ChordBud by Cem Olcay

Cem Olcay, developer of KeyBud, released ChordBud a couple of months ago as a way to quickly sketch out songs with common chord progressions. You can also create your own. All of your creations can then be fired out through the built-in 16 track MIDI sequencer. The app arrived with Ableton Link and was just updated with improvements to the editor. This one is mostly open-source, check the iTunes description for links.

ChordBud iTunes Description:

ChordBud is an all in one app that combines most important concepts when sketching a song. You have tons of scales, their harmonic fields, option to choose triads, 7th and extended chords with their inversions, most common chord progressions with the ability to creating your custom progressions and even notes if you want to sketch a melody or bass, all under your hand.

ChordBud does not generate sound but has a built-in MIDI sequencer that sends MIDI to other MIDI-enabled apps in your iOS device, connected MIDI hardware and CoreMIDI enabled software on your Mac or PC via network session. It auto-detects available MIDI destinations and lets you choose which one you want to connect. Also, it supports Ableton Link as well!

You can add up to 16 tracks to your projects, add chords or notes to your tracks and assign different MIDI channels to them and sketch your ideas into a real song.

Lots of scales, chord progressions, harmonic fields, triads, tetrads and extended chords with rich editing features are waiting for you to create your next awesome song.

ChordBud also offers its core components open sourced on GitHub. Feel free to fork them, send a pull request to make it better, open an issue to share your ideas or give them a star if you like them.

thesoundtestroom: Grand Finale Preview

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom brings us a preview for Klevgrand's upcoming mastering app, Grand Finale. This one seems to be breaking from tradition since it is not named something weird in Swedish!
Grand Finale is already available on desktops as a AU/VST for $60.

Update: Doug just commented here that the app will be Universal, so iPhone users will have a mastering app!

Video Description:

GRAND FINALE - Mastering App
There will be an App Store link here when the app is released

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Electronisounds: Live Jam with 3 iPads and Ableton Live

Dean from Electronisounds has been setting up a new home studio, which he's shared in a series of vlogs. With everything now in its new home, he takes some time to enjoy his creation with this lengthy jam in Ableton with 3 iPads. Dean has included a lot of informative and amusing captions throughout!

Video Description:

The iPad apps I'm using are Intua Beatmaker 3, Jim Audio GrooveRider, and Novation Groovebox


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Henny Tha Bizness: BeatMaker 3 Six Month REVIEW

YouTuber Henny Tha Bizness updates his review of BeatMaker 3 after using it for over 6 months.

Video Description:

My full BREAKDOWN of making a track on BeatMaker 3 after using it for more than 6 months! Hope this helps some of those out there who are looking to jump into iOS Production!

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Meerkat Music - Aqua Journey

Reader Meerkat Music explores a lot of sonic territory in this ambientish jam with apps in AUM.

Video Description:

It started whilst playing around with a chord file in AudioStretch and just built from there.

See video for Apps used.

Headphones recommended.

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