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Arturia BeatStep Pro Demo

SourceDistribution has the first detailed look at the new BeatStep Pro by Arturia. I've gotten a lot of use out of my original BeatStep, but this Pro version looks like a serious upgrade. At $250 the price also jumped quite a lot in this version.

This demo is an excellent example of the power imbued in the tiny sequencer!

Update: Zymos pointed out in the comments here that there is also a demo from Sonic State!


LoopTree is a new Universal iOS looper, with an emphasis on layering unlimited tracks and a nicely designed interface. This one arrives with MIDI, Audiobus/IAA, AudioCopy, and some helpful introductory videos!

LoopTree iTunes Description:

LoopTree is an exciting new breed of looper that brings more fun than ever to creating live music! Record and group practically unlimited vocal and instrumental loops using a powerful, layered interface that gives you unrivalled control over the music you create.

Get your creative juices flowing and evolve your loops using the built-in filter and multi-touch beat repeat.

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited number of loops (practically!)
  • Non-destructive layering
  • Beat repeat - sample, repeat and reverse
  • Filter - add variety with an LPF, BPF and HPF


  • Normal recording - fixed or multiple length loops
  • Chained recording - select multiple tracks to record loops back-to-back
  • Layered recording - equivalent of non-destructive overdubbing

Easy To Use

  • One-finger volume/pan control on individual or simultaneous loops
  • Group control - group tracks into layers; parent tracks control all layers of child tracks.
  • MIDI Control
  • Quantize options
  • Metronome - create custom accented rhythms

Sharing and Import

  • Support for IAA, AudioBus and AudioCopy/Paste
  • Share sessions and recordings via email, iTunes and SoundCloud

Audio Interfaces

LoopTree works well with headphones, but for truly outstanding quality, we recommend using a USB audio interface. We have tested the following interfaces:

  • Behringer UCA222 and 202
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (includes MIDI)

Buy LoopTree on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $12.99)

Embedded here is the introductory video, and there is also a Recording Tutorial.

Helio Workstation

Helio Workstation is a free cross-platform workstation. It is presently available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS! And it really is free; no ads, no IAPs. It has been out on iOS since March, but went completely unnoticed until Palm Sounds spotted its most recent update.

Helio Workstation iTunes Description:

Helio is the cross-platform lightweight music creation playground. Developed by musician with the dream of a perfect speed-painting toolbox, it features linear-based sequencer with clean UI, integrated version control to sync the projects between devices, export to midi and more.

Available for tablets and desktops.

Freeware, no ads, no in-app purchases.

What's New in v1.2:

  • added MIDI files export (accessed via iTunes file sharing),
  • added settings page with UI themes selection,
  • implemented interactive dragging of the chord menu,
  • various minor fixes.

Buy Helio Workstation on iTunes: Free

Buy Helio Workstation on Google Play: Free

Here is a demo of the latest version running on a Mac.

iPulsaret 2.0

iPulsaret reached version 2.0 in today's update. In addition to several new UI skins that bring it in line with other apeSoft apps, there are also a lot of functional additions in this update.

iPulsaret 2.0:

  • New: UI Skins
  • New: Knob/Slider
  • New: Control Manager LFO
  • New: Harmonic Source Multislider
  • New: Keyboard trigger Sample to start
  • New: Mp3 Sample Supports
  • Extended polyphony at 32 Voices
  • Support for 14 bit MIDI nRPN
  • Improved Hyper Vectorial Pad
  • Improved Lowpass Ladder
  • Improved some knobs with exponential curve
  • Inter-App Audio fixed
  • DSP on/off fade
  • Save Control Manager in the Presets
  • Optimised for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • iOs 8.3 SDK
  • Audiobus
  • Midibus 1.27
  • Bug Fixed
  • Two built-in new preset banks

Buy iPulsaret on iTunes: $7.99

Here's a fun sounding demo of the different results you can get in this version of the granular synthesis app!

Gumdrops Update Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room did a demo for the latest Gumdrops update, which added MIDI controller support.

Buy Gumdrops on iTunes: $4.99