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Even More App Sales!

Launchpad App Audio Import Tutorial

Novation have released a tutorial for the AudioCopy update added this week to Launchpad, as a $7 In-App Purchase.

Buy Novation Launchpad on iTunes: Freemium

Guitar Focus

Guitar Focus for Android and iOS is a stylish looking learning aid to help guitarists with chords.

Guitar Focus iTunes Description:

Beautiful, minimalist visualization tool for guitarists to learn scales in the context of chords - the scales' modes*. Available scales are: Diatonic, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor. *Note that I'm not talking here about the modes seen as differents tonal center of a scale, but only as the different sets of intervals in a scale based on each one of its degrees.

The harmonic identity of the notes you play over a chord (or while implying one in chord-melody), is their interval in relation to the chord's root. This is what this app shows you, it helps you see the true "color" of notes instead of a "one fit for all" series of scale degrees or notes names that you play blindingly without knowing what quality a note have in the actual context.

There's two fretboards so you can practice over chord changes, and the notes are visually 'weighted' (styled differently) according to their importance - chord tones, pentatonic complements, and the last 2 that complete the scale. You can change these visual weights, to put emphasis on a particular extended chord (the styles for each mode are remembered).

There's also a moving and resizable middle bar controlling a mask that let you focus on a small region of the fretboard. In addition to the names of the modes - which are just labels to differentiate them - you have the scale degree, written as functional chord symbol (roman numeral).

You can also:

  • Unlink the two boards for a different key/scale for each one;
  • Scroll up to the 24th fret;
  • Hide notes on a string and highlight the string, to practice with open strings (if the open note is possible);
  • Choose one of 12 colors as a fretboard's color theme.

Buy Guitar Focus on iTunes: $2.99

Buy Guitar Focus on Google Play: $1.80

Audiobus 2 State Saving is Coming!

Holderness Media's Stereo Designer is the first app on iTunes to support the "state saving" feature in Audiobus 2! This is going to be a godsend in the elaborate new iteration of Audiobus. You can have so many different apps connected in so many different ways that it'll quickly become tedious to have to manually recall presets for every single app.

Seriously, I've been using Audiobus 2 for months now and it is awesome to be able to chain all kinds of effects in different ways, but it is a major productivity-killer to have to go through and recall all of the individual presets in all of the individual apps. The more apps you're using, the more time you spend doing this little dance instead of making music.

With state saving you just click on one preset in Audiobus and it recalls all of the apps you were using in that chain, including various parameters inside each of the apps that support it! Note to developers: check the comments here for details on early-access to the SDK.

What's new in Stereo Designer v1.0.1:

Audiobus 2 state saving!

  • Save effect parameters inside Audiobus 2, allowing you to save, recall, and share custom Stereo Designer settings using new Audiobus 2 presets.
  • Create awesome effects by combining with our other FX apps Echo Pad and Swoopster, which also support state saving in Audiobus 2.
  • *State Saving requires Audiobus 2.0 app. (Visit http://audiob.us/two)

Bugfix with upper XY pads

Buy Stereo Designer on iTunes: $4.99

Sliver Demo & Tutorial

Doug from thesoundtestroom was quick to get out a new demo of Sliver, released just yesterday. I have to imagine most of you already have it because it shot up to #1 in the music category on iTunes in several countries!

Buy Sliver on iTunes: $3.99