Medly Update

Medly was updated with new soundpacks, including a Future Bass pack that is free to anyone who has already bought the Band Pack. There is also 4 new instruments that are free to those who've bought the Essential or Band pack.

What's new in Medly v3.2:

New Future Bass Pack!
– 16 new instruments
– 4 are LFO based instruments
– Free download for Band Pack purchasers

4 New Essential Pack Instruments
– 2 new Vox synths
– 2 new high quality pianos
– Update available for free

A few more notes:
– "Made In Medly" feed features user-made songs (posted to SoundCloud)
– Updated mastering settings
– Bug Fixes

LK Update

LK, formerly known as LiveKontrol, has been updated to move well beyond its original role as an APC40 replacement. Now in addition to Ableton Live and other desktop apps, you can now use LK to control other apps with Virtual MIDI! The app is free, but has $27 worth of IAPs to unlock features.

What's new in LK v1.2.0:

- Virtual MIDI output to allow iOS music apps control
- New CHORDER module
- All other modules revised
- Improved navigation and usability in phone devices
- Improved UI
- Added vertical support on big screens
- Improves bridge discovery
- Improved menu

FL Studio Mobile 3.0

Today Image Line Software released FL Studio Mobile version 3.0. This is a major refresh of the app, which frankly started life as a half-assed copy of Music Studio. This latest version looks slick, but they note it is presently lacking several features. Even still, this update could make FL Studio Mobile a lot more relevant.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile v3.0:

Welcome to FL Studio Mobile 3

FL Studio Mobile 2 customers, please watch the tutorial videos and check the manual (tap the HELP button). We understand this is a huge change to your workflow. A little patience is required to get back up to speed. There are a few missing features from FL Mobile 2 that we will add ASAP (MIDI import-export, MP3 import-export, Keyboard labels).


On iTunes you'll find FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio Mobile HD but the two apps are now identical, and Universal, so it doesn't matter which you have. It is also available on Android and Windows.

DJDJ Universal Update

DJDJ Mixing App, from Rodrigo Yanez, was updated with support for iPhones; making this excellent DJ tool Universal!

What's new in DJDJ Mixing App v1.3:

• Now supports iPhone!
Requires iPhone 6 or faster. iPhone 6S, SE or faster highly recommended.
• Added crossfader (... finally ...)
• Other audio optimizations and bug fixes.

As a refresher for those of you that missed this before, here is a demo from Rodrigo running DJDJ on an iPad.

Making Dubstep with iPad GarageBand

YouTuber John Esposo posted a fun Dubstep performance with GarageBand!

Video Description:

This is just me playing around with the dubstep samples in GarageBand. Sounds pretty awesome. Go try for yourself and see (or hear) what you come up with!

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✴ Instagram: @johnr_es
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