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Pearl Guitar Pro

Amidio has released a Pro version of Pearl Guitar, which includes the Pro Upgrade IAP as the base price.

Pearl Guitar iTunes Description:

The premiere 6-string acoustic steel guitar simulator, Pearl Guitar delivers absolutely stunning sound - the most realistic, lush, organic and warm tone you will hear in the mobile digital domain. In addition, Pear Guitar features Retina graphics, smooth animations and stylish parallax effects animating the strings!

Pearl Guitar is a carefully tuned virtual representation of the legendary vintage 1979 Martin & Co dreadnaught, one of the best acoustic guitars in the world. An optimized 76-Mb sound database is further processed by CascadeEQ synthesis, producing pristine clear stereo audio with a nasty bite of accidental roars, movement hums, string noises and guitar body resonances.

Premium Mode brings:

  • A virtual 1979 Martin acoustic steel guitar
  • Unprecedented sound realism
  • True stereo output
  • CascadeEQ synthesis - lush and warm sound
  • Guitar body hits and hums, string noises
  • Variable strumming speed
  • Conga Drum Machine
  • Up to 16 chords per song
  • "Smart Follow" highlights the next chord
  • "SoloBoard" - unique solo interface
  • Record to .WAV with a single tap
  • Record singing using a headset or mic
  • iTunes File Sharing support
  • 16 most popular chords
  • Chord Menu (edit songs, chords and sequences, exchange with the community over internet)
  • 1000+ chord database with variations and custom chords
  • File Manager with sharing options (Dropbox, Audiocopy, Email)
  • MIDI record (along with .WAV), virtual and hardware in/out
  • Audiobus functionality.
  • Buy Pearl Guitar Pro on iTunes: $5.99

    Buy Pearl Guitar on iTunes: Free (Plus $5.99 Premium IAP)

    Here is one of the original promo videos released last year. At only 3,000 views it really deserves a lot more!

    iOS Update Vol. 89: Arturia iProphet

    This week's Sweetwater iOS Update is all about Arturia's excellent iProphet synth, played on a Novation Launchkey.

    Buy iProphet on iTunes: $9.99

    rsTouch Updated for Reason 8

    rsTouch, the control surface for Propellerhead's computer-based DAW Reason, has been update to support Reason 8. This includes native support for 5 more Reason Rack Extensions!

    What's new in rsTouch v2.2:

    rsTouch v2.2 supports the Propellerhead Reason 8 update and adds customer requested features and workflow improvements, including:

  • 5 more Rack Extensions added: A-List Acoustic Guitarist, A-List Electric Guitarist, Synchronous, Softube Amp and Softube Base Amp
  • additional FDR screen added for longer height faders (especially useful on iPad Mini)
  • multiple faders can be linked to move as a group
  • iOS multitasking now supported so app stays in background and returns to last mode used
  • performance mode drum pads offer 16 levels velocity mode
  • up to 4 iPads can run rsTouch simultaneously with each controlling a different bank of 8 Main Mixer channels (additional setup steps required: see www.delora.com)
  • black keys on Perform keyboard screen have more visible touch action
  • updated styling
  • minor bug fixes and other usability improvements
  • Buy rsTouch Pro for Reason on iTunes: $19.99

    E–Theremin MKII

    Doug from The Sound Test Room is not only showing off the new E-Theremin MKII app's recent Audiobus/IAA update, here he is taking his iPad 4 to the limits with tons and tons of apps all running at once. His trick is to crank the Audio frames to 1024. This will introduce slightly more latency but reduces the CPU usage enough for Doug to go nuts!

    Buy E–Theremin MKII on iTunes: $3.99

    App Updates: ThumbJam & GuitarCapo

    A couple of minor but meaningful updates came up for a couple of popular apps today.

    GuitarCapo got some nice fixes, including a faster strum speed and rotation lock support for right-handers.

    What's new in GuitarCapo 2.8.1:

  • Bug fixes
  • Rotation lock & rotate to strum right handed
  • Faster max strum speed
  • Updated to latest Audiobus and TAAE SDKs
  • Buy GuitarCapo on iTunes: Free

    Buy GuitarCapo+ on iTunes: $6.99


    ThumbJam got a lot of various fixes, including additional support for VoiceOver; the accessibility feature that let's blind folks play with apps!

    What's new in ThumbJam v2.4.2:

  • fixed Audiobus "port unavailable" errors
  • fixed unresponsive issues when creating instruments or using mic recording on iOS8
  • added email export of user presets
  • previously exported presets can now be imported via Open In
  • refined storing of multi-presets vs presets
  • improved VoiceOver accessibility of sidebar popups (key/scale, quickswitch, and splits)
  • added option to ignore IAA sync
  • added latched mode option for sustain-looped instruments
  • fix note drag redraw issue
  • fix monophonic mode stuck notes
  • Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

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