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FingerBeat Public Beta

Developer Sergio let me know that his upcoming FingerBeat app is now in public beta! Anyone interested in checking out the new groovebox app can simply sign up with Testflight to participate!

FingerBeat Description:

FingerBeat is an easy to use pocket sampler & drum-machine designed for intuitive self expression. The new features include…

New Pads & Keyboard:

• Sample your own drums or instruments into fully expressive pads using auto-slice.
• Polyphonic keyboard makes chords and different notes playable via pads

Better Performance Sequencer:

• Audio FXs (Reverb/Filter/Delay) assignable per pad
• Different time signatures (e.g. 3/4, 5/8, etc.)
• Each individual pattern expandable up to 32 bars (32 x 16 steps)!

Record in Retro Style:

• TapeRecord allows unlimited audio recording of microphone and performance (up to storage space)
• Tape editor allows you to seek and extract sounds and loops from any audio file (e.g. MP3s or device’s Music Library)
• Tape Reels: loop, scratch, change speed or reverse and audio file live!
• Share your creations with SoundCloud / DropBox or simple email

FingerBeat is an absolute classic for everyone. Available for iphone, ipod and Ipad.

VirSyn Arpeggist for iPad Preview

VirSyn posted a preview for their next app, Arpeggist, a programmable MIDI arpeggiator! The interface for assigning the arp will look familiar to fans of their other apps.

Video Description:

Arpeggist is a MIDI Note arpeggiator with a very flexible step matrix editor for programming and a unique “rolling dice” random arpeggio generator. You can build arpeggios from scratch or use one of the factory arpeggios as foundation. You can also create an unlimited number of user arpeggio presets.

Just play a chord or a single note and it gets transformed into a grooving monophonic synth line or a rhythmical chord pattern.

Available soon in the Apple App Store

Buy Arpeggist on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Matthew Tyas - Outside Jam #3

Matthew Tyas is accompanied by birds in this fun Outside Jam on a Miselu c.24!

Video Description:

an end of day jam using miselu's c.24 controlling the Thumbjam app on an iPad

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

DubFilter Demo with DSI Tempest

DJ Puzzle from iPadLoops.com did a demo of the new DubFilter app with his DSI Tempest. Living up to his site's name he is providing some loops from the demo for free.

Video Description:

I spent a few minutes with DubFilter today. Wanted to test it as a real-time processor for live use. In this video you'll see a very simple setup. Dave Smith Tempest into Alesis IO Dock and an iPad 3. Download the loops from this demo here

Buy DubFilter on iTunes: Free (Really)

Final Touch - Basics of Mastering

Positive Grid posted this video from Berklee professor Andrea Pejrolo, on the basics of mastering in their mastering app. If you have $600 to blow you can sign up for his Music Writing & Production with the iPad course... or... you know, watch some videos for free on YouTube.

Video Description:

In this video, Berklee professor and online course author/instructor demonstrates the basics of mastering with Final Touch, from the multi band EQ to the maximizer. We just added new Audiobus support, various bug fixes and more improvements to Final Touch.

Learn more about Berklee Online's Music Writing and Production with the iPad course. Now enrolling, Summer Term Starts June 29 : http://bit.ly/1E5TKa4

Buy Final Touch - Complete Mastering System on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

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