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Different Drummer Update & Sale

Different Drummer's ever changing price was flirting with creeping up a couple of times this past month, but now it is on sale for the lowest price ever.

What's new in Different Drummer v2.5:

  • Load samples from Dropbox
  • Nudge Phase by specified beat values
  • Quantize individual tracks
  • Toggle panning in automation
  • Various fixes and UI improvements

Buy Different Drummer on iTunes: $21.99 (On Sale, from $299.99)

DM1 for iPhone Updated

DM1 for iPhone got a major update today, including a long awaited full MIDI implementation.

This is essentially a catch-up update, bringing the total number of kits and other features in line with the iPad version.

What's new in DM1 for iPhone v2.0:

  • Full Midi implementation
  • 22 New drums kit
  • Project export
  • Master track volume added
  • Dropbox & AAC encoding added for export
  • AudioCopy2 SDK update (v2.0.1)
  • Audiobus update (v1.0.2.3)
  • Ergonomic improvements (editable tempo, steps highlights, …)
  • Bugs fixes (countdown & export tempo issue)

Buy DM1 for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99

Robotic Drums Teaser

Big Robot Studios has released a teaser for their upcoming Robotic Drums, which is presently awaiting iTunes approval from Apple. Fans of Stochastik, the long abandoned probability-based drum app, will be especially interested in this one. I had a chance to play with it last week. Robotic Drums is an excellent new take on randomized drum sequencing; including some essential modern features missing in Stochastik, such as MIDI Sync, and Audiobus! As an added bonus, everything in Robotic Drums is pure synthesis, with some great parameters for manipulating the sounds on a per pattern basis.

Here is a fun preview of the app MIDI syncing and Audiobusing, in a jam with other apps and a Shruthi!

App Sales: Master Record & Audio Mastering

Igor Vasiliev's Master Record and Audio Mastering apps are both on sale for 50% off! This sale comes in anticipation of the release of Master FX, his latest addition to his Audio Mastering Studio suite of apps.

Buy Master Record on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Buy Audio Mastering on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, from $11.99)

Thanks to reader synthandson for this news! Here is a preview of Master FX's reverb.

PSA: JACK is Unlikely to Work in iOS 7. Ever.

Just 7 months after JACK was released as an alternative to Audiobus, Crudebyte has had to announce the project has hit a fundamental roadblock in iOS 7.

"Apple introduced a new policy with iOS 7, which prohibits any Inter-Process Communication (IPC) among third party apps. That's the actual reason why JACK currently crashes on iOS 7, because all IPC mechanisms are now blocked for all third party apps. Obviously, without a way to communicate with other apps, we have no way to use or fix JACK for its purpose on iOS 7. Only Apple is in the position to change this situation, since this is a policy restriction enforced on operating system level. We can't do anything about it unfortunately."

The new rules on third-party apps communicating directly has been a source of concern for music app developers. These are the same rules that broke the old AudioCopy/Paste on iOS 7. Crudebyte continues:

"Unless Apple does not show up any reaction on our inquiries, the only option we currently have is to recycle the graphical user interface of JACK for Inter-App Audio (IAA). But then we would have the same features and restrictions as Audiobus and all other IAA host apps would have on iOS 7. So we are not sure about this option yet. We hope you understand."

This bit about Audiobus being grouped in with "all other IAA host apps" is bizarre. Audiobus does not use IAA, at all.

The announcement concludes with some advice for JACK fans.

"It is unlikely that JACK will ever work again on iOS 7 upwards, simply because it is not in our hands and we consider it unlikely that Apple will move in its position regarding this new policy / OS restriction. In case you want to continue using JACK on iOS, then you should not update your device to iOS 7 or later. Keep in mind that you cannot downgrade your iOS version once you updated it."