Visual Exformation - Trailer

Gestrument developer Jesper Nordin has been keeping very busy. In addition to further app development he's been working with a team out in France for a piece called Visual Exformation. A large light structure on the stage is "listening" to the musicians, and reacting dynamically to the performance. Although you can't see any iPhones in this teaser trailer, Jesper assures me they are there and running Gestrument!

Video Description:

Trailer for the piece Visual Exformation, a string quartet in four movements by Jesper Nordin for Quatuor Diotima. Design by Ramy Fischler and scenography by Cyril Teste. Production by GRAME, Lyon. RIM - Manuel Poletti, Visual programmation - Thomas Goepfer, Sound Engineer - Martin Antiphon. Recording from the premiere at Festival Musica in Strasbourg. Commissioned by GRAME, Lyon and Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik.

Phasemaker & FM Overview

Reader pantsofdeath just saved me a whole lot of time! I love FM synthesis, but hate having to explain it. I'm planning on doing a Let's Play with Phasemaker this week, and now instead of explaining FM I can just point people to this video so I can get on with the fun sound design! Thanks, PoD! Here he gets deep into the various kinds of FM synthesis we've seen so far on iOS, before diving into the pure FM found in Phasemaker.

Video Description:

Yes, I know, I call an Operator an oscillator a couple of times, and call Bram Bos "Bam Bros" as well... sorry...

Doug's video giving you the sounds:

Good FM Synthesis video
part 1 -
part 2 -
My original article on FM Synthesis

Pantsofdeath music may be found at:

ProJammer by Ostinato SoundWorks, LLC

Ostinato SoundWorks just released ProJammer, as a way for drummers to practice with real instrument backing tracks. The base app is free, and you can buy additional practice songs for $2 each. These can be slowed down to help you as you learn.

ProJammer iTunes Description:

Would you like to improve your drumming? ProJammer will have you jamming like a pro in no time!

ProJammer represents a revolutionary way to learn new drum skills quickly. All you need is your drum kit, some headphones and ProJammer – it’s like having your own private drum instructor, plus a backing band!

ProJammer is a play-along app like no other:
- ProJammer contains multi-track original music (with real instruments, not fake MIDI imitations) that you play along to.
- The original play-along music is specifically written to complement each associated drum lesson.
- The play-along music is provided in loop form. The loops allow you to get in the groove and play until you feel comfortable, without ever needing to restart the song.
- Each musical loop is accompanied by a drum transcription that corresponds to the drum part in the musical loop.
- You can change the loop speed! Play along with the loop at a slow speed to learn the pattern, then accelerate the loop to build your chops!
- You can selectively mute instruments and the built-in metronome to match your learning objectives.

For each loop, you can start by listening to just the drum track to get familiar with it. Next, add the other instruments (guitar, bass, and keyboards) with a few clicks and play along! When you get more confident, you can remove the drum track (and also the metronome), and it’s like you are playing with a backing band! Play the pattern that is transcribed, or improvise your own part!

ProJammer is a free app that contains five built-in musical loops plus transcriptions. The built-in loops cover Rock, Funk, World, Blues, and Latin beats. Additional packs of loops can optionally be purchased via in-app purchase.

ProJammer is a product of Ostinato SoundWorks, LLC. © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Rock Drum Machine 4 Update

Rock Drum Machine 4, from reader Luis Martinez, was updated to version 4.0 with new live pads and Ableton Link! The update also arrives with a short demo video.

What's new in Rock Drum Machine 4 v4.0:

• Live Pads
• Ableton Live Sync
• Improved Jam
• Solved iPhone 6 issue engine and interface
• Minor improvements
• Bugs Solved

Improvisando - Synthmaster - Loopy HD - Vocalive

YouTuber sellimher brings us a live looping Improvisando with a guitar a bunch of apps!

Video Description:

Using Midi Apps like Synthmaster, Vocalive for Effects and Loopy HD for looping, Controlled with Midi Designer Pro on my Iphone

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