thesoundtestroom: NFM Synthesizer Demo for iPad

Doug Woods brings us a much needed demo for the new FM synth, NFM!

Video Description:

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Clyde Marley - PARLIAMENT

YouTuber Clyde Marley is playing in a fun Bebot melody on top of a heavy beat on a hardware Maschine!

Video Description:

Clyde Marley performs a live rendition of "Parliament" on the Native Instruments Maschine and the Apple iPad

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ChordUp Update

ChordUp, from Dmitry Klochkov, was updated with Audiobus 3; including MIDI output!

What's new in ChordUp v1.3.0:

ChordUp now provides Audiobus audio sender port and MIDI sender port.

Control buttons are now placed only by the corners of chord selector grid, minimising the chance of accidentally tapping on them when selecting a chord.

You can now enable and disable mute gesture and adjust the delay parameter for it.

-Menu remade
-UI polished
-Minor bug fixes

David Graham - Orientation

Reader David Graham shared another music video done entirely on iOS! The music is produced in Shoom, Patterning, and Model 15; while the video is from Takete and Hyperspektiv.

Positive Grid Updates for Audiobus 3

Positive Grid Inc has released Audiobus 3 updates for all of their apps!

What's new in (all apps below):

Hi there,

In this update, we are fully compatible with AudioBus 3, and fixed some minor issues to make sure its stability.

Rock on,
Team Positive Grid
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