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Chiptunes Pro Demo 

thesoundtestroom picked up the new Chiptunes Pro app and took it for a spin in his latest video!

Buy Chiptunes Pro on iTunes: $2.99

BIAS Custom Amp Competition

Positive Grid has launched a BIAS competition for users to share their Custom Amps, with the grand prize of an iPad Air!

BIAS Custom Amp Competition

As a celebration of our 1 million ToneCloud visits, Positive Grid announces a global competition for BIAS amp designer app for iPad and iPhone.

Simply by submitting a short video demoing your custom BIAS amp between 3/18/2014 – 4/18/2014 you can win an iPad Air + $25 iTunes Cards!


  • Create and share your custom amp patch on BIAS ToneCloud
  • Create a YouTube video about your BIAS amp, with “BIAS Custom Amp Competition” part of the title submit the link at http://www.positivegrid.com/contest

Tip: The contest is based on TONE creation and sound quality. Aspects such as as technical video and/or playing skills will be considered as secondary winning factors.

Positive Grid team will select the best video and will pick one winner for the iPad Air and four winners for the iTunes Gift Cards. Winners will be announced on April 23rd on Positive Grid’s Facebook wall.

Buy BIAS on iTunes: $12.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy BIAS for iPhone on iTunes: $9.99

Mood481 - Architect (Session 1)

Clif Johnston from Apptronica has been posting some interesting music videos of his futuristic looking iPad-based studio!
In this latest one he's up to 6 iPads as he takes us on a journey through industrial ambiance!

Synth 76477 Complex Sound Synthesizer

Earlier this week Black Cat Systems released Synth 76477, a synthesis-based sound effect generator. It doesn't have any export functionality besides iTunes file-sharing, but Doug from thesoundtestroom managed to have some fun with it!

Synth 76477 Complex Sound Synthesizer iTunes Description:

Synth 76477 is a powerful sound effects generator and synthesizer app, inspired by the famous SN76477 integrated circuit from the 1970s, but containing many enhancements.


  • Three oscillators, each of which can produce a sine, triangle, sawtooth, or square wave
  • The outputs of two of the oscillators can be used to modulate the main oscillator
  • Frequency modulation can be linear or octave based
  • The duty cycle of the main oscillator can be adjusted in square wave mode
  • Noise generator, either analog or digital, with an adjustable low pass filter
  • Oscillator outputs can be mixed to the audio output
  • Fully configurable ADSR (Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release) envelope, linear or exponential
  • One shot mode available
  • Unlimited number of sound effect generator boards
  • User configurable array of sound effect generator buttons on each board, up to 50 on the iPhone and 150 on the iPad
  • Boards as well as individual generators can be exported and imported, and transfered to and from your computer via iTunes file sharing, making it easy to share with others

Synth 76477 comes with a full set of sample sound generators, making it easy to understand how to use and configure them, and tap the full power of the app.

Note that Synth 76477 does not presently run in the background.

Buy Synth 76477 on iTunes: $2.99

Alba Ecstasy AE Trance - 69 Presets for Sunrizer

Alba Ecstasy has released a preset pack for Sunrizer, specifically catering to Trance styles, with the following demo video.

Buy AE Trance – 69 Presets for Sunrizer at Alba Ecstasy: €2.99