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Xopianoi - A Dream of Tulum

I don't often post singles, but this one from Xopianoi is pure excellence. Using field recordings from Tulum and Merida, Mexico, reader Ben Johnson composed A Dream of Tulum on Samplr. He also used Audioshare, Drumjam, DM1, and Alchemy on the track.

The combination of elements here sounds like a cross between late Sneaker Pimps, Enya, and a generous helping of Ayahuasca.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

Nils Courbaron - Anaon

Nils Courbaron shared an epic bit of shredding on his guitar into Bias! This is what's known in Metal as Pretty Shit™.

Video Description:

Audio recording with GarageBand for iPad: Anaon guitar solo by French guitarist Nils Courbaron.

Gear: GarageBand for iPad + Apogee Jam + Bias Amp
VGS Guitars.

Buy BIAS on iTunes: $19.99

Let's Play with Mitosynth

I loved Grain Science, and Wooji Juice's latest app gives me more of what I loved. Deep modulation everywhere, in a simple and easy to use package! Since the app is so easy to use it is kind of a challenge to make an informative Let's Play. I hope I managed to do so, on this dive into the Additive synthesis elements and other goodies!

Video Description:

Mitosynth is a unique new app, equipped with a hybrid additive-wavetable synth engine and a sampler. This app gets deep, with layers of modulation, but does so in an easy to use interface. All of this makes for big sounds and a fun time exploring them! If you enjoy these Let's Play videos please consider sponsoring them on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=107612

Buy Mitosynth on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

SquashIt Inter-app Audio Effect

Earlier this week Klevgränd Produktion released SyncMix, wherein I erroneously teased that they would be releasing a unique Audiobus effect today. They have in fact released a very unique effect, with a great interface I hope other developers will learn from, but it is solely for use in Inter-App Audio. Not Audiobus! Sorry, my mistake!

SqashIt iTunes Description:

This audio effect filter provides an unique distortion algorithm and should be essential in every music producers toolset. SquashIt doesn’t sound vintage, it just sounds good. SquashIt is developed by musicians for musicians.


  • SquashIt! is Inter app audio (IAA) compatible.
    This means you can use it with Garageband or other IAA compatible sequencers.
  • Load / Save presets.
  • Remembers hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host connects)
  • Low cpu usage
  • Simple but yet powerful user interface

Buy SquashIt on iTunes: $0.99

iPadLoops has posted a demo of SquashIt squashing the shit out of a Volca Bass to great effect!

SunVox Update

The iOS version of SunVox has been updated with 64-bit support, along with a bunch other improvements! There is also a new Pitch Shifter module added in this version.

What's new in SunVox v1.7.5:

  • 64bit CPU support;
  • SunVox file type association: now any SunVox-compatible documents (sunvox, midi, xm, mod) can be opened from other apps (Mail, Browser, etc.);
  • new module - Pitch Shifter;
  • customizable curve of the values has been added to MultiCtl module;
  • MIDI Octave Offset option has been added to the MIDI Preferences;
  • PR (Set note period) command has been renamed to SP (Set pitch);
  • main menu has been divided into two separate menus: the Main Menu (left side) and the Pattern Menu (right side);
  • UI design slightly changed;
  • new simple song examples: crossfader;
  • new song examples: Twistboy - Translucent, unspoken_words;
  • bugs fixed.

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Solar Lune has already done a tutorial video for the Pitch Shifter from the PC beta version of SunVox!

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