haQ attaQ - Download & Install Presets

Jakob Haq did a follow-up video on how to import presets using AudioShare. Apple forced Audioshare to remove its built-in browser, but you can still use it in your import workflow to get things like Jakob's presets!

Video Description:

Download and install presets from the web using Safari and AudioShare. Since my previously made episode on this topic is outdated I had to make a new one.

In the earlier video (haQ attaQ 70) I was using the now removed built-in browser in AudioShare. But this way of downloading and installing presets (or samples) from the web can still be done and In this tutorial I am showing you how to do just that.

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $4.99

Hook by Retronyms

Retronyms has released their Hook app for both iPad and iPhone! This is their take on the grid performance controller, akin to the Launchpad and Ableton Live workflows. The iPhone version is free, but the iPad version is $13. Feature for feature the two versions are identical, but the iPad gets 54 additional sound packs. There's a handy chart here.

Thanks to readers Matthew and Carole for letting me know this one arrived this afternoon!

Hook iTunes Description:

Hook is a new music performance, mashup, and DJ app for iPhone and iPad. Arrange and trigger loops on a grid and create dynamic, expressive transitions with the Flux Fader — a multitouch "smart crossfader" that allows you to expressively make transitions between any combination of tracks/cells on the fly. The Flux Fader includes a two-axis control with 9 riser synths, glitch and gate effects, tempo-synced filter sweeps, an EQ, beat drop, tape stop, and filter drop. Combining all these to make transitions is the heart of playing live with Hook. Hook includes a full editor complete with auto transient slicing and waveform editing. Tight integration with AudioCopy makes it easy to drop in your own loops and sounds from other apps.

Real creative power can be found in the integrated sampler — record from mic/line, other apps via inter-app audio, and grab hooks from iTunes and Spotify. Change tempo in real time, and keep all your hooks in sync. Hook is a killer mashup tool with a full mixer, tons of tracks, integrated FX bus, per-cell fx, transpose, time stretching, tuning, timing and trigger settings, and more. Imagine the clip launching capabilities of Ableton Live in a futuristic multitouch environment.

Buy Hook on iTunes: $12.99

Buy Hook for iPhone on iTunes: Free

Here is the playlist of Hook Ups to show it off.

FM Essential by Yamaha

Yamaha's FM Essentials just hit iTunes worldwide! This is a full FM synth app with a lot of features, and it arrives for free! Unfortunately it is limited to iOS 9 and later. Thanks to Franco for posting about it here as soon as he saw it!

Update: Shit. This app is crippled unless you spend about several hundred dollars on a shiny new Yamaha MX49 V2, which is so new I can't actually find it on any of the US sites. It is on the UK Yamaha site; listed for £446.00 in 49-keys and £579.00 in 61-keys. Because of recent events the exchange rate makes it impossible to guess what the MSRP will be in $USD. Wow the British Pound has tanked to $1.32. So the 49-key is $588. The old V1 sells for $500 though, so it might be closer to that when they become available.

FM Essential iTunes Description:

Featuring an FM tone generator, FM Essential is a synthesizer app for the iPhone and iPad that provides for real• time synth performances and also lets you edit voices.


• FM sound
  ・Tone Generator: FM
  ・Part: 1
  ・Polyphony: 16
  ・Preset Voice: 271
  ・Arpeggiator patterns: 64
  ・Chord pads: 20
  ・Scales: 25 • Drum Part
  ・Tone Generator: Audio
  ・Part: 1
  ・Drum Pad: 16
  ・Drum Pad Set: 3


Plug into MX!

• You can play full 271 voices and voice store function if you connect your iOS with Yamaha music synthesizer MX BK/BU series.

Effects/EQ edit

• You can adjust parameters to edit effects and equalization.

Ball controller

• Touch and drag in ball controller to modulate the sound by simultaneously changing multiple parameters based on the ball position.

Step sequencer

• We can store the ball position in the currently selected scene box. Arpeggiator and chord pads • You can play Arpeggiator and Chord pads in addition to keyboard with various scales.

What's MX BK/BU/WH series? Find more here:
[Tim Note: This link isn't working right now.]


Compatible with Audio Bus、Audio Unit Extentions

Compatible devices:
iPhone 5S, 6/6 plus, 6s/6s plus and SE, iPod touch 6th Generation or later, iPad Air 1st Generation or later, iPad mini 2nd Generation or later,iPad Pro

Buy FM Essential - US on iTunes: Free

Buy FM Essential - International on iTunes: Free

Leak: Upcoming FM Synth App from Yamaha

Yamaha Music London hit the release button a little too early on a couple of videos today, leaking some details on an upcoming FM Synth app from the company that brought us the original DX7 synthesizer! The app, called FM Essential, is unavailable at this time but we get a nice preview of it in this video. Let me know if this gets pulled and I'll post screenshots I've saved. The app was also mentioned in this video about their MX49 keyboards.

Video Description:

Find it on the App Store

Lies! I tried with the alacrity of a hummingbird on crack. It's not there yet. I even checked on the UK and Japan iTunes.

Update: It is here! Thanks to Franco for commenting about it as soon as he saw it.

Buy FM Essential - US on iTunes: Free

Buy FM Essential - International on iTunes: Free

HalutioN - Tomorrow

YouTuber HalutioN did an excellent track using a variety of hardware, a guitar, and Samplr!

Video Description:

It was one the most difficult jams to record: I haven't played guitar in a while. It is also the first to include my new Ditto Looper (synced via midi to the Octatrack). My hot rodded Strat going into a Peavey Bravo.

Elektron Octatrack + Elektron Monomachine + Moog Slim Phatty + Korg MS-20 Mini + Nord Drum + iPad Samplr + Electribe 2 + Ensoniq MR76 + Korg Volca Keys + Ditto LooperX4 + iConnectMidi4+ + CME-xKey25. Additional samples from Yamaha MK-100.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/halution/
Bandcamp: https://halution.bandcamp.com

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

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