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S.A.M.M.I. Demo

Earlier this week we saw the arrival of S.A.M.M.I., an experimental synthesis app for iPad and Android. Doug from thesoundtestroom took some time to explore it in this video!

Buy S.A.M.M.I. on iTunes: Free (Ads)

Buy S.A.M.M.I. on Google Play: Free (Ads)

DIY Jam with iPads and Volcas

MATRIXSYNTH found this highly compact jam, by Matthew Tyas. He's really rocking out on 2 iPads and all of the Korg Volcas!

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

Audiobus 2 Coming April 3rd!

The Audiobus team have officially announced the release date for the Audiobus 2 update!

Hello, friends of Audiobus,

We're launching Audiobus 2 on Thursday, April 3rd 2014.
That is all.

The Audiobus Team

By a strange coincidence April 3rd is also the launch date for FTL's iPad port, another long awaited addition to the App Store! FTL is a great hardcore space exploration game, enjoyed on PC/Mac/Linux and by both myself and Audiobus developer Sebastian.

Auria 50% Off!

Both versions of Auria just went on sale for 50% off their usual prices. Thanks to reader hansendesigns for this news!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $24.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $24.99)

ANI on Two C.24 Prototype Keyboards

ANI visited Miselu's offices to play with the prototypes for the C.24 Bluetooth keyboard. Here she's jamming in NanoStudio on both of the keyboard simultaneously, giving her a 4 octave range to play.

I took this opportunity to ask Miselu for a status update on when Kickstarter supporters should expect to receive their own. The current estimate has been pushed back to June, due to tooling delays in manufacturing. Despite all of the delays, they may still beat JamStik to market at this rate!