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MarcMoerd Demo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room presents a helpful demo of the new virtual pipe organ app MarcMoerd!

Buy MarcMoerd on iTunes: $74.99

MarcMoerd - Virtual Pipe Organ

Developer Markus Sigg specializes in bringing pipe organs to iOS in the form of various apps using his Napo Framework. Today he released his most ambitious, offering 2GB of samples in a single app! Although not mentioned in the description, the app supports MIDI along with Audiobus, IAA. It doesn't come cheap though!

MarcMoerd iTunes Description:

This app makes the Marcussen/Moerdijk pipe organ sampleset available on iPad (2 and later). The sampleset of the organ of the former St. Stefanuskerk in Moerdijk, Netherlands, is used with the kind permission of Ariaan Hoogendijk.

For more information about the app and the underlying Napo framework, please visit the support page http://polaron.de/MarcMoerd/ , the Napo documentation at http://polaron.de/Napo/ and in particular the user manual at http://polaron.de/Napo/manual.

For your attention

This app is a huge download of nearly 2 GB. Make sure there is enough free SSD space on your device.

Buy MarcMoerd on iTunes: $74.99

Emo Chorus Demo

Doug Woods did a demo of the new Emo Chorus app by VirSyn, using his hardware guitar and bass as sound sources.

Buy Emo Chorus on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Athenus Music - Oblong Resonance 

Reader Linus Rastegar posted this jam using his new Blue Yeti Mic and Korg's iM1 app.

Video Description:

For lack of a better audio interface at the time, the Blue Yeti Mic was used. I think my mother will be overjoyed by my use of her dishes. I found that her frying pan had an interesting resonant frequency of B which is sharp by a couple cents, so I detuned it down to F, and the bowl had a resonant frequency of C, sharp by a few cents. It was very fun to use these objects as opposed to something more standard. I also just received the EIE audio interface, as well as an induction microphone, which I am excited to use in my next jam.

Buy Korg iM1 on iTunes: $29.99

Harmonics Wheel

Harmonics Wheel is a new music theory app for iPhone that includes a unique instrument controller. Unfortunately the iTunes description does not mention MIDI, so you may be limited to using it on internal sounds.

Harmonics Wheel iTunes Description:

Harmonics Wheel is a complete music theory system as well as being a playable instrument laid out in a logical and easy to play format. It’s based on the harmonic and sub harmonic series, which are the basis of all music. It is a powerful tool for learning the basic relationships between harmonics, roots, chords, scales and the cycle of 4ths and 5ths.

Harmony can be viewed in several ways. Many musicians favor the chord progression method where each harmony within a song is represented by a chord symbol. While this method works it has a major drawback in that it does not show the key modulations of the music. Chords can change as often as every beat but the keys that the music modulates through move much more slowly and can cover several measures. Harmonics Wheel utilizes the “key” approach, which makes improvising much easier.

A common chord substitution method in jazz is to modulate to the complimentary key a flattened fifth away from the main key at will. Harmonics Wheel makes this easy by having both the Main Key and the Complimentary Key available at all times on separate “playbars” that are mirror images of each other. Utilizing the “Harmonics Wheel Pie” key changes can be effected instantaneously while simultaneously playing the “playbars”.

With very little practice one can become adept at playing the “playbars” and “harmonics wheel pie” producing exciting and complex harmonic and melodic structures that would take many years of practice and theory training to accomplish on a traditional keyboard or fretboard.

The record function in “Harmonics Wheel” enables users to keep their compositions and play them back in any order at will instantaneously.

“Harmonics Wheel” includes a Drum Machine and a “Randomizer” that greatly enhance the users compositions and add to the enjoyment and learning capabilities of the app.

Buy Harmonics Wheel (iPhone) on iTunes: $12.99

That sure is a lot of words. I can't find a demo video though, and the developer's website is 1995 awful; complete with a fucking broken image link for the site logo.