Beat Twirl iPad Demo with Free Pocket Operator Samples

Jason Donnelly from dug up classic sampling app Beat Twirl to sample his Pocket Operators! He's shared drum hits from this sampling session, with download links in the description below.

Video Description:

Goal: Sample and export slices with an iPad.
Results: Free Teenage Engineering samples.

PO Robot Drums Sample Download
PO Arcade Drums Download

Hello hello welcome to the sound mix lab I am your host Jason Donnelly aka Dj Puzzle reporting for my website and today we're gonna do a little sampling with an iPad and an app called Beat Twirl. Beat Twirl is an app inspired by Propellerheads Recycle. What it allows us to do is record a stream of audio hits and automatically slice them up and export the slices so that we can easily import then into our sampler or drum machine app of choice.

Our audio source will be these two Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. We've got a simple mini plug Y adapter and two 1/4 inch adapters going into the iTrack Dock. The pocket operators are good for producing chiptune. Use these free samples in your mixes. Samples from PO-28 Robot and PO-20 Arcade.

Let's start recording. Here you will see the record options. Have the wait for audio enabled. What this will do is tell the app to start recording right when it picks up the first sound. Now the record button will become a small square when it is armed and you should see your VU meters dancing. Make sure you adjust the gain accordingly and leave a bit of head room. Hit the record button again to name and save your samples. Now lets adjust the slice sensitivity to place our slice points. You can also adjust the silence parameter to remove silence from each slice. Next we will export the individual slices in a zip file to our dropbox. Now we can open and extract the zip pack into Audioshare and open them in our app of choice. Let's choose patterning. Suppose I'll have a little jam. Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe to my channel. You can download the free samples via a link I placed in the video desciption below.

Buy Beat Twirl on iTunes: $9.99

App Sales: Peruvian Engineer's Day

A Peruvian Engineer

Today is Engineer's Day in Peru so a whole lot of excellent apps are on sale to celebrate! Many of you may be asking yourselves, and rightly so, "What the fuck is Engineer's Day?" Unfortunately Wikipedia can't answer that, and hence, neither can I. I can tell you that in 1870 Luis Augusto Huergo became the first Engineer in Argentina. I was unclear on whether this meant Luis spontaneously invented something, making him an engineer, or if he was previously an engineer and simply was the first one to make it to Argentina. Fortunately the Wikipedia article on Luis is quite thorough. Spoiler: He's the first Engineer because he was the first person in Argentina to earn an Engineering Degree. I think I got sidetracked there for a minute. Anyhow... app sales!

Buy Auxy (iPhone) on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy TC-11 Synthesizer on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $24.99)

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Navichord Update

Navichord has been updated with a new chord visualization using "grid links" to help you understand chord shapes.

What's new in Navichord v2.0.6:

Grid links visualization for easy chord shape understanding (turn on/off as you like in Settings/Performance)

MIDI learn channel selection (Setting/MIDI/"MIDI Learn" section)

Minor bugfixes

Buy Navichord on iTunes: $4.99

The Tuesday Night Machines - Gargoyle Delay Noise Jam

Reader The Tuesday Night Machines ran the Buddha Machine app through an Electro-Harmonix Superego and a whole load of synth modules to come up with this madness!

Video Description:

Got some infinite delay in my Rumburak Eurorack Modular System and layered that with some SuperEgo-frozen Budda Sounds from the iPhone. Subscribe:

Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for more Synthesizer Music.

Audio gear used:
- Bastl Instruments "Big" Rumburak w/ Errorinstruments Hard Candy, Reverse Landfill Wood Noise, rfprojex Gargoyle Delay, Knit Rider, Popcorn, Cinnamon, GrandPa, Skis, etc.
- Electro Harmonix SuperEgo Synth Engine effect pedal
- iPhone 5C with FM3 Budda Machine App

My always up-to-date modular synths on ModularGrid:
Klangbau Rack:

Filmed with a Canon 500d (Rebel T2i).

Buy Buddha Machine on iTunes: Free


Buy Buddha Machine (iPhone) on iTunes: Free

zMors EQ

Developer Sven Braun brings us a new Audio Unit Extension effect app, zMors EQ. This is a multiband EQ with Mid/Side processing and 7 filter types. It also looks awesome!

zMors EQ iTunes Description:

Mors EQ is an audio unit v3 effect plugin.
To use this app you need an AUv3 host app.


  • 5 band EQ with M/S option
  • 7 filter types
  • sample delay 0 to 1024 samples on left or right channel
  • pan
  • master level
  • analog noise
  • host automation support

Buy zMors EQ on iTunes: $4.99

There's no demo video for this yet, but it looks really pretty in AUM too!

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