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GaMBi Trailer

Upcoming chiptune app GaMBi has been announced with the following trailer! The app is said to be coming this spring. Although the developers are listed as 151A and DJBJF, Propellerhead developer David Ventura is also involved.

Video Description:

GaMBi is an iOS app for chiptune fans, performers, DJs, and remix artists, allowing deep customization of classic video game sound and connection with other music-making apps via channel control, AudioCopy and Audiobus.

SECTOR iPad & Bass Station II

Preset sound designer Alba Ecstasy did a little jam with SECTOR and the recent Novation Bass Station II synth. This is quite good, but also quiet. Crank it up to fully appreciate that bass! SECTOR is still on sale this morning.

Video Description:

Using SECTOR & Bass Station II
Bass Station & other synth presets on: http://www.albaecstasy.ro/
Sector is an amazing sample slice sequencer for iPad.

Buy SECTOR on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $8.99)

Vocal Exercises

Davengi has released a vocal exercise app, to help aspiring vocalists.

Vocal Exercises iTunes Description:

Vocal Exercises by Davengi is a flexible tool for vocal instructors, students and artists who need a convenient way to provide accompanyment for vocal warmups. It provides a wide range of pre-defined warmups as well as allowing custom warmups to be defined.

A large number of vocal accompaniment patterns are included for use with both pre-defined and custom warmups. The vocal range for each warmup may be easily modified at any time.

The application plays a series of musical patterns moving through scales to allow the full vocal range of the singer to be exercised. The scale range can be moved through chromatically or based upon a major scale. The range can be moved through going both up and down through the scales, moving only up or moving only down. The speed of playback can be adjusted on the fly ranging from 50 beats per minute up to 200 beats per minute. The vocal range indicators play the indicated note when touched so that the singer can verify and adjust the desired vocal range before the exercise is played.

Buy Vocal Exercises by Davengi Lite on iTunes: $0.99

Massive App Medely

Marcus Padrini from MusicApps.com.br put together a nice sounding track using 7 apps. The video starts off with a deconstruction of the different elements, and then starts at about 1:15.

Video Description:

A new track featuring Thor (Lead), Sunrizer (Pad), GarageBand (Smart Drums, Smart Bass, Smart Guitar), Geo Synth (MIDI Controller), MIDIBridge (For MIDI note Split between Thor and Sunrizer), AUFX:Space (great reverb!) and SampleTank (Miroslav orchestral sounds).

Cover Your Hair and Your Eyes

I've been doing some major site surgery today! Please let me know in the comments here if you see anything that is obviously broke; besides the sidebar which still has a whole lot more work ahead.

Fortunately most of the hard work is over. I was able to get a lot done unnoticed, but the rest of my work has to be done on the Live site. So in the words of Bill O'Reilly, "Fuck it! We'll do it live!"