discophone_ - Finnish Folklore

Reader discophone_ put down his cigarbox guitar for this beautiful jam on a Finnish Zither!

Video Description:

Journey to Finnish folklore with finnish zither

Gear used:
Old finnish zither
Ipad 2 with Aufx:space and Turnado app
Zoom H4n

Korg Gadget is Coming to macOS

Today Korg announced that their self-contained DAW Gadget is heading over to macOS! This includes "all of the more than 30 gadgets" which will be available for use inside of Gadget for macOS; as well as a collection of VST/AU/AXX plug-ins with the purchase of Gadget. So you can use Gadgets in other DAWs too!

The official site also mentions two new gadgets are coming with the macOS version. First up is a long-awaited audio recorder, and the second is a 16 pad drum gadget. Although the website doesn't explicitly state that these gadgets will come out for iOS, I am hearing some credible rumors that they both will. The rumors also mention new effects are coming to iOS.

Main features of KORG Gadget for Mac

* Award winning KORG Gadget currently iOS only will soon be available for Mac.
* The ultimate Gadget collection includes all of the more than 30 gadgets.
* Intuitive and simple operation that delivers powerful music production
* Power users can get back to the basics, beginners can jump right into great music making.
* Takes advantage of the large screen with a single-window four-split (divided in four) screen design.
* Comes with "Gadget Plug-in Collection," a magnificent collection of plug-ins that support AU, VST, AAX, and NKS.
* Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
* A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
* Supports the latest technology including Allihoopa, Ableton Link, and Bluetooth MIDI.
* Seamless connection between KORG Gadget for iOS and KORG Gadget for Mac enables a smooth workflow so you can produce music anytime and anywhere.

All information will be publicly announced when the NAMM show opens on January 19, 2017 (local time) in Anaheim, California, USA.

We'll have to wait until the 19th for confirmation on the gadgets coming to iOS, as well as pricing and release date on Gadget for macOS.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio by Davy Wentzler

Davy Wentzler has brought his Android app Audio Evolution Mobile over to iOS! This is a full featured DAW with Audiobus, Inter-app Audio, and Audio Unit v3 support. There's also support for USB MIDI and Audio interfaces. The app is free to try out, with a $6 IAP to unlock the Pro features. This is a full-on DAW so it will be helpful to read the manual. If manuals aren't your thing, I've been hired to do some tutorial videos for the app!

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio iTunes Description:

Record your ideas on the go or create entire music productions from scratch, we'll leave it up to you! This app is a portable multitrack audio and MIDI recording studio featuring virtual instruments, editing with unlimited undo/redo, mixing, real-time effects, automation and much more!

Note that this is our initial release and we'd appreciate any feedback or bug reports! We are highly responsive to customer feedback.

• Multitrack audio recording / playback
• MIDI sequencing with piano roll editor
• Drum pattern editor
• Inter-app audio effects and instruments
• AudioBus support (including AudioBus remote)
• Audio Unit v3 instruments and effects displayed directly in the app
• Non-linear editing with move, trim, split, cut/copy/paste, remove, cross-fade, etc. with full undo/redo
• Virtual instruments (comes with free instruments and more instrument packs to download with in-app purchase)
• Wide range of downloadable loops available (free and paid)
• Clip volume and fade points
• Loop playback
• Automation of mixer and effect parameters
• Mix-down to WAV, AIFF and ALAC
• Metronome
• Punch in/out
• Zoom down to the sample
• Each track has controls for volume, panning, mute, solo, arm, 3-band EQ with mid-sweep, 3 insert effects, 2 effect sends and output bus selection
• Unlimited number of tracks (more than 3 requires the PRO in-app purchase)
• Unlimited number of groups (requires the PRO in-app purchase)
• Real-time effects including: chorus, compressor, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, flanger, noise gate and many more!
• Offline effects: fade in/out, normalize, reverse, pitch shift, time stretching
• Several grid options for aligning your samples (with tempo and time signature settings)
• Projects are interchangeable with our Android version
• Export to other DAW's by rendering all tracks to separate audio files (stems)
• Media server to access your files easily from a desktop computer

In short: a complete portable multitrack music studio that will replace your fourtrack recorder or tape machine!

(*) The following in-app purchases are available to expand your studio:
• FX pack 1 (distortion, overdrive, speaker sim, wah wah, phaser)
• FX pack 2 (10-, 15-, 30-band graphic EQ)
• ToneBoosters effect pack 1 (Barricade, DeEsser, Gate, Reverb)
• ToneBoosters EQ with frequency analyzer
• ToneBoosters Compressor
• Autotune with two-voice harmonizer
• Soundfont instrument packs
• Loop packs from Function Loops

If you have any suggestions, questions or want to report a bug, please contact us! We'll gladly solve any problem!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AudioEvolution5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AudioEvolutionMobile
Forum: http://www.extreamsd.com/forum
Online manual: http://www.audio-evolution.com/manual/doku.php?id=start

Troublemaker 1.1: Work in Progress Preview

Developer Bram Bos posted a teaser of the many things coming to Troublemaker in the upcoming 1.1 update. Rejoice! Full MIDI sync is on the way, along with a new "realtime mutation engine" that will make your sequences evolve over time.

Video Description:

Testing some new features:
- MIDI start/stop
- MIDI clock sync
- Realtime mutation engine (probability settings)
- Audiobus playback triggers

Update coming soon!

Greg Hosharian's engaging GeoShred performance of "Sleepwalk"

Developer moForte posted this demo jam on their GeoShred app, with Greg Hosharian playing Sleepwalk.

Video Description:

Greg Hosharian's engaging GeoShred performance of "Sleepwalk"

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