8 DnB Drumming Styles in Figure

Jakob Haq brings us a micro-tutorial on various finger drumming patterns, using Figure. I love his notes in the description on how this video came about.

Video Description:

8 dnb drumming styles with Allihoopa Figure. This was supposed to be a live performance video, but I "accidentally" ended up with 25 minutes of video with me just improvising. So I picked out eight (or nine) of my most favorite drum and bass drumming styles and glued them together into what you see here.

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SilQ Update

SilQ's second update this summer allows you to draw your EQ curve across all bands. This includes the ability to have separated stereo bands! The update also includes a new manual to help you make sense of it all.

What's new in SilQ v1.2:

Introducing the drawscreen!

Draw the entire 32 band EQ curve in one screen and work out details on the faders as before. Unlink the curves with a simple click to have two separate 32 band curves, in stereo. Show the EQ curve in 3 different scales (-6/6dB, -12/12dB & -20/20dB)


  • Improved monitoring and CPU usage
  • Bypass-screen
  • Adjustments on the user interface
  • New user manual
  • Minor bug fixes

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Here's a demo of the new update from Doug Woods!

Let's Compose With Quincy

Doug Woods did a Let's Compose using the experimental sequencer Quincy, a personal favorite of mine.

Video Description:

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

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Different Drummer Update

Different Drummer was updated with improvements to the new Grid Mode step sequencer added in the last update.

What's new in Different Drummer v4.4.5:

  • Changed Step Sequencer to edit ANY single measure of the Grid Mode so you can create unlimited patterns. It will stay in sync with the Grid display below so you can always know what you are working on.
  • Grid Navigator control now shows all measures and voices when on white wave
  • Jamlets now have selector for change Now, On Beat or On Measure also updates Link BPM
  • Fixed some bugs

Buy Different Drummer on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Ambient Lifeforms - Live in Nexø

YouTuber Ambient Lifeforms did an awesome live show called "Light, Sound and Life on Nexø Harbor" in Nexø, Denmark! I'm not sure which apps he's using here, but he does mention that he is using some, along with trippy visuals!

Video Description:

Playing live for "Lys, Lyd og Liv på Nexø Havn".
Live Ambient/Spacemusic/New age performed with VSTs in ableton live iPad and BigSky reverb Alesis QS7 as Midi Controller

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