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Wejaam BEATJ for Android

Wejaam has just released BEAT J, a new loop-based studio app for the Android platform.

BEATJ Google Play Description:

Turn your Android into a studio... and produce incredible hip hop, dance, house, rap, R&B, jungle, rock, pop, and reggaeton productions ,just try and play along with BEAT J!

Make beats and produce music tracks.Make your own cool tracks with BEAT J. Even beginners can get best results in no time at all , Amazing Random Features, no need to learn just play along.

There's endless fun to be had building Electro grooves on train, creating crazy techno rhythms at your desk.

Buy BEATJ on Google Play: $1.03

MIDI Thing

Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds has revealed his secret black box that was teased last week.

The MIDI Thing is a highly portable MIDI looper, designed to loop whatever you play into it back out through the output. This works on all 16 MIDI channels for many different MIDI phrases being sent off all over the place.

One of the more interesting aspects to the design is how it is controlled. You've only got 2 buttons on device, so the majority of the controls are handled via MIDI Notes.

The MIDI Thing get its instructions from what ever keyboard controller is being used for MIDI input. We thought that would make sense as you've already got a keyboard in front of you and you wouldn't want to have to navigate through lots of menus on a tiny box.

You can read the whole reveal over here.

Propellerhead: Making Music Together

Propellerhead has released a compelling little promo video to demonstrate the interoperability between their iOS apps and their flagship DAW. Not only can you open up Figure songs in Take, but you can also open up both in Reason 8.1.

Buy Take Creative Vocal Recorder on iTunes: Free

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99

Phase84 with Tabletop Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room pushes his iPad Air 2 to the limits with 7 instances of Phase84 running in Tabletop!

Buy Phase84 on iTunes: $12.99


Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Freemium

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