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Portable Eurorack Modular Synth Jam

Reader Felix, aka The Tuesday Night Machines, built a custom portable case for his Eurorack Modular system. You can read his progress on the construction over here. This is his first jam, with Tape and Final Touch.

Video Description:

I built a portable DIY case for my Eurorack modular synth setup. It's almost done :) Here's a first little jam with it! See lots of pictures of the building process and read about it too here: http://tinyurl.com/modularcase

The drums in this jam were synthesized with Eurorack modules too. The Intellijel Dixie does the bass drum and the snare is the Anti-Oscillator + Noise from the Turing Machine. The other percussion sound is the pinged Klangbau 3D VCF through the Plague Bearer.

Gear used in this video:

  • Eurorack Modular Synthesizer (see: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/111472)
  • Arturia MicroBrute (analog synthesizer)
  • iPad 3 with Behringer UCA202 audio interface and the Focusrite/Novation Tape recording app & Final Touch mastering app

Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i).

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Buy Final Touch - Complete Mastering System on iTunes: $12.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Music Studio Update

Music Studio got its first major update of the year, and it's a big one! A whole new effect routing scheme, along with 4 new effects!

What's new in Music Studio v2.5:

  • New effect routing: 5 track, 5 send and 6 global effects
  • 4 new effects: Compressor, BitCrusher, Phaser, StereoWidener
  • Polyphony during export increased to 256
  • MIDI CC2 input is mapped to track volume
  • Audiobus SDK 2.0 compatibility
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Loopy Update

Both versions of Loopy were updated today with new options for the way Count-Out behavior works when recording.

What's new in Loopy (both versions):

  • Added hardware latency controls (the default 256 frames, or super-low 128 frames)
  • Addressed Audiobus port muting policy to avoid silencing output when individual tracks added
  • Show input levels while adjusting input gain on iPhone
  • Allow clock pausing with pending count-in/out actions; perform actions immediately
  • When unpausing by triggering record, start recording immediately, not after a count-in
  • Reset clock when clearing all tracks or re-recording the only track
  • Improved count-out behaviour:
    (a) properly respect disabled count-out while count-in is on
    (b) avoid blank gaps at end of loops when punching out shortly before a boundary, by extending recording a little (count-out to next appropriate boundary)
    (c) count-out has three modes now: enabled, disabled with the behaviour described in (b), and disabled with instant record end.
  • Fixed count-out of second loop when record trigger ends the first loop recording
  • Fixed truncation on loop length indicator on iPhone
  • Few crash fixes

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Buy Loopy on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Speak Onion - In Your Master's House 

Speak Onion posted this live performance from Circuit Bridges #5 at MC Gallery in Manhattan. He's using a variety of hardware with TouchOSC to create some intense Glitch-IDM!

Video Description:

Speak Onion performing "In Your Master's House" live for Circuit Bridges #5 at MC Gallery in Manhattan on an extremely hot evening for a small but very gracious audience. Live visuals by the almighty Bruzed. Video taken from a camera mounted on the keyboard stand.

Download the studio version: http://immigrantbreastnest.com/album/in-your-masters-house


  • Elektron Octatrack
  • Nord G2 Engine
  • Novation Remote Zero
  • Rolls Mini-Mixer
  • iphone (touchOSC) and Missing Link MIDI interface

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Propellerhead Take Creative Vocal Recorder Update

Propellerhead's Take got a couple of updates over the weekend, adding quite a lot of new features and addressing bugs.

What's new in Take Creative Vocal Recorder v1.1.1:

Key New Features

  • Song navigator replaces the scrub bar. It gives you an overview of the recorded spaces. Drag to scrub, or tap directly to jump to a point in time.
  • Redo mode now restores to the last audio change undone.
  • Tutorial walks you through how to use Take. Re-enable viewing it from Take's settings.
  • Clearer UI for indicating the beginning and end of recordable space.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved audio recording latency correction on all devices.
  • Faster rendering feedback when recording.
  • Preview backing tracks without running all the way to the end of the recordable space—when no audio has been recorded.
  • System view page scrolls to the selected back track on open.
  • Sleep timer is disabled by default to prevent the device from locking while recording (can be disabled in Take’s settings).
  • Proximity sensor is disabled to prevent the screen from darkening while in use.
  • Device supports upside-down orientation. Adjust your device's mic/cables as you like for the best recording position for you.
  • Open shared songs directly opened in Safari from the share page after upload.
  • When sharing in mail, Facebook, and Twitter, the text is automatically pre-filled with the song name and a message inviting friends to listen to the song.
  • Song shares are cropped better to prevent leading and trailing silence.
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Buy Take Creative Vocal Recorder on iTunes: Free