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MikEko - Electribe & Samplr Jam #3

MirEko did another jam on his shiney new Electribe with Samplr. This one is a fun exploration of rhythm.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99


Beatly is a stylish new drum notation app for iPhone, with some tools to help you practice.

Beatly iTunes Description:

BEATLY is an easy to use practice companion to get a grip on that rhythm. It works for any instrument or musical style.

Did you ever struggle to get tricky rhythm sections right? Ever tried to play some sheet music but simply couldn't figure out when to play or sing the notes? Then BEATLY is probably just the right app for you.

BEATLY allows you to enter relevant notes directly from any sheet and play them as a beat that you can practice with. It also offers a simple training mode to tap along with the beat to get a better feel for it.

BEATLY supports
  • Unlimited number of notes and rest
  • Triplets, bindings and punctuation
  • Drum sound and Metronome can be turned on / off independently
  • Entire sheet or region can be played in loop mode
  • The tempo can be easily changed as BPM and is saved with the sheet
  • Unlimited number of sheets can be saved and recalled
  • Check it out! We are really confident that BEATLY will help you to benefit best from your practice time.

Buy Beatly on iTunes: $2.99

AlterEgoUK - Dagda's Lament

AlterEgoUK did a surrealist exploration of apps, to cry out in Dagda's Lament.

Video Description:

Dagda wept and a sense of desolation swept the land...Produced completely on iPad (Animoog, aided by Drum Studio, through AUFX:Space into Cubasis via Audiobus and mastered in AudioMastering :)

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy DrumStudio on iTunes: $3.99


Don't waste your time with Figooroo. Although the app is free (ad supported) there is really no point in downloading this unauthorized Figure remixer. It looks really cool, and has a lot of promise, but it was designed to work with .figure files from Figure 1.6, not the 1.7 that was released last month. I spent a lot of time trying to make it work, but it just can't unless you have the old Figure. The only functionality in here is the ability to tap on the "Open Figure" button to open Figure. A task you could accomplish more easily, and ad-free, on your own.

Note that Propellerhead Software has nothing to do with this app, and its existence came as a surprise to them.

Figooroo iTunes Description:

Figooroo is the Figure sidekick app you always wanted. With Figooroo you can:

  • open up to 4 Figure songs at once
  • copy instruments, patterns, tweaks (defaults & motions), mixer levels from one song to another
  • join one song with another
  • shift a song with or without wrapping
  • resize a song by trimming/repeating bars or shrinking/stretching them
  • convert rhythms to notes
  • email a song or open it in other Figure compatible app at any time

  • By alternating between shift, resize, copy and join, you can combine songs in many ways.

    Converting rhythms is a very useful function allowing you to alternate between different rhythms in the same song and also slowdown/speed-up a song keeping the rhythm intact.

    8 bar songs are too short for you? In Figure you can simulate a 16 bar song by halving the tempo, but the rhythms are also slowed down, making them more or less useless. Now, with Figoroo you can take two 8 bar songs recorded at normal tempo (even with different rhythms), resize each of them to 4 bars and join them together. All you have to do is open the new song in Figure and halve its tempo.

    Wanna get those perfect notes in, but the song is too long and you have to wait another 30 seconds for another chance to record them? Why not split the song into pieces, open a piece in Figure, record the notes and then go back to Figooroo to join the pieces together.

    Recording really really fast arpeggios is not easy in Figure, but Figooroo can help you achieve that. Record a song in Figure and open it in Figooroo to shrink it to fewer bars, thus increasing its playback speed.

    You can also loop certain sections of the song and do many other things that you'll discover along the way.

    Buy Figooroo on iTunes: Adware

    While we wait for the fireworks from Propellerhead's legal department, you can watch a confusing video with audio that does not conform to the picture we're seeing. So much of this has me wondering, "W T Fuck?"

    Video Editing for Music Videos on iOS

    In a bizarre coincidence both Doug from The Sound Test Room and Jakob from haQ attaQ did videos on some of the more interesting video effects apps available on iOS. Doug's video looks exclusively at Frax HD, a popular app for creating fractals, while Jakob explores several apps in this behind the scenes look at his music video for Amida.

    Buy Frax HD on iTunes: $3.99