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Fender Audio Slide iOS Audio Interface

Fender has taken a greater interest in iOS music with the addition of their very unique looking Audio Slide.

This audio interface ships with both USB and Lightning cables. At $100 it competes directly with the Line 6 Sonic Port, the Apogee Jam, and the IK iRig HD. Fender's Tony Price stopped by Sweetwater to show it off.

SeekBeats Shaker Tutorial

SeekBeats developer Rodrigo Yanez continues his 3 minute tutorial series with this example of how to make a shaker. It is pretty impressive to see these short videos shape some dramatically different sounds within this drum synthesizer.

Buy SeekBeats on iTunes: $9.99

Guide Track Demo & Tutorial

Several folks were asking for a demo to Guide Track when it was released a couple of weeks ago. Since this isn't the sort of thing I have any familiarity with, I got Doug from thesoundtestroom in touch with the developer so that he could do one. Doug delivered with this detailed demo and tutorial!

Buy Guide Track on iTunes: $4.99

The Works - Bones

The Works did a surreal Loopy video, playing percussively on animal skulls with lurid projections. The description mentions using a plurality of iPads to achieve both the sounds and visuals. However they're doing it, it is a great combination!

Video Description:

Live looping performance of skulls being used as percussion instruments, using ipads for projected visuals and sound manipulation.

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99

"In C" Performer

Sonomatics have release a free (really) app that allows you to tweak the performance of "In C" by Terry Riley. If you're into minimal this can be fun. If you're into hacking SoundFont files this will definitely be a lot of fun. iFile and iFunbox users can get at the .sf2 file to replace it with their own!

"In C" Performer iTunes Description:

Fifty years ago, Terry Riley essentially launched the Minimalism movement with the premiere of "In C”, influencing iconic composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams.

Now, you are able to recreate history in the comfort of your own home.

"In C" Performer for iPad allows a single person to play "In C", normally an ensemble work, as a solo performer. You can play the piece using the Built-In sounds, or via MIDI (through a USB camera connector or WiFi MIDI).

Double-tapping on a sliders will "group" them together so you can adjust the volume of multiple instruments at once.

Buy "In C" Performer on iTunes: Free