus.

Video Description:

Time for a little experiment. I'm using custom IR Cab Impulses with Bias, Audiobus and Fiddlicator.

Signal Chain:

  • LTD H-1007 witrh EMG81-7/707
  • Hesu Black Connect (http://www.hesu.pl)
  • Simons Custom TS
  • IK Multimedia iRIG HD
  • iPad Mini with Retina Display
  • Positive Grid Bias/Fiddicator with SinMix IR Pack (http://www.sinmix.pl)
  • Roland UA-55
  • Cubase 5

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Navi Retlav - Live Set 01

Navi Retlav did a live jam with a whole bunch of Korg Volcas, Reason, and an iPad running Animoog.

Video Description:

Live set made with: Volca Beat, Volca Keys , Volca Bass , iPad Animoog , Propellerhead Reason , Monotron and Stylophone ( which was out of tune for some reason ) .

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LF1 Monosynth Update

Ultra-simplified app LF1 Monosynth is getting a little bit more complex with the addition of Virtual MIDI.

What's new in LF Monosynth v1.2:

  • Virtual MIDI support
  • New preset system with 100 user slots.
  • Online user guide available from settings menu.
  • Undo
  • Performance controls on left-side of keyboard - can be reversed by engaging 'Left-Hand mode' from the settings menu.

Buy LF1 Monosynth on iTunes: $2.99

Caustic In Perspective

EIP Studios Ohio continues to wrestle with the challenge of making iPad music videos visually interesting. Everyone wants to be on YouTube, but no one wants to watch a playhead moving across the Garageband timeline. Here he nails one exciting way of doing things, with many layers of motion within Caustic!

Video Description:

My pilot test video of what I hope will set the standard for future video presentations.

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