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Twisted Electrons have released their 3rd app in the last 2 months; CRUD! An iPad bass synth for DNB and Dubstep.

CRUD iTunes Description:

CRUD is an earth shattering bass synthesizer.
50 patches that will make your DNB, Dubstep mixes crunch and growl!


  • 6 expression knobs that have different effect depending on preset:
    • Cutoff
    • Resonance
    • Lfo Speed
    • Lfo Depth
    • Bit Crush
    • Attack
    • Release
  • Audiobus to drop the horrors directly into your tunes.
  • Midi input
  • Buy CRUD on iTunes: $2.99

    I'm underwhelmed by the fact that you're locked into the presets, with limited "expression knobs" for sound design, but it's $3 and comes with Audiobus. thesoundtestroom on the other hand is having a lot fun with it in this demo!

    Novation Launchkey Mini

    Novation have announced a miniature addition to their line of Launchkey keyboards. For $99 you get 25-keys, 16 velocity-sensitive touch pads, 8 knobs, and 9 buttons. All of which can be plugged into PC/Mac or iPad!

    Here is a fucking terrible demo video that repeats the same basic song over and over again in different locations.

    Korg Volca Beats Review

    Sonic Touch co-host Nick Batt got his hands on the entire Korg Volca range of cheap analog synths. He'll be reviewing them all, and I'll be posting them here. Partly because at $150 I think these little devices fall under the wider purview of the site; offering affordable music making opportunities to the masses. Though the main reason I'll be posting them is because, of everyone out there, I think Nick does the best hardware reviews!

    This review has made me glad I skipped the Beats. I think I'd get better results out of DM1 WIST synced on my iPhone.

    Cubasis DIY Send Effects Using Audiobus

    John Walden from Music App Blog has a tutorial on how to setup Send Effects in Cubasis with Audiobus!

    Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99


    Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

    S4 Rhythm Composer Pro Released

    Yesterday I found the promo video for the new Pro version of S4 Rhythm Composer, and today it is now available!
    It ships with Audiobus, which was also added today to their S4-Pad Universal sampler.

    S4 Rhythm Composer Pro iTunes Description:

    S4 Rhythm Composer Pro is a beatbox that can be customized in various ways. 14 drum kits are preset, and also you can create and save the entire kit as "User kits" at your choice.

    This app has various real-time effects. This allows you not only to play a created pattern (song), but also to play music, controlling various effects in real time.


    • PCM Sound (Number of parts: 10)
    • 14 preset drum kits
    • Step Sequencer (16 steps/32 steps)
    • Song function (Maximum 300-bar)
    • Tone editing (Name, Volume, Panning, Mute Group, Tune, Dynamic Processor, Wave Trimming, Attack/Decay Time)
    • Audio Import (AudioCopy, iPod Library, File)
    • Audio Export (Audiobus, AudioCopy/Paste is supported)
    • Real-time recording
    • Various Master Effects (Distortion, Dynamic Processor, Delay, Reverb)
    • Control in real time, assigning the effect parameters to the FX XY Pad
    • Real-time Effects (Slicer, LPF, Glitch, and Roller)
    • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) is supported
    • CoreMIDI (Input) is supported
    • Playing in the background is supported

    S4 Rhythm Composer Pro is a dedicated iPad app. Not available on iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Buy S4 Rhythm Composer Pro on iTunes: $4.99