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midiSequencer Lite

AMS Software have released a lite version to their classic analog-style MIDI sequencer. This carries a 10 minute session limit, and other unspecified feature omissions, but it is a chance to check it out before plonking down $12 on the full app.

midiSequencer Lite iTunes Description:

MidiSequencer is a new and exciting way to trigger your favourite IOS coreMidi synths (or midi hardware) to produce more experimental sounds than would normally be possible using existing sequencers and keyboard playing techniques.

With an ability to run at extremely low (1 BPM) and high tempos (255 BPM in this version), midiSequencer will produce sounds from your synths of a more ethereal and psycho-acoustic quality (feathery trills and bass rumbles) alongside the more traditional music sequenced patterns.

Aimed firmly at live & studio performance for both professional & amateur, every effort has been made to make changes whilst playing. For example, a Cycle button is available to delay changes until the sequence resets allowing you to be less accurate with your timing. This includes loading in completely new patterns or changes in key.

Special Notes:

  1. This is a lite version of midiSequencer, so lacks some of the extended functionality of the full version. 10 minute session time only.
  2. iOS 6 or greater only, so iPad 1 not supported.
  3. This app makes no sound (although it can send/receive midi to coreMidi apps you have installed on your iPad).
  4. To communicate with external midi equipment you will need a suitable iPad midi interface unless you use the Midi Network sessions over wifi.

Buy midiSequencer Lite on iTunes: Free

Buy midiSequencer on iTunes: $11.99

birdStepper Released!

birdStepper by birdSound is a sequenceable multi-effect app. Think of it as Effectrix, for half the price of Effectix's sale price. We first heard about this back in February with a call for beta testers. Today it's finally out on iTunes on sale for 50% off for the first week!

birdStepper iTunes Description:

Tired of the same old sounds? Yeah, us too — so we created birdStepper for iPad. birdStepper provides you endless new musical possibilities by making time-synced effect automation fast and simple. Filter sweeps? Check. Dubstep wobbles? Ch-ch-ch-check. Complete annihilation of your sound? Better believe that’s a check.

Whether you’re a guitarist, singer, or synth player, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with birdStepper. birdStepper comes with 8 jaw-dropping effects that you can re-order and automate with a flick of your finger.

birdStepper is compatible with Audiobus and can be synchronized to an external clock source via Core MIDI. Its simple yet powerful clock allows you to quickly change tempo, time signature, beat divisions and more.

birdStepper was designed with performing musicians in mind, so whether you’re on stage or in the studio, you can count on birdStepper’s sound and stability no matter what you throw at it.


  • Automatable effects:
    Pitch Shift
  • Post-processing effects:
    Noise gate
    Output volume
  • Audiobus compatible (Input + Filter slots)
  • MIDI clock sync
  • Flexible clock and tempo controls
  • Unlimited preset saving

Optimized for iPad 3 or later.

Buy birdStepper on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Audulus is now Universal!

Audulus was just updated, adding support for iPhone! This massive modular is now very Universal, with both iOS flavors and even Mac covered. Both versions, and all of the IAPs, are 50% off to celebrate!

What's new in Audulus v2.7:

Audulus now runs on iPhone!

The UI has been updated to accommodate the iPhone's screen. All your in-app upgrades will carry over to the iPhone!

Other improvements:

  • Added auto-scrolling when making connections or moving nodes.
  • Improved the in-app documentation.
  • Added help button in the Patch Editor.
  • Added searching in the Patch Browser.
  • Added a new UnitDelay node (in the DSP category) which allows single-sample feedback, useful for building your own filters.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Improved the bug reporting system.
  • Added an exposable Light node (in the Metering category)
  • Added a Select All command.
  • Improved Pinch-To-Zoom gesture.
  • Connection mode can now be enabled by tapping on the connection mode button. Holding on the button temporarily enables connection mode, as before.
  • Added new UI introduction video.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $14.99 (On Sale, from $29.99)

Here developer Taylor Holiday shows off the new version of the app!

iConnectMIDI4+ Is Out...ish!

After waiting 1 year 2 months and 29 days, reader Derek Jones wrote in to tell me the iConnectMIDI4+ is finally out! Or at least, it's sort of out. You still can't buy it at any of the major retailers, because reasons, but some how Derek got his hands on one! He's already written up two articles on his blog, and shot this 30 minute overview video!

dot Melody from Olympia Noise Co.

Chordion developer Olympia Noise Co. has released their second app, dot Melody, a fun new iPhone jammer.

dot Melody iTunes Description:

From the creator of the critically acclaimed* music app Chordion comes dot Melody, a fun new way to make music on your iPhone.

Move dots around to create intertwining melodies, bass lines, and drum beats. Switch chords and patterns on the fly. Select from a variety of instruments and process them through delay and reverb effects.

Best with headphones or over AirPlay.



Tap or drag anywhere to create new dots. Move dots horizontally to change pitch within the current chord. Move dots vertically to change duration/rhythm. Tap a dot to make it a rest. Double tap to delete it.


Switch chords/scales on the fly to change the notes in your pattern. Unlimited number of chords Choose from suggested chords or create your own.


Unlimited number of patterns, each with 3 instrument layers. Copy, reverse, clear, randomize, and generate functions. Easily re-order patterns.


3 instrument layers 23 carefully created built-in instruments Mod Wheel enabled Independent volume controls with the mixer. Independent delay effect sends.


Tempo-synced delay with feedback and low pass filter. Reverb with mix and decay controls.

MIDI Out - In App Purchase

MIDI out is available as an In-App Purchase. Each instrument layer can use independent MIDI ports and channels. Mod Wheel support included. Advanced MIDI timing implementation


Hit the record button to record your jams in real-time. Recordings are saved to iTunes File Sharing.


Use dot Melody as an Audiobus source!

Buy dot Melody Control on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Embedded below is the excellent sounding preview video we got last month. You can also see dot Melody sequencing a modular synthesizer in this demonstration of the MIDI Out IAP.

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