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GaMBi Arrives for iOS

GaMBi is a dedicated chiptune app, but besides playing back classic tracks it offers AudioCopy for remixing! It supports all of the popular chiptune file formats. It even allows you to do some tweaking to the playback engine. This one is brought to us by several devs, including Propellerhead mobile developer David Ventura.

GaMBi iTunes Description:

GaMBi is an iOS app for chiptune fans, performers, DJs, and remix artists, allowing deep customization of classic video game sound and connection with other music-making apps via channel control, AudioCopy and sample export.

GaMBi contains over 60 licensed tracks and two full hours of music from classic and modern composers including: Jeroen Tel, Jon Dunn, C-jeff, Blitz Lunar, Tappy, Hally, and 1H1D!!

Key features include:

  • loop, shuffle, track favorites
  • library sort and search
  • playlist creation
  • channel toggle and built-in equalizer
  • AudioCopy, export to iTunes

Supported formats include, NSF, GBS, SPC, VGM, HES, KSS, AY, SAP, and more.

Buy GaMBi on iTunes: $6.99 (iPhone)

Google I/O: Making Music with the Web Platform

Google had its big developer conference yesterday. While the biggest news was about wearables and watches, there was some tidbits for audio! No news on Android specific improvements, but they continue to work on Web Audio (which works on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac).

There is a playground of Web Audio apps that should work on Safari and Chrome for iPad, but sadly most of them do not. Web MIDI is not yet supported on any of the iOS browsers, but if you have Chrome for Android it is alledged to work there. I couldn't even get Web MIDI to work on my Windows desktop in Chrome, but I give them credit for effort and a solid sound out of their Moogish demo. The only thing of interest that is working reliably on iOS is the Happy Drums.

Here is a little demo video of what they've been up to lately.


Klevgränd Produktion has released their first app. SyncMix is a Universal iOS app offering a way to sync CV, MIDI, and Korg WIST simultaneously. This should be handy for people struggling to sync Korg Volcas with the rest of their hardware and apps. Now you can WIST sync the Korg SyncKontrol on an iPhone, to your iPad running CV or MIDI Out to other gear.

Klevgränd is having a busy week. Their second app, a unique Audiobus effect, is coming to iTunes on Friday!

SyncMix iTunes Description:

SyncMix is a tool that brings three generations of sync together, all controlled from your app.

Nothing beats playing music together with your friends. Now, SyncMix makes it very simple and affordable. Just hook up all the gear to your device, set your tempo and off you go.

It’s also an inexpensive way to get all your own gear in sync.

MIDI is handled through the connector port together with Apple Camera Connection Kit or Lightning Pin depending on your Apple device. CV sync goes through a mini stereo audio cord connected to the headphones output. Wireless sync runs through any music application using WIST running on another device.


Make sure you use the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for 30 pin connector devices or the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for the Lightning pin connector devices. Then with a USB to MIDI cable you can connect to any MIDI interface you use with your laptop.


Connect a 3.5" mono or stereo audio cable from your device to your CV gear. Depending on your setup you may or may not need to boost the gain of the signal. In our testing we have used the Volca series without any need to boost the gain. For Eurorack Modular users, audio gain boost for the clock signal can be achieved via the Steady State Fate Ground Control and PTG, Circuit Abbey Gozinta or Doepfer A-119. The modules where used in our testing but theoretically any other gain module should work.


You can now for the first time jam with your favourite WIST compatible app. Setup up your SyncMix app device as the Master and your other device with the music app with WIST as the Slave. Once the connection is made you can sync all of the above protocols at once.

Buy SyncMix on iTunes: $3.99

Trigger Box Demo with Korg PolySix 

Brute LFO developer Justus Kandzi released this preview video for his upcoming Trigger Box app.

I emailed Justus to find out what the app is actually doing to the Korg PolySix here.

The app sends gate signals to the synth. The PolySix has a built in arpeggiator and you can send trigger signals to the synth to start the individual notes. I wanted to have an easy way to quickly switch between different rhythms and fixed tempos.

At the moment the app provides a quick way to set different euclidean rhythms as a trigger, but I think I will add several other sequencers in the future.

Unfortunately the signal from the iPhone has to be amplified to trigger the PolySix.

Buy Trigger Box on iTunes: Free

Chill Eurorack Jam (w/ Volca Beats & iPad)

Reader Felix, from Tuesday Night Machines, offers another eurorack modular synth jam with his iPad at the center of it all! This is definitely chill, as the title suggests, but very gritty and lively!

Video Description:

Playing more with my new Eurorack setup. Using the 4ms SCM as an Oscillator, clocked by the Intellijel Dixie. Also I'm clocking and sequencing stuff with the iPad and CVpal.


Gear used in this video:
- Eurorack Modular Synthesizer (with Malekko Wiard Anti-Oscillator, Koma Kommander, Plague Bearer, Mutable Instruments CVpal, etc. see: http://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/vi...)
- Arturia MicroBrute (analog bass synthesizer)
- Korg Volca Beats (drum machine)
- iPad with Little MIDI Machine App sequencer going into CV pal
- Zoom R16 (reverb, recording & mastering)

Filmed with a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel t2i).

Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free

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