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DJ Player Update

DJ Player received a massive update last month, and this month continues that trend!

What's new in DJ Player v7.6.5:

  • Plug-and-play support for the AKAI AMX (requires a powered USB hub).
  • Plug-and-play support for the Reloop Beatpad with colored jog wheels and all shiny.
  • Plug-and-play support for the Hercules DJControlWave with all leds.
  • FX filter type is saved between launches.
  • Correct handling or local virtual MIDI devices.
  • Fixed auto loop length midi encoder bug.
  • Fixed jog fx (didn't work for some controllers).
  • Fixed a rare crash in echo.
  • MIDI soft takeover is enabled by default from now.

DJControlWave note:

  • USB operation (recommended, low latency, full LED support): use a USB cable and the camera connector (no hub required).
  • Bluetooth operation: launch the DJUCED DJW app, enable "background mode pass-through" in settings, then launch DJ Player. Please note, the DJUCED app does not let LED feedback through currently.

Buy DJ Player on iTunes: Free ($19.99 Unlock IAP)

Rheyne Jam #117

Rheyne's latest live looping jam is a lot slower tempo than usual, reaching a near ambient quality.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

iMPC Pro Log: Slice Loop

Retronyms shared a new iMPC Pro Log video, outlining a new sample slicer coming in the next update. They also posted a video showing off the internal guts of the Wej, the prototype of which is assembled from off-the-shelf electronics.

Buy iMPC Pro on iTunes: $12.99

Casio CZ App Update

Casio's official CZ app got an update today.

What's new in CZ App v1.0.4:

  • Added audio control in MULTI PLAY.
  • Added knob control mode selection in confg menu.
  • Changed right and left button's function in keyboard position pad.
  • Fixed a bug in keyborad view.
  • Fixed KEY TRANSPOSE in using external MIDI devices.

Buy CZ App for iPad on iTunes: $19.99

Perplex On - Live Studio Improv

Perplex On's latest video is a combination of many fun toys and gritty sounds. He's got a bunch of Nintendo Wiimotes embedded in illuminated orbs acting as MIDI controllers. This creates the same effect as Percussa Audio Cubes for $700 less! It takes him a while to get going with all the sampling and looping set up, but it is worth the wait!

Video Description:

This is a live and uncut homestudio improvisation / test-drive starring: toy robot, kalimba, illuminated orbs, Ableton Push, iPad loaded with Soundscaper and Dedalus, Waldorf Rocket, Korg Volca Keys, Volca Bass, Arturia Microbrute.

Tech facts:

  • illuminated orbs with enclosed wiimotes, which are sending various motion data (acceleration, pitch, roll etc.)
  • this data is converted to midi data which is controlling the various analog synths (e.g. acceleration is triggering notes and pitch is controlling the filter cutoff)
  • iPad loaded with the apps Soundscaper an Dedalus
  • Ableton Push for piano

  • Timeline:

    00:00 - 00:40: Live sampling of a toy robot and a kalimba
    00:40 - 02:00: mangling with Soundscaper for creating a drone
    02:05 - 03:25: illuminated orbs triggering and controlling the analog synths
    03:25: some piano with Push
    04:45 - 05:55 orb triggering some glitchy drums which are live processed with the iPad app Dedalus
    06:07 - end: some little mallets triggered by the orb

    Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $6.99

    Buy Dedalus - Delay Audio Mangler on iTunes: $6.99