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Reader Stefano Durini had a haunting exploration into generative music, with Poly and Scape.

Buy Poly on iTunes: Freemium


Buy Scape on iTunes: $5.99

EGSY01 Synth Demo

thesoundtestroom explored the recently released, and Audiobus enabled, EGSY01 Universal synth.

Buy EGSY01 on iTunes: $2.99

Help Save iOS MARS 

Ryan Hemeon from iOS MARS has been featured quite a lot on this site; providing excellent tutorials, reviews, and belligerent fits. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of his typically prodigious pace, with the sudden realization that he faces eviction.

"So you may be asking, how did this happen? Well my former room mate had the government paying our rent in full. I was told the lease was up in December and we had plenty of time to take care of this... Turns out there was a miscommunication between the land lord and my room mate and the lease is up now. With no cash saved and no family it's put me in a really tough spot. The roommate is moving out and I am left to try to find a solution."

He set up a campaign page on his website to try and raise $2000, in order to cover his first and last month's rent. As of today he has raised $445 of that total, and time is running out.

Fans of Ryan's site and videos have come together to aid him in the form of relief albums! Life on Mars Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available for $10, with proceeds going to Ryan. All prices - including PayPal donations - are in Canadian Dollars, so whatever number you think of giving, it actually looks much smaller when converted to your native currency. It feels like you're getting a sale! The more you donate, the bigger that conversion rate plays in your favor. $50 becomes just $USD 49.63! He's actually offering lots of rewards to people who donate too, with exceptional deals for developers.

PSA: Do Not Update NanoStudio!

Update: It is now safe to update! Version 1.43 should be available on your local App Store.

Reader Will wrote in with this important announcement from NanoStudio developer Blip Interactive.

Do not update to V1.42

It seems that V1.42 has a problem where the reverb effect produces a nasty feedback sound. I have quickly worked around this problem and have already submitted V1.43 - I will ask for an expedited review so that it will appear in the store as soon as possible.

I appreciate this advice is probably too late for a lot of visitors, so the best advice I can offer in the meantime is to temporarily disable any reverb instances you use in your project.

Fingers crossed that normal service can be resumed in a few days time. Thanks for your patience, or at the very least, hopefully not getting too annoyed.

iOS 7 Inter-App Audio Demo Videos

Prior to the release of iOS 7, the concept of Inter-App Audio (IAA) has been hard to fully understand. Early developer impressions saw it as a way to bring iOS apps into a more typical DAW architecture. This didn't help to visualize what it was or how it would be used in the real world though, and so for the last 3 months it has existed as nebulous, "Maybe-Audiobus-killer?" Now that it is finally out, and developers are finally free to talk about it, we're getting some great examples of it in popular apps!

Wavemachine Labs were the first with a demo, showing Nave (already IAA compatible) with Auria (IAA coming in the next update).

Mere hours later Retroynms posted this example of TNR-i (IAA compatible) sending VirtualMIDI via IAA into iMini (awaiting update).

All of which brings me to several conclusions. Firstly; holy shit turn your phone over when you're recording a video! Secondly; this is some awesome new technology! Although not as flexible as Audiobus' multiple app chains - IAA is limited to one app going into only one other app - nor as modular as JACK, this is definitely an impressive new way of connecting music apps!

Correction: Apparently I still don't have my head around all of what IAA is capable of! Nave developer Rolf Wöhrmann commented here with a correction:

"The host can [have] as many node apps involve as he likes. You could even build an AudioBus-like host app which chains 3 nodes together. You could a DAW-like thing. Or you could implement a JACK-like network of node apps orchestrated by the host app. The only limit is your imagination, and of course the CPU/RAM power."

Although we can't really do much with the available apps at this time, there is a lot to look forward to as developers embrace IAA. iDesignSound has begun to compile a list of apps that are currently compatible with IAA.