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Jo Wada Kiya - iPad Solo with Animoog

Ravimal Bandara offers us something new here, playing an Animoog solo to some traditional Sri Lankan tunes.

Video Description:

Played using Animoog synthesizer in IPad - In 2011 I made a FTIR based music keyboard for my undergrad research, keeping a similar concept in my mind. After seeing this app I am really happy as the almost all the features which was in my mind too have been implemented with a lot of great features. This is a must have app.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $24.99

Focusrite iTrack Pocket

Focusrite has announced the iTrack Pocket, a tiny dock which acts as an audio interface for the iPhone.

Supporting both 44.1kHz and 48kHz the iTrack Pocket sports a built-in stereo microphone and 1/4" guitar jack. iTrack Pocket connects to an iPhone via Lightning connector. The interface should work with any CoreAudio app, but Focusrite has developed their own Impact app with an emphasis on live performance recording for YouTube.

Any musician who uses their iPhone to record videos knows that it never does justice to their sound. Yet with the growing number of singer-songwriters being discovered through YouTube, it's more important than ever to capture sound that stands out.

That's why Focusrite have designed iTrack Pocket: a super portable, high quality stereo microphone and guitar input that connects to your iPhone to let you create and share videos that sound as good as they look. It holds your phone at the perfect angle for recording, then captures your performance in HD video with audio that eclipses the quality of your phone's mic.

When you're finished, you can easily edit your video and apply mastering effects using the 'Impact by Focusrite' app, then share directly to YouTube with outstanding quality.

iTrack Pocket should be available in October of this year, with an expected street price of $100.

SpaceVibe Demo & Tutorial

The Sound Test Room has another helpful demo, for an app that came sans one! SpaceVibe intrigued me last week, as an expressive droner with unique controls. Doug gets some seriously big spacey sounds out of this!

Buy SpaceVibe on iTunes: $2.99

Cross DJ for Android Gets MIDI

Cross DJ for Android is the first DJ app to support an external MIDI controller on Google's platform! I'm a little suspicious of this because the only controller that works with it is their own U-Mix Control Pro, but they claim more support is on the way. External MIDI is just one of the hurdles faced by Android music apps, but this could be a leap in the right direction.

What's new in Cross DJ for Android v1.5:

MIDI Control

Connect your Android device to the U-Mix Control-Pro: all Cross DJ controls are mapped. Browse, scratch, sync tracks, add effects… everything works at a very low latency.

The U-Mix Control Pro mapping is the first step in showing that MIDI control on Android is now possible. More controllers are to come so stay tuned!

Mixcloud integration

Record your mix and export it to Mixcloud, directly from within the app. Cross DJ also export the tracks names + the timestamps and automatically publishes a smart tracklist. No extra-work to do, it’s all built in the app!

SoundCloud integration

Export your mix to SoundCloud: Cross DJ writes tracks names as a comment below the waveform.

Buy Cross DJ on Google Play: $9.99

Buy Cross DJ Free on Google Play: Freemium

Guitar with Cubasis & Roland GR-55

Reader Samer Kanaan set up his Roland GR-55 to be MIDI controlled via Cubasis. As he's playing along to the track, Cubasis is telling the GR-55 guitar synthesizer to switch instruments right when he needs them! What a clever setup!

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $33.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)