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Hercules DJControlWaveM3

A couple of months ago Hercules announced their latest DJ controller for Android and iOS. The DJControlWaveM3 uses Bluetooth to connect to damn near everything. It can be used in several modes. Either standalone with desktops and tablets individually, or combine both platforms for multi-screen mode. It was supposed to be released last month for $300, but I can't find it for sale anywhere. I did find this new promo video though!

Video Description:

Hercules DJControlWaveM3 The first wireless DJ controller compatible with all screens - PC, Mac, Android, iOS.

DJControlWaveM3 provides three usage and mix modes:

• The DJControlWaveM3 plugs into a computer, Mac® or PC via USB ("Laptop Mode"), for essential mixing with included DJUCEDTM 40° software or all other DJ MIDI software such as VirtualDJ or Traktor.

• The DJControlWaveM3 plugs into a computer combined with a touchscreen device (tablet or smartphone), connected via wireless Bluetooth® technology, also integrated in the controller. It’s the "Multiscreen Mode".

• The Tablet Mode" allowing the DJ to wirelessly connect just his tablet to DJControlWaveM3 for a completely touchscreen-controlled mix using the application DJUCEDTM DJW (for iPad) or DJUCEDTM App (Android compatible).

DJControlWaveM3 comes with jog wheels in a metallic finish, and back-lit buttons to guide the DJ in low light conditions. This light and portable device provides eight hours of usage for an event lasting into the night thanks to its integrated battery.

discchord - Requiem for the Unrequited

This summer has provided me with some free time to finally get back into fully fleshing out songs worth sharing. This track features the Animoog patch I developed in my Let's Play with Animoog video. I'm really proud of the drum arrangement!

Video Description:

I try not to get political in my music or blog. I will however say that this is a pro-necrophilia song. Now doesn't it seem silly that some people are worrying about gay people getting married, when we live in a world with a pro-necrophilia song?

This track features a voodoo drum pattern that I reworked into 4/4 and is played on Taiko drum samples, which are further supplemented with synthesized drum parts on the Analog RYTM. I'm really pleased with how they all came together!

Download for free on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/discchord/requiem-for-the-unrequited/s-arKRq


  • Drums: Elektron Analog RYTM
  • Bass: Moog Minitaur
  • Acid Lead 1: Roland TR-3
  • Acid Lead 2: Cyclone TT-303
  • Pretty Shit: Animoog for iPad
  • Controller Software: TouchAble for iPad

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy touchAble on iTunes: $24.99

Frobulator Released!

Longtime reader Matthew Caldwell's first app is out now on iTunes, and is totally free!

Frobulator iTunes Description:

Frobulator is an experimental stereo modulated filter and delay effect. A combination of time and frequency domain processing gives it a different sound to a normal echo box. The special "FAIL" mode adds chaotic variations driven by an iterative map -- perfect for those times when your music is just too harmonious and listenable.

Apply Frobulator to live audio input, or connect with other music apps like GarageBand via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Frobulator supports Audiobus state saving and has IAA host transport controls.

NB: to avoid some nasty feedback, Frobulator is muted by default if you're using the built-in microphone and speakers on your iOS device. If you aren't getting any sound out, try pressing the mute button.

Buy Frobulator on iTunes: Free

In addition to the preview we got from Matt last week, Doug from The Sound Test Room did this demo!


NumbericalAudio has released a dedicated MIDI app for Moog's Theremini. Unlike other bespoke control surface apps, ThereMIDI is the only one offering Real-Tim Control™ for all of your needs!

ThereMIDI iTunes Description:

Get the most out of your Theremini with ThereMIDI a unique controller and patch editor.

Patch Editor:

ThereMIDI allows full real-tim control of the following parameters:
• VCO waveform, transpose, wavetable scan rate and more
• VCF cutoff frequency, resonance, filter type and key tracking
• Various modulations
• Advanced delay controls including effect mix, delay time and feedback
• Store and load presents on your iOS device
• Store presets to your theremini


ThereMIDI comes with a built in 16step mod sequencer. Sequence filter cutoff, resonance type and more. Even sequencing pitch is possible.

Midi Converter:

In this mode ThereMIDI converts CC data into MIDI notes making it possible to use the Theremini to play other synths. A built-in quantizer makes playing fun and easy to learn, users can choose from a variety of scales.

Buy ThereMIDI on iTunes: $4.99


NumericalAudio has released a couple of inexpensive MIDI control apps dedicated to a couple of interesting hardware goodies. The first up is MIDIBrute, for Arturia's MiniBrute and MicroBrute synthesizers.

MIDIBrute iTunes Description:

The iOS companion app for your Arturia Brute synthesizer. MIDIBrute enables you to configure all of your Brutes software only features from your iOS device.

MIDIBrute is especially useful when using an iOS Device together with your music equipment without a Mac or PC on hand to quickly change your Arturia Brute synthesisers settings.

Universal Application

MIDIBrute runs on your iPhone as well as on your iPad. So no need to buy twice.

MIDI Clock Support

MIDIBrute can send a MIDI clock signal to your synthesizer. In case you're unable to sync with something else you can at least configure BPM.

Simple And Intuitive

We worked hard to make MIDIBrute easy to use and nice to look at.


MIDIBrute requires an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter !!!

Supported Devices:

Currently MIDIBrute supports Arturias MiniBrute and MicroBrute. We're working on support for MiniBrute SE and MicroBrute SE.

Buy MIDIBrute on iTunes: $1.99