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iOS 9 News Round-Up

Between the flurry of app updates there has been a lot of other activity surrounding the release of iOS 9! Here's a round-up!

iPad mini 4 has 2GB of RAM!

Today iFixit confirmed that the new iPad Mini 4 has 2GB of RAM! They did this confirming by brutally eviscerating one of the shiny new devices in what appears to be ritualized torture; viewer discretion is strongly advised.

As rumored the newest mini is running an A8 from the iPhone 6 instead of the A8X from the iPad Air 2. The A8 runs a little slower, and has one less CPU on the chip. Looking at the spec sheets for both processors I guessed the iPad Mini 4 would be at least 40% slower than an iPad Air 2. According to ArsTechnica the actual benchmarks reveal it to be closer to 50% slower than the iPad Air 2.

"Having a whole extra CPU core makes the 1.5GHz A8X in the iPad Air 2 about 50% faster than the Mini 4, but we're still looking at a 20-or-so percent improvement over the old Mini 2 and Mini 3."

That's more than a little disappointing, but I have to guess Apple needed to keep the heat lower in the smaller model.

iOS 9 Developer Q&A

AudioNewsRoom did a multi-developer interview on the iPad Pro and iOS 9. The article has responses from several respected developers, including the Audiobus guys, Oliver Greschke, Olympia Noise Co.'s Ben Kamen, and iOS music pioneer Rolf Wöhrmann. The iPad Pro stuff is all speculative, but there are some interesting responses to the last question about Audio Units in iOS 9.

"It looks like iOS and Apple desktop music are getting closer to each other, which is good. The announcements sounded pretty exciting, like AudioUnits that you can use on iOS AND Desktop. But I have heard that the needed frameworks are not at a final state yet – lots of bugs, that Apple should fix first. So I guess it will take some time before we get some new technologies / apps that make use of these new features."
- Oliver Greschke, Elastic Drums
"We’re still waiting for Apple’s own system Audio Units on iOS to become compatible with the new Audio Unit Extensions. Until this arrives, many apps will face significant hurdles before their developers can make them compatible. "
- Sebastian Dittmann, Audiobus

Shots Fired!

Music App Blog's John Walden went on the attack yesterday, dismissing bloggers that do not update to iOS 9 as cowardly. He then went on a frantic tare through Cubasis trying different IAA connections. He reports that everything seemed fine, though drugs may have been a factor.

John's seemingly irresponsible ravings were answered by Doug Woods, who urged caution in John's wake. Doug talked about his troubles when updating from iOS 7 to iOS 8, and points out that there is no impetus to update to iOS 9 at this time. Drugs were almost certainly a factor here too.

jakoB haQ - Trapped In Kaoss

Jakob Haq posted this fun little jam on iKaossilator. He even manages to make his mistake amusing!

Video Description:

Trapped In Kaoss my latest track performed live with KORG iKaossilator. A very cool Trap style track made in mere minutes from starting up the app.

Buy Korg iKaossilator on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

AudioCopy Updated for iOS 9

AudioCopy has been updated to work again in iOS 9; for anyone who noticed that it didn't. Like Audiobus' new annoying pop-ups when creating app connections, Apple now requires you to go through some notification bullshit when using AudioCopy. Make sure you turn on Notifications!

What's new in AudioCopy v3.0.5:

iOS 9 support. Fixes issue where audio was not copied from another app. AudioCopy uses Notifications to complete the copy operation in this update. Please set Notifications to "Allow" (On or Green) under your iPhone settings. With this update, after you tap "Copy Audio", also tap the notification that appears at the top of the screen to complete the copy process.

Buy AudioCopy on iTunes: Free

Remaster Updated with Audio Unit Support

Remaster is the first effects app to be updated with iOS 9 Audio Unit support on iTunes. This is more of a historical footnote than any useful news however, since there aren't any Audio Unit host apps available yet.

What's new in Remaster v1.5:

Added Audio Unit Extension: You can now use our equalizer in other apps that host audio units. This is a new iOS 9 feature only and you will need a host app that hosts audio units. Select Remaster in the list of available audio units.

Additional bug fixes.

Buy Remaster on iTunes: $2.99

Josh Spoon - Patterning & Bass Jam

YouTuber Josh Spoon put together a nicely layered drum pattern in Patterning, before jamming on his bass guitar.

Video Description:

Support my performances on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/joshspoon

Patterning : Drum Machine is a fun app. I've been playing with it for a few days and thought I'd make a beat and jam on it with a bassline.

I'm also using:

  • iRig Pro + Amplitube
  • Swoopster
  • AudioShare
  • AudioBus
  • Tape

Buy Patterning on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Swoopster on iTunes: $4.99


Buy Tape by Focusrite on iTunes: Free