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MusicTechFest with Matt Black - NinjaJamm

Coldcut's Matt Black was at MusicTechFest Scandinavia back in May. The video from that presentation has now been available! Here Matt shows off his NinjaJamm app and promotes touch devices as capable music-making platforms.

Buy NinjaJamm on iTunes: Freemium

OMGuitar Demo

Doug Woods did a demo for the OMGuitar app, which was revived by zCage this year as a free bundle with MINT.io.

Buy OMGuitar on iTunes: $2.99

Buy MINT.io with Free OMGuitar Bundle on iTunes: $5.99

bs-16i with 3D Touch Demo

Developer Bismark posted a short 6 second demo of the iPhone 6S 3D Touch working in an upcoming version of bs-16i. As a demo it isn't very demonstrative, but it is interesting to see developers experimenting with the new touch technology in the iPhone 6S. In Apple's own demonstration they were only showing us "soft" and "hard" presses, which weren't much more useful than long and short presses on the iOS UI. However, being able to detect the force of a press would be extremely useful in music applications! Watch this one several times to see how 3D Touch is acting as aftertouch, or a mod wheel.

I have also seen a private demo from another developer which was not-quite a proof-of-concept along the same lines. He believes it shows that apps can have a very wide resolution of force touch sensitivity. Not only could it detect soft presses and hard presses, but many levels in between. It is worth noting though that both examples have been limited to a single point of contact on the screen, so we're not quite ready for polyphonic aftertouch just yet.

Buy bs-16i on iTunes: $7.99

Elastic Drums Updated with More Free Presets

Elastic Drums' previous update included a bunch of free presets from Synth Anatomy. This month we get 25 new presets, once again for free, from App Sound.

iOS 7 users: DO NOT UPDATE! Developer Oliver Greschke just emailed with a warning that this version is crashing iOS 7 while saving presets.

What's new in Elastic Drums v1.6.2

  • iOS 9 ready (Fixed font bug, newest Audiobus)
  • Bugfix for crash, when loading a deleted preset
  • Jam knob settings get stored for each preset
  • Midi in is „understanding“ incoming velocity values now
  • Ability to tweak effects with sequencer stopped
  • 25 Basic Groove presets by App Sound

Buy Elastic Drums on iTunes: $11.99

Here's a demo of new presets by App Sound. There are also a couple of videos showing off the MIDI, as well as a jam session, on the developer's YouTube channel.

animalaleman - attitudes

Reader animalaleman did a funky track on his iPad, with a video produced using VDMX.

Video Description:

arhythmic rhythmic song played through VDMX (a paint-slot-machine) for experimental audio-triggered video samples.

Apps used are Vocalive, Thesys and Thumbjam, fed into Garageband through Audiobus, and later spiced up inside Logic X. Videopaintslotmachine created inside VDMX.

Buy Thesys on iTunes: $14.99