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Cubasis Update

Cubasis got an update with some interesting new support options, along with a Noise Gate effect. Along with this app update comes an update for the Cubasis Project Importer for Cubase.

What's new in Cubasis v1.8.1:

New Features:

  • Bluetooth, AirPlay and HDMI audio out support
  • New noise gate effect
  • Extended transport controls in the audio editor


  • Setup redesign
  • Selecting a channel in the mixer automatically scrolls its corresponding track into the visible area above the mixer.
  • After splitting an event only the newer part becomes selected.
  • Selecting a track is now also possible by touching its adjacent area in the arrange window.
  • When recording with the on-board keyboard the corresponding MIDI track gets autoscrolled into the visible area above the keyboard.
  • Double-tap resets the values of the transpose popup.
  • Mixer view gets updated if a track has been selected and its corresponding channel in the mixer is invisible.
  • Behaviour of MIDI and automation editor tools has been improved.
  • Tempo popup button behaviour has been improved.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Just last week Steinberg released this 25 minute tutorial on automation, added in the previous 1.8 update!

MIDI Designer Massive Update 

MIDI Designer got a truly massive update, with a series of new features and bug fixes. Below are just the new features.

What's new in MIDI Designer v1.6.2:

In Version 1.6.2, the most-powerful professional MIDI controller for iOS gets several important defect fixes, particularly regarding presets for groups (and channel changers). Several significant new features โ€” like multiline labels and bank/page jump buttons โ€” are also included.

New Features

  • Multiline labels for sliders, knobs, buttons and crossfaders
  • URL launching (via AudioBus, but other URLs work too)
  • Backgrounding for up to 60 minutes as config option
  • Page and Bank Jump Buttons, including jump back to last page
  • Jump and up/down for page and bank also available on other side (iPad only)

New Features in Design Mode

  • New (yellow) design-mode marker for Hide in Performance
  • Guidelines in design mode for easier alignment
  • Gridlines on pedalboards in design mode

Minor New Features

  • Some new textures: Cheese Grater, Tripping Bubbles, Pulsar, Hemoglobin (and renamed some)
  • Bring to Front in Performance (Toggle)
  • Bank button will not be visible if one bank (and other, similar cases)

Buy MIDI Designer Pro on iTunes: $29.99

Update: Developer Dan Rosenstark commented below with news of other changes and important details for MIDI Designer Lite owners who bought the unlock IAP. Get in touch with them to enjoy the benefits of this update when MIDI Designer Lite 1.6.2 hits iTunes!

Alchemy Updated with Sample Importing

Alchemy's update is full of surprises. Firstly because when I saw the sale yesterday the regional iTunes was only showing me some very boring patch notes about bug fixes, but now it reveals a lot of excellent new features. Included in this update is the ability to finally import your own sounds! Plus all of the IAPs, including the Pro upgrade, are on sale for 50% off!

What's new in Alchemy v2.3.1:


New Pro Features:

  • Import samples and create your own presets using templates (go to Sound Libraries > User)
  • Create your own remix pad variations
  • Support for Audiobus 2 project saves
  • Note erase mode - easily edit your recordings

New Free Features:

  • Tap and slide away from controls for increased accuracy
  • Double track length for longer overdubbing
  • Audiobus 2 support for even better integration with your other apps
  • Numerous other improvements and additions

Buy Alchemy Synth Mobile on iTunes: Freemium ($7 Unlock IAP, on sale from $15)

Frozen Lonesome - ECHO Slapped

Reader Frozen Lonesome shared this new video with music created, recorded, and mastered on his iPad. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed working with Oscilab on this track!

Video Description:

ECHO Slapped was created, recorded and mastered on an iPad 3. Main beat and melody created in Oscilab with added sounds from Bass Station ll, a Shruthi 1 and AUXFX:Dub. Recorded and arranged in LoopyHD and finished in Mastering.

Buy Oscilab on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Oscilab on Google Play: $4.99 (Plus Additional IAPs)

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