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EDM Time

Synthtopia has word of a new educational series on electronic music production: EDM Time! They're using Ableton Live on PCs, but the fundamentals here are platform agnostic. These guys do an excellent job of keeping the content visually interesting and informative! There are only 2 episodes so far, including an intro to the series and this one on dynamics.

Yellofier VW

Yellofier has teamed up with Volkswagon to release a free Yellowfier VW app. This is part of a contest, only available to Europeans, but the app is free and fun so it is a good demo of Yellofier if you haven't already picked up the full version!

Yellofier VW iTunes Description:

Yellofier makes anything into music. Record your voice, a musical instrument or everyday noises. Within seconds the app magically turns them into groovy music.

Edit the sounds and effects by moving and twisting colored blocks. Yellofier doesn’t look like any other music program. You can create a full song within minutes – even without knowing anything about music!

Create unique music with your own sounds and with the sounds of Yello’s musical maestro Boris Blank. Anything can be yellofied!

  • Automatically slice your sound into 8 pieces and create a groove
  • Record up to 16 custom sounds per song, divided into two user sound banks
  • Combine sounds and effects in an innovative step sequencer
  • Change pitch of each step to create melodies
  • Multiple effects and variations
  • Share your work

The Yellofier VW is a special version for the VW remix competition by Telekom Electronic Beats and Volkswagen.

Get the original Yellofier with even more sounds and demo songs of some of the best electronic artists in the World.

Buy Yellofier VW on iTunes: Free

Buy Yellofier on iTunes: $2.99

I was not a fan of Boris Blank's work before Yellofier, but I have developed a lot of respect for him. The samples and effects included in this are extremely well curated; blending together nicely no matter how you arrange them.

Here are the contest rules:

  1. Download the Yellofier VW App here (Android/iOS) for free.
  2. Create your own track, but please use the vocals from Yello’s “Move, Dance, Electrified” which comes within the App (Preset Bank 3).
  3. Upload your song via your app to SoundCloud.
    Deadline is February 28th.
  4. Submit to the contest while uploading the song here.
  5. Collect votes for your song.

From the 50 most voted tracks, Yello and the experts of Volkswagen and Telekom Electronis Beats will chose the winner.

* Participation is possible in Europe (+Switzerland) only. The 5 Demo Tracks within in the App are just examples. Do whatever you want. Get electrified!

So I get why North America is excluded, the E-Up! isn't even available here, but why do they make this "+Switzerland" distinction? Maybe my American public school geography is poor, but even I know Switzerland is in Europe.

Arpist for iPhone

Jesse Jost has released Arpist, an iPhone arpeggiator with some innovative ideas about dynamic performances. It is free to try, but requires a $6 In-App Purchase to unlock all of the functionality.

Arpist iTunes Description:

An arpeggiator designed for MIDI hardware, iOS instrument apps and DAW environments, Arpist processes MIDI input to generate musical arpeggios and rhythms.

You can create rhythmic dynamics using the variable-step Rhythm Grid, in which you can create loud and soft steps, play chords for emphasis and skip steps altogether.

Arpist stores settings in snapshots, called Song Blocks. You can organize your settings across multiple Song Blocks to sequence through various patterns and rhythms while you play.

Key Signature and Transpose controls allow you to diatonically transpose your patterns, in any key, in real-time.

Advanced features include MIDI Remote Control and MIDI Clock Send and Sync. With MIDI Remote Control, you can manipulate Arpist's controls from your keyboard, even when Arpist is in the background.

Note that Arpist is a MIDI generator, not a synthesizer. Enjoy Arpist with your favorite keyboard or iOS synth app!

Buy Arpist (iPhone) on iTunes: Free ($6 Unlock IAP)

Unfortunately I couldn't find any videos for this one, and YouTube searching was not helpful...

AUFX:PeakQ Updated 

Kymatica's Universal stereo EQ app AUFX:PeakQ was updated with a spectrum analyzer; the green line in the screenshot to the right. This is an extremely helpful aid for figuring out what needs EQing!

What's new in AUFX:PeakQ v1.1:

  • Real-time FFT spectrum analyzer
  • Input selection: Left/Right/Stereo
  • Raise maximum Q value to 20.0
  • Improve input/output level meters
  • Display main level slider value in dB
  • Minor user interface layout tweaks
  • Fix occasional scrolling bug on iPhone
  • Check microphone permission on iOS7 in case user accidentally turned it off

Buy AUFX:PeakQ on iTunes: $3.99

MultitrackStudio for iPad Updated with IAA & AudioShare

MultitrackStudio for iPad was released just a couple of weeks ago, and already received a major update!

What's new in MultitrackStudio for iPad v1.1:

  • Added Inter-App Audio support.
  • Added AudioShare and General Pasteboard audio/MIDI import/export options.
  • Added "MIDI Output Sync Code" box to Devices pane.
  • Fixed problem with dragging from MIDI to audio editor repeatedly.

Buy MultitrackStudio for iPad on iTunes: $23.99