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Developer Future Moments released their first app, MicSwap. The Universal iOS app allows you to filter your sounds through a variety of virtual microphones. The pro version allows you to model these virtual mics on any microphone you attach to your device. Neither version has Audiobus, but the developer has said it will be coming.

MicSwap iTunes Description:

A Distinctive Audio App.

Record and filter new or pre-existing audio right from your iOS device. Serious audio engineers, musicians, recording hobbyists...whoever you are, MicSwap is a highly intuitive tool that simulates a real studio environment.

Choose various microphone emulations, from classic ribbons to modern condensers, and record with the tap of a finger. If you want to tweak the sound, simply swap in another mic and the filter will change. Not feeling the studio you’re in? You can easily switch studios from the menu.

For an optimal audio experience, please use headphones.


  • All current microphones and studio environments are included with purchase.
  • Record through different mics for different sounds
  • Swap mic filters to alter pre-existing audio
  • Adjust the gain of any microphone
  • Edit or trim recordings
  • Enable / disable live monitoring
  • AudioCopy enabled
  • Change backgrounds by swapping studio environments
  • Color label recordings
  • Sort recordings by date, title, duration, mic used, and color
  • Read descriptions of each mic and studio
  • Reorder mics. Put your favorites first.

Share & Sync:

iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, SMS, Email, and Airdrop
Import/Export audio over USB or WiFi using iTunes File Sharing

Device Requirements:

iPhone 4, 5, 6, iPod touch, and iPad, ipad 2, ipad air, iPad mini
**Requires iPhone OS 7.0 or later**


Attach and use any external microphone that connects to your iOS device.

Buy MicSwap on iTunes: Free


Buy MicSwap Pro on iTunes: $19.99

Rheyne Jam #110

Rheyne creeps in with a very slow jam to start the morning off mellow.

Video Description:

Live looping with Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.


  • Roland AIRA (all 4)
  • DSI MoPho Keyboard
  • Fender Rhodes w/ MXR Wylde Overdrive
  • 2x Novation Launchpads
  • iPad running Lemur
  • iConnectMIDI Legacy
  • QuNexus (triggering Roland TB-3)
  • DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D, and Twister
  • PreSonus 1818VSL
  • Macbook Pro running Ableton Live and Max for Live


  • Enttec DMXIS
  • 5x Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED
  • 2x American DJ Mega Bar 50 RGB

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $19.99 (On Sale, from $24.99)

Oriental Strings

Crude Bytes, makers of CMP Grand and iSymphonic Orchestra, has released Oriental Strings. This "professional sound module" will set you back $55, but it may be worth it if you want to get some token eastern sounds in your tracks!

Oriental Strings iTunes Description:

Oriental Strings is a professional sound module app for oriental keyboard players and for musicians who simply want to resemble the typical sound of the Middle East in their songs. Connect an external MIDI keyboard to your iPad by using the Apple USB camera adapter or another adapter supported by Apple, or launch Oriental Strings as virtual instrument directly within your favourite DAW app on your iPad!

This app supports Apple's "Inter-App Audio" System (requires iOS 7 or higher) and the "JACK Audio Connection Kit" (up to iOS 6.1.3) for audio & MIDI connections from/to other audio apps!

The sounds of Oriental Strings were exclusively recorded with players who are professionally dedicated to oriental style of music. Typical string instrument sounds for the arabic genre are covered by this app. Besides rather exotic instruments like the Chinese erhu, typical western string instruments were used as well, but since the players of the recording sessions are focused on oriental music, those western instruments sound completely different than you might be used to from western orchestra players. The sounds of this app were once again created by Kurt Ader, nominated as sound designer of the year for the upcoming NAMM winter show.

32 Sounds are included with this App:

  • Chinese Erhu 1 - 3
  • Chinese Erhu Trill
  • Turkish Strings 1 - 4
  • Arabian Strings 1 - 3
  • Tremolo Strings 1 - 5
  • Spiccato Strings
  • Oriental Spiccato Strings
  • Oriental String Quartet 1 - 3
  • Oriental Staccato Strings
  • Arabian Solo Strings 1 - 3
  • String Quartet
  • Oriental String Ensemble 1 - 5
  • Slow Oriental Strings

  • There is no in-app purchase in this app. So all sounds and all app features are immediately available to you as one buy.

    Buy Oriental Strings on iTunes: $54.99

    For those of you that don't immediately buy everything I post here, and want some amount of demonstration before forking over $55... Apptronica has you covered! Thanks, Clif!

    Update: The Sound Test Room has released his own demo video for the app!

    Caustic Editor for Volca Sample

    Caustic developer Rejean Poirier is the first to make use of the recently released Korg Volca Sample SDK. Caustic Editor let's you import sounds (Audiobus/AudioShare/AudioCopy) and then export them directly to the Korg device. It is available for free, as is a PC/Mac version on the official website. Even if you have no interest in the Korg Volcas this is still a nice free audio editor, with AudioShare and AudioCopy export!

    Caustic Editor for Volca Sample:

    Use Caustic's powerful waveform editor to import, load, record, edit and upload samples for use with your KORG Volca Sample device.


    • Audiobus compatible (receiver)
    • AudioShare compatible (import/export)
    • AudioCopy/Paste compatible (import/export)
    • iTunes file sharing support
    • Open In... support for .wav files.
    • Supports any uncompressed, mono or stereo WAV, at any sampling rate or bit depth.
    • Apply any of 16 of Caustic's effects and preview them in real-time, then stamp down and apply more.
    • Process waveform audio with Fade In/Out, Normalize, Amplify, Reverse operations and more.
    • Use Caustic's C-SFXR to generate retro video game samples.
    • Trim audio precisely, down to individual samples.
    • View the frequency spectrum of your audio.

    Volca sample-specific features:

    • Upload to any of the 100 sample slots
    • Clear all samples
    • Restore factory samples
    • Monitor device memory

    Buy Caustic Editor for Volca Sample on iTunes: Free

    Elastic Drums

    The developers of WretchUp have released a new drum synth app, Elastic Drums for iPhone. It does not currently support Audiobus or IAA, but they promise that is an upcoming feature. They also promise a "genuine iPad version" which I assume means the iPad version will be a separate app. The app arrives on sale for 50% off.

    Elastic Drums iTunes Description:

    Elastic Drums is a music app with 6 channels of synthesized drum sounds, a step sequencer and 4 fx channels, all tweakable in an elastic way. The sound range is from analog "oldschool" beatbox to the weirdest effect drone soundscapes.


    • 6 synth channels with 10 different percussion synth engines (kick, snare, hit, clap, tom, ... fm, grain)
    • 12 parameters for each synth engine
    • automation for each parameter via knob recording or velocity
    • 4 send effect channels with 2x11 mono effects and 2 x 9 stereo effects
    • automation for all of the 8 possible effect parameters via xy pad
    • master effects (stutter, delay, compressor ...)
    • 16 step sequencer for the 6 channels, each with it's own tempo multiplier & length
    • record audio and export to Soundcloud or Audioshare
    • email audio recordings and presets
    • iOS 8 supported

    Because all sounds get generated in realtime, the app is cpu heavy! iPhones 5 and greater can handle it with no problem, on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 effects 3 and 4 get switched off by the engine automatically to save some cpu power.

    Plans for upcoming versions:

    • genuine iPad version (landscape instead of portrait)
    • Audiobus support
    • IAA support
    • midi support
    • new sequencer features (rolls, etc.)
    • new synth engines (tom tom, sampler, etc)

    Buy Elastic Drums on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

    Doug from The Sound Test Room has a preview demo of Elastic Drums last month.

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