Korg ARP ODYSSEi - The BIG Soundtest

Doug from thesoundtestroom brings us The BIG Soundtest for Korg's new ARP ODYSSEi.

Video Description:

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Stress Test: ARP ODYSSEi in Korg Gadget on iPad mini 3

Mike Longo from Expanding Sound stress tests the hell out of Korg Gadget by loading up a ton of Lexingtons, the Gadget device name for ARP ODYSSEi.

Video Description:

We own a hardware Korg Odyssey, and were very interested to hear what the new iOS app, ODYSSEi sounded like. The hardware has an iconic, unique sound that rivals many of the best synths, but when we heard this new iOS app worked with Korg's Midi iOS DAW Gadget, it became a must buy. Gadget quickly became a favorite mobile music making app for us here at Expanding Sound, with it's easy interface and great tones. The exporting of your performance to Ableton Live sets is a pretty key feature for making high quality jams on the go. We assumed that with this new apps capabilities and great tone, it would be fairly draining on your iPads processing power. So how did it hold up on an iPad mini 3? Check out our video and see! I whipped up a quick little sequence, for the purposes of testing the sounds and limitations that went along with the app.
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Expanding Sound

haQ TraQ - Phase Dub x9 Phasemaker

Jakob Haq did a super fun Dub track using 9 instances of Phasemaker inside of Cubasis!

Video Description:

Instead of just doing a review of Bram Bos latest Audio Unit FM synth, I decided on making music with it. This is all done inside Cubasis 2 where I've loaded up nine instances of Phasemaker. There is more info in the video. If you want me to go deeper into whats driving this track, then please leave a comment down below. If there's enough interest I'll make a vlog.

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Introducing ROLI BLOCKS ft. PARISI

ROLI posted this fucking phenomenal performance, by PARISI, on their new BLOCKS.

Video Description:

PARISI perform a jaw-dropping piece of dark electronica on ROLI BLOCKS!

BLOCKS is the new all in one instrument and studio system, making it easy for anyone to shape music with 5D touch. Our modular studio grows to suit your needs, from beginner to seasoned musician.

Start building your studio now: https://roli.com/blocks


Yesterday ROLI Ltd. announced BLOCKS, a new collection of tiny MIDI instruments for use with their app, NOISE. While several popular publications are referring to the new devices as a "modular synthesizer," this is woefully inaccurate. They're just some cool looking little controllers. Each of the Lightpad Blocks costs $180, and the smaller control blocks are $80. Both are available now on their website.

Naturally NOISE was updated with support for the BLOCKS, as well as an assortment of new functionality to take advantage of the hardware. It is worth pointing out that you can do everything on the BLOCKS with a 3D Touch enabled iPhone.

What's new in NOISE v2.1.4:

• Expressive sounds: NOISE comes with over 30 acoustic, synthetic, and percussion sounds, all custom-made by ROLI sound designers.

• Groove kits: Easily create expressive drum loops by simply tapping and holding the pad. Move your fingers around to add effects.

• Make beats: Tap the surface like you’re playing live drums. Go way beyond drum pads, and make beats more expressively with 5D Touch.

• Create loops: Record beats and tunes, and create loops.

• Make songs: Make a song by launching loops. Play one part of your song live.

• Learn Mode: Light Trails guide you to play beats and melodies.

• Scale Mode: Choose from 15 different scales. Hide notes that are not in tune with that scale.

• Chord Mode: Play chords by simply pressing a note.

• Arp Mode: Play arpeggios by simply pressing a note.

• Five Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch) for shaping sound: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, Lift.

• Join a musical community: Join NOISE.fm, a social community for sharing music made on NOISE.

• Wireless connection to ROLI BLOCKS: NOISE is a modular music app and the software engine for ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio.

• Wireless connection to Seaboard RISE: NOISE is also the software engine for the Seaboard RISE, ROLI’s award-winning MIDI controller.

Reader Carole has a ROLI Seaboard and was able to test out the update this morning. She reports that the Seaboard can fully control everything in the new version of the app, without having to purchase the additional controllers. She compared it to Ableton Live; where you could control it fine with a MIDI keyboard or the bespoke Ableton Push controller.

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