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Free Halloween Effects & Loops

DJ Puzzle has released a collection of free Halloween effects and spooky loops. This pack was originally a free promo he did for Looptastic, RIP in Peace, but he is now opening it up to any app that will take them. Here is a demo originally released in the dark ages, circa 2009, before the iPad was even a rumor. Talk about scary!

DreamsOfWires - Laplace Resonator Synth

YouTuber DreamsOfWires did a fluttery-arpeggiated performance with Laplace Resonator Synth.

Video Description:

Someone asked me what apps I have/like/use, so I thought I'd do some videos featuring them in the future. Besides, I'm broke and having to sell some of my hardware instruments, so it'll probably do me good to investigate bankrupt-proof music making possibilities. Among the many apps I've been impressed with is Laplace. This video does nothing to demonstrate the kind of resonant sounds that the app does best, but I was just messing around with it and this fell out. So I recorded it. No additional effects or post-processing was used, just its arpeggiator, built-in reverb and delay. The patch was made by me, starting from a new, empty patch.

The video is of the Imperial War museum at Duxford (UK). Sorry about the wonky horizons, it weren't my fault, the world kept moving.

The hot, steaming noodles are courtesy of Thailand and contain no musical content.

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $5.99

ANI - Y2K15 Loopfest Performance

Longtime reader Amy Lee, aka ANI, performed live in Santa Cruz at the Y2K15 International Live Looping Festival! Watching this is a fun way to start off the day with pure synth jamming that ramps up and amps up!

Video Description:

Another live looping set at the Y2K loopfest! We're back at the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center for this performance. The usual dual iPad setup is being used ... plus an iPhone! Enjoy 23-ish minutes of improv techno music-making.

Apps on the iPads & iPhone:

  • NanoStudio
  • Bebot
  • Thumbjam

Effects pad:

  • Korg KP3

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $6.99


Buy Bebot on iTunes: $1.99

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

Wooji Juice: Ferrite Recording Studio - Editing Tour

Before Wooji wowed us with Grain Science and Mitosynth, his Hokusai Audio Editor was the premiere audio editing app on iOS. The next Wooji Juice app returns to these roots with a recording studio that features an editing suite and a similarly slick interface. Here's a tour of the editing in Ferrite Recording Studio!

Video Description:

A quick tour of the editing screen of Ferrite Recording Studio, an audio recorder & multi-track editor for iOS.

Audulus 3.0 - Rack-Mount Design Preview

Audulus 3.0 is presently in testing and user Bimini Road did some previews of a collection of Rack-Mount design modules he's planning to release as a library. Audulus 3.0 was submitted to Apple for review, but presently both the iOS and Mac versions are unavailable on iTunes.

This Rack-Mount design seems like a nice way to bring some order to the chaotic world of Audulus modules! Shown here is the Mac version, but it should work on iOS as well. If this sounds exciting, or you have some suggestions, head over to the Audulus forum to talk to Bimini.

Buy Audulus 3 on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Audulus 3 on Mac App Store: $29.99