DM2 - The Drone Machine Update

DM2 - The Drum Machine was updated with the a new Drone Machine. In this mode all 9 tracks switch from Drum Machine to Ambient Machine! I really look forward to checking this out!

What's new in DM2 - The Drum Machine v1.6:

Introducing the "DRONE MACHINE”. With the brand new "Drone Machine" mode DM2 turns into an instant Ambient machine. All 9 tracks play continuously regardless of what the sequencer plays. Switch it on and drive a powerful Dream Machine at the tips of your fingers. Extremely versatile when used with a MIDI controller and MIDI Learn mode. Dark Ambient admirers, Space Rock lovers, Dream Music adorers, Minimal fetishist are welcome.

+ AUDIO ENGINE : Improved CPU management when idle in the background
+ Faster loading time

** FIXED **
+ Minor Sequencer issue with solo mode
+ Some memory issues after a long use

Electronisounds Audio - Remixing Jakob Haq in BeatMaker 3

Electronisounds Audio did a live performance remix of Jakob Haq inside of BeatMaker 3. After the jam he goes into a full-on tutorial for his setup. Now I need a Jakob Haq soundboard too!

Video Description:

Remixing Jakob Haq with Beatmaker 3 on iPad

- Live electronica -

- remix - performance - tutorial -

iPad TOOLS ► Figure, Intua Beatmaker 3, Amazing Noises Limiter, Audio Damage Dubstation 2, Audio Damage EOS 2, Audiocopy, Audio Paste

iPhone app ► Xynthesizr

LIVE-PLAYED HARDWARE SYNTH ► Novation Ultranova (factory patch "Pin Code")

ROLAND SPD-S Sampling Pad (being used as a MDI trigger only) and is triggering a chilled melodic patch in Beatmaker 3 on an iPad Mini 2

The Jakob Haq livestream that inspired the lead synth and vocals:



App Sales

Positive Grid's new X Drummer is on sale today! Other sales worth mentioning include the fun Self-a-Fuzz, DJDJ Mixing App, and Photophore Synth for just $1!

I also wanted to share this fun Dance Remix of Winnie the Pooh, by the ever impressive VJ Pogo.

haQ attaQ - Replicant 2 Full Tutorial

Jakob Haq brings us an in-depth tutorial for Audio Damage's buffer/stutter effect Replicant 2!

Video Description:

This haQ attaQ episode is a Full in-depth tutorial on Replicant 2. Impressive is one word I would use to sum up what's been coming out of the duo that is Audio Damage Inc. Chris and Adam has been pounding out Audio Units (AUv3) like there's no tomorrow. So whats Replicant 2? Well Audio Damage Calls it a Buffer Mangler Effect. But simply put, Replicant 2 is a sophisticated Tempo Delay effect. Check the video for a full walkthrough!


ElectricTelepathy Free Web-based Synthesis Lessons

ElectricTelepathy has launched a collection of free synthesis lessons powered by their browser-based synth Fluoresynth. The lessons themselves are entirely free, and include little slices of the Fluoresynth engine for you to learn the individual lesson with.

This is a really cool service and I'm glad to see they made it free without requiring you to buy the base synth. I'm especially impressed by how well the synth, and the lessons, perform on mobile browsers. I had only minor problems with the embedded synth in the lessons, and those were corrected by simply refreshing the page.

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