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musicIO 1.5 Update

Audio and MIDI over USB solution musicIO has been updated with fixes for some extraordinary bugs in extreme cases.

What's new in musicIO v1.5:

A huge "thank you!" to all of our users for your encouragement, feedback and for enjoying musicIO!

1.50 is a service release, fixing several issues in earlier versions, including:
• Fix for "Creeping Latency" -- slowly-increasing MIDI latency using the App for 90 minutes or more
• Fix for "Bouncing Dock" -- some users were not able to start the Mac client on certain versions of OSX
• Fix for "Large Sysex" -- sysex over 256 bytes were being truncated
• Other bug fixes, stability improvements and performance enhancements

Please find the latest downloads for Mac and Windows at musicIOapp.com/downloads

Buy Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Music IO: MIDI over USB on iTunes: Free

I spoke with co-developer Patrick Madden, who shared some insights into the "creeping latency" issue:

There was slowly increasing latency of MIDI, due to a very slight difference in how clock rates are handled on iOS versus OS X — after about two hours of continuous play, you’d get about a second of MIDI latency. Took a while to figure out WTF was going on.

The buffering of audio should be a little tighter as well.

FingerBeat - Scratch Tutorial

Developer Sergio posted this tutorial for his FingerBeat app, showing how you can scratch over it.

Video Description:

Here is a video of FingerBeat teaching you how to scratch over a beat. Rap & Scratch over your own beats using the internal or external microphone. You can also route a different input using audio bus "internal" or "external" input using an audio interface. All you have to do is Record + Overdub.

Buy FingerBeat on iTunes: $4.99

afta8 - Techno Audulus Patch

Bimini Road highlighted this complex Audulus user patch by afta8, pumping out some modular techno!

Video Description:

Subscribe to afta8 on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/afta8films

Download afta8's patch here - there is also an in-depth explanation of how the patch works there as well: http://forum.audulus.com/discussion/8...

Follow afta8 on Soundcloud:

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Buy Audulus 3 on Mac App Store: $29.99

ChordUp with Animoog

ChordUp developer Dmitry Klochkov posted this video with his app controlling Animoog with a new "Expression Pad" playing surface, arriving presumably with the next update. It starts off slow while he sets up the patch and connections, but then launches into some epic jamming at around 1:10.

Video Description:

New playing surface, Expression Pad. Will be available soon.

Buy ChordUp on iTunes: $2.99

SoundPrism Link Edition

Audanika has released a Link Edition of SoundPrism, with a sound engine that syncs to the rest of your session!

SoundPrism Link Edition iTunes Description:

SoundPrism Link Edition is the newest incarnation of the award winning SoundPrism app. Link Edition integrates flawlessly into the new Ableton Link workflow with a totally redesigned sound engine that syncs with other Link enabled apps.

Play full arrangements of bass, harmony and melody with just one tap - in sync with all other Link enabled apps.

Find out more about Ableton Link and discover other compatible apps at http://ableton.com/link


  • Breathtaking multi-timbral sound engine with massive polyphony and great-sounding effects. SoundPrism Link Edition's sounds are hand-crafted by Swiss sound designer Oliver Imseng to work beautifully with each other.
  • Innovative and improved chord input system: effortlessly play inversions and chord progressions while focusing on your track, not on the music theory behind it.
  • A ribbon controller for live manipulation of the built-in effects - all in sync with other Ableton Link enabled apps.
  • Interactive tutorial system: SoundPrism walks you through its interface and teaches you how to play.
  • Supports Audiobus including state saving.
  • Supports Core MIDI. You can even split bass, chords and melody by routing different MIDI channels to different MIDI enabled apps or devices.

Buy SoundPrism Link Edition on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Jakob Haq did a demo jam, and here is the official promo also featuring Jakob doing a Christian Bale style Batman voice! (Get well soon, Jakob! Man that Swedish Winter messes with you every single year.)