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Malcolm Mugglin has released ChordMaps2, a new MIDI controller featuring a layout of complimentary chords.

ChordMaps2 iTunes Description:

ChordMaps2 is an iPad music app which allows musicians, songwriters, music educators, and music students to explore and improvise melody lines, bass lines, and chord progressions, in both major and minor keys, most of the time tapping with just one or two fingers.

IMPORTANT: ChordMaps2 is a MIDI controller. It doesn't create audio signals on its own. Instead, it sends MIDI signals to other synthesizer apps on the iPad. These other music apps respond to the MIDI information and create the audio signals.

ChordMaps2 allows you to play some very interesting music on the iPad, just by tapping the various chord locations on the screen.

The demonstration video at the ChordMaps2 website (look for the Developer Website link in the left column or visit mugglinworks.com/ChordMaps2) shows some of the things you can do with ChordMaps2.

Buy ChordMaps2 on iTunes: $9.99

The new app comes complete with a demo! Here it controls a variety of other apps via Virtual MIDI!

FieldScaper Update

Igor Vasiliev's has received a major update every month so far this year, and April is no exception! Highlights in this month's update include a new fullscreen recorder and sample editor on iPhone, as well as Inter-App Audio MIDI connections, and several improvements to the way MIDI controls are handled.

What's new in FieldScaper v1.5:

  • Full screen recorder / sample editor for iPhone landscape.
  • Supported Dropbox service for download and upload files.
  • Improved Inter-App Audio support as Musical Instrument and Effect.
  • Supported Inter-App Audio MIDI connection, BPM and transport controls.
  • List of assignable MIDI controls divided by categories.
  • Direct, Pick-up and Scaling modes for faders with MIDI controller.
  • Sending states of buttons and faders for display state on MIDI controller.
  • Improved automatic start for mode "Loop A" in the looper.
  • Improved user interface for built-in description.
  • Updated description of the application.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Buy FieldScaper on iTunes: $8.99

This one arrives with a demo performance, making use of the new MIDI CC controls. This is also just a fun jam!

Modstep Tutorials by Jakob Haq

Jakob Haq did a series of official tutorial videos for Modstep! They're all quite good, but less fun than his usual videos.

Buy modstep on iTunes: $19.99

Dorapro MINE - Prototype Customizable Modular MIDI 

Dorapro Engineering has posted a prototype of a video for a modular MIDI controller called MINE. It's cool to see elements appear on the companion app as they are inserted into the controller. Unfortunately I can't make any amount of sense out of the website. Google translate is failing hard. One headline literally translates as: "Please be sardine because wearing a technique." There's lots of talk about needing money, but I see no mention of a Kickstarter or whatever.

Dronescape with Frequency Sound Generator

Synth Anatomy has another video showing off Inter-Device Audio, this time running the new Sonic Synth: FM into VST/AU reverb effect EAReverb 2 on his Mac. Correction: This is Frequency Sound Generator, another app by the same developer.

Buy Frequency Sound Generator on iTunes: $0.99