BeatMaker LX

BeatMaker LX was initially released last month, and ignored because it didn't have some important features. This week it has been updated to include Audiobus, and even added SoundCloud support.

It is worth noting that this app has nothing to do with Intua's BeatMaker 2.

BeatMakerLX iTunes Description:

Turn your iPhone into an Beat Maker MPC Live Drum Machine . With more than samples programs, 48 editable sequences, BeatMakerLX includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, ability to create new sequences and record and overdub beats

BeatMakerLX is a full Production tool for beat-making. Build & edit your own sound pads from a library of tasteful kits and warm vintage textures cut from old jazz , trap, dubstep, hiphop, R&B, Pop, you name it. we have it. records. arrange loops with the app's unique recording functionality.

All you ever want in a drum app.


  • record
  • playback / loop
  • Live Recording for real-time performance and playback
  • Add different sounds to your Pads
  • sound selection / settable button sounds
  • Import your own sounds
  • Email Beats when done.
  • SoundClound uploading
  • AudioBus

Buy BeatMakerLX (iPhone) on iTunes: $9.99

Frekvens by Humble Tune

Swedish developers, and Ikea, continue tö teach us åll Svensk. Töday's Swedish word of the däy is: Frekvens.

Frekvens means, "frequency." Let's use it in a sentence. Vad är frekvensen, Kenneth?

Frekvens is a frequency shifting effect for Audiobus/IAA. This comes to use from Humble Tune developer Erik Sigth, whose brought us a ton of apps for iOS and even Gameboy!

Frekvens iTunes Description:

Frekvens is a frequency shifter and delay effect. Unlike a pitch shifter all frequencies are shifted linearly and then fed back into itself using the stereo delay unit. The frequency shifting is achieved with single sideband modulation using a hilbert transform and an infinite impulse response filter for fast computations. Frekvens also comes with a high and low pass filter and a lfo for modulating the delay play head.
  • frequency shifter
  • high, low pass filter
  • stereo delay
  • core midi cc input.
  • audiobus
  • inter app audio
  • save, load

Buy Frekvens on iTunes: $1.99

Gemma Lib

Originally released in 2014, Gemma is a PureData platform for music apps and has sat somewhat neglected on the App Store. On Saturday they announced that they're opening it up for everyone to freely create their own music apps using their Gemma Lib library. This announcement video even walks through the process of quickly creating a drum app.

Video Description:

GemmaLib is a set of 'Pure Data' abstractions that allows you to easily create high-quality musical apps that run on mobile devices through the Gemma app.

We like to call apps created with GemmaLib 'Gems'.

Once you've created your own Gem, you can easily run it on your iOS devices and share it with people around the world. You can simply upload your app creation on our website and we'll make it accessible in the Gemma app in short time.

So what is the Gemma app? It is an app that contains a growing amount of Gems created with GemmaLib. Soon, Gemma will be released officially and you can even use several Gems simultaneously to create all kinds of music.

Buy Gemma on iTunes: Free

Figure Update

Figure was updated over the weekend with support for Allihoopa. This is an evolution of their previous service Propellerhead Discover, providing Propellerhead users an easy platform to collaborate and remix one another across all of their apps.

This launch arrives with an inspiring post on the Propellerhead Blog.

Music making is inherently social. Start singing a tune in a room full of people and you’ll see what I mean. And musicians are very different, more different than the tools available today. Some people are obsessed with that one instrument, some only want to write the perfect melody on whatever they can get their hands on. Some have the stage as their final goal while others are happy only to experiment with sounds, late at night in the bedroom. And since the advent of computer based music tools, technology has changed too. Today a majority of young people see a future where everything is done on mobile devices.

In that world, Allihoopa will be the world’s musical hub. We don’t aspire to be a music distribution network, there are plenty of those already. No, Allihoopa is the place where music is made. It’s where you can get a peek into other musicians' creative process, hear their ideas before they’re fully formed, learn from others, get inspired and find people to collaborate with. Be a part of the network for the world’s most exciting and rewarding way of expressing yourself. As we say, Music in the Making.

Buy Figure on iTunes: Free

On a related note, Reddit user disule posted a detailed gallery of images documenting scales in Figure.

iMPC Pro Log: V1.5

Retronyms posted a new iMPC Pro Log video, showing off the new features coming soon in version 1.5 of the app. They've also announced a new public beta program. If you're interested you'll find contact details below.

Video Description:

New free update– iMPC Pro version 1.5 coming soon!

Our newest update, version 1.5 adds several features and improvements. Here's what you can expect:

  • MIDI Learn so you can map your controller more easily.
  • Slice Loop Auto mode, which automatically detects all transient markers.
  • Improvements to MPC Desktop Export. You can now export slice loops as patch phrases, among other things.
  • Latest version of the Ableton Link SDK.
  • Latest version of AudioCopy (3.2), which improves workflow.
  • Bonus feature: Bit-Crusher in the pad effects, which has a digital distortion effect on your sounds, adding some crunch and fuzz.
  • And our new Public Beta Program, which allows our users to participate in exclusive pre-release testing of iMPC Pro. We really want your feedback so contact us at if you’re interested in applying as a Beta Tester.
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