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iElectribe - Set the pitch of each step

I'm not entirely sure what BEATNVISION is up to here, but he's got a Surface tablet sending MIDI to his iPad... so that's pretty cool. His goal is to use this combination to add some much needed per-step pitch changes to iElectribe. Unfortunately it seems like he is just fighting to get it to sync correctly. If anyone knows what Windows app that is, please comment here!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Once synchronized with the MIDI clock, so troublesome to the ish that can not be canceled and not end the app, MIDI clock synchronization will not suit just head to give up the (WIST ish method). Correspondence is only one measure (please use the COPY STEP is later).

Buy Korg iElectribe on iTunes: $19.99

Buy Korg iElectribe for iPhone on iTunes: $19.99

First Look at FieldScaper - Part 1

Brian Kupferschmid has another app video! This week Brian is looking at the new FieldScaper. Embedded below is Part 1, and you can find Part 2 over here. FieldScaper is still on sale at its introduction price.

Buy FieldScaper on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

A Box In The Sea - Crystalline Plasma Radio Waves

A Box In The Sea is back with more synthesis mayhem! In addition to his elaborate modular synth and other hardware, he's running a music box into Samplr for a nice creepy bed.

Video Description:

I used two Barcus Berry contact microphones to sample this extremely simple music box I made from a 5 dollar player I bought on amazon. It comes with a hole punch to make your own chords and melodies. Each mic is processed through it's on convolution reverb before being sampled via the Octatrack, Samplr and the WTPA2. The WTPA is being triggered by Medow Physics (controlled by the Monomer grid). This gets sent through the modular for processing via the 4ms SMR, Clouds and the Erbe Verb. I'm using a Korg Nano to mix the volumes of all 3 outputs (via the ESX 8CV) to create the textures. It took me hours to record this because I got so lost in all the textures the Medow Physics/WTPA/Modular were making.

Samplr is routed through the Cocoquantus and played live. The OT is running 6 chopped up versions of the sample which I'm constantly mixing with another Korg Nano.

Suscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_...

Soundcloud Sonic Sketch Pad: https://soundcloud.com/a-box-in-the-sea

Instagram: http://instagram.com/paulnormandlebel

Street Photography: http://paulnormandlebel.com

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

Monoleap - MIDI Controller

Monoleap is an unique, free (really), monophonic MIDI controller. It seems designed to be simple to play, so you can have it pointed away from you while you perform; giving the audience something to see.

Monoleap iTunes Description:

Monoleap is a new kind of MIDI controller for playing monophonic instruments, such as synth, lead, wind, brass bass.

Once you master the fingering patterns, you'll be able to play monoleap without looking at the device, and have fine grain control over the instrument sound an articulation by moving your hands horizontally and vertically on the iPAD screen.

For more information on how to setup the instrument and how to play, please download the "Getting Started" guide from the following URL:

Buy Monoleap on iTunes: Free

ToneStack 2.0 Demo

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