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Rubycon Update

Virtual Analog step-sequencer Rubycon was updated with external MIDI control.

What's new in Rubycon v1.7:

  • Pitch Scale & Key selection
  • External MIDI control. For MIDI control see:
  • MIDI device control, from keyboard, BCR2000, and others
  • Most popular request.... pitch transposing from MIDI keyboard
  • Also Control/Play loop-points, ratcheting, skip/pause, start/stop, CC, as well as pitch, duration, velocity per step....
  • Pitch Modes for beyond chromatic, dqwdw, great for melodic development

Buy Rubycon on iTunes: $3.99

FAKEST - A Hip Hopera Mockumentary by SupaJoint

You may recall seeing HotRock SupaJoint in his video for Sensitive Drake Type Shit (High). Today he released a whole movie, which includes that music video as one of the scenes. I've watched hundreds of early-access movie screeners, but this was the first one I've been invited to do so! I jumped at the opportunity and really dug it. I'm not going to tell you it is an amazing film, but as Stoner Comedy Musicals go it was definitely enjoyable.

FAKEST masks its no-budget status with a tremendous amount of effort put into the production. It reminded me of classic Dr. Who, where pure craft was employed to produce the best that they could manage on a shoe-string budget. SupaJoint and friends took a stoned idea and saw it through with an uncanny amount of determination for stoners. It is pretty inspiring on that level; giving the viewer a sense of that drive, because if these dumbasses can do it, anyone can!

iPads are used throughout the production of the songs, and several apps are featured in the film! If you enjoy his tunes I've included the iTunes link for the album below the video.

Buy The Supajoint Manifesto on iTunes: $9.99

haQ attaQ - PressIt Impressions

Jakob Haq did a first impressions video on the new PressIt compressor by Klevgränd Produktion.

Buy PressIt on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Korg iElectribe for iPhone Demos

Marcus Padrini and VJ Franz K both got out their old Electribe ER-1s to do a comparison against the new iElectribe for iPhone app. Marcus' shorter video compares the sounds of the two, and it is stunning how similar they sound. VJ Franz K went a bit more in-depth in this 24 minute long video.

Buy Korg iElectribe for iPhone on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Lorentz Update

Lorentz got its first update adding the ability to modulate PWM and Resonator with the Envelope. There are also a couple of short new videos. There is one on assigning MIDI mapping, and embedded here is an overview of the new modulations.

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $5.99