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dot Melody Update

Olympia Noise Co.'s "Multidimensional Arpeggiator, Sequencer, and Drum Machine," dot Melody got an update! The MIDI Output IAP is now free in this version!

What's new in dot Melody v1.0.3:

MIDI Out is now free - use dot Melody to control other software and hardware synthesizers.

  • French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese are now supported.
  • iOS8 Ready!
  • Updated to latest Audiobus library.
  • Inter-app audio support.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Buy dot Melody on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

MultitrackStudio for iPad Update

MultitrackStudio, the cross-platform DAW (OSX, PC, Windows Tablets, iPad) got an update with a new matrix sampler.

What's new in MultitrackStudio v1.5:

  • Matrix Sampler.
  • Matrix onscreen keyboard.
  • Pseudo Stereo effect is renamed to Stereo Imager, and now processes stereo input signals as well.
  • "Expand to Chord" menu plays the chord you're touching (move finger out of highlighted area to avoid expanding to chord).
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.3 SDK.
  • Fixed: External Instrument's patch selector didn't work right.

Buy MultitrackStudio for iPad on iTunes: $29.99

I found some details about the new Matrix Sampler on the official forum:

The Matrix Sampler can load up to 16 audio samples. They can be played using the Matrix onscreen keyboard for example.

A 4x4 matrix of cells appears on the left. On tapping one of the 16 cells the corresponding controls appear on the right. The Load button allows for loading samples. Several options are available:

  • Import an audio file from AudioShare, the General Pasteboard or iTunes File Sharing.
  • Paste data copied from audio or MIDI track editor.
  • Remove.

In addition you can copy from one cell to another using drag-and-drop. Samples can be up to 6 seconds in length. If you have longer samples you can consider slicing them into parts using a track editor, the parts can then be loaded in multiple cells using the paste option.

The text box next to the load button shows the name of the cell, and allows for changing it. The name appears in the cell itself if a sample is loaded.

Volume controls the volume of the sample. Semitones and Cents control the pitch. Stretch can be used to make the sample shorter or longer, so it matches the song tempo. The box accepts fractions, so you can type '120/80' instead of '1.5' to make a 120 BPM sample match your 80 BPM song for example. If Oneshot is engaged the sample will play all the way to the end regardless of note-off messages.

You can use the play button to playback the sample. This can come in handy while copying data from a tracks to cells, when there's not enough room for the matrix keyboard.

Apollo Sound Injector - Stream Audio Between Devices!

Secret Base Design has released an app that I've been greatly looking forward to. Apollo Sound Injector lets you stream audio from one iOS device to another iOS device with Audiobus! I've had a chance to play with it a bit in beta, and it works great! Just plug together a string of apps on one device going into Apollo Remote Recorder, then on another device put Apollo Sound Injector on the input chain of Audiobus and you've got audio from both devices to play with!

Apollo Sound Injector iTunes Description:

Apollo Sound Injector makes it easy to stream audio from one iOS device to another. Use Apollo Remote Recorder with the device that is sending audio, and Sound Injector on the device that needs to receive the audio -- we have two separate apps so that it's easy to know which end is which.

Both Remote Recorder and Sound Injector work with Audiobus, so you can integrate iOS synthesizers and sequencers, and build complex audio processing chains. And if you're making music, you should also take a look at Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth -- the fast way to send MIDI between multiple devices.

Secret Base Design has years of experience developing leading edge apps for serious musicians. Our "Apollo" series of apps are designed to let you use multiple iOS devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers, to build an integrated and flexible music studio.

If you are using desktop DAWs, you can take advantage of Sound Injector on the desktop -- a free PC VST, and a free Mac AU, are both available on the Secret Base Design web page.

Note that with audio streaming over WiFi, there can be some latency, and performance will depend a great deal on your router, and the WiFi traffic. Sound Injector features a novel latency reduction algorithm -- but there are limits to how far this can go, and very low latency connections may also introduce audio glitches.

Buy Apollo Sound Injector on iTunes: Free

Buy Apollo Remote Recorder on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Apollo Sound Injector is free, since you need to use it with Apollo Remote Recorder. Apollo Remote Recorder can now also stream audio to PC and Mac via beta AU/VST plugins. All of this is so exciting! The latency is pretty acceptable in my medium-density housing, but I'll be curious to hear how it behaves in apartment buildings with hundreds of WIFI connections all over the airways.

Here is a nicely produced developer preview of the app. Scroll down for sales on other Secret Base apps!

Buy Double Decker on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

Buy Spectral Eye Pro on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

Buy Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $5.99)

Buy Nice To Be Your Friend Synth on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

Buy MIDImorphosis on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Buy Voxkit! on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

ScaleGen from Gestrument Developer

Gestrument developer Jesper Nordin has released his second app! ScaleGen can be used standalone, as well as a means to create new scales for Gestrument.

ScaleGen iTunes Description (abridged):

ScaleGen - the ultimate scale generator and editor! Generate and manipulate musical scales in any way you can imagine.

You think you know what a scale is - think again. In ScaleGen you can do all that you would traditionally imagine when it comes to scales and pitch organisation, and then much, much more.

Define or change scales in the most detailed and intricate way. Audition the scales you make from within the app or export it as a MIDI file or to our app Gestrument - the revolutionary gesture-instrument.

This is the tool for anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional tonalities in whichever genre. ScaleGen comes with predefined scales of all kinds - from the traditional western scales and early music (Baroque/Renaissance) scales to asian scales from India, Indonesia and elsewhere as well as more conceptual scales based in the classical contemporary music.

But the most interesting things with ScaleGen is when you start to think of a scale as something more open. Consider these questions:
What if your scale was different in every octave?
Why must a scale always go from down to up?
What if you could use a variation of the overtone series as a scale?
How does it sound if you divide the octave in five steps instead of twelve?

In ScaleGen we define a scale as any list of MIDI pitches that you can manipulate in many ways. You can start with a keyboard to input pitches, you can use the concept of the overtone series with multiplication of frequencies, you can define the number and size of the steps in the scale or you can import MIDI files and use them as scales. Then you can fine-tune your scale in a matrix with a number of tools.

You can then try and play your scale directly in the app, using built-in sounds or control your favorite external synthesizer/app through MIDI. If you want to try and play on your newly created scales in another way we recommend you open them in the app Gestrument - the revolutionary gesture-instrument. But you can also save the scales as text files or as MIDI files and open them in another program.

Buy ScaleGen on iTunes: $9.99

ScaleGen comes with a couple of introduction videos. The first demonstates ScaleGen exporting Beethoven's Für Elise to Gestrument. Embedded here is a detailed look at ScaleGen itself, with some of the first video included.

FL Studio Mobile Update

Both versions of FL Studio Mobile have been updated for iOS 8, with several new features and improvements. This update came just in time, as one extremely young FL Studio Mobile user demonstrates in the video below.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile v2.4:

  • iOS 8 and Audiobus 2.1 compatibility
  • New effect routing: 5 track, 5 send and 6 global effects
  • 4 new effects: Compressor, BitCrusher, Phaser, StereoWidener
  • FL Studio Mobile is now an Inter-App Audio Node
  • 11 new MiniSynth presets
  • MIDI clock output setting
  • Metronome pan setting
  • Polyphony during export increased to 256
  • Preview button improved
  • Many small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

Buy FL Studio Mobile HD on iTunes: $19.99

Buy FL Studio Mobile on iTunes: $14.99 (iPhone)

YouTuber thequestionmaniac a.k.a OffGuel was particularly aggrieved with AudioBUGS in FL Studio on iOS 8.

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