KASPAR by Yonac Inc.

Today Yonac Inc. released KASPAR, a "Supersynthesizer" with 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arpeggiators, and whole bunch of interesting morphing options. The synthesis engine is rounded out with extensive modulation and 2 separate effects buses. KASPAR arrives on sale at an introductory price of $10.

KASPAR iTunes Description:

***ON SALE! Special Intro Price for a Limited Time***

Harness the enormous power of 8 polyphonic synths: meet KASPAR Supersynthesizer! Featuring our cutting edge Multi-Engine Automorphing SuperSynthesis technology, KASPAR is a gigantic machine. A total of 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arps; extensive morphing, automorphing, and layering abilities; a powerful modulation system; poly aftertouch; 2 FX Busses filled with fully stereo Yonac effects — just a few of the amazing features of this behemoth synth!

KASPAR comes with tons of pro features. In addition to extensive MIDI capabilities, Inter-App Audio, and Audiobus, it also works as an Audio Unit plug in. Just fire it up in GarageBand or your favorite DAW for even more KASPAR goodness!

Top Notch Sound Generation

• 8 fully-featured polyphonic synth engines, each with,
— 3 oscillators (24 systemwide total!)
— Over 20 unique waveforms per oscillator
— Special 6-stage ‘dADSHR’ envelopes
— 14 types of filters to choose from
— Dedicated filter envelope
— Arpeggiator with multiple modes
— Chordmaker - easily program & play chords by touching a single key
— Powerful modulation features (see below)

Extensive Modulation

• Each synth has a dedicated mod assign matrix with 6 slots
• 20 mod targets to choose from, including pitch, timbre, filters and more
• Each target can be modulated by a continuous signal, as well as a control signal
• 2 LFOs per synth
• Modulation envelope
• Poly aftertouch
• Velocity, Mod Wheel & Key Tracking


• 4 morph groups with onscreen control pad
• Automorphing: simply draw a figure on the pad and KASPAR automatically tracks it
• Modulate the morph using the x- and y-controls
• 6 automorph trigger modes
• 4 automorph looping modes
• Adjustable, beat-syncable pathread & modulation speeds


• Combine the 8 KASPAR synth engines in infinite ways
• Each synth comes with dedicated volume and panning, as well as FX1 & FX2 send controls
• Conveniently map the synths to regions of the keyboard: great for ‘splitting’ or ‘layering’ multiple synth patches
• Each engine has its own transpose & drift controls, as well as adjustable pitch bending, velocity, and aftertouch ranges

Professional FX

• Two independent FX busses
• Each bus contains 8 state-of-the-art stereo FX specially designed for KASPAR
• Simply drag-and-drop to change FX signal flow
• FX include:
— Analog-modeling compressor
— 6 band parametric EQ with 9 filter options per band
— Stereo chorus with 10 parameters
— Stereo phaser
— Stereo flanger
— Amplifier with 4 virtual circuit types and 4 cabinet types
— Stereo delay with BPM syncing
— Algorithmic reverb with 14 parameters

Professional Features

• Standalone app features Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and Ableton Link
• Comes packaged with FREE Audio Unit plugin, with native processing at any standard sample rate
• Crystal clear, super high quality audio generation
• Virtual ribbon control with polyphonic aftertouch, as well as classic keyboard
• Virtual KB velocity with adjustable sensitivity
• Extensive MIDI Learn options
• MIDI Maps manager with MIDI CC profile saving
• Over 300 high quality presets, including an exclusive bank by New Wave Presets
• Powerful preset management system: save, share & edit presets

System Requirements

• Recommended for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, or newer

Some timely demos for this are already available from Synth Anatomy and thesoundtestroom!
Here is an official tutorial from Yonac on morphing with Morphology 101.

CUCKOO: Samplr for iPad Tutorial

YouTuber CUCKOO is know for doing lots of interesting music making tutorials, and today he focused on Samplr for iOS!

Video Description:

Support me at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cuckoomusic

Samplr is a musical app for iPad. I think it sets a benchmark in touch interface music performance apps. It's simple to use, yet there's depth. Here's a little video tutorial.


App Sales: KORG & MOAR

KORG kicked off a big sale on all of their apps! Some other sales are going on including a freebie on the screen mirroring app iDisplay! Note that while the sales for Module and iM1 are not registering with the iTunes API, they both are in fact on sale right now!

Gadget also got an update today with new presets called "Factory 2" added to nine gadgets!

Recently YouTuber Seth Everman answered the question, what would it sound like to play Toto's Africa using every single style and genre in his keyboard. Some of these results are quite good, others are just funny.

Neural Touch Screen Ensemble

Developer Charles Martin has been up to all manner of interesting experiments with his PhaseRings app. The latest is an effort in Artificial Intelligence. Here he demonstrates a Neural Touch Screen Ensemble, that follows his performance and "predicts musically appropriate gestural responses" played back on three other iPads.

Video Description:

A studio performance of an RNN-controlled Touch Screen Ensemble from 2017-07-03 at the University of Oslo.

In this performance, a touch-screen musician improvises with a computer-controlled ensemble of three artificial performers. A recurrent neural network tracks the touch gestures of the human performer and predicts musically appropriate gestural responses for the three artificial musicians. The performances on the three 'AI' iPads are then constructed from matching snippets of previous human recordings. A plot of the whole ensemble's touch gestures are shown on the projected screen.

This performance uses Metatone Classifier (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.51712) to track touch gestures and Gesture-RNN (https://github.com/cpmpercussion/gest...) to predict gestural states for the ensemble. The touch-screen app used in this performance was PhaseRings (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.50860).

This work is supported by The Research Council of Norway as a part of the Engineering Predictability with Embodied Cognition (EPEC) project, under grant agreement 240862.
Citable at: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.831910

maN Œuvre - ineQual

Reader maN Œuvre is back with some creepy ambient fun, which he produced on Roli's Seaboard RISE!

Video Description:


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