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RS-08 Updated with Audiobus

As promised by the eponymous developer behind DesignByPaul, the new RS-08 ribbon synth has been updated with Audiobus! This one got a lot of praise in its release last week.

What's new in RS-08 v1.1.0:

  • Audiobus 2 support (Requires iOS 8 or higher)
  • IAA support (Inter–App Audio)

Buy RS-08 on iTunes: $3.99

iMPC Pro v1.5

Retronym's iMPC Pro has been updated with a new BitCrusher and improvements to several areas of the app.

What's new in iMPC Pro v1.5:

  • Overall Improved performance, stability and quality, bug fixes.
  • New Auto mode found in Slice Loop. This automatically detects your sample's transients for quick slicing and provides a good alternative to Grid mode.
  • New BitCrusher effect called "W-Crusher". Look for it under the per-pad parameters FX next to St. Louis Drive distortion and Ring-a-Ding ringmod.
  • Updated with AudioCopy SDK 3.2 which removes the need for you to tap AudioCopy notifications to complete copy. Other apps supporting AudioCopy SDK will need to update to 3.2 SDK to remove this tap notification to copy feature.
  • New MIDI Learn feature lets you easily map your MIDI controllers.
  • Updated Ableton Link to the most recent version.

Buy iMPC Pro on iTunes: $12.99

Intro to Modstep

Jakob Haq did an official promo for Modstep that does a great job of showing off the power of the app in just 3 minutes. This one arrives with a companion jam on his own YouTube channel.

Buy modstep on iTunes: $19.99

Mersenne by iceGear

iceGear introduces us to another Renaissance mathematician with Mersenne, a pitched percussion app named after French theologian, philosopher, mathematician, and music theorist Marin Mersenne. As we've come to expect from iceGear, this new app is unlike anything else we've got on iOS. This isn't a "drum machine" this is a "Melodic Percussion Synthesizer" so instead of a x0x sequencer you've got a keyboard and an arpeggiator.

Mersenne iTunes Description:

Mersenne is a melodic percussion synthesizer with intuitive layout and characterful sound.

  • Tone A/B: FM Synthesis
  • Noise + Filter
  • Resonator
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Reverb

Programmable Arpeggiator

You can easily create your own pattern.

Inter-App Audio

You can stream live audio directly to other Inter-App Audio host applications.


You can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps.


  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI Input
  • MIDI Controller Mapping with MIDI Learn
  • External MIDI sync

Resizable Keyboard

You can change which octaves are shown by dragging on bottom of keyboard.

Buy Mersenne on iTunes: $5.99

The fundamental synthesis behind this is fun and well presented. You have 2 FM-based tones and 1 noise source going into a discrete resonator. All of which you can blend to taste with individual level knobs. Without having a fucking clue as to what I was doing, I was able to come up with some awesome tones in my first 5 minutes with the app this morning! I love the way you can shape both of the tones to get different sounds in their attack and sustain phases.

At first I was a little put off by the arp paradigm, but it is easy enough to come up with a rhythm you like. I'm super excited about this and look forward to playing with it some more. The only downside to this app is trying to correctly pronounce it.

Arturia iSpark Demo

Mike Longo of Expanding Sound did this demo of the new Arturia iSpark app. Here he pokes around at the sequencer and automation functions, and briefly demos Ableton Link support by syncing it to a second iPad.

Video Description:

Arturia released a new app recently, called the Ispark, an Ipad version of their hardware unit. Being a fan of their stuff, we wanted to check it out, and for an iPad app, it seems pretty useful, expansive, and fun. Ableton Link is a huge plus. Check it out and hopefully you find this useful!

Buy Arturia iSpark on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)