Foxglove Flanger by Flora Creative Ltd.

Today Flora Creative Ltd. released Foxglove Flanger! This $2 flanger effect can be used in Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, and AUv3! There's even a short demo!

Foxglove Flanger iTunes Description:

Foxflove Flanger is a 60's style through-zero flanger effect with pre-process saturation and high shelf filtering giving enough versatility to make thin guitars crunchy or give some subtle keys a little more depth.

Built upon the tenet of simplicity, the flora project presents great sounding, lightweight audio effects using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus technologies to allow you to get the sound you want, without sacrificing processing power.

More information about the flora project can be found at

NB: Foxflove Flanger requires either Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or an AUV3 capable host in order to operate.

Dedalus Updated with AUv3

Dedalus, from Amazing Noises, was updated with Audio Unit support! You can now use the delay effect as an AUv3 plugin! The update also includes Audiobus 3 MIDI and new Host BPM sync/start.

What's new in Dedalus v2:

+ Added AudioUnit (AUv3) Plugin Extension
+ Host Sync play/stop/rewind/bpm
+ New Send/Receive jitter-free MIDI clock
+ Audiobus 3 New MIDI Receiver Port
+ New Sampling Rate Setting (up to 96 kHz)
+ New Quick View for the Presets Manager
+ Improved LFO performance in background
+ Midibus 1.39 SDK
+ Audiobus 3.0.3 SDK
+ Ableton LINK 2.1.2 SDK
+ Disable Auto-Lock Screen
+ iPhone X compatibility

Developer Maurizio Giri shows off the update by running Dedalus inside of AUM!

Perplex On - Autumn

Reader Perplex On did this beautiful piece on Ableton Live, aided by iPad app Shoom, and accompanied by some very interesting clicky drums on a Teenage Engineering PO-32.

Video Description:

A little reminiscence of autumn. Live Piano jam on Ableton Push and Teenage Engineering's PO32. Background drone was done with Shoom on an iPad. Drums and Clicks done with PO32. Piano Plugin is Una Corda by Native Instruments. The Pocket Operator is synced with Ableton Link via a connected iPhone loaded with Korg's SyncKontrol app. Visuals were projected in realtime with footage i recorded last fall.


G-Stomper Studio Update

G-Stomper Studio, from, was updated with a built-in Bluetooth LE Scanner. This makes it easy for the app to connect to Bluetooth LE MIDI devices. While this sort of in-app connection is almost common place on iOS, I think it might be a first on Android. It is certainly the first time I've noticed it!

What's new in G-Stomper Studio v5.6.4.2:

New app internal Bluetooth LE Scanner, which lets you scan and connect BLE MIDI devices directly in the MIDI settings (rather than using the Android Bluetooth settings)
New 'Monophony' extension for the Drum Sampler Mute Groups (long press a particular Mute Group to enable/disable)
Added fallback icons for Android 8 devices which do not properly support adaptive icons yet (e.g. Sony Xperia XZ)

pantsofdeath: Replicant 2 Demo

Reader pantsofdeath takes a look at Audio Damage's buffer effect app Replicant 2!

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