iFixit: iPad Pro 10.5" Teardown - 4GB RAM Confirmed!

iFixit has posted their teardown for the new iPad Pro 10.5" and the results are surprising! Apple finally upgraded the RAM to 4GB! You can read the full write-up, with complete specs on the iFixit site.

Due to Apple's continued use of the term "Pro" for the latest iPads, I've changed the site code that swapped iPad Pro to MaxiPad™ in comments. If you want to continue to trigger that you need to type out:
iPad Pro 12.9", including the " at the end.

Video Description:

It’s time to say goodbye to the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. According to Apple 10.5 inches is the goldilocks size for their newest Pro. It’s not too big, not too small and is essentially a refined version of its 12.9 inch predecessor.

This Pro packs an on screen keyboard with full sized keys, improved latency when using the apple pencil, a fancy new display that offers true tone color plus pro motion, all powered by Apple’s new A10X Processor. With so many upgrades we’re left with only one option, get out our tools and tear it down!

Check out the full guide over on our site!

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DM2 - The Drum Machine Update

DM2 - The Drum Machine was updated with MIDI learn for more than 130 assignable parameters! This update also includes Audiobus 3 support, and improved IAA sync.

What's new in DM2 - The Drum Machine v1.5:

DM2 is now fully MIDI mappable. More than 130 parameters can be easily controlled by an external MIDI controller : go to the SONG page. First tap the "MIDI" button to select a MIDI controller as a Note Input source. Then tap the "MIDI LEARN" button. You can now navigate through the pages, select a Map (a blue rectangle) and play any Note or CC message on your external MIDI controller. Close the MIDI MAP screen and off you go. Please note that some Maps (for instance the OSCILLATOR PITCH) can either be in Absolute or in Relative mode. This latter is particularly useful when you are using a MIDI controller with encoders. For that just tap the "RELATIVE" or "ABSOLUTE" button when it appears on a MIDI MAP.


The Audionomy Team

** NEW **
+ MIDI LEARN : more than 130 assignable MIDI parameters, with a "MIDI LEARN" mode (on the Song Page) for easy and fast Midi connections.
+ MIDI LEARN: one MIDI parameter can control multiple DM2 parameters.
+ MIDI LEARN : to clear a Midi-Learned DM2 parameter double-tap it in the Midi Learn page
+ AUDIOBUS 3 Compatible
+ IAA : reviewed & improved IAA sync with AUM, CUBASIS and GARAGEBAND.
+ DRUMS : a sound can now been saved and loaded separately as a USER sound. Tap "SOUNDS" on the DRUMS page, and open the LOAD popup.
+ DRUMS : simplified and unified SOUNDS popup

+ MIDI : added midi channel description text
+ METRONOME : metronome volume is adjusted to the mixer Main volume
+ DRUMS : when playing, all steps (including empty) do now flash

** FIXES **
+ DRUM KITS+SONGS : fixed some loading issues
+ DRUM KITS : when modifying a loaded kit, the current kit gets the name of the song
+ MIDI : fixed bug when playing more than 2 sounds at the same time from a remote midi source
+ IAA : fixed bug when connecting and playing in the background DM2 in AUM | AUDIOBUS
+ MIDI : fixed bug when playing more than 2 sounds at the same time from a remote midi source

ChordFlow Update

ChordFlow, from Dmitry Klochkov, was updated with Audiobus 3 support; including Audiobus 3 MIDI! Now you can easily sequence up to 4 other apps from ChordFlow!

What's new in ChordFlow v1.2.0:

- ChordFlow now provides four Audiobus 3 MIDI sender ports, one per track, and one consolidated port that transmits events from all 4 tracks.
- You can now start and stop ChordFlow using Audiobus control panel buttons.
- You can also use ChordFlow as a Audiobus Audio input in both Audiobus 3 and Audiobus 2.

- Ableton link offset parameter range increased. Now it can be set to values from -500ms to 500ms
- Sequencer performance tuning

Audio Damage Apps coming to iOS!

VST and hardware manufacturer Audio Damage is set to unleash a whole bunch of apps on iOS! Over the weekend on Instagram, developer Chris Randall posted a picture of their Grind VST on an iPad, which looks like it is being hosted as an AUv3 Instrument inside of Garageband.

Yesterday on Twitter he let it be known that a lot more is in store! Firstly he mentioned reverb plugin Eos 2 was coming AUv3 iOS, but then he dropped this:

So expect a free AUv3 compressor this week, and even more if things go well!

ZhSh by Savelii Kaliupanov

Savelii Kaliupanov, developer of Deregulator and Self-a-Fuzz, has released a new effects app in ZhSh. This "barely musical audio-effect" can be used to create textures inside of Audiobus/IAA. There's no demo video for it yet, but you can hear audio examples on the official website.

ZhSh iTunes Description:

App is free for a limited time. Let's make some noise :)

Noise-centered and barely musical audio-effect application.
Treat it like Self-a-Fuzz small brother.
ZhSh can work as left-field distortion pedal or audio texture creator: generate and filter mix of white and pink(flicker) noise to fill night with pleasant sounds or use resulting sounds to blend-mix-shape your audio-input to add distortions.

+ White and Pink noise generator
+ Filter eq9 to gate noise
+ Pitch detector for eq9
+ Mutonic with 5 components
+ Output pure, filtered or blended audio
+ Presets system
+ Audiobus and IAA
+ Randomizers for every parameter
+ Oscillographs
+ Occasionally universal

Minimum requirements: iPhone 4s and iOS 8.

Use headphones or connect to other apps to avoid possible audio feedbacks.
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