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csGrain Updated as Audiobus Effect

Boulanger Labs' csGrain can finally be used as an Audiobus effect!

What's new in csGrain v1.3:

  • Audiobus filter port added
  • iOS 8 optimized
  • This version supports iOS 7.0 and later

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Swoopster Update

Swoopster joins Holderness Media's Caramel and Crystalline with a major update adding MIDI over Bluetooth!

What's new in Swoopster v1.2:

Swoopster 1.2 introduces a new Settings screen with features including Input/Output gain, Latency settings, Bluetooth MIDI and more. Be sure to check out the video tutorials in the app to learn how to use all this cool new stuff.

I don't want to be annoying while you're in the creative zone, so rather than adding a pop up asking you to leave a review and killing the vibe while you're in the middle of working on music, I'll just ask you nicely here. Don't forget to leave a rating/review on the AppStore if you love Swoopster! Your support here helps a lot, and keeps me motivated. I appreciate it!

New Features:

  • Receive MIDI over Bluetooth LE (*requires iOS 8, located in Settings screen)
  • Input/Output gain per channel (located in Settings screen)
  • Adjustable latency (located in Settings screen)
  • Clear MIDI Learn settings button (located in Settings screen)
  • update Audiobus SDK
  • minor bugfixes for iOS 8

Buy Swoopster on iTunes: $4.99

Korg AudioPocket - iOS Volca Sample Manager

Korg has released this preview for AudioPocket, the new app that lets you import samples to the Volca Sample. The newest Volca gadget is expected to ship in December, and will be priced higher than the other Volcas.

Buy Korg AudioPocket on iTunes: Free

Sonic Labs: Korg Electribe Preview

Sonic State was visited by Korg UK's James Pullen demonstrating the newest addition to the Electribe family. At $400 it is a bit pricier than a device I'd usually feature here, but wow, there is a lot of functionality crammed into that price tag!

iPad Air 2 iFixit Teardown - 2GB RAM Confirmed

iFixit has done their tear down of the new iPad Air 2, but they have no idea how much RAM it has. They're still working on that, as they say in their video around the 3:30 mark. Update: As reader dyoll1013 points out in the comments here, iFixit did find 2 1GB memory chips in Step 15 of the teardown write up. Finally we have confirmation of the rumors!

In our community early adopters are feeling a lot less fortunate than you may expect. There is a lengthy thread on the iPad Musician Facebook group about one iPad Air 2 owner's early disappointments. Reader Adam Matza states:

"Okay, first impression of Air 2. I like the non-glare glass. The iPad is lighter and thinner. Now for the music apps. Audiobus: (input) animoog, alchemy and ivcs3; (effects) AUFX Dub & Space; (output) AUFX peakq. Buggy as hell. I expected animoog to be buggy as I am running 2.2.2 (i have been beta testing 2.2.3, which is up to its sixth iteration. I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to access 2.2.3(6)). I was surprised that ivcs3 and, especially alchemy, were severely stuttering at a latency of 512 (256 was, of course, far worse). I then ran animoog, alchemy and ivcs3 outside of audiobus individually and was shocked that find they are all stuttering. the developers and Apple have a long way to go to get this straightened out. I'm just going to have to wait it out."

Here is iFixit's teardown and review!