Lucid Music - The New Dawn (Deep House)

YouTuber Lucid Music did an excellent Deep House set in Gadget with iMono/Poly!

How to Make Future House in GarageBand

Arvid Sandgren posted a Future House tutorial for GarageBand. If you missed his Future Bass tutorial can watch it here.

Video Description:

Learn how to make some nice Future House in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone!

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AUM - Audio Mixer Update

AUM - Audio Mixer, from Kymatica, was updated with integrated Bluetooth LE MIDI, MIDI Clock send, and a bunch of fixes!

What's new in AUM - Audio Mixer v1.2.1:

• Implement MIDI Clock Send for synchronizing your external hardware.
• Add Bluetooth LE MIDI to Settings menu.
• Show indicator dot on NOTES icon in menu if there are session notes.
• Finish recording directly if stopping transport while waiting for synchronized record-stop. (Fixes rare missing recordings!)
• Add workaround for AU plugin memory allocation iOS bug.
• Fix an issue restoring MIDI mapped AU parameters for some plugins.
• Fix a bug in IAA MIDI parsing.
• Avoid rare crashes caused by malformed MIDI packets.
• Updated Audiobus SDK to 3.0.3b3.
• Tweaked splash animation, less delay, show no version string.
• Various minor fixes and tweaks, as always!

Sonic State: Modal Electronics Craft Rhythm - First Look

Nick Batt from Sonic State was visited by Modal Electronics with a reveal of their new Craft Rhythm drum sampler. Like the Craft Synth before it, this is a tiny affordable DIY kit you can control from an iOS app. Just how affordable this will be has not been announced, but they plan to start shipping next month!

Video Description:

Luke from Modal Electronics came over to show us the new addition to the Craft range - they call it a Drumpler, as in sample based pattern player. With 64 sample slots, 8 voice playback, mono 44.1. USB connectivity for MIDI control of all parameters. Stereo line out and headphones too. Each voice has envelope control, filter level and pan control as well as three pitch modes.

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Elastic Drums Update

Elastic Drums, from O-G-SUS, was updated with improvements to the Master EQ and efficiency of the audio engine. The update also features a new IAP sample kit by synthQ developer Bill Jobs.

What's new in Elastic Drums v2.1.2:

- New In-App Purchase sample kit by Bill Jobs, the creator of synthQ
- improvement: master EQ has more possibilities now
- improvement: parts of the audio-engine got vectorized, which should save up to 10% cpu
- several small bugfixes and improvements

The new sample kit arrives with some truly mad demo videos! PCP - not even once.

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