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iPad Busking Setup Walkthrough

Wojtek Domagalski, seen here jamming on his busking setup, has posted two videos walking us through the gear. The first part is embedded below, you can find part 2 here. I especially like his custom Impaktor drum.

Video Description:

Made for those who are interested in using their IOS device to make music, in particular looping. All apps are within Audiobus 2 environment: Loopy HD, Sunrizer, Impaktor, Ampkit, Turnado. Hardware: IPad Air, Behringer UCA 202, IRig Blueboard, Akai MPK Mini.

Ken Karsh - iOS Loop Incident 

Ken Karsh shared this Loopy improvisation, with an introduction explaining his Audiobus chain. The jam starts at 1:02.

Video Description:

Inspired by Keith Jarrett and his solo piano concert (Bremen-Lausanne), I attempted to make a simple melody over a loop made up of two guitars. Programs utilized on the iOS platform are AUFX: Dub (delay) and AUFX: Space with Audiobus (for the guitar sound), Loopy (for the recording) and iMovie iOS with the iSight camera on the iPad. Final editing was done in iMovie for Mac. I tried to do a little more sidestepping on the improvisation in order to create some tension. Hope it worked!! Enjoy and thanks again!!

Buy AUFX: Space on iTunes: $3.99


Buy AUFX: Dub on iTunes: $3.99

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99

Apple Adds Bluetooth MIDI in iOS 8

Reader Slaphead and developer Alex Matheu wrote in with a couple of exciting new additions revealed for iOS 8.

In an uncharacteristic surprise, Apple has not locked iOS 8 down under a wall of Non-disclosure Agreements. They are instead allowing everyone to watch the WWDC sessions! That is to say, everyone coming to the site on a Mac. In a move that severely pissed me off yesterday, Apple actually blocks you from watching videos if you're on browser other than Safari on a Mac! The iOS WWDC app is further crippled to only install on iOS 7.1 devices. You can however watch this on iPhones and iPads if you come to it from Safari for iOS, no matter what version of iOS you're running.

MIDI Over Bluetooth LE

The WWDC video What's New In Core Audio reveals that MIDI over Bluetooth LE is coming to both iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite! We've had the opportunity to play with the ultra-low latency of Bluetooth LE this year in Secret Base Design's Apollo, but now it will be baked into the OS. I've made use of the Apollo app quite a lot. It is especially helpful for running controller instruments on my iPhone to play synths on my iPad, so I can tweak the iPad knobs without contorting to also reach an on-screen keyboard. The latency really is quite ridiculously low. It is a noticeable improvement from the years of struggling with MIDI over WiFi.

Unfortunately apps will need to be updated to make use of this new OS feature. This includes the possibly arduous task of adding a very specific set of User Interface widgets to app UIs, in order to establish the connections. These factors will likely mean that Apollo will continue to be useful for at least another year for legacy apps, as we're still seeing apps just now updating for iOS 7.

Inter-app Audio Node UI

Apple has also added a new UI for developers to use with Inter-App Audio. This is intended to make IAA more uniform across apps, by providing a universal UI that is shared by all apps. This UI will behave very similarly to Audiobus' connection panel, allowing for fast app switching by tapping on the individual app icons. Unlike Audiobus though, all transport controls are intended to be limited to the Apple provided Node UI. You won't have the dynamic controls that developers can add to their app's Audiobus panel, like individual track muting.


To further troll Audiobus developer Michael Tyson, Apple have also announced a new audio engine framework.

AVAudioEngine intendeds to greatly simplify the implementation of Core Audio. Previously Core Audio has been a major pain for developers, requiring very specific advanced knowledge. AVAudioEngine will be welcome news by many who have struggled with Core Audio. However, this does not bode well for Michael's free framework, The Amazing Audio Engine.

Guide Track

Different Drummer developer Techné Media has another very different app. Guide Track allows you to create a click track based on the known structure of a song, to aid in the recording process.

Guide Track iTunes Description:

Guide Track is the primary go-to tool when you want to quickly create a precise guide track for recording when you know the song structure and the style.

Simply enter in the time signature, which chords for how many beats and the beat style—Guide Track does the rest for you!

Use inter-app audio or AudioBus or save your track to file and you are ready to start recording for real with a perfect smart click track and guide chords.

You can also use Guide Track to print out chord sheets for your band or to capture song ideas or for recording aid.


  • Records stereo WAV file that can be copied and pasted, saved to Dropbox or emailed
  • Supports Inter-app recording and Audiobus
  • Saves 4-track Type 1 MIDI files
  • All major chord families covered with chord inversions
  • Over 35 stock drum patterns
  • Click and Count-in
  • 128 GM Sounds
  • Several chord play styles
  • Instant chord sheet
  • Add rests or chords as needed
  • Transpose songs any time
  • Time signatures that readjust beat structures for you
  • Preview chords before inserting
  • Rearrange or insert chords or section
  • Looping playback
  • Define up to 4 sections for easy entry of repeated material

Buy Guide Track on iTunes: $4.99

Retronyms Stryke Demo

While Retronyms co-founder JP Walton has been pimping a lengthy prelude to the release of iMPC Pro, his brother Dan is showing off an entirely new app today; Stryke. There aren't a lot of details for this one yet, but read the Video Description if you're interested in doing a promo video for them and want early access.

Video Description:

Stryke is a new iPad instrument coming soon from Retronyms — everyone plays it differently, this is how Dan plays it :)

Post your own #StrykeShred video on YouTube: Email Dan with a cover song idea, and we'll send you a promo code for the pre-release version (limited quantity) dan@retronyms.com

Need song ideas? Check http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ for tabs, chords and more!