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Fiddlewax Pro Update

Fiddlewax Pro is out of the gate with its 2nd major update in the same month of its release!

What's new in Fiddlewax Pro v1.2:

  • Save current app state (recorded loops and all instrument parameters).
  • Chord automation recording (automated chorded zither).
  • Realtime chord indication based on the notes you play to help with learning.
  • Expanded keyboard modes to give more vertical control with piano and scale/zither.
  • Improved help overlay design and interface section grouping.
  • Friendlier MIDI channel indication (starts at one instead of zero).
  • MIDI streams all drum events via channel 10 (standard mapping).
  • Record session audio with our without microphone input.
  • Load view shows high-level details of state (key, tempo, number of events).
  • Updated to latest AudioBus library.
  • Support for AudioBus state saving.
  • Linked state saved when session recorded (for easy access later).
  • Session list is now faster and smaller for previewing and sharing.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Buy Fiddlewax Pro on iTunes: $19.99

    FlexyDrum Parameters Demo

    FlexyDrum got a new demo, further demonstrating the synthesis parameters added earlier this week.

    Buy FlexyDrum (iPhone) on iTunes: $1.99

    Audulus Update

    Audulus for Mac and iOS were both updated today, arriving with a new demo from developer Taylor Holliday.

    What's new in Audulus (iOS) v2.9:

  • You can now hide the toolbar, making even more space for your work!
  • Do almost everything from the updated context menu, including create nodes.
  • Add a Toggle option for the Trigger node (by user request!).
  • Reduced memory usage for making huge patches.
  • Update AudioBus to latest version.
  • What's new in Audulus (OSX) v2.9:

  • Update the context menu with more commands and an in-context Create command.
  • Add a Toggle option for the Trigger node (by user request!).
  • Improve Audio Unit compatibility.
  • Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99

    Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $29.99

    Figure with Korg SyncKontrol

    Doug from The Sound Test Room offers us a look at working with Korg's WIST to sync apps and hardware.

    Buy Korg SyncKontrol on iTunes: Free

    Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99


    Auxy is a free (really) beat-maker that comes with an excellent little built-in tutorial. In less than a minute you're pretty much up-to-speed, and there is even a demo. This is good, because the iTunes description won't tell you much.

    Auxy iTunes Description:

    Introducing a new way to make electronic music. Create your own drums, bass lines, and synth melodies. Auxy is modern beat making without distractions.

    Buy Auxy on iTunes: Free

    There aren't any ads in this either!