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Let's Play with SoundScaper

I dived headfirst into SoundScaper to do this Let's Play! Here I try to explore the app as a music effect, rather than a sound effect generator. Embarrassingly I was concentrating so hard on trying to pronounce developer Igor Vasiliev's name that I mispronounced the app! I'm not even sure I pronounced Vasiliev correctly either.

Video Description:

Igor Vasiliev's latest app is extraordinarily unique, bringing the world of circuit bending 80s toys to iOS! Minus the parts where you're burning your fingers and huffing solder fumes. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $6.99

iK490S BT (Dedicated Bluetooth App for Keyboard)

Taiwanese company MIDIPLUS is the first manufacturer to release a dedicated full-sized keyboard and app with native Bluetooth support. Unfortunately if you are outside of Asia you will have some difficulty getting one. Even on Alibaba I can only find their older keyboards. Fortunately several more of these will be showing up soon to take advantage of the BT MIDI available in iOS 8, and OSX Yosemite. MIDIPLUS are the first, but they won't be the last!

iK490S BT iTunes Description (Googlish):

iK490S BT is a connection to communicate with a MIDIPlUS iK490S Our electronic products via Bluetooth. In the case of Bluetooth connection success on MIDIPLUS iK490S keyboard key is pressed, the key corresponding to the position of the iPad can respond Similarly, pressing the respective buttons on the iPad iPad will send commands to the keyboard to make MIDIPLUS iK490S the corresponding response, which is a panel button functions on the keyboard all MIDIPLUS iK490S into the iPad, so you can control the use of iPad keyboard functions MIDIPLUS iK490S reach a flashy effect!

Buy iK490S BT on iTunes: Free

SynthMaster Player for iOS Preview

We first heard about SynthMaster coming to iOS this past December in a random jam from Gerçek Dorman. MATRIXSYNTH spotted this official video released by developer KV331 Audio.

Disappointingly it appears that this is not the full SynthMaster product available on desktops, but merely a preset player. The app will ship in March with a supply of 800 presets, and additional packs are going to be available as IAPs. At between $5-$8 a pop that could quickly add up to the full cost of the desktop app. All of the cost and none of the features!


Guiboard is the latest Pitch-to-MIDI converter, available as an Universal iOS app.

Guiboard iTunes Description:

Use your Guitar as a MIDI Keyboard!

Guiboard captures the pitch of the incoming audio, and converts it into MIDI notes. The recognized MIDI notes are displayed with musical notes, guitar fingering, piano fingering, and played with internal test sound. Also with support for CoreMIDI, Guiboard can send MIDI output to the other app, or to the connected device through cable or WI-FI.

If you connect your guitar via a guitar interface cable, Guiboard work better. Supported guitar interface cables are IK Multimedia iRig, Peavey Ampkit Link, Apogee Jam, Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack, etc.

Buy Guiboard on iTunes: Freemium ($10 Unlock IAP)

Cumia Beat - On iPad, Maracas, Korg KP3 

Jaun Ortiz is back with a new track, this time exploring a Cumbia[citation needed] beat on his mobile music lab.

Video Description:

My first Cumbia ever! After posting my very first "Juan's Music Lab" video, I had a great request from a great friend of mine. Creating a Cumbia! I have to say I was a little bit scared because I had never played a single Cumbia before. So, after watching tones of proper videos about this exciting music, I composed this beat along Carlos Trujillo, who sent me the bass line you can hear.

I used iPad Garageband, KP3+, AKAI LPK25, and a couple of Maracas.

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More info about great composer Carlos Trujillo:

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