Displaying Lyrics on Tablets with Yamaha Tyros5

At over $5,000 the Yamaha Tyros5 is not fucking around when it comes to music workstations. YouTuber larvol2 shows off an impressive trick packed into this beast. Using song "registrations" and a Bluetooth connection, you can automatically display lyrics as you change songs. This works on both Windows tablet and iOS with SongBook!

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Moog Model 15 - Developer Interview with Geert Bevin

Nick Batt from Sonic State interviewed Geert Bevin, Moog's mobile developer responsible for Model 15!

Video Description:

In yet another beautiful studio room at the Funkhaus in Berlin, we saw a preview of the Model 15 - a lovingly emulated Moog System 15 modular modeled on iOS - sounded pretty tasty - Geert Bevin takes us through it

Buy Moog Model 15 on iTunes: $29.99

Review: Moog Model 15

Reader AfroDJMac reviewed Moog's new modular monster Model 15! He does a good job of getting into the features!

Moog Model 15 is a modular synth for your iPad and iPhone. The app sounds incredible, and looks fantastic. It's making use of the power of the latest generations of iOS devices, and has really raised the bar. As you can tell from the video, I am very excited about it!!

Read more: http://www.afrodjmac.com/blog/2016/5/...

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Buy Moog Model 15 on iTunes: $29.99

Make-a-MIDI Hotdog Synthesizer for iPhone

Clint Chilcott, a man who indubitably tired of Netflix & Chill jokes 3 months ago, was dissatisfied with the many MIDI keyboards available on the market today. Presumably they did not decay fast enough. To meat his needs he designed and built a MIDI keyboard that uses hotdogs and a banana. And so can you! The source code is available for free.

Video Description:

Download the code here: https://github.com/ClintChil/Make-a-MIDI

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I-Wei Huang - Indiana Jones Theme on Korg iM1

YouTuber I-Wei Huang plays the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme on his Korg MicroKey Air into iM1 on an iPad Pro.

Video Description:

Korg Microkey Air 49 midi keyboard controller, using the Korg im1 app on the iPad Pro. The keyboard is wireless bluetooth, and the keys are mini sized.

Raiders of the lost ark by John Williams

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