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Dr. Richard Boulanger - ARIA SBX-1 

Sonic State found this video of Dr. Richard Boulanger excited playing with Roland's latest toys! You may know Dr. Richard Boulanger from his two iPad apps, or his contributions to Csound, or his opus Trapped In Convert, or possibly as the professor of electronic production design at the Berklee College of Music.

Here the good doctor takes us into his office to play with the new ARIA SBX-1, controlling his massive modular synth.

Arturia iProphet

Arturia and Retronyms have released iProphet, a faithful recreation of Sequential Circuits' Prophet VS synthesizer. The classic synthesizer from Dave Smith! Thanks to reader Zymos for the heads-up on this news!

iProphet iTunes Description:

iProphet recreates the unique sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer. The Prophet VS's rareness and classic digital sound make it a mainstay for those who can find them and a seemingly out or reach dream for those who cannot. The sound is purely classic crisp digital sound that easily stands on its own, but at the same time is the perfect compliment to the sound of analog synthesizers. It brings the crystaline vintage sound of four digital oscillators and allows sculpting them using a creamy & warm multimode filter. You can morph the sound of the 4 oscillators using the joystick or the vector mode and the vector envelope.

The iProphet is great for evolving pads, sharp leads and super punchy digital bass sounds and comes with over 500 presets created by some of todays best sound designers. You can also swap presets between iProphet and Arturia's Prophet V synthesizer which allows you to work on the iPAD and finish in the DAW of your choice.

iProphet supports Core MIDI, interapp-audio as well as Audiobus technologies for perfect integration.

iProphet is also a Tabletop Ready app. You can use it exclusively or along side your favorite Tabletop instruments.

Buy iProphet on iTunes: $9.99

Arturia is also holding a contest right now for the first 1,000 people who register (from inside of the app). Two lucky users will be selected to win a Dave Smith PRO 2 or Prophet 12!

As the description indicates this app is supported in Retronyms Tabletop, which was just updated too. The download size of Tabletop has now ballooned to just over 1 GigaByte! Tabletop also got a new module called Interfx, which allows you to use Inter-App Audio effects.

Arturia iProphet arrives with a trailer, and this informative tutorial by Arturia's Glen Darcey.

apeFilter by apeSoft

apeSoft developer Alessandro Petrolati has released his 6th app on iOS! apeFilter is a Universal iOS filter effect app that works with Audiobus, IAA, and standalone on samples. I had a chance to play with it this morning and was really digging both the sounds and the interface.

You get to design an elaborate filter with multiple peaks, and then scrub along the spectrum. I was getting some excellently industrial sounds out of a bassline in iVCS3 (with that delicious Spring Reverb), while playing with apeFilter's spectrum controller. That is somewhat difficult to describe, but fortunately there is a demo video!

apeFilter iTunes Description:

apeFilter is a sophisticated Equaliser, the DSP is based on the Biquad/Cascade filters, very fast! The graphical interaction provides a great tool to design an extremely precise and smooth frequency response by directly manipulating up to 36 Peaks Filters. The Spectral Grid compilers increase the complexity and coherence between the filters bandwidth space. You can create your pitch space by the way of four different criteria of construction by determining a pitches grid: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar. Use apeFilter for sculpt your sound through the embedded sampler or Live from Audiobus or Inter-Audio-App Input. Among the FX chain, an amazing ClassicVerb is available.

  • 6 Common Filters: Lowpass, Hipass, Bandpass, Notch, Lowshelf, Hishelf
  • 36 Peak Filters for Spectral Grid Compilers
  • 4 Spectral Grid Compilers: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar
  • MIDI Note On/Off messages, for playing Filters Frequency and Filters Peaks Gain
  • HV Pad for Filters Interpolations between Bands
  • Sampler, embedded
  • Three post Fx: Stereo Delay, Amazing ClassicVerb and Dynamic compressor/expander
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio Support
  • AudioCopy and Dropbox
  • Midibus Support
  • iOs 8 compatible
  • All the others common apeSoft features

Buy apeFilter on iTunes: $6.99

Here Alessandro demonstrates the MIDI controllable filter spectrum. It is also fun to just drag your finger around on the control while playing into the app.

iOS Update Vol. 87: TF7 Synth App Review

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update looks at Tenacious Frog's excellent FM synth TF7!

Buy TF7 on iTunes: Freemium

haQ attaQ - Amen To That [Let's Play]  

Reader Jakob Haq has started his own Let's Play series, cleverly titled haQ attaQ! His first video demonstrates a lot of effort to bring to life his workflow with Amenbreak Generator. This app is an old favorite of mine, with great results!

Buy AmenBreak Generator on iTunes: $0.99