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haQ attaQ - "Planet Earp"

The Sound Test Room's Jakob Haq shows off some excellent random madness in SoundScaper for this haQ attaQ.

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99


Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $6.99

Different Drummer Update & Sale

Different Drummer got a small update, and an even smaller discount.

What's new in Different Drummer v3.3:

  • MIDI Clock In with Start/Stop
  • Commit Progressions without closing Composer
  • New Jammer Panel to play-along and perform with DD manually
  • Highlights notes of scale in Composer
  • Capture button in Automation to reset Return point to current
  • Better randomization of Note, Rest and Tie waves
  • New Sounds for Jammer and replacing some stock instrument sounds as well as new sound fonts added
  • Search feature for Wave List

Buy Different Drummer on iTunes: $14.99

AltiSpace Update

Not content to rest on his laurels after releasing SoundScaper, Igor Vasiliev has updated AltiSpace with an astounding 350 new high-quality Impulse Response(IR) profiles from famous reverb devices.

What's new in AltiSpace v1.9:

  • More than 350 high-quality samples of actual famous reverb devices.
  • Added option to choose between controls Dry/Wet mix or Reverb level.
  • Added option to boost reverb output on +20 db.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Buy AltiSpace on iTunes: $6.99

MusicIO: MIDI over USB

Hot on the heels of Midimux comes MusicIO, another MIDI over USB app for iOS and Mac, from a supergroup of developers! Secret Base Design's Patrick Madden, MidiDesigner's Dan Rosenstark, and Audeonic's Nic all worked together on this one. They had planned to release it later when they have audio working in the app, but had to rush it out with Midimux's release. Audio over USB is still planned as a future feature, and will be available as a free update.

Unlike Midimux, MusicIO does not support iPad 1s nor iOS 5.0.

Update: There is some weird sandboxing issue with the Mac App Store version. Grab the Mac app (sandboxing free) directly from the developers here: http://audeonic.com/MusicIOMac.zip

MusicIO: MIDI over USB iTunes Description:

Send and receive MIDI between your Mac and your iOS device via USB. It's simple, reliable, and near-zero latency.

Three Teams:

Music IO is a joint effort by three of the most respected iOS music app development teams. Confusion Studios makes MIDI Designer Pro, the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS. MIDI Designer is adored by users, loved by Music Industry press, and trusted on stages and in studios around the World. Audeonic Apps makes the pioneering MidiBridge app, an essential tool for routing and filtering MIDI messages on iOS; they also provide the MidiBus software library, which powers dozens of successful music apps (including Music IO). The Secret Base Design team has built a range of apps providing high-speed MIDI and audio connections over Bluetooth LE and WiFi, and also develops innovative signal processing apps.

The three teams have joined forces to build the only professional USB-MIDI solution that doesn't require additional hardware. It's been in development for months, and Music IO will include audio-over-USB soon (iOS 7+). Music IO lets your iOS device become an integral part of a modern professional music production system.


  • Send & Receive MIDI between any CoreMIDI apps over USB (Lightning or 30 pin) with no perceptible latency nor jitter
  • Large sysex messages (eg. bulk dumps) handled seamlessly
  • Choose "send to" ports (OSX and iOS)
  • Choose "receive from" (OSX): route MIDI from anywhere to your iOS device
  • BridgeClock, a ground-breaking inter-device MIDI-clock-synchronization technology, provides jitter-free sync between platforms
  • Runs on iOS 6 or better (10.7+ on OSX)

Get Connected

Download the free, companion app from the Mac App Store and get connected in no time.

Future Features:

Show your support by downloading Music IO for iOS now at this low introductory price. Early adopters will benefit from these future features as no additional cost:

  • Audio over USB: low-latency audio between iOS device and your Mac (iOS 7 or better)
  • Comprehensive MIDI device interchange between devices, allow routing to and from specific iOS apps
  • Support for multiple iOS devices per Mac with the ability to route between them
  • Clocking from Mac

Buy MusicIO: MIDI over USB on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Buy MusicIO: MIDI over USB on Mac App Store: Free


touchAble developer Christian Blomert has released Midimux, a new app that lets you stream MIDI over USB-Lighting cables, and 30-Pin Camera Connection Kits. This alleviates the need to use a dedicated USB-MIDI adapter, and avoids the problems associated with WIFI. It even works on iOS devices going all the way back to iOS 5. Sadly it can only do any of that between your iDevice and a Mac, but Windows drivers are in the works.

MIDI LE allows the same type of USB connection, but Midimux offers discrete ports per app instead of bundling everything down the same MIDI port. This means you need to pay attention to your MIDI channels in MIDI LE, but it is also $10 cheaper... at Free.

The official website also hints at Audiomux, a seperate app which will allow the same simple tethered connection to transmit audio between iOS and Mac.

Midimux iTunes Description:

midimux talks MIDI to your Mac - using the standard usb to lightning or 30 pin cable. Finally.

With midimux, you are no longer forced to rely on wifi-packets or external hardware to communicate MIDI data between a Mac and an iOS Device. It seamlessly integrates your iPad/iPhone into your studio. worry-free, reliable and at an ultra low-latency. And it works with all apps that speak MIDI.

midimux lets you...

  • control iOS apps with hardware controllers that are connected to your Mac.
  • sequence and play iOS apps using a DAW running on your Mac.
  • control Mac applications or hardware connected to it, using Lemur, TouchOSC or any other app that uses MIDI.
  • use iOS apps to play and sequence hardware instruments that are connected to your Mac.
  • create virtual MIDI ports on the iPad/iPhone that can be mirrored to the Mac or other iDevices.
  • connect more than one iOS device to the Mac - and send MIDI data between them.
  • all this wired - via the simple usb to lightning/30 pin cable.

    In short: midimux creates virtual copies of MIDI devices connected to the other si.

    In long: If you have a MIDI device connected to your Mac, midimux will create a copy of it on the iDevice - and thus allowing other apps to talk to it directly. Any byte of MIDI received by the MIDI device on the Mac will be piped to and received on the virtual copy of that device on the iOS device - and is then usable by its apps. Data sent out by apps to the virtual copy on the iOS device will be piped back via usb, and then sent to the real device on the Mac.

    The same is true the other way around. If an app creates a virtual MIDI port (e.G. Animoog), midimux will create a copy of that port on the Mac, naming it 'Animoog @ iPad'.

    If an app does not create a virtual MIDI port, midimux always gives the possibility to create virtual ports manually. these can then be used by any apps on any of the iOS devices to pipe data to the Mac. or other iDevices. or both. and back. at the same time ;)


    • Creates Mirrors of all MIDI devices that are connected to the computer on the connected iOS devices.
    • Creates Mirrors of all MIDI devices that are connected to the iOS devices on the Mac.
    • Lets you create custom virtual Ports that can be used by both sides of the connection to communicate.
    • does it all via a wired usb connection - using the standard charge & sync cable.
    • works on all iDevices from iOS 5.
    midimux currently only works with Mac

    To work, a lightweight server app has to be installed on the Mac.
    Download it from here: http://www.midimux.com

    Buy Midimux on iTunes: $9.99