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Jason Fellin has released an iPhone app for playing back classical Indian ragas, called NagmaLive. This could be a nice way to add some ethnic flavor to your music thanks to the inclusion of Audiobus! The app is free, but requires $15 to unlock.

NagmaLive iTunes Description:

Enliven your Indian Classical music or dance practice and performance with the live instrumental recordings of Nagma Live. Whether you’re a tabla player, kathak dancer, instrumentalist, vocalist, or an electronic musician, Nagma Live will personalize and track your practice sessions, inspiring your progress.

  • 14 raags to choose from
  • Choose your instrument: sarangi, harmonium, and sitar
  • Real instrumental recordings by Ustad Roshan Ali Khan (Sarangi), Jayanta Banerjee (Sitar and Harmonium), Hiranmay Mitra (Harmonium), Chaz Hastings (Tabla).
  • Several taal options: Tintal, Rupaktal, Jhaptal, Ektal, Dhamar
  • 15-600 bpm for Tintal; 15-300 bpm for all other taals
  • Play a tanpura along with your nagma


  • Adjust volume, reverb, and panning for each instrument


  • Use presets to personalize your session
  • Set time intervals with nagma, pitch, and beats per minute

Kathak Mode

  • Play live tabla recordings with Kathak Mode
  • Play a theka with matching taal and pitch for each Nagma


  • Add an alap to enhance the live feel of your session


  • Practice tabla accompaniment with gat recordings
  • Inspire your drut tintal practice with real jhala tracks


  • Save your practice or performance details and keep track of your progress
  • Share you progress on Facebook or Twitter

Buy NagmaLive (iPhone) on iTunes: Freemium ($15 Unlock IAP)

mudlogger - Padman

MATRIXSYNTH found this mad modular mayhem by mudlogger. He's using Abreakpoint 2, a free "experimental note generator" for Lemur. This is both cacophonous and kind of catchy!

Video Description:

Using an iPad, Lemur app and Antonio Blanca's Abreakpoint 2 template to control the modular via an iConnectmidi2 and Expert Sleepers FH-1 module

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

Buy Lemur on Google Play: $24.99

The Bad Cat - Gadget Jam

YouTuber The Bad Cat broke out his old VHS camcorder to record this fun Gadget jam!

Video Description:

Nicolas Cat testing / ipad music app / Korg Gadget


Buy Korg Gadget on iTunes: $39.99

Samer Kanaan - Heavy Stuff!

Reader Samer Kanaan, and his loyalist fan, posted this epic proggy guitar performance; using BIAS FX with Cubasis.

Buy BIAS FX on iTunes: $29.99


Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Zoom ARQ Wireless Bluetooth Controller - Shipping Soon

Zoom took Weirdest of Show at NAMM 2016 with their, seemingly UFO inspired, ARQ controller/instrument. The ARQ is approaching its release date of July 5th and is available now for pre-order. At $600 it is a bit pricey, but it sure does look fun! Zoom has posted a series of short videos ahead of the release.

I've embedded their playlist here, the first 4 videos are the new ARQ ones.

Video Description:

Music is a voyage of discovery. One that now goes much further with the creation of the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak. ARQ is a drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller with a built-in accelerometer. Even more, ARQ is freedom. With its wireless Bluetooth Ring Controller, you can escape the booth, move the music, and get in front of the crowd. https://zoom-na.com/ARQ