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iVCS3 Jam

Some people whom watched my iVCS3 video asked how they could possibly use this mad app in a track. Ryouichi Harada answers that question with a cinematic epic. With a little mastering, I could see this as the opening track on some sci-fi movie.

Buy iVCS3 on iTunes: $14.99

MESSE2014: iRig Drum Pads

AskAudio Magazine were the only folks to take note of the IK iRig Drum Pads, announced last week at Musikmesse!

App Jam: Korg Gadget + Ableton Push

MoMuPro did a little demo of controlling Korg's Gadget with an Ableton Push controller. It is important to note that since all of the Ableton Push magic happens inside of Ableton as software, you cannot directly connect the Ableton Push to the iPad and expect results. In this case he's using Ableton Live as a bridge between the two devices.

Video Description:

Check out Korg Gadget being controlled by an Ableton Push set up with an iConnectMIDI2+.

MIDI: Ableton Push to Ableton Live to iCM2+ to iPad
Audio: iPad to iCM2+ to Ableton Live to Macbook Pro headphone output

Read the full iConnectMIDI2+ review here: http://momupro.com/iconnectmidi2-review/

Buy Korg Gardget on iTunes: $28.99 (On sale, $38.99)

App Sales: Weekend Edition

iOS Update Vol. 67: forScore

The Sweetwater iOS Update returns! In this episode Mitch Gallagher demonstrates forScore.

Buy forScore on iTunes: $6.99