Terry Two - Live Looping Jam No. 1

Reader Terry Two shared a jazzy live looping jam using his guitar, a trombone, and naturally his iPad! It's a little slow to start, as with all live looping videos, but it starts to kick in around 2 minutes.

Video Description:

all live looped except the one drum prerecorded drum loop.

Using an ipad, itrack dock, irig blueboard, trombone , line 6 variax, line 6 xt live, launchkey 61

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haQ attaQ - OP-1 String Synthesis

Jakob Haq got a Teenage Engineering OP-1 and he's already started doing tutorials for it. Here's he shows you how to use string synthesis, and then how to control that with the gyroscope of the device. I love the sounds he's getting here!

Figure Update

Figure got an interesting update that, among other things, addresses the biggest question everyone had after the last update: "Who the fuck is Allihoopa, did Propellerheads sell out to Alibaba?"

What's new in Figure v2.1.2:

  • Profile tab! Tap Allihoopa to find your profile. Make it even prettier by adding a photo of yourself, a description of who you are, and a tag line.
  • Double tap on a patch name to bring up the new patch browser. You can also hide a patch you don't like by pressing the eye icon.
  • David on the Figure team suggests hiding the Kamelen lead sound, because "it's useless". I (Leo) kind of like it. Well, I made it. Don't hide it please.
  • Improved Facebook sign-up and login stability
  • Some of our dialog boxes were quite confusing. They now are less so. We hope.
  • The in app settings have been moved to the iOS system Settings.

By the way: we've been getting some questions about who Allihoopa is. It's us! We were previously called the Propellerhead mobile team. We're now the Allihoopa mobile team. Same people, same owners, more colorful logo.

Hope you're having fun with Figure!
The Figure and Allihoopa team

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RonoTron - Infinity Night Sky (Korg OK Go Contest)

Reader RonoTron is the latest to participate in the Korg OK Go contest. He's included a lot of notes on this spacey jam!

Video Description:

This is my music video submission for the Korg - New Music Always OKGO contest. It took few weekends to write this song. I tried to combine both digital soft synths and physical hardware from Korg. Playing and creating notes along with real-time projection feedback and visualization, making music in a very immersive way allowed me to see a different perspective.

Used the following Korg instruments in the order of their appearance:

  • Korg Volca Sample for bells, drones, and clicks
  • Korg Gadget (Chiang Mai)
  • Korg Monotron Delay (x2) for delay and feedback effects
  • Korg Taktile 49 to sequence MIDI notes and arps
  • Korg KP3+ for chain effects, noises
  • Korg Gadget (Dublin) for intro lead patterns
  • Korg Volca Beats for drum parts and patterns
  • Korg Volca Keys for primary leads
  • Korg Volca Bass for base notes and secondary leads
  • Korg Gadget Helsinki for saw (ending melody)
  • Other Korg Gadgets for subtle ambient textures (Bilbao, Marseille, Wolfsburg)

Graphics and videos are created in real-time using FRAPS inside Space Engine.

Follow me on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ronotron

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GliderVerb Update

Amazing Noises first GliderVerb update of the year is a big one! Ableton Link, Bluetooth, a new Spectroscope view, along with other goodies, are added in this update.

What's new in GliderVerb v1.6:

  • Ableton Link in integration
  • New SYNC for LFO and Sequencer
  • New Input Spectroscope view
  • New iCloud Drive and Document Picker for Presets and Files
  • MIDI Clock improved
  • Improved Toggle Interaction
  • Audiobus latest SDK update
  • Midibus 1.35
  • Bluetooth Audio IO support
  • Bluetooth MIDI LE Support
  • Added Preset Manager 'Open In…’ Support
  • Added Preset Manager ‘Sends the audio files used from the Bank’
  • Added File Manager 'Send E-Mail' Support
  • Loud Audio Fixed during Load Presets
  • Audio Engine Optimisation
  • Bug Fixed

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