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MIDI Aid for iOS & Mac

MIDI Aid is a diagnostic tool for iPhone, iPad, and even Mac. The iOS version is Universal, and both it and the Mac app are $1.

MIDI Aid iTunes Description:

Having trouble with your MIDI controller or want to learn how it works?

MIDI Aid receives messages from external and internal MIDI devices and displays them in real-time in an easy to understand, human readable form.

It automatically detects any changes of your MIDI subsystem, e.g. when plugging in a new device, and will immediately start displaying its messages.

MIDI Aid is also available for the Mac.

This app is ad-free and it will always stay like that!

Want to see how it works? Check out this video on youtube: http://youtu.be/Eyqntqykv4Y and leave a comment (feature requests, questions, remarks, etc.)

Buy MIDIAid on iTunes: $0.99

Buy MIDIAid on Mac App Store: $0.99

I've raised objections to people using Facebook as their app's official iTunes "support" link before, but this one takes the cake, linking over to a YouTube video! You're actually supposed to leave comments on the video for support inquiries. Here's the iPad demo. Crank it! No really, it's super-quiet, you'll have to crank it up.

Looptical now Universal

Moocow Music's Looptical production studio was updated for Universal support, opening this app up to the iPad! This is a beefy update with a lot of other goodies in tow. It is also $5 off for the next 2 weeks!

What's new in Looptical v1.1

  • Added Universal iPad support. Looptical is now native to both iPhone and iPad.
  • Updated the Single and Dual keyboards to include drag scrolling with scroll lock and the ability to link upper and lower keyboard scroll.
  • Added drum pad velocity. Hit left of pad for quieter sounds, right for louder. This can be combined with the existing Velocity slider.
  • Selecting a loop in the Loop Bank while playing now cues new loops to switch at the next bar, instead of instantly switching, for better auditioning of loops.
  • Added optional soft-clip filter for repeated overdubbing of an audio recording.
  • Touch or drag the Audio Track screen (or Audio Recorder on iPad) to scrub through the track.
  • Added Recording Delay value for users to fine-tune latency of recorded audio from certain external audio apps.
  • Added Phase Cancellation detection to automatically flip the phase of the right channel to compensate. This only effects a very specific guitar effects app via Audiobus when it takes Mic as input.
  • Added more opportunity for automatic project saving to occur. Now saves when selecting a new loop or accessing Mixer page if not saved in the last three minutes.
  • Fixed a very infrequent bug where the project appeared to vanish from the project list because the app was interrupted while copying data to the backup folder.
  • Fixed a bug with MIDI export where a certain MIDI time stamp delta caused the MIDI file not to be recognized by Pro Tools.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying user chord names in the Chord Guitar settings screen.

Buy Looptical on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Strange Agency's Strange Updates

Having gone all of 2013 without any new activity, Strange Agency has released updates for Curtis, Donut, and CP 1919.

When last we saw Strange Agency they were pissing me and customers off in December 2012.

What's new in Strange Agency's Apps:

(All 3 of them have the same copy-pasta.)

Updates Dropbox support.
Adds backward support for iOS 5.1.

Buy Curtis for iPad on iTunes: $9.99

Buy CP 1919 on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Donut on iTunes: $9.99

This gets increasingly strange when I noticed that Donut's last update was in October 2011; a week after iOS 5.0 was release. They do some interesting stuff though, so here's hoping for more in 2014!

Melody Pro

New notation app Melody Pro is allegedly the, "only app a musician will ever need." So fuck, I guess I'm out of a job.

Melody Pro iTunes Description:

Melody Pro - The most powerful music notation app on the App Store. This app is the only app a musician will ever need.


Virtual piano: As you play the piano, the music notation instantly appears on the screen, showing exactly what you just played in sheet music form. Save it for later, play it back or email it to your friends. With the instant notation piano, you will never forget a tune that you played off the top of your head.

Create Your Own Sheet Music: The days of blank sheet music paper and a pencil are over. Now, easily drag and drop notes onto blank sheet music paper or play the virtual piano to create your own sheet music in the easiest yet most powerful way possible. You also have the option to play back what you just created, to make sure it sounds exactly how you want it to sound.

Tuner: Melody Pro features a highly accurate tuner, allowing you to easily tune all of your instruments with ease.

Sheet Music Collection: All your sheet music, in one place. Musicians tend to have folders filled with sheet music either from their favorite artists, or that they have written themselves. Now with Melody Pro, you can keep all your sheet music seamlessly in one place. Melody Pro will also display your imported sheet music with the virtual piano underneath, allowing you to play all of your music on the spot.

Metronome: Melody Pro features a highly accurate metronome to ensure that you never get off-beat again.

Buy Melody Pro on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, from $8.99)

Unfortunately the world's definitive music app has an uninspiring demo video. You can also find on their website details of the developer's other app: Girlfriend 411, "an app dedicated to storing all the information you will ever need to know about your girlfriend."

Sugar Bytes Effectrix for iPad

Sugar Bytes continues to bring their excellent VSTs to iPad! Like Turnado, Thesis, and Wow Filterbox before it, Effectrix for iPad is a full port of the desktop app. It is even compatible with desktop presets. Added to the iPad iteration are CoreMIDI, Audiobus, and Inter-App Audio!

Effectrix iTunes Description:

Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer for the iPad.

The game-changing tool for creative and effective music production is now available on the App Store: scatter 14 intelligent effects across a sequencer matrix and create unheard-of sound patterns and cheeky loop collages.

A playful workflow, refined algorithms and carefully parameterised effects lead to outstanding results - fast! The effects, each exceeding conventional wisdom, cover a wide spectrum from classy standards to scandalising splatter sprees.

This iOS port faithfully recreates the desktop engine, today's de-facto standard of finest audio manipulation.

Instant Inspiration

  • quickly create variations and mutations for productive sound design
  • 20 fine audio samples installed
  • 230 factory presets (100 global, ca. 9 per effect)
  • 14 high-quality effects/li>
  • redesigned GUI for a smooth iOS workflow

Dig Deep

  • manipulate each individual effect with up to eight parameters
  • two modulator tracks per effect
  • Seamless iOS integration: full MIDI, IAA, Audiobus
  • save your own presets & use them on your desktop version of Effectrix

Buy Effectrix on iTunes: $17.99

I recall when Sequential came out people were bummed that it was loop-based and wanted to see an iPad release of Effectrix for live effects. It didn't take long for Sugar Bytes to answer that prayer!