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Guitarism: Rockstar Collection IAP Demo

Ryan Hemeon has made a return to iOS demo production to show off the new Rockstar Collection In-App Purchase for Guitarism!

Buy Guitarism on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $2.99)

DrumJam Major Update & Sale

Sonosaurus' DrumJam got a major update today and is on sale for its original introductory discount price! This is the first time it's been that low in over a year! In addition to Inter-App Audio and AudioCopy 2, this update also adds new instruments for $1 each.

What's new in DrumJam v1.2:

  • Additional loops and instruments now available for In-App Purchase.
  • BEDLAM chaotic pad instrument effects: randomized pitch, pan, glitch, and reverse as you play the pads.
  • Inter-App-Audio support (IAA), for smooth integration into midi and audio DAW workflows.
  • Added control for the loop beat count to alter the effective time signature (2 through 8 beats per loop).
  • Added Drop Chance control that causes the auto-repeat to randomly drop hits when dragging on the pads.
  • Additional user preset export options
  • Master limiter effect added
  • MIDI clock sync improvements
  • Loop pitch is now adjustable (all loops together)
  • Streamlined settings
  • AudioCopy v2 support
  • iOS7 optimizations

Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, for $7.99)

thesoundtestroom was particularly impressed with the new features, and he put together a timely demo of the update.

JACK iOS 7 Status Update

Back in November JACK Audio Connect Kit announced that it was unlikely to ever work in iOS 7. The inter-app alternative to Audiobus and Apple's Inter-App Audio didn't give up though! They have been trying to find a way to move forward, and yesterday the following announcement was posted to the official site.

Update - January 29th 2014

We are currently investigating, also talking with people from Apple, whether there is a chance of bringing our previous way of Inter-Process Communication back on iOS 7+. Reason: the working solution for Inter-Process Communication on iOS 7 that we recently found (which is apparently also used by another inter-app audio connection app on the App Store) is far more ineffecient than the ones we are currently using in JACK. Plus we would need to adjust a significant part of JACK to make it using this particular Inter-Process Communication solution on iOS 7 instead. So we are probably deciding in about one week where to go from here, whether we will adjust JACK for this mentioned IPC method or whether it makes sense to wait for an update of iOS.

But for now we still recommend you: do not update your devices to iOS 7!

Buy JACK Audio Connection Kit on iTunes: Free

jakob haQ - Impaktoholic

YouTuber jakob haQ posted a very enjoyable Impaktor jam. The video is out-of-focus, but the music is excellent!

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

NAMM2014: Aerodrums

Sonic State found an amusing NAMM Oddity, real life Air Drums! The price is kind of absurd at $160, but if you have a Windows computer and a Playstation 3 Eye Camera you can get one today on Amazon!


I only wish I was able to see this for myself as by all accounts its a really remarkable system. Drummers grinning from ear to ear all over.

Based around a software package, reflective tape and a low cost gaming camera, you can turn fresh air into a fully articulate drum kit (well you need a PC and a drum kit voice). Its an impressive task.

Sadly on PC for now, but a Mac version is coming in a "few months."

Aerodrums is an air-drumming instrument. It runs on your computer and understands your drumming intent by watching you drum through a high speed camera. Aerodrums fits in a backpack with your laptop, feels and sounds as good as a real drum kit, can be silent to others around you, and is affordable.