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Rubycon Demo

thesoundtestroom did a demo for Rubycon, a new sequencer released last month based on classic analog sequencers.

Buy Rubycon on iTunes: $3.99

Auria Update

Not to be outdone by the upstart Cubasis, whose update yesterday added automation, Auria has released a patch that greatly improves their own automation systems.

What's new in Auria v1.150:

  • Added region-based automation:
    Allows automation to be moved and edited along with regions
  • Added "Loop to Selection" feature
  • Added ability to Cut/Copy/Paste Automation
  • Various bug fixes. See our forum for more info

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

Lloyd Barrett - NM with Loopstation and Samplr

MATRIXSYNTH found this video from Lloyd Barrett using his shiny new Beatstep to sequence a Nord Modular, which is being looped and mashed up in an RC-505 Loopstation, whose output is being sampled by Samplr. The results are eerie.

Crank this up, it's very quiet and there is a lot of texture detail you might miss!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

Cubasis Updated with Automation!

Cubasis was just updated, adding the long awaited ability to automate parameters in Steinberg's powerful DAW.

What's new in Cubasis v1.8:

New Features:

  • Automation
  • MIDI CC's, program changes, aftertouch support
  • Mixer side global control panel
  • Phase inversion plug-in (for audio channels)
  • Redesigned effect rack
  • Audiobus 2.0 support


  • The sustain pedal is now recorded as MIDI events (All sustain pedal problems solved!).
  • The mod wheel is now recorded as MIDI events.
  • Color-coded inspector nodes for automation, inserts and sends were added.
  • The pitch bend range behaviour has been adapted to match Cubase. MicroSonic pitch bend range is configurable per track in the Inspector.
  • Pitch bend wheel movement is visible when playing back pitch bend events.
  • Audiobus 2.0 support.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99