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Oscilab Update

Oscilab received an update on both iOS and Android. The iOS version got Audiobus!

What's new in Oscilab (iOS) v1.1:

  • Audiobus support
  • Background-audio menu option
  • Fixed scene-switching glitches
  • Several bugfixes

What's new in Oscilab (Android) v1.1:

  • Fixed scene-switching glitches
  • Several bugfixes

Buy Oscilab on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Oscilab on Google Play: $4.99 (Plus Additional IAPs)

Playing With GuitarCapo+

The GuitarCapo+ developer has released this video of the app. Although it is mostly just a promo video, it is quite musical. He gets some nice results in Audiobus, with Kymatica's AUFX: Space and Holderness Media's Crystalline!

Buy GuitarCapo on iTunes: Free


Buy GuitarCapo+ on iTunes: $6.99

Buy AUFX: Space on iTunes: $3.99


Buy Crystalline on iTunes: $4.99

Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $4.99

Novation Launchpad Soundpack Demo

Doug from thesoundtestroom has done a demo of the latest soundpacks added to Novation Launchpad. Cinematic Textures and Depths of Dubstep are both available in the In-App Store for $3 each.

Buy Novation Launchpad on iTunes: Freemium

Audiobus 2.1 SDK Released with Big News!

When Inter-App Audio made a splash last Autumn there were a lot of people speculating about what this means for Audiobus. The Audiobus team has been reticent on the topic for nearly a year. Quietly, and busily, they have been working on their answer: Making Audiobus the best way to use Inter-App Audio.

The Audiobus 2.1 version that hit iTunes a couple of weeks ago included a stealth update! Audiobus is now using Inter-App Audio for the underlying audio routing! By combining Inter-App Audio's OS-level integration, and Audiobus' now familiar workflow, Audiobus 2.1 is a big step for music apps. This includes a step towards future proofing in preparation for iOS 8!

The following message went out to Audiobus developers this morning:

We're thrilled to announce that our new Audiobus 2.1 SDK is ready, and we're rolling it out today.

Due to some big changes in iOS 8, this is a mandatory update to the Audiobus SDK. If you do not update, your apps will display an error pop-up and cease to function with Audiobus on iOS 8.

We've worked on and tested it for months. It includes State Saving, a new look for the Connection Panel and it is based on Apple's Inter-App Audio framework. Implementing it will not only make your app compatible with Audiobus, but also with Inter-App Audio-only hosts. The new SDK is also completely backwards-compatible with older apps, and has an easy transition from an Audiobus 1.x SDK integration.

There is a lot of good news in that last paragraph!

The backwards compatibility with Audiobus 1.x means that as apps update to support iOS 8, they can still support devices that Apple has obsolesced and users who remain on iOS 6 or 7. The implication here is somewhat worrying though. There are now 500 apps that use Audiobus, and all of them will need to be updated to work on iOS 8. That seems unlikely, but at least they're getting a head-start!

I spoke with developer Sebastian Dittmann this morning and he had another bit of good news! The SDK now supports State Saving for MIDI parameters. In apps that are updated to include it, you will be able to save and share elaborate MIDI assignments easily with Audiobus. This is great news for MIDI hackers! There have come been some elaborate layouts made in Lemur or MIDI Designer, but then sharing was problematic because no one wants to spend an hour trying to remap everything in Turnado. Now apps that support State Saving can also make it easier for their users to share things like MIDI layouts!

Arturia BeatStep Firmware Update

Arturia released a firmware update for their new BeatStep hardware last Friday.

The iOS-compatible device has been welcomed with both praise and frustration for its design. I got mine last week. I can appreciate the criticism of the knobs feeling too slow (fine resolution), but over all I'm pretty blown away. For $100 and the features here I was expecting some cheap piece of plastic like the Korg NanoKontrol, but this is a serious bit of gear. The metal chassis feels like it could stop a small caliber bullet!

I've been having a lot of fun with it. It's a great way to sequence apps, especially those that don't have an internal sequencer or an awkward on-screen keyboard. In fact it was while I was doing my SunVox video, which has a terrible keyboard, that I realized I should make the investment in one. The device is a little bit bigger than I was expecting, but it is still very usable as a mobile addition to the iPad. Honestly if you're thinking about grabbing this, and you have $100 to spend, it is a useful addition for anyone making music on iPads. These have been selling out all over but I know Sweetwater just got a new batch in, because that's where I got mine!

For people who were annoyed by the knob behavior, the updated released on Friday should address that! This update also includes some other nice new features like the ability to set legato and gate time!

What's new in BeatStep Firmware v1.1.0.0:

New Features

  • Provide additional settings locally. There is now a way to set up some parameters directly on the unit while in SEQ mode. Shift + Knob 1: set gate time (50%..99%) Shift + Knob 2: set swing (50%..75%) Shift + Knob 3: set legato mode (off/on/on reset)
  • Transpose pads with Controller in CNTRL mode It's now possible to transpose pads in CNTRL mode, using Shift + big knob, on a +/-24 half steps range.
  • Extend sequencer big knob transposition range Transposition range (big knob) has been extended from +/-12 to +/-24 half steps

Bug Fixes

  • Knob acceleration too slow Knobs are now accelerated properly when turned fast
  • Default start up memory should be 1 At power up, sequence from memory #1 is recalled (previously, a default sequence was loaded)
  • MIDI channel pad highlight in Controller mode. Pad back-lighting is now restored after channel setting and similar operations
  • Stuck note in CV while switching CV channel while playing Changing CV channel while playing a sequence no longer produces stuck CV note
  • RPN/NRPN fine mode not working RPN/NRPN fine mode now works as expected when activated with MIDI Control Center
  • Big knob value update between CNTRL mode and SEQ mode Setting rate/transpose in SEQ mode no longer affects the volume setting internal position in CNTRL mode
  • Bad handling of SPP (Song Position Pointer) message Fixed Song Position Pointer message handling (when EXT SYNC is active), leading to better compatibility with Maschine┬«
  • Inverted MIDI Values for pads/encoders It's now possible to program a pad or knob with min value > max value (useful for pads in switched control mode)