Animoog & Parat+ XY Interaction

Reader Marc S. Langelier shows off more interesting interactions between Parat+ and Animoog's XY pad. This starts of with a brief EWI jam, before he gets to talking about how he's got everything hooked up.

Video Description:

Recording gestures from Animoog's XY pad into Parat+' faders for playback as modulations of Path Origin XY and more...
Hi All. Finally achieved some stability with my setup again and was able to make this video. For the majority of this video all sounds are generated by Animoog (custom timbres and custom patch). For the brief EWI performances at the beginning and end of this video, Animoog is layered with ABSynth & Massive on the off-video laptop.
Animoog is standAlone on the iPad. Reverb on Animoog is provided in AudioMulch (laptop) by Audio Damage's Eos. Reverb for ABSynth is HaloVerb. No reverb on Massive.
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Snekula - Totem

Reader Snekula composed an Industrial Ambient album entirely in Samplr, and mastered in Audio Mastering. This one is equal parts creepy and melodic! I think my favorite track is Apprentice.

Totem: name your price

FL Studio Mobile Update

FL Studio Mobile, FLSM if you're nasty, got an update adding latency compensation on recordings and a free preset pack for their built-in MiniSynth. The update also features a Redo button, which is almost as important as the Undo button.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile v3.1.36:

WHAT'S NEW 3.1.36

* Audio Recording latency compensation (better alignment of audio to Playlist)
* Custom DirectWave presets now save correctly
* DirectWave loop stoppings early
* Hidden track markers
* Keyboard Labels (SETTINGS tab)
* MiniSynth free Synth Expansion preset pack (pack folder in Preset Browser)
* Redo button
* Sample loading crashes
* Selected track markers
* Sustain Pedal support (CC 64)
* Bugfixes and stability improvements


thesoundtestroom: How I Compose With Gadget

Doug from thesoundtestroom shows us his workflow with Korg Gadget!

Video Description:

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

Aurora Sound Studio HD Update classic Aurora Sound Studio HD got its first update since July 2014! This is a just a modernization update, but it includes support for Audiobus 3.

What's new in Aurora Sound Studio HD v1.70:

Upgraded to 64bit.
Fixed several issues with iOS10.
Upgraded AudioBus
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