Musik Zieht Immer - Helgoland

YouTuber musik zieht immer (Music Always Draws) brings us an excellent example of Gonzo Funk, using field recordings!

Video Description:

iOS Produktion.
#Audioshare #Fieldscaper #Audiobus #Patterning #BlocsWave #Xynthesizer #Thumbjam #Cubasis

Buy FieldScaper on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Xynthesizr on iTunes: $6.99

PPG Phonem for iPad - Show & Tell

Wolfgang Palm did a show and tell for his next app, iPhonem, an iOS port of the Phonem VST/AU plugin! We first got word of this last Thursday, and it is expected to arrive on iTunes any day now!

Video Description:

Wolfgang Palm introduces the Phonem iPad app and is playing and explaining presets.

Buy Phonem on iTunes: $19.99

RunloopSound for iOS

RunloopSound is a new Universal iOS app that lets you explore cSound! This effectively lets you write your own apps and effects. It does not have Audiobus/IAA, nor AUX, at this time. But the app is free (really) and there are some tutorials on the official website. Thanks to reader Greg for this news!

RunloopSound iTunes Description:

Let your musical creativity run limitlessly with the power and versatility of Csound, one of the most advanced music production platforms ever created. Access hundreds of audio signal processing algorithms designed by some of the best names in the industry to shape your sounds in ways unimaginable.


  • Connect microphones and record audio
  • Connect MIDI devices and play from your own synthesizers, samplers and SoundFont libraries
  • Run Csound in real time as an instrument or as an effects module
  • Export your creations as audio files
  • Work on Csound with beautiful syntax highlighting and line numbers
  • Preview audio and video files
  • Instant in-app access to the Csound documentation
  • Native Dropbox support allows you to work from the cloud
  • Import your samples and programs from iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more

Buy RunloopSound on iTunes: Free

Robot Push Key @ DaDaArtFair

Robot Push Key brings us another interesting live hardware jam with Genome at the core. The audio is iffy until it switches to line-in at 2 minutes, but it is worth it for some truly excellent experimental music!

Video Description:

Improvisation on prepared electronics, on the opening night of DaDaArtFair 2016 at Galleri K in Västerås.

Sorry, I forgot to record the line audio until 2 minutes in.

Used equipment: iPad running Genome MIDI Sequencer, MFB-503, DSI Tetra, Alesis Air FX, MFB-FilterBox, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, KaossPad2, Boss DD-20, Boss OS-2, Ibanez SC10, Etek AD1823, Boss BX-60, modified disco boll motor.

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99

Iggy's Adventures - iPad Song Sketch 2

Iggy's Adventures shows us how he develops a song idea using a Kalimba with Werkbench and many other apps!

Video Description:

I made this using the iPad and a zoom h2n. This is how I come up with part for songs. I think the process is neat, so I thought I would share. Apps are audiobus, animoog, werkbench, patterning, grainproc, and loopy. I also use a freygish scale Kalimba from Kalimba Magic.

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $6.99


Buy Patterning on iTunes: $9.99

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