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GliderVerb Update

The first update for GliderVerb is out, addressing a number of areas including Audiobus 2.1 and AudioCopy 2.

What's new in GliderVerb v1.1:

This update require iOS 7 for Audiobus Compatibility

  • AudioBus 2.1 compatible
  • Audiobus and Inter App Audio improvements
  • UI improvements
  • AudioCopyAndPaste latest SDK update
  • Some built-in new presets
  • New: Prevent the Audio feedback without headphone accessory
  • Minor bug fixed

Buy GliderVerb on iTunes: Free ($7 Unlock)

Patreon Patrons: Vote on the August Let's Play!

It's time to pick the next app to be featured in the Let's Play series!

Patreon patrons can head over here to nominate apps. Be sure to check back in Sunday to vote for your favorite. Non-Patrons should consider becoming Patrons because this one is going to be close! Lots of people have been suggesting Tera Synth, while a growing contingency are requesting Stroke Machine. Of course you can suggest anything you'd like. Last month Audulus lost by only 1 vote, so that could see another strong showing!

Suggest an app for the next Let's Play video.

Update: The poll is now open on Patreon Post! Go back there and place your votes.

New Features in Miselu C.24

Miselu's C.24 should begin shipping this month, according to the most recent estimate. Ahead of that comes a video showing off features we've never seen before! The keyboard has motion sensors on the sides that allow you to control things like sustain and octave shifting! That swipe on the left to octave shift looks surprisingly fluid and natural. The video also shows off the T.10 module (inserted into the left module slot), which allows for pitchbends.

Video Description:

Here is a quick demo showing optical octave switching and sustain as well as using the T.10 for pitch bend.

Swiping your hand along the right side of the keyboard activates sustain. Swiping your hand along the left side of the keyboard transposes the keyboard up one octave (motion front to back) or down an octave (motion from back to front).

The Miselu C.24 and T.10 are Bluetooth Low Energy devices designed to work with any CoreMIDI application running in iOS.

iSymphonic Orchestra

CrudeBytes, makers of CMP Grand, have released another highly technical music app. iSymphonic Orchestra proposes to be an entire orchestra in a single app. Sadly there are no videos to demo that. At this asking price that seems crazy.

iSymphonic Orchestra iTunes Description:

The ultimate orchestra sound app for sophisticated musicians, directed by Kurt Ader, designed as professional sound module for your iPad by connecting an external MIDI keyboard, using the Apple USB camera adapter or another adapter supported by Apple.

This app supports Apple's "Inter-App Audio" System (requires iOS 7 or higher) and the "JACK Audio Connection Kit" (up to iOS 6.1.3) for audio & MIDI connections from/to other audio apps!

iSymphonic Orchestra was designed with the goal to deliver you superb, extremely realistic and stunning orchestra sounds, instantly with the first key being pressed by you on your MIDI keyboard. Just select a sound and you are ready for your live performance or for a boost of creativity while composing new songs. The sounds used in this app were explicitly recorded to fulfill these requirements and involved several months of recording and post processing under supervision of Kurt Ader and included a variety of innovative, new recording techniques. So far these sounds were only available to very few, famous movie composers. Now they are finally available for the first time to everybody. The supreme quality of these sounds, combined with the unique way they were recorded and assembled, gives us confidence that you haven't heard anything comparable as of to date, even not on Mac or PC.


  1. Orchestra Strings Spiccato & Legato
  2. Orchestra Strings Slow 1
  3. Chamber Arco Strings
  4. Legato Orchestra Strings 1
  5. Full Sordino Strings 1
  6. Legato Orchestra
  7. Staccato Orchestra 1
  8. Staccato Orchestra 2
  9. Tremolo Orchestra
  10. Pizzicato Strings

General Features:

  • Low latency disk streaming.
  • Polyphony up to 140 stereo voices.
  • Configurable audio latency down to 5 ms.
  • Integrated effects with 18 presets.
  • 16 parts.
  • MIDI velocity response curve editor to fine tune the feeling of your MIDI keyboard.
  • App can keep running in the background, so you can play on your keyboard while e.g. using Safari or another app to display scores or surfing the Internet.
  • Hermode Tuning: Makes the sound more brilliant by controlling the pitch of the notes in multivoiced music to better frequency ratios than with fixed tuning. This dynamic tuning imitates the tuning behavior of well educated musicians of i.e. orchestras and choirs.
  • Supports Apple's "IAA" system for audio & MIDI streaming between other apps (iOS 7 or higher).
  • Supports "JACK Audio Connection Kit" for audio & MIDI streaming between other apps (up to iOS 6.1.3).
  • Virtual on-screen piano keyboard with velocity support, scalable & scrollable.

MIDI Player / Recorder:

  • Record, save and load your songs in standard MIDI file format.
  • Unlimited amount of tracks.
  • Configurable target MIDI channel per track.
  • Unlimited recording and playback length.
  • Download or upload MIDI files with iTunes.
  • Load your favorite songs as MIDI files from the Internet, and watch at the virtual keyboard how to play it.
  • Use the "Tempo Zoom" dial knob to i.e. slow down playback at any time and learn your favorite songs more easily.

Buy iSymphonic Orchestra on iTunes: $54.99

maN Œuvre iOS Album

Reader maN Œuvre has released moN Œuvre, an album composed entirely on iOS, on the Apptronica label!

There are even a couple of videos of his work. Wrath0FcaN shows off his jamming in Samplr, but I really enjoyed the tune in asK (thE Garden), embedded below, using: Samplr, iMini, AudioShare, and mastered in Auria with the FabFilter plugins.