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Let's Play with Egoist

Sugar Byte's Egoist came out last year, but it is one app I continually go back to. It has so much power and lets you quickly come up with new jams in no time! Here I walk through my process of working with the app in this Let's Play!

Video Description:

Sugar Byte's has brought a lot of their apps to iOS, and Egoist continues the trend of incredible power in a small package. This sample slicer includes a drum machine and bass synth. I explore them all in this Let's Play! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=107612

Buy Sugar Bytes Egoist on iTunes: $29.99

MusicIO Update: Audio over USB!

MusicIO's first update brings us the promised audio over USB functionality! Once again this is only available between iOS and OSX, but developer Patrick Madden assures me that, "I’m making headway on the PC version." He also mentioned that the next update will have support for multiple devices, and within a month or so they should have multiple audio channels! The price has gone up with this release, and will continue to do so as more features are added.

What's new in MusicIO v1.10:

Version 1.10 brings audio over USB! With Inter-App Audio support built in, you can host synthesizer and effect apps within Music IO, and send the audio to a Mac with amazingly low latency. All audio data is transmitted in 32-bit floating point, so there's no degradation of sound; what your Mac receives is crystal clear.

Music IO integrates both audio and bi-directional MIDI functionality into a single app. It's simple, easy-to-use, and better yet: one app means less processing and memory demands on your iOS device. This lets you use more instruments, create more complicated sounds, and add more (and more sophisticated) effects.

Buy MusicIO: MIDI over USB on iTunes: $6.99

You can grab the new Mac server app on the official website. Here is a new demo video showing off the audio over USB!

Advanced Physics-Based Generated Music

Developer Simon Gladman posted this work-in-progress video of an upcoming generative music app. At first glance it looks like early physics-based generators and soundtoy apps, but this is all grown up with helpful details like what frequency you're actually getting when a ball hits a beam.

Video Description:

Here's another work-in-progress of my AudioKit/SpriteKit physics based computer generated music app. The application is written in Apple's new Swift language and uses the AudioKit libraries for sound synthesis and this video is a screen recording taken from my iPad Air 2.

This recording demonstrates removing dynamic instrument nodes and static bars by sliding to the edge of the screen and the ability to reposition an instrument node's origin position with the light grey toolbar at the top of the screen.

Different instruments are rendered in different colours with different shapes.

For more information, visit my blog: http://flexmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/physics-based-computer-generated-music.html

Beat Spacek - On Making an Album with iOS

Beat Spacek's Modern Streets includes 13 songs all written on his iPad and iPhone! While this sort of thing has been happening since 2010, Beat Spacek sounds like he really gets it. In an interview with MusicRadar he talks about his adventures in music technology over the last 20 years, and how that technology drives the future of music.

"Ever since things started moving onboard, I was dreaming about the day when you could make music… now! This moment. Doesn't matter where you are - you can just channel the ideas that are inside your head.

"Hanging onto the idea for a tune used to be a nightmare if that idea happened to arrive when you were in the supermarket or having dinner. I used to try and set up audio clues in my brain - the bassline is like so-and-so, the drums are like so-and-so. All you could do was hope it was all still there when you eventually got into the studio.

"These days, a vocal idea can go straight into the phone - via something like GarageBand or Auria - often followed by harmony lines, too. And a lot of those first-take vocals made it on to the album. The clicks, the pops, the sound of the birds in the garden or the traffic in the street all became part of the finished song. It's the best effect box you could ever buy… It's real life!"

Here's a super boring static-image video for the titular track.

Turnado Tutorial

Kenny Hsiao has done some great videos in the past, but he took all of 2014 off. This week he returns to give you whiplash! One of the challenges of recording a video for Turnado is that it really wants to be viewed in Portrait mode (3:4 aspect ratio), and there is no decent way of recording that for playback on 16:9 videos. I love Turnado, but I've never done a video of a Portrait mode app for this reason. Kenny is more daring than I!

Here is a lengthy, and informative, tutorial recorded sideways!

Buy Turnado on iTunes: $19.99

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