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Indiegogo: Fusion Guitar

Fusion Guitar is the latest instrument Indiegogo and already it has been a hit. In just a couple of weeks their campaign has garnered 411% of their modest $35,000 goal. At $400 a pop, that is a lot of guitars.

This electric guitar is designed to be integrated with an iPhone/iPod, and includes docks to support the various form factors going back to iPhone 5. Not only is it designed to take advantage of guitar apps, by directly routing the audio through an iPhone, but it can even charge the connected iPhone with its own internal batteries.

I'm particularly excited by the learning possibilities they highlight in the viewing angle:

I'm a little dubious of the sound quality you'll get off that built-in speaker, but it lends itself to a lot of portability without having to lug an amp. With an array of apps at your disposal, and the benefit of your iPhone's Internet connection, this could be the most portable guitar since the acoustic.

If you're on the fence about this one they are threatening to raise the Indiegogo pre-order price from $400 soon. With a retail price of $800 that pre-order price could jump dramatically. They hope to ship in the first quarter of 2016.

haQ attAQ - How to WUB with Gadget

Jakob Haq is still under the weather, but he's WUBing Gadget while fingering his surface.

Video Description:

How 2 WUB with Gadget is what haQ attaQ episode 84 is all about. This is a tutorial on ho to get your wobble on with KORG Gadget and the Miami bass synth!

Buy Korg Gardget on iTunes: $39.99

App Sale: DrumPerect

DrumPerfect is having its biggest sale ever! Save $11 and get it for just $4. Thanks to Linda from the Facebook iPad Musician Group for this news.

Buy DrumPerfect on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Dedalus & Reverb Updates

Amazing Noises updated their Dedalus and Reverb effects apps with a new stereo sampler.

What's new in (both):

  • New: Stereo Sampler with scrubbing, loop-points fade, fine zoom selection etc…
  • New: UI Skins
  • iOs 8.4 SDK
  • Audiobus 2.2
  • Bug Fixed

Buy Dedalus - Delay Audio Mangler on iTunes: $6.99

Buy Reverb - Feedback Delay Network: $3.99

Magellan Update Adds Free Soundbank

Yonac has updated their Magellan (for iPad) with improvements to their automatic patch generator SPAWN, along with a free preset bank by New Wave Presets. This Lab30 present bank was previously only available on Magellan Jr.

What's new in Magellan v3.2:

  • Expanded and improved SPAWN - use AI to magically create new and better presets at the touch of one button
  • Free preset bank from New Wave Presets (NWP Lab30)
  • iOS9 compatability
  • Check out the Magellan Store - more preset packs coming soon

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $14.99

Doug Woods did a demo of the new New Wave Presets Lab30 soundbank!

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