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指ヨシキ iPad Druming

YouTuber 指ヨシキ did a finger drumming jam with 3 apps including the rarely seen Impaktor.

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Drums XD on iTunes: $7.99


Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)

MidiBlob for the DSI Mopho

MidiBlob for the Dave Smith Instrument's Mopho is the 3rd MidiBlob app and I believe the 4th controller app specifically dedicated to the popular Mopho!

MidiBlob for Mopho Description:

MidiBlob is a performance oriented multi touch controller for your Dave Smith Instruments Mopho synthesizer.

By a set of very intuitive interaction you can modify and control your synth sound to a depth that cannot be reached with traditional controllers. Graphical feedback keep you in touch with what you are doing and where you are in your sound space.

MidiBlob works with any Core MIDI compatible interface or with a network based Core MIDI connection, and it is an iPad application. It require iOS 8.x.

Buy MidiBlob for the DSI Mopho on iTunes: $3.99

AJ Rafael - Somewhere Only We Know

AJ Rafael must be a big deal, because this dude has 572,000 YouTube subscribers. I nearly dismissed this obvious JamStik marketing video due to the quality of the recording, but then his voice caught me totally off guard. I checked his Wikipedia page to see if he won American Idol or something, but he was actually rejected! What the hell?

JPMaiso - New Live Song from Scratch

YouTuber JPMaiso did an interesting video, entirely documenting his production of a new song from scratch. Here he's using Ableton Live with Lemur to combine loops and some vocals into a whole track in minutes. As with all looping performances it takes a while to get going, but stick with it until around 1:45 when the vocals come in for a treat!

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99

ChordPolyPad Updated with iCloud Support

ChordPolyPad is the latest app to add iCloud support, so that you can work on a project across multiple devices!

What's New in ChordPolyPad v1.3:

  • Added iCloud and iCloud Drive support to share presets between devices
  • Added Diminished, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian scales
  • Midi input channels filter
  • Full Inter-App Audio support
  • Middle C is now labelled C4
  • Bugs fixed

Buy ChordPolyPad on iTunes: $11.99