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Ben Potts composed a track called Touch-Tactile with a contact mic, his iPad running Lemur, and Ableton Live providing a whole mountain range worth of reverb. The results are some very industrial ambient. You can listen to Touch-Tactile here, and embedded below is a behind the scenes look at how it was made.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99


Symphonizer is a new iPad app that let's you turn sheet music pages with your face; by smiling. It'll be easy for you to do that too, because the app is now free!

Symphonizer iTunes Description:

Simply smile to your iPad when you want to turn to the next music notes page.

You no longer need a special person to help you turn to the next page, nor spend on expensive hardware. Musicians all over the world find it challenging using their hands to turn pages while practicing or playing their music. This app introduces a new simple method (a simple smile) to replace the challenging touch based swipes or taps. A smile is always there to help you turn page while still playing.

Currently application supports music notes in PDF format.

Buy Symphonizer on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $2.99)


MATRIXSYNTH found this unique combination of music technology, using Digital Vinyl timecode to control a modular synth! The results are surprisingly good! Basically everything you're hearing here besides the drums are being controlled by converting the Traktor Digital Vinyl code into a Control Voltage source for the modular.

Sonic Touch 31: Korg Gadget

In this week's Sonic Touch, Nick Batt and Gaz Williams look at Korg Gadget; which earns a Sonic Touch Gold Award!

Video Description:

We're looking at Korg's new music creation environment - Gadget - with 15 instruments to choose from and a well designed GUI, taking full advantage of the iOS touch world, we think its a killer app. As a result, we're awarding it a Sonic Touch Gold Award.

Buy Korg Gardget on iTunes: $38.99

PhonoPaper Released!

Alexander Zolotov's latest app experiment, PhonoPaper, has been released on both iOS (Universal) and Android! This app combines the ultra low-tech of a phonograph, with the ultra weird-tech of VirtualANS, and dead tree pulp!

PhonoPaper iTunes Description:

PhonoPaper is:

  • format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by analogy with the QR-code);
  • real-time PhonoPaper-code reader (using the camera);
  • PhonoPaper-code generator (sound to image converter).

Key features:

  • PhonoPaper-code is analogue, so it is not so sensitive to different types of the image distortion (bad camera, dark picture, wrinkled paper, etc.); at least you will hear the "silhouette" of the original sound;
  • PhonoPaper does not require access to the network; its code is self-contained;
  • PhonoPaper-code can be played in real-time with hand-controlled speed and direction;
  • PhonoPaper-code can be drawn by hand (paper version of the Virtual ANS synth);
  • PhonoPaper is free!

Examples of usage:

  • voice messages (or pieces of music) on the billboards, posters, postcards, goods;
  • audio labels for phonorecords;
  • audio examples in some textbooks;
  • art-experiments;
  • learning the basics of the spectral music.

PhonoPaper is based on the Virtual ANS engine - it is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS. So if you want to make more complex PhonoPaper-codes - use the Virtual ANS.

Buy PhonoPaper on iTunes: Free (Really)

Buy PhonoPaper on GooglePlay: Free

I covered this in the latest VirtualANS update, which adds to support for printing out your VirtualANS creations. Check out that article for a demo video of playing music from paper. Here is another example, specifically using Phonopaper to record and then print a voice. Stick around to the end to see what happens when he crumples the page.