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Guitar to MIDI with Thumbjam

Reader Tim Behrens did a video in response to Derek Buddemeyer's recent MIDI Guitar video. Here he shows off how he uses ThumbJam, an app he already has, instead of popping for the more expensive MIDI Guitar to do Guitar to MIDI for other apps.

Video Description:

A quick demo of how I use the audio to midi conversion in Thumbjam to play samples in Sampletank (works for other programs, too). I am not discouraging anyone from buying any apps here. Just showing how I use Thumbjam to achieve sounds close to what the dedicated midi conversion apps do. For anyone who is serious about this kind of feature, I would recommend checking out the Midi Guitar app, as it is certainly tracks well and is polyphonic. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

One last thing I'd say is that you have to practice with these apps. You can not just play your guitar like you normally do. Notes have to be muted more, there is a bit more latency, sustain will confuse it, vibrato jumps around. It takes time, but hopefully I demonstrated that you can get some very playable results.

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)


Uri Nieto has released an app that combines the creative musical elements from Kinect and other camera-based systems, with unique synthesis and sampling elements. Gestures control what sort of waveform the synth is producing, for instance. This has none of the features you've come to expect from modern music apps, but it does have a pretty amusing demo video!

AirJam iTunes Description:

AirJam requires a front camera in order to work properly (iPad 2 and higher only!).

AirJam is an iPad app that uses the camera in order to recognize different hand gestures and map them to various synthesis parameters. Simply by moving your hands in the air on top of your front iPad camera, you will be able to generate audio!

Additionally, you can launch your favorite samples by importing the wav files into AirJam using iTunes.

Buy AirJam on iTunes: $0.99

Heavy Metal Borat shows off the app, with a lot of enthusiasm.

Scam Warning 

Yesterday Wooji Juice developer Canis alerted me to an email he received from someone asking for promo codes in exchange for a review on discchord, among other sites. For those of you who do not already know, discchord is a one man operation, so any requests would be coming from me: Tim@discchord.

After reviewing the email I was worried that he might be sending this out to other developers, so I put out a call on Twitter. Immediately afterwards I was contacted by another dev who had received the same email.

Scammer Email


I review iOS apps for numerous websites online (Discchord, iOSmusic, TUAW, Mac Rumors, 9to5 Mac, Apple Insider, and Touch Arcade) and would really like to review your apps "[He asks for your whole catalog of apps here]" for the iPad. I was hoping that you might be able to provide a me with a copy or Promo Code so I can do a detailed review and write up, as well as a, quick YouTube video. My goal has always been to try and get apps into the hands of people that might not normally know about these fantastic products. To shine a spotlight on them if you will and give them their just dues.

Please let me know as I am very interested in trying out your great looking app... and of course giving you full credit for all the help and support.

Happy Holidays,

To any devs taken in by this I would like to sincerely apologize, but a discchord review will not be forthcoming. Steven Fields, aka OmgAgeeK, got a lot of free apps yesterday. I'm pleased to see my name gets top billing among so many great sites, but I'm afraid Steve is just scamming.

I spoke to him a bit yesterday, initially approaching him as if he were one of the many YouTubers that are featured here regularly. It quickly became apparent that he has no intention of reviewing any of the apps that he received promo codes for. This is really unfortunate because none of this would have been necessary if he had just been honest or put in the effort to actually do a review.

How To Legitimately Get Promo Codes

When I started out I just did a video review for the most recent app I had, and then I went around to developers asking for promo codes to do one for them. It is really that simple. I didn't need to say I worked for 9 to 5 Mac or any other nonsense. I just pointed to the video I had done to show I was sincere. It was a fucking terrible video too, but I was only ever rejected by 1 company.

That's how all of this got started, with just a dream and a terrible webcam. From this video an empire was born.

MidiBus Released!

Originally announced back in May (with some drama), Audeonic's MidiBus is finally out on iTunes!

MidiBus iTunes Description:

MidiBus is a MIDI clock sync generator and monitor.

Choose your bpm, time signature and MIDI destinations. Press the play button and all selected apps and devices will receive a synchronised, rock-solid MIDI sync clock source.

On the flipside, monitor the MIDI clock signals of apps and devices (including MidiBus itself) and measure how accurate and stable they really are. You might be very surprised at the results.

MidiBus is based on the iOS MIDI development library of the same name. Full details at http://midib.us

Buy MidiBus on iTunes: $2.99

Correction: I originally indicated the MidiBus SDK has been available since May, but I'm not sure where I got that from because it won't be released until tomorrow.

Audulus Update & Sale

Audulus was updated today with Custom Nodes, allowing you to create and share entirely custom modules in this increasingly elaborate modular synthesizer. The ability to make your own nodes with their own inputs, outputs, and knobs, brings the app one big step closer to the "Reaktor for iPad" everyone has been asking for.

What's new in Audulus v2.5:

Audulus 2.5 adds a new in-app-purchase upgrade:
Custom Nodes.

The Custom Nodes upgrade allows you to add customized user interface to Patch Nodes. A user interface element (Knob, Input, Output, Filter Graph, etc.) in a sub-patch may be shown on the Patch Node by selecting "Expose" from the element's context menu. An element's position on the Patch Node is determined by its position in the sub-patch.

Custom nodes are made for sharing! Even if you haven't purchased the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can still use custom nodes built by others.

With the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can build the modular synth modules of your dreams, and beyond!

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $29.99

Here's a little introduction from developer Taylor Holliday, with some fun plinky plonky music in the background.