Unlike Noise Play's with Mersenne

Unlike Noise, a YouTube channel typically devoted to desktop based music production has done a "Let's Play" of Mersenne. There's no commentary on this video, and his recording method doesn't show finger taps, so you'll have to pay close attention to follow this one. I think it is worth watching if you're curious about Mersenne though, because the video feels like a solid jam session.

Buy Mersenne on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

iceGear Synths Comparison

The illustrious PantsOfDeath did a helpful comparison video for iceGear/iceWorks most recent apps. This is also the best demo we've seen that fully describes the synthesis signal chain of Mersenne.

Buy Mersenne on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $5.99)

Buy Laplace on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $5.99)

Ralph Baumgartl Interviews Brian Kupferschmid

Videographer and Podcaster Ralph Baumgartl interviewed Brain Kupferschmid, a longtime reader of this site that has been featured here many times before. This video is quite informative, especially if you've ever wanted to know how a German would properly pronounce, "Kupferschmid."

App Sales!

Several apps went on sale over the weekend, including IK's new AmpliTube Acoustic. Note that while the base app is on a slight discount, the Unlock All Styles IAP is currently $25. I'm not sure if that is discounted, but it doesn't seem like it.

Buy AmpliTube Acoustic on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Buy AmpliTube For iPad: $15.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy AmpliTube (iPhone): $15.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy Trapezoid on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Buy Elastic Drums on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $11.99)

IK recently released this promo featuring Matty Amendola, whose 'Fro could reasonably be said to be, "Righteous." His vocal fry just sounds whiny as fuck though. Why would you have this man do VO when he sounds like this?

USB Mic Head-to-Head

YouTuber Music Repo has started a series comparing USB microphones. Here she compares the Samson Go Mic, Blue Snowflake, and Samson Meteorite. All of these mics are iOS compatible and relatively affordable at $40-60.

Video Description:

The Samson Go Mic, the Blue Snowflake and the Samson Meteorite are all cute little mics with their own sweet appeal. They are all plug and play USB condenser microphones. They each have a similar recording resolution of 16-bit, and either 44.1 kHz or 48kHz sampling rate, so all record at CD quality.

They connect directly to your computer with mini USB lead, all are simple to use an lovely to look at. They all work on iPad (with USB connector kit) as well as mac and pc. So how do you choose which one to buy?

Which of these is the best budget microphone?

The best way to decide is watch the video, then go and listen to the raw recordings of each mic, so you can directly compare them. I have uploaded full uncompressed recordings of each mic at http://www.musicrepo.com/which-usb-mi...

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