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TB MIDI Stuff Templates for Analog Gear

Justin Evans has released a lot of TB MIDI Stuff, and Lemur, templates for analog synths. Here is one of his latest for the Moog Sub Phatty. All of the templates are free! I've put the links below the video, but check out his YouTube channel for videos.


TB MIDI Stuff Moog Sub Phatty
TB MIDI Stuff Moog Minitaur
TB MIDI Stuff Novation Super Bass Station
Lemur Novation Super Bass Station

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $37.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

AudioShare Update with Inter-App Audio Recorder

AudioShare got a huge update today, including a new recorder for use with Inter-App Audio enabled apps.

What's new in AudioShare v2.6:

  • New Recorder with Inter-App Audio host and rec level fader
  • Ability to use internal File Player as IAA source to process files, in real-time or offline rendering.
  • Switched to Play/Pause and Rewind buttons
  • Allow trim to be moved and loop to be toggled while playing
  • Don't auto start playing after moving cursor
  • Web browser: m3u files should stream in the browser, not be downloaded
  • Add 24 bit and 48 kHz options in Convert tool
  • Move Audiobus connection panel position to right side
  • Updated Audiobus SDK
  • Add Audiobus Rewind trigger
  • Disable recording until last one fully finished.
  • Update users manual

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $3.99

N-Track Studio Updated with Inter-App Audio

n-Track Studio is the latest DAW to add Inter-App Audio, after adding Audiobus in May.

What's new in n-Track v3.1.0:

  • Support for inter-app audio instruments. Add an instrument app with the + button on the toolbar.
  • Mixdown can now be saved in 16, 24, 32 or 64 bit audio format
  • Choose microphone on multi-mic devices and set microphone polar pattern (e.g. cardioid, omnidirectional)
  • AudioCopy & Paste updated to SDK version 2.0
  • Fixed glitches on some instruments when playing with sustain on
  • Fixed crash when calling 'Open track in…' command, which now appears long tapping on an audio track
  • Fixed removing an instrument may alter output setting of other MIDI tracks
  • Fixed glitches changing song loop interval during playback

Buy n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $6.99

Here is a tutorial on how to setup sending MIDI over IAA, and then capturing the audio of the external app.

What the fuck are you doing with Auria? Video Contest!

Wavemachine Labs are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Auria's release with a bizarrely titled video contest! $11,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs, including a $7,000 grand prize package. To enter you need to make a video answering their question: "What the fuck are you doing with Auria?"

Get your submissions in by November 22, 2013. Full rules and details here. This is one of those 1-vote-per-person per-day things, so be sure to pester the shit out of everyone you know to vote every day for a week.

To give you an idea of what they're looking for, here is an example video from Apogee.

FL Studio Mobile Updated with MIDI Start/Stop

FL Studio Mobile got its first update in quite a while, this time adding support for AudioCopy 2.0, along with MIDI Start/Stop.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile (both) v2.2:

New features:

  • MIDI start/stop input & output
  • Input gain slider in the recording window (only visible with external mic connected)
  • New AudioCopy 2.0 support (iOS 7 compatible)
  • WAV export option to write 1 file per track

Performance & speed:

  • Major performance improvements (play more tracks without audio dropouts!)
  • Audio file editing is up to 5x faster
  • Reverb quality and performance improved

Other improvements:

  • Audio recordings are placed more accurately
  • Setup latency options removed, it's now always at minimum
  • Filenames can now contain non-latin characters
  • Inbox folder is no longer present, files are moved to the top level folder
  • .flml (drum loop) files can be opened from other apps like Mail and Safari
  • Overall stability greatly improved

Buy FL Studio Mobile HD on iTunes: $19.99

Buy FL Studio Mobile on iTunes: $14.99 (iPhone)