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Palm Sounds brought my attention to Waveband, a new app from CanAssist at the University of Victoria. Earlier this year CanAssist released Canstrument and Waveband shares the same goal of bringing music creation to people of different physical abilities.

Waveband iTunes Description:

Waveband lets people with a wide range of disabilities express themselves musically through movement. By moving an Apple device, users convert motion into the sound of their choice of musical instrument. Users can roll, pitch or turn the device to play a piano scale, shake the device to play a tambourine, and so on. Waveband is completely customizable to ensure that each user's ability to move can be used to best advantage.

Who Is It For?

Waveband is designed to be used by anyone who wants to express themselves musically through motion with their iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). When used in conjunction with a strap to secure the device to the body, the app can be especially useful to people who have disabilities that prevent them from playing traditional musical instruments.

For example, a client who has some control over his arms could have an iPod Touch attached to his arm with a runner's strap. When the client moves his arm sideways, the device plays a pre-selected scale across several octaves, sounding just like a banjo. Another client with extremely limited control over her movements could even have a device attached to her power chair so that the movement of the chair activates the sound of a piano. A client who experiences spasticity might love to control the tambourine or drums.

Key Features:

• a wide selection of sounds
• completely customizable
• multiple people can play simultaneously on a network
• compatible with applications such as GarageBand through MIDI output

Clients and their music therapist (or caregiver) can choose: from among 30 instruments; the base key; the scale type; and the type and intensity of movement that will activate the notes. They can change any of these options at any time. In addition, the app includes features for more advanced users, such as MIDI output over WiFi.

Buy Waveband on iTunes: Free

haQ attaQ - "Troll-beat" [Let's play] 

In this haQ attaQ, Jakob Haq is making a crazy Dubby version of a Swedish lullaby about Trolls. Seriously! This is worth checking out for the song at the end. I love the ReBirth on this! You can now help sponsor Jakob Haq on Patreon.

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $14.99


Buy Tera Synth on iTunes: $19.99

Moog Theremini Editor for iPad

Moog's Theremini got a new iPad app; greatly expanding the functionality of the hardware, with real-time preset editing and unlimited preset storage! Best of all this editor is a freebie for all Theremini owners.

Theremini Advanced Software Editor:

Unlock your Theremini’s previously unseen world of sonic features with The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor. This editor puts the power of sound design in your hands by allowing you to access new layers of the Theremini’s synthesis engine. Easily craft new and exciting sounds for your Moog Theremini, re-sculpt existing presets, and share your sonic creations with others. The Moog Theremini Advanced Software Editor also includes an exclusive library of new presets to kick-start your creative process.

NOTE: This application does not make sound by itself. It is an editor librarian app for the Moog Theremini. To use this app, the user must have a Lightning to USB host adapter (for iPads with Lightning connector) or the Apple Camera Connection Kit (for iPads with 30pin connector) and a mini USB cable.


  • Create new preset
  • Edit existing presets
  • Craft new sounds in real-time while playing your Moog Theremini
  • Create or edit preset libraries with built in Library Manager
  • Unlimited preset storage
  • Share libraries of sounds via email or iTunes file sharing
  • Edit the Theremini’s global settings
  • Built in Editor User Manual, Theremini User Manual, and Quick Start Guide
  • Simple drag-and-drop preset library
  • Quick Save for instantly editing an existing sound

Buy Theremini Advanced Software Editor on iTunes: Free

There are no demos for the app, but here is a little intro to the hardware.

MultitrackStudio for iPad Update

The iPad version of MultitrackStudio got an update addressing Inter-App Audio compatibility, including MIDI over IAA.

What's new in MultitrackStudio for iPad v1.6:

  • Improved IAA compatibility.
  • MIDI output of IAA instruments can be recorded (there's a 'MTS IAA Recording' virtual MIDI destination for this).
  • Using instrument apps via MIDI+Audiobus is easier: Instrument selectors now list 'Virtual MIDI Apps'. An app's MIDI output can be recorded using the new 'MTS Virtual MIDI Recording' virtual MIDI destination. Audiobus monitoring has been improved for this scenario.
  • Some SoundFont Player issues are fixed.
  • Audio track input selector level meters work smoother.

Buy MultitrackStudio for iPad on iTunes: $29.99

MIDI Over Bluetooth with Ableton Live (Yosemite-iOS 8)

Colin from The Sound Test Room did a demo of Bluetooth MIDI added to OSX 10.10 and iOS 8, using Caramel in Ableton.

Buy Caramel - Crunch & Crusher on iTunes: $4.99

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