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haQ attaQ - Lorentz Impressions

Jakob Haq was busy this weekend! There's a chill new jam in Borderlands (among others) called Bell Borders, along with this first impressions video for iceGear's Lorentz.

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $5.99

Live Guitar 2.0 Preview

Secret Base Design's secret designer Patrick Madden has posted this preview video, with news that Live Guitar will be returning to the App Store in a new update. It has already been submitted to Apple for approval.

Video Description:

Live Guitar is an iOS music app, designed to be intuitive for guitarists. It features a simplified chord selection system, to let you move from one chord to another quickly and accurately. Strum, play single strings, and control the dynamics by adjusting where you touch. Returning to the app store soon....

Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $4.99

BvsMV - There Is a Golden Sky

Reader Bryan has released an EP which made extensive use of iOS apps! The vibe shifts a bit through the album, but it is total shoe-gazing throughout. I really like how this one starts off with the uptempo Radiance track.

Buy There Is a Golden Sky on Bandcamp: Free

Byran also shared some of the details on how he made the EP:

"I have used a plethora of apps (it's mostly iOS) with some Abelton for mixing and “mastering” (i.e. guessing) and for some arranging on “Radiance” and “For You”. It's kind of a beat, ambient, post-rock, electronic sort of thing. The apps that show up the most are Garageband, iMaschine, Samplr, Animoog, Beatmaker 2, Holderness Media apps, Guitarism, and of course Audiobus. I know you have ADHD so feel free to stop reading here. I hope you check it out and thanks for all of the awesome work on the site!"

Joe O' Hagan - Figure Live Performance

Joe O'Hagan has been one of the youngest readers here. Now 14, he first started reading the site when he was just 12! In this jam he's got a direct audio feed, making his first video far better than most!

Buy Figure on iTunes: Free

Bossjock Jr

Bossjock, the Audiobus enabled podcasting studio, got a freemium little brother with Apple Watch support. The only In-App Purchases are MP3 export and rights cleared music. It also has a densely informative 30 second demo video.

Bossjock Jr iTunes Description:

Little Studio, Big Sound.
Perfect for Podcasting, Dj mixes, Radio Production and More!

Record your voice over music and sound effects then share to Facebook, SoundCloud, Dropbox, libsyn or your favorite host via FTP. Mix things up with tracks from your Music Library or the bossjock jr store featuring free and for purchase rights cleared music.

Quickly produce rich audio content in real time on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple Watch

Tap and hold the Mic Trigger to begin recording your voice

Music and sound effects get loaded into Carts for instant playback

Shares to Facebook, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Podcast Hosts via FTP, Email and other apps via iOS “Open In” support

bossjock jr saves as video to your camera roll for sharing to YouTube and other social Video sites

MP3 exporting is available as an in app purchase option

bossjock jr is fully VoiceOver compatible

Buy Bossjock Jr on iTunes: Freemium