Songs Not By Your Parents Vol. II

Reader Mike Vasas and wife Amanda have a unique coping strategy for prenatal anxieties. Rather than any of the typical behavior one might expect from expecting parents, they produce cover albums!

Songs Not By Your Parents Vol. II arrives today, after they welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday. For those of you that are wondering what happened to Volume I, it arrived in 2013 with their son August; whom you can hear on the new album with them! Congratulations Vasas family!

Video Description:

Amanda and I made a record of cover songs à la the project for our baby back in 2013 and decided to give it another here's another record for our new baby and for you to play for your baby or babies; however young, old, literal or metaphorical they may be. You can download the entire record at

Songs Not By Your Parents Vol. II
Amanda & Mike Vasas
with special guest performances by August Vasas

1. It Only Takes A Moment - Jerry Herman
2. Hello, Hello - Sopwith Camel
3. Who's My Pretty Baby? - Woody Guthrie
4. Side By Side - Harry M. Woods
5. Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel
6. Zing! You're Adorable - James F. Hanley, Buddy Kaye and Fred Wise
7. Optimism Blues - Allen Toussaint
8. Dawned On Me - Wilco
9. Blow Away - George Harrison
10. Devoted To You - The Everly Brothers
11. Magic For Everybody - Sam Phillips
12. Betray My Heart / As - D'Angelo and Stevie Wonder
13. Heaven Must Have Sent You - The Elgins
14. O Father, All Creating - Samuel S. Wesley and John Ellerton
15. It Only Takes A Moment (Reprise) - Jerry Herman

We hope you enjoy the record. Download the entire album in ZIP format at

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (Cover)

Sizedj posted this cover of the Whitney Houston classic How Will I Know, using VocaLive and Korg Gadget!

Video Description:

*** feel free to share ***

All instruments and devices which We use in the demo video:
Fender Jazz Bass, M-Audio Axiom 49, iRig Mic, iPhone, iPad, Roland GO:Mixer

3 iOS 11 Features That Could Change iPad Music Production

YouTuber John Mike has a wishlist of 3 iOS 11 features that would improve his workflow. The title of the video is a little misleading, so I want to be clear that none of this is happening right now. All of the demos he is showing in the video are non-functional.

Video Description:

Yo Folks! Help me get the attention of Apple and these other great audio companies like Akai Professional Novation NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASCHINE Auria and others on some major feature requests for their apps...Apple released some amazing new features in #iOS11 and with these simple tweaks from developers the iPad can truly become the ultimate portable music making device! So PLEASE share this video and tag the companies name in the posts! Maybe if we make enough noise we can get their attention!

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Looptunes Update

Looptunes, LooptunesHD, and LooptunesDJ were updated with new one-shot playback and note-on modes.

What's new in Looptunes v2.1.0:

- one shot mode
- note on mode
- bug fixes

What's new in LooptunesHD v2.1.0:

- one shot mode
- note on mode
- bug fixes

What's new in LooptunesDJ v1.1.0:

- one shot mode
- note on mode
- bug fixes

I was hoping to find a demo of the new modes on the official Sonicreef YouTube channel, but I was not disappointed when I instead found this adorable duet with the developer and his son. The beat in the background is provided by Looptunes.

Audulus 3 Update

Audulus 3 was updated with new ADC and DAC nodes, adding support for multi-channel audio input and output. This can be especially handy if you want to use Audulus with a hardware modular system.

What's new in Audulus 3 v3.4:

- Support for multi-channel audio I/O with new ADC and DAC nodes. Use Audulus with a DC-coupled audio interface (such as the Expert Sleepers ES-8) for connecting your Eurorack modular!
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