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Apollo App Series Walkthrough

Colin from The Sound Test Room did a walkthrough of the Apollo Series of apps. These are all very innovative utilities from Secret Base Designs, including the new Apollo Sound Injector that lets you stream audio over WIFI between apps! You can now buy the Apollo apps as part of a bundle that includes Nice To Be Your Friend Synth. The free Apollo Sound Injector is now included in the bundle because Apple won't let developers include free apps in bundles.

Buy Apollo Sound Injector on iTunes: Free

Buy Apollo Remote Recorder on iTunes: $5.99

Buy Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Apollo & Friends - BUNDLE on iTunes: $7.99

haQ attaQ - "Duleete stuff" with Yellofier [Let's Play]

Jakob Haq has another haQ attaQ Let's Play, this time using Yellofier to get the creative juices flowing. I'm personally impressed with his results. It starts off sounding like Goats screaming, but ends up sounding surprisingly good!

Buy Yellofier on iTunes: $2.99

Mellotronics M3000 Ultimate Edition

If you've been interested in the huge library of sounds in Mellotronics M3000 app, but put off by their à la carte IAPs you'll be interested to know that you can now buy an Ultimate Bundle version. This comes with everything available for purchase in M3000, but not the new Joranotron.

Prepare your wallet and your storage for a shock though, as this one weighs 1.26 GB and costs $75!

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the shipment of the first production mellotron from Streetly Electronics' factory in Birmingham, UK.

To celebrate this historic occasion we are proud to present the 50th Anniversary Edition of Mellotronics M3000, an authentic replication of the legendary M400 tape replay instrument, packed with awesome additional features.

Full Voice List:

M3000 50th Anniversary Edition:

  • Church Organ
  • Boys Choir
  • Female Choir
  • Eight Choir
  • String Section
  • MKII Violins
  • Cello
  • MKII Flute
  • MKII Clarinet
  • Oboe
  • Tenor Sax
  • MKII Brass
  • Trombone
  • Piano
  • Rhodes
  • MKII Vibes

  • Plus:

  • Streetly Tapes Volume 1
  • Streetly Tapes Volume 2
  • Streetly Tapes Volume 3
  • Harry's Tapes
  • Caitlin Downie English Soprano
  • Clare Lindley Violin Collection
  • Buy Mellotronics M3000 Ultimate on iTunes: $74.99

    JamUp: How To Get a Great Rectifier Tone

    Positive Grid's Fluff shows off how to get a great rectifier tone in their Jam Up multi-effect app.

    Buy JamUp XT on iTunes: Free

    Buy JamUp XT Pro on iTunes: $9.99

    PSA: YouTube Is Fucked

    YouTube is fucking up bad today. If you're coming to the site from an iPad, as 60% of you are, then playing videos will be a bit tricky. You'll no doubt have noticed that a simple tap will no longer play a video. This seems to be affecting all sites, all browsers, and both versions 7 and 8 of iOS. There are two three ways to get it to work though!

    Update: ZenLizard posted in the comments here with the best work around! Simply tap below the Red Play button, about halfway between the button and the bottom of the embed. This is the easiest method to get them working.

    The first is to simply keep tapping, but ryhtmically. I have no idea why that works, but a simple tap-tap-tap-tap as if you were trying to tap-tempo for 120BPM seems to work pretty well.

    Alternatively you can just click on the white title of the embedded video. This will open a new tab directly to YouTube, where the video will play just fine. You can practice both methods on this video of a kitten playing with her tail.

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