KQ MiniSynth Update

KQ MiniSynth was updated with 7 new modules and a new synthesis engine! The app is also on sale for $4!

What's new in KQ MiniSynth v1.8:

- Modified the synth engine.
- Added Polyphonic Noise feature.
- Added modules: 8 Step Sequencer (CV/Gate), Loop Gate, CV Mixer, Dry / Wet Mixer, LFO (Tempo Sync), Toggle, Const Value.
- You can disconnect all cables which are connected to a connector when you tap the connector twice.
- Changed a Clipboard behavior.
- Changed a behavior when Audiobus connected.
- Bugfix: Something was wrong when the sample rate is not 44100 Hz.
- Bugfix: Could not record.
- Supports Audiobus 3.
- Ableton Link integration.

Thicket - Quick Play Demo

Doug Woods dusted off classic app Thicket for a quick play. The app was released in 2011, but hasn't been updated since 2015. I'm not sure how long it will continue to be on iTunes if it doesn't get a 64-bit update.

Video Description:

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Mersenne - Melodic Percussion Synthesizer Demo

Developer iceGear Instruments posted this official demo for Mersenne that sounds pretty incredibly epic!

Video Description:


Sound Demo

Music by Aero Finback

haQ attaQ: Grind Distortion by Audio Damage

Jakob Haq gets gritty with Audio Damage's new Grind app, by mangling Poison-202 and drum loops!

Video Description:

Grind that sound! Audio Damage Inc, the same company who generously gave away their compressor, Rough Rider 2 as a free AUv3 for iOS, has just released another iOS app named Grind. It's a wave-table distortion AUv3 plugin and was specifically designed to destroy audio. Check out my full guide and review of Grind!

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ARKit Tutorial - Augmented Reality Basic Concepts

ARKit has been available to developers for a few weeks now and already a lot of demos are showing up on YouTube. Matthew Hallberg did a brief demo of a MineCraft clone in his backyard, which is trending right now on YouTube. Sean Allen posted this 5 minute video exploring all of the various technology exposed to developers through ARKit. I'm looking forward to what music app developers will bring us with the new tools!

Video Description:

ARKit is a new Augmented Reality framework released by AppIe at WWDC 2017. In this video, I discuss the basic concepts you need to know in order to understand how Apple's ARKit works to display Augmented Reality. I talk about scene rendering, plane detection, hit testing, light estimation, and more.

ARKit required Xcode 9 and iOS 11.

Introducing ARKit WWDC Session:

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