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Flux:FX Demo

The Sound Test Room returns from a brief holiday with his Flux:FX demo. This app has been getting so much attention!

Buy Flux:FX on iTunes: $19.99

KM Productions: Luna Stepmas Soundpack

Reader Kyle Mohr wishes everyone a very agro Christmas with the release of a new sample pack available for Ableton, Traktor, and raw WAV. Here he does an excellent performance with the pack on his MIDI Fighter and TouchOSC.

Video Description:

While this soundpack isn't Christmas themed, it was a planned release for last week, hence the name. There are 2 banks of 32 samples, as you will find they are all very interchangeable so try to utilize the vast playability! It's full of some great bass wobbles, old movie samples, and rich synths. Enjoy! -Kyle

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Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

DrumPerfect Update

The 5th major update for DrumPerfect includes full MIDI input support and MIDI file export!

What's new in DrumPerfect v1.05:

Extensive midi-in support: note and control messages, coremidi and virtual midi ports, configurable channel filter per port, configurable control filter per port, midi learn for note and control messages, note recording, midi file import via iTunes and Open-in from other apps.

Other features:

  • Midi file export via iTunes, Dropbox and Open-in.
  • Audio file import via Open-in from other apps (wav, m4a).
  • Improved midiclock sync.
  • UI refinements, 6 themes.
  • Linked sets can be played at configurable intervals.
  • Overwrite drum kit in song mode.
  • Hihat pedal emulation.
  • Configurable metronome.
  • Option for laidback feel of instruments in pattern.
  • Option for auto normalization of rendered audio.
  • Open-in export option.
  • Color labeling of song patterns.
  • Audio buffer length control.
  • Updated to Audiobus SDK 2.1.5.
  • Native 64-bit support.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Buy DrumPerfect on iTunes: $14.99

    THEM - Ambient/Drone Live Set

    Youtuber THEM has been releasing lots of live performances using music apps! Here's an droning ambient piece.

    Video Description:

    Novation Mininova midi to iPad Air using Alesis io DockII, EHX Stereo Memory Man all mixed through a Roland VS-1680. Apps used on iPad are the Novation Launchkey, Moog Animoog, Strange Attractor, DROM

    Buy Novation Launchpad on iTunes: Freemium


    Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

    Buy Strange Attractor on iTunes: $4.99


    Buy DR-OM on iTunes: $1.99

    PSA: Let's Quit Smoking

    It's time to start making New Year's Resolutions. For any of my readers that are still smoking, I'd like to encourage you to quit! I smoked for 19 years, but I've been cigarette free for over a month now. Here's how I did it with vaping!

    Video Description:

    I quit smoking, and would like to encourage anyone else that is still smoking to quit with vaping! In this video I explain my whole process of easily quitting after 19 years of smoking!

    Things to keep in mind:

    Nicotine is a poison. Even small amounts can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Keep your juices out of reach of children, pets, and drunk roommates.

    You'll probably want to have 2 batteries and 2 tanks. If anything goes wrong or breaks on one, you'll have a backup instead of going back to the cigs! Do not buy the cheapshit $25 "starter kits" or any of the plastic tanks you'll see online. These may not produce enough vapor or flavor to satisfy your cravings as a smoker. You can get a much better experience for around $60-80. You may see some mods for as much as $150, but honestly you won't need one of those to start... or possibly ever.

    Try to plan your budget with these things in mind. I burn up about 30ml juice in a week, this is about average. Some people go way above this chain vaping. You need to replace your tank coils about once every week. Buy a 5 pack of coils with your tank!

    Suggested Starter Batteries:

    iTazte VV $25 (The thin black battery I use on my daily driver.)
    iMVP20W $40 (Not shown. I don't have one but they are quickly gaining popularity.)
    iStick $30 (My little blue thing. Use only with an Aspire Nautilus tank, it burns up Kanger tank heads.)
    Aspire CF VV (Similar to the big battery I have. Available in a good starter kit for $60, that comes with the Aspire Nautilus tank.)

    Suggested Starter Tanks:

    Kangertech Genitank $20 (Great adjustable air draw!)
    Aspire Nautilus Mini $24 - (For $10 more you can buy the metal tank shown in this video so you don't have to worry about breaking it.)

    Suggested Starter Gear for Ballers:

    If you want to go balls out, grab the Aspire Sub Ohm Battery ($32) and Aspire Atlantis ($30) tank. This is the big combo I show off in this video, and it is awesome. It produces so much vapor! It is a hugely satisfying vape. Be aware that because it is producing so much more vapor, it burns up juice nearly 2x faster than any of the other tank combos. That can get expensive!

    Additional Resources:

    http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette - This subreddit is a great place to learn. They have daily "Ask Anything" threads where people will gladly answer even the newbiest newbie questions. Beward though that some misinformation/panic/echo-chambering can occur: Do not take health or safety advice from Reddit.

    https://www.youtube.com/user/pbusardo - Phil Busardo is easily the best YouTuber for e-Cig news, tips, etc. Definitely check him out!

    http://www.reddit.com/r/ecig_vendors/ - The eCig Vendors subreddit is a great place to find amazing deals on juices and gear!

    Gear Vendors:

    These guys have great low prices for your gear needs.

    http://101vape.com/ - I've personally used them, great turn around time on shipping.

    http://vapenw.com/ - I hear great things about their customer support and their prices are among the best.

    http://www.fasttech.com/ - You can save some money buying directly from China, but holy shit the delivery times are unbearably slow.

    Juice Vendors:

    These guys all offer juices at extremely low prices year-round.