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App Sales: July 4th Weekend

Filtatron iPad Demo - Vinyl Scratching

Nic Nice has started producing app demo videos, and he manages to keep them very entertaining! Here he shows off a technique for producing a "vinyl scratch" like effect with Filtatron. I hope we'll see more demos from him!

Buy Filtatron on iTunes: $6.99

Perplex On - Nightshift 

Perplex On released his first solo EP, Nightshift. Perplex On makes use of a lot of different apps as we've seen over the last year and a half of videos featured here. The album is well titled. The tone is dark, and the tempo is hectic. Each of the tracks feature a combination of calming and chaotic elements. Rakete is a good track to start off with, but I especially liked Creature, which features fully developed vocals in a modern-glitchy take on TripHop.

Buy Nightshift on Bandcamp:  €4

ToeJam - Singer, Synth, Maschine, 2 kaoss pads & iPad

The ToeJam duo did another excellent sounding jam on their gear! There are some nice haunting vocals on this one!

Buy Figure on iTunes: Free

Wotja for Apple Watch

Wotja generative music writer was updated with Apple Watch support. This comes with a video that is allegedly the first generative music piece produced on the watch. I say allegedly because we don't actually see that happening at all in the video.

Since we can't see the action, we can make wild assumptions about how this generative music was generated. The desolation of the piece brings to mind an Apple Watch strapped to a Mars rover; which is presently wrestling some serious existential crisis. The video description offers a different explanation, but mine seems just as likely.

Video Description:

Pete and I obviously made quite a few pieces whilst building/testing the first Wotja Watch App (it comes with Wotja 2.0), but this is somehow the first one I thought to create and then record to video. It's not an example of excellence per se, but more just a bit of fun to mark the start of the next chapter in what we hope is a long and exciting journey for Wotja.

How it was done:

On the Apple Watch I used Siri to enter the text into the WWA and I then changed some of the melodic composition settings, volumes and the tempo. I also tried different included players/backing to find what I felt worked well for this piece. I turned off all the Shuffle toggles and then pressed randomise to get a colour theme.

Once I was happy with my wotja, I hooked up my iPhone 5 and recorded it to video on my Mac. I even started/stopped the wotja and and tweaked the volumes in it with the WWA :).

Finally, using Wotja on my iPhone I emailed myself the file I made (just for posterity), and then emailed myself the Wotja Music URL. If you have Wotja or Wotja FREE you can visit it to play it.

Buy Wotja Free on iTunes: Free


Buy Wotja on iTunes: $3.99