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Trigger Box Update

Trigger Box, an app for sending CV trigger/gate signals to analog gear, got its first update. This adds a step-sequencer as an In-App Purchase. Sadly it is not working at this time; I'm just getting a spinning Loading... pop-up when I try. Likewise, I cannot find a price for the new sequencer. There is a demo though!

Buy Trigger Box on iTunes: Freemium

Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer

Fifth Degree is a new iPad app for looping through a circle of fifths. This comes to us for free as part of the 2014 KVR Developer Challenge. Check out the webpage here for more free goodies from the challenge; including 29 Windows Plug-ins and 9 Mac Plug-ins.

Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer iTunes Description:

From a few simple elements complexity can arise. Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer based on a simple concept: loop around the musical circle of fifths in key and tweak the performance parameters live. You can use it to create a mesmerising loop and change the way it plays or use it as a base while you improvise alongside it with another instrument. You can even use it as a convenient loop of notes while you try out different sound patches on your synthesizer.


  • Lean user interface that gathers the essential performance controls on the main screen.
  • Fixed sequence of notes (ascending circle of fifths).
  • Clearly displays the notes in the key and scale you select.
  • Outputs to CoreMIDI output ports (virtual, network and physical).
  • Keeps sending MIDI while in the background.
  • Can send MIDI notes and MIDI clock, so other apps can choose to synchronise.

Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer app supporting any CoreMIDI output: virtual MIDI, MIDI over Wi-Fi and CoreMIDI compatible hardware interfaces. Since it is a sequencer it does not generate sounds on its own, so use it with your favourite CoreMIDI-compatible sound generation app or hardware.

Fifth Degree was developed for the 2014 KVR Developer Challenge. It is powered by the MidiBus library from Audeonic.

Buy Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer on iTunes: Free

Rheyne Jam #101

Rheyne is getting back into the swing of things, with his 101st live looping jam!

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $24.99


Buy Animoog on iTunes: $19.99 (On Sale)

MobiDic - Mobile Chord Dictionary

MobiDic is a new Universal guitar chord dictionary, with over 5,000 chords! I can't imagine how that many chords are physically possible. The iTunes description doesn't really go on to explain that very much. Instead we get a load of quotes about how Dinho Oliveira is fucking awesome. Seriously. There's a blurb about the app and 7 paragraphs about Dinho. Enjoy!

MobiDic iTunes Description:

MobiDic is the result of a partnership between musician and developer. The illustrated dictionary brings about 5.000 chords that can easily be found starting by its roots, grades or the places on the fretboard. It has pictures and graphic representation of the chord, and also allows the playback sound of the chord.


“Dinho, guitarist with enormous familiarity with the harmony, breathes musicality, ability and good taste. A rare musician.”

Yuri Popoff – musician, bassist and composer.

‘Whenever I think of Dinho Oliveira, I think about: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmony, subtlety, composition, arrangement… but, besides all of those, I think of GOOD music. I remember this harvest of aces that, as well as Dinho, always give us pride of being brazilian. Technology and music always ran together and increasingly they make part of musicians lives. The news of this app about chords and harmony makes me very excited in first place by its easiness and practicity, but, besides that, mainly to be given by this mate and friend that has researched so much, with love, the CHESS of the 6 string world. Thanks, Dinho.’
Paulinho Fagundes – musician, guitarist and composer.

Dinho Oliveira is a great musician, with great experience of harmony and knowledge about the ways of acoustic and electric guitar. Actual is a great enterprise, serious and deeply into App languages from arts and internet services. The job made on Mob Dic is really the giant path of an Ahab (artist-developer) searching for his MobyDick – white and tameless whale (music, arts, harmony) by the deep sea of knowledge. What a happiness to be able to browse through this enormous ocean, searching and learning with the assurance and certainty along with the masters/captains in the ship of this great app.
Kiko Freitas – musician, composer and drummer

"Dinho is a great musician, an excepcional guitarist, with great knowledge in harmony. He has a refined quality to play chord melody, mixing jazz and brazilian music in a very good way."

Ricardo Baumgarten – musician, bassist and composer

“Dinho Oliveira, besides being an exceptional guitarist and composer, is one of the musicians that has the largest vocabulary, talking about chords, and the best understanding of the functions and practical applications of those. Dinho really dominates the subject, and that’s what puts him light-years ahead of the average. I consider him a wise man in music and a master on harmony and improvisation.”
Karlo Kulpa – musician, violinist and composer

“Dinho is a scout, who never stops to go into the jungle, but with deep respect for looking the path that leads to the beginning. In all fields he explores, he challenges the boundaries: from composing to improvising and in the way to do harmony on the guitar. You just need to hear him playing a single theme to understand the magnitude of his geniality. When it comes to Dinho, there’s no bad music.”
Rodrigo Kulpa – guitarist, student and friend

“I’ve played with Dinho for some years. His ability of conceiving clear and effective harmonic structures expands the possibilities of improvisation, reharmonizing, arrangement and composition. His chord vocabulary, now available as an App, is an essential tool for everyone who search to expand their musicality on the instrument. The tip is “not to be happy”, take things seriously and put it to work.”
Tonda Pecoits – musician, keyboardist and arranger.


Pedro Lima is a software developer on Actual, acting on the software developing market in many areas over 20 years. The idea of developing an illustrated chords app has appeared on his lessons of harmony with the musician Dinho Oliveira, starting from the need of creating a tool to quickly locate a chord, its name, variations and sonorities.

Buy MobiDic on iTunes: $9.99

MobMuPlat Patch::Polysine

Reader Otem Rellik has released his third free patch for MobMuPlat. This one is a polyphonic sine wave synthesizer.

Buy MobMuPlat on iTunes: Free

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