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LaunchSync PRO for Ableton with touchAble Support

Isotonik Studios has released a new Ableton Live device for £5, which was designed closely with the touchAble team. This allows you to keep touchAble on your iPad synchronized with hardware controllers.

Buy touchAble on iTunes: $24.99


Buy touchAble Mini on iTunes: $9.99

Photophore Flock Synthesizer

Developer Taika Systems has something very interesting for us today! Photophore is a new synth app that combines "flocks" of up to 100 oscillators to create huge sounds! This is the first app from Taika, but it comes complete with all the right goodies; like MIDI, Audiobus, and Inter-App Audio! It is also 25% off on an introductory sale!

Photophore Synth iTunes Description:

Photophore is a unique instrument that uses flocks of up to 100 sound generators to create rich, organic synthesizer sounds. By controlling the behavior of the flocks you can make Photophore sound like a choir of synthesizers or, at more extreme settings, a swarm of angry insects.

Unlike other digital synthesizers, Photophore creates warmth and character in a completely new way. Instead of modeling analog circuits, it models animal behavior. Photophore’s sound engine is made up of flocks of oscillators that move through a virtual three-dimensional environment. Their motion is controlled by a special behavioral algorithm and physics simulation that keeps the oscillators in tune with each other, but allows for a certain amount of natural drifting and detuning. This creates rich timbres that are perfect for crafting massive bass sounds, complex pads and searing leads.

You can interact with the oscillator flocks by controlling their behavior – how much they try to flock together, how much they avoid each other, their speed, and how much turbulence is in their environment. Oscillators will flee from your touch, so you can create extreme pitch modulation and more chaotic effects by simply swiping across the screen.

Key Features:

  • Unique flock synthesis engine
  • Up to 100 oscillators per patch
  • Monophonic or polyphonic operation (up to 6 voices)
  • 6 oscillator waveforms (saw, square, pulse and more)
  • Low pass/High pass filter with resonance
  • Dedicated amplitude and filter envelopes
  • Stereo echo effect
  • Arpeggiator


  • Use any iPad-compatible MIDI keyboard to play notes and perform pitch bends
  • AudioBus and Inter-App Audio support for streaming audio to other apps
  • Control Photophore from other apps via CoreMIDI

Buy Photophore Synth on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

haQ attaQ - "How to Finger a God" [Let's Play] 

In his latest haQ attaQ, Jakob Haq is fingering Thor with the aid of Fingertip MIDI. Thor is still on sale for 66% off!

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Buy Fingertip MIDI HD on iTunes: $5.99

Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - Gadgets and Sequencing

Michael Tyson is showing off more of his upcoming Loopy: Masterpiece Edition. This week he shows off the gadgets/widgets you can use you design your own performance interface, as well as automation in the sequencer.

Bass Line Composer

Bass Line Composer, released back in 2012, got a nice modernization update including both Audiobus & IAA!

Bass Line Composer iTunes Description:

Yo, Bass drummers! Got a split in your head that you've just got to hear right now? Got a line or a lick or an exercise to put down? Compose it and play along with the new Bass Line Composer App!

Now you’ve got a whole bass drum line to play along with. Practice splits and interp. Write out your exercises or make up new ones. Put down that new street beat that’s been bouncing around your brain. Speed it up, slow it down, try it out, edit it, and max it out!

Compose and play along with the actual bass drum sounds of the Paul Rennick 2012 Santa Clara Vanguard, as recorded by bass tech Brian Lowe - tuned the way they’ll sound on finals night.

What's new in Bass Line Composer v1.5:

A whole new app here!

  • A whole new UI - button issues fixed!
  • Improved Split - subdivide a whole measure or select the beats
  • Now Supporting: Audiobus 2 and Inter-App audio.
  • Now can do per Measure Tempo Changes
  • Buy Bass Line Composer on iTunes: $2.99