Conductr Users: Edu Comelles

Conductr posted this inspiring interview with one of their users. Edu Comelles created a whole album from a single sample of a wine glass being brushed, and Conductr!

Video Description:

"Conductr is essential in a live situation. I remove the computer from the stage. I take it out as an iconic element of the electronic music culture and use the app’s interface to visualize what’s going on in Ableton."
(Edu Comelles)

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Introduction to Korg Gadget

Ryan Hemeon from iOS Mars has gotten back into doing YouTube videos! Here's his Introduction to Korg Gadget!

Video Description:

In this video I review and get you started with Gadget by KORG. This is a great app that I am really enjoying, big thanks to KORG for sending this to me. In the video I show you how to get started making a song from scratch. I talk about all the really great features the app has, only downsides seem to be the lack of audio recording, no effects in the mixer, and that you can't use IAA within the app. all in all it's a really good app that any type of musician can get use out of. Highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already.

Buy Korg Gadget on iTunes: $39.99

Animoog Update

Both versions of Animoog were updated with fixes, along with MIDI support for Program Change messages.

What's new in Animoog (both):

  • Fixed regression where the delay rate knob position wasn't properly being interpolated anymore.
  • Added support for MIDI program change, mapped to the presets in the currently active category in the order they're displayed.
  • Improvements to Audiobus integration stability.
  • Fixed occasional glitches at the end of making a recording.

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Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $5.99

Sean Garland - Birthday

Sean Garland from iOS Mars did a stirring song for his wife's birthday using Gestrument and a collection of her photos.

Video Description:

Slideshow of my wife Madeline's recent photography for her birthday. Music by me, using the iOS music app Gestrument.

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SunVox Update

SunVox continues to be the best $6 you ever spent with yet another major feature update. This time around there is a new module and advanced interpolation has been added to morph between patterns.

What's new in SunVox v1.9.1:

  • new module - Glide; it is similar to the MultiSynth, but it also adds the commands of smooth transition between the notes; see the glide.sunvox example;
  • advanced Interpolator has been added to the Pattern Editor: with this tool you can make a smooth transition of the values of any pattern columns, with various parameters (like the curve type, noise, etc.);
  • new function in the Module View (Routing) - Replace; use it if you want to replace the selected module by some other module without loss of connections;
  • MIDI buttons (with notes) linked to some SunVox actions (shortcuts) are now ignored by the synths;
  • Sampler (sample editor): now the Copy and Paste functions work through the file;
  • Sampler (sample editor): new effects (Invert and Center) has been added;
  • LFO: new controller "Duty cycle" (only for the square waveform);
  • CUT operation has been added to the Module View (Routing) and the Timeline;
  • new instrument from Cube48: DrumSynth48;
  • new simple song examples: glide;
  • new song examples: snowfall, SunVox Compo 2015.10 Winners (KnyazIvan - fatal precession, OceanicDegree - Dreaming, echo2 - unreal love 3);
  • bugs fixed.

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

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