Patch Base Update

Patch Base, from Coffeeshopped LLC, was updated with native support for 4 Roland classic 90's synths! Each is available as an IAP, which includes both Patches and Rhythm Patches (drum kit) editors, and are available for 50% off for a limited time.

What's new in Patch Base v2.6:

Added editors for 4 classic Roland synths:
* JV-1080
* JV-2080
* XP-80
* XP-60

Each synth features a separate editor for Patches (regular synth voices) and Rhythm Patches (drum kits)!

App Sales!

M3000 Ultimate Edition is down from $75 down to $41, along with a lot of other sales today; including Troublemaker, Phasemaker, and the whole range of apps from Positive Grid!

In entirely unrelated news, Eclectic Method shares with us the ancient martial art of Kung Fu.

Matt Baber - Piano Solo Live in London

YouTube channel TroopersForSound uploaded this beautiful performance by Matt Baber, on a piano with Arturia iSEM looping in the background.

Video Description:

Clip 3 features an ambient piano/synth loop piece which then segues into the track Son of Bassoon, which some may know from the Sanguine Hum "Live in America" album, or its first appearance on the second Antique Seeking Nuns EP. The synth loop at the start was created using an Oberheim iPad app.

STEPS Update

STEPS, from Reactable Systems SL, was updated with Bluetooth MIDI along with other tweaks.

What's new in STEPS v1.2:

We keep listening to your feedback and we've made a new version that contains a few of your requests, such as:

- You can now send MIDI via Bluetooth Low Energy to any iOS or Mac devices. (For iOS devices this means at least iOS 8 and for Macs it means at least Yosemite)
- You can transpose the octave for a greater range of playback. Easily visualize which octave you're in betwen our -3 to 3 range.
- You can now visualise rests in "Target Mode".

We also added a nice new way to open or close all the steps. Just drag your finger up or down the "Gate Modes" button. This lets you work even faster when changing sequences live.

And last but not least we solved some bugs that were causing a few crashes here and there.

Hope you enjoy it, and keep the feedback coming!

deltAdata - Beehive

deltAdata got a new beehive! Naturally he did an outdoor jam, using a Korg nanoKONTROL2 as a keytar!

Video Description:

Garageband rock (?) jam with video of the Installation of the ecologic round hive in my garden ! Thank you Francis ! :)

Used: ipad mini 1, Korg Nanokontrol 2 and filmed with Sony Xperia z3 Compact.

Video made with iMovie and Pinnacle Studio, video filter fx is from ProCam XL and the Shareit app was used for transfering video files from my phone to the ipad.

Thanks for watching ! :)

My deepest sympathy to the families of the victims of Manchester. ☹

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