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Maasijam Session #13 

YouTuber Maasijam makes use of Animoog with an array of hardware goodies to bring us this contemplative new jam.

Video Description:

Jam session number thirteen. Recorded in one take. Nothing pre-recorded except the drum beat. Drum samples from Polyplex sequenced by Beatstep Pro. Animoog on the iPad. Every track has its own Beat Repeat triggered by the Akais. Valhallaroom for reverb and Replika from Native Instruments for delay. The piano sound comes from the Kontakt instrument "The Gentleman".


  • Korg Volca Keys
  • BassStation 2
  • Animmog
  • Beatstep Pro
  • iTrack Dock
  • Korg NanoKontrol2
  • Akai MPK Mini
  • Akai LPD8
  • ValhallaRoom (I love it)
  • NI Replika Delay
  • NI The Gentleman
  • Omnisphere 2
  • Launchpad mini
  • Miditemp 8x8 Midi Merger
  • Ableton Live

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Digital Delay

Digital Delay is a new Inter-App Audio delay app. Sadly I can't find a demo of it and the developer's site doesn't list the app.

Digital Delay iTunes Description:

Digital Delay is a simple, convenient delay/echo effect plugin for Apple Inter-App Audio compatible apps.

On its own, this app does not produce any sound.

Route audio through the Digital Delay app from any Inter-App Audio Host app (GarageBand, for example) to add a customizable stereo audio echo effect.

Digital Delay Controls:

  • Effect In/Out Button - use the In/Out Button to enable or bypass the delay effect.
  • Stereo Level Meters - these lights indicate the stereo audio level in real-time.
  • Level - touch the Level control knob, then swipe up or down to change the effect wet/dry mix.
  • Feedback - touch the Feedback control knob, then swipe up or down to change the delay feedback. This increases or decreases the number of repeats.
  • Time - touch the Time control knob, then swipe up or down to vary delay time.
  • Tap - tap in time to set Time to a particular tempo.
  • Clock/Rewind/Play/Record/Host - these buttons reflect and control the audio transport state in the Host app. Tap the Host icon to return to the Host app.

Buy Digital Delay on iTunes: $7.99


HoneyChord is a free (really) hexagonal MIDI controller from first-time developer Bolze.

HoneyChord iTunes Description:

Learning chords, building melodies, and jamming out is now more accessible than ever! Using a unique isomorphic key layout (resembling honeycomb), all of your major and minor chords are one finger tap away! As a convenient bonus, the geometry of chords and scales are consistent across different keys as well - a struggle that is all too familiar to those traditional keyboard players out there.


  • Unique Isomorphic Key Layout
  • Scale highlighting + hiding
  • Live Chord Progression Highlighting
  • Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Four built in instruments
  • Background-App MIDI (try using it with Garageband for iOS!)
  • Network MIDI (connect to your computer running Ableton or Logic!)
  • Control MIDI CC parameters using the iPad's internal Gyroscope
  • Pitch-Bend + Modulation Knobs

Buy HoneyChord on iTunes: Free

Beardyman Rig Interview

Gaz Williams, for Sonic State, did an extended interview with Beardyman and his touring rig which includes several iPads!

Video Description:

A while back Beardyman came to town. We were there like a shot and spoke to him about his setup, workflow and thoughts on performing in the moment.


First-time developer Keisuke Ai brings us a simple, free, Open Sound Control (OSC) controller for Universal iOS.

LittleOSC iTunes Description:

LittleOSC is a simple OSC controller tool.
It can sends Open Sound Control message of four buttons status via WI-FI.

Its simple and easy-to-understand design is suitable for connection test and education use.

LittleOSC supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocol.

Buy LittleOSC on iTunes: Free