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MESSE 2015: Arturia BeatStep Pro Demo

Musikmesse 2015 is going on in Frankfurt! There haven't been a lot of iOS revelations at the show, but I thought it was worth sharing this excellent BeatStep Pro demo. Sonic State's Nick Batt was treated to this jam using an array of Arturia synths controlled by the upcoming $250 sequencer. Originally intended to ship in April, Arturia are now saying the BeatStep Pro will be 1-2 more months.

Watch in awe as Sebastian uses $3500 worth of gear to emulate the capabilities of the $15 ReBirth app.

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $14.99

Yamaha Synth Book Update

In January we got a pleasant surprise from Yamaha in the form of their Synth Book. Besides exploring the history of synths the app came with a functional Virtual Analog poly synth, AN2015! Yesterday Yamaha went one step further with the app, by including Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support!

Unfortunately Yamaha has the annoying habit of releasing a US version and International version of most of their apps. The US version of this one seems to be neglected! Only the International version received the update yesterday, and the US version is still missing the goodies!

What's new in Yamaha Synth Book v1.5.0:

New 64 Voices for AN2015.

64 Voices such like Synth Lead, Synth Brass, Synth Bass for your own playing. In total 128 Voices available on AN2015.

Compatible with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus

Can be used with other apps that are compatible with the new iOS7 features of Inter-App Audio, such as Synth Arp & Drum Pad and Mobile Music Sequencer.

News function added.

This feature provides you with information such as driver updates, local event and sales campaign.

Buy Yamaha Synth Book - US on iTunes: Free

Buy Yamaha Synth Book - International on iTunes: Free

The update also comes with a demo of the new voices.

haQ attaQ - TC-11 Guide (Part 4)

Part 4 of Jakob Haq's TC-11 Guide is here, after the initial recording was lost to data corruption hell.

Buy TC-11 Synthesizer on iTunes: $24.99

Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote with Apple Watch Support

Line 6 have updated their AMPLIFi Remote app with Apple Watch support. Now you can control various functions of the AMPLIFi-ers from your wrist. I'm still not sold on the practical use of the Watch, especially not at the price, but it is interesting to see apps leaping to support it.

What's new in AMPLIFi Remote v2.11:

Support for Apple Watch provide fast access to:

  • Tuner
  • MyTones
  • Dictation search of Line 6 Tone Cloud
  • Master and instrument level control
  • Buy AMPLIFi Remote on iTunes: Free

    Breathless MIDI Controller Update

    Reader Vinícius Mello updated his Breathless MIDI Controller app with Virtual MIDI and new demo.

    What's new in Breathless MIDI Controller v1.2:

    • Virtual MIDI
    • Automatically save settings on exit
    • Fingering editor
    • Panic and Legato buttons

    Buy Breathless MIDI Controller on iTunes: $0.99