konxxxq - Korg Volca & Roland Boutique Jam

YouTuber konxxxq did this super-fun jam on 3 Volcas with a Roland JU-06! Love that 80's synthpop vibe!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

volca fm took two months to get from launch. It looks good sound of that DX can enjoy casual and low price. Keyboard unit K-25M of

Roland boutique will have already purchased at the end of last year. Although it has been edited in the

long iPad3, because indeed recently the video editing process is now severely, is also the first post of using iPadmini4. But I think that those who listen on

headphone can be seen, the noise is to now riding in silence before and after the video. This is this is by design in what according to the chorus of the JU-06.

konxxxq used :
KORG volca fm, volca beats, volca sample,
mini kaosspad2(Room Reverb)

Roland JU-06 with K-25M(keyboard unit)

(JU-06 --- MIDI --- volca fm --- sync --- volca sample --- sync ---volca beats)

Tech 8ch mixer(stereo 2ch x 4)
iPad mini4

Canon iVIS mini X

Going Modular: Episode #4 - USB/MIDI Control

SoundsAndGear.com did a video highlighting Synthrotek's MIDI To CV module, which also works over USB. This includes iOS devices, which he demonstrates in the video starting at 3:30 with both Animoog and StepPolyArp.

Video Description:

http://SoundsAndGear.com: In this episode of Going Modular I talk about integrating USB/MIDI input with your modular rig using Synthrotek's MIDI To CV module. It's a great way to sync with your DAW, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other MIDI synths or controllers.

Product link: http://store.synthrotek.com/MST-Midi-...


Trübüla - She and her B.O.B.

YoüTüber and ümlaut collector Trübüla is back with another Moog-ladden jam from Italy!

Video Description:

Jamming with the Moog Mother 32 and Moog Model 15 Ipad App.

Recorded live with a Zoom H4N.

Buy Moog Model 15 on iTunes: $29.99

RP-1 Update

Numerical Audio's stereo delay effect RP-1, released in March, has already seen 4 updates! This latest adds several new mod modes, along with feedback and additional factory presets.

What's new in RP-1 v

  • Added additional modes to the mod section:
    • Phaser - turns the short delay line into a single-stage phaser, use the lfo to animate the effect
    • Tremolo - makes use of the mod section's lfo to create a tremolo effect
    • Delay - use the short delay as a regular delay to create polyrythmic effects
  • Added dedicated feedback control to mod section
  • Added additional factory presets
  • Added portrait mode
  • Added user manual
  • Improved UI layout in AU mode
  • Added option to update user presets
  • Added text based tempo input option
  • Fixed user presets in AUM
  • Fixed factory presets in Cubasis
  • Fixed unresponsive UI in Cubasis

Buy RP-1 on iTunes: $5.99

Desmeon - Back From The Dead (Launchpad Cover)

YouTuber Pro Launchpadder did a fun Launchpad cover version of Back From The Dead. I love watching his fingers flying all over, but I especially dig the flicking motion used to play the lead solo. There are some nice, subtle, video editing tricks in here too. These Launchpad performances are getting really good!

Video Description:

[No Thumbnail because i have a Strike.. :(]
And BTW.. you see it.. FINALLY I CAN USE THE

Thanks Ramses for this AWESOME project!!
Project File: https://youtu.be/jU7Gt070v6o

Intro Template Download: https://youtu.be/piPCMdOmpV8
The Guy who changed the name for me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7f...

How to change the settings for play ALL Projects on ALL Launchpads: https://youtu.be/H1U7wdkJ9mY

If you want to get News of incomming videos, the set up of my videos, or generally the background of me.. Follow my Instagram: Pro_Launchpadder ;)

Video Details:
Camera: iPhone 6 (Not mine xD)
Computer: Macbook Pro 13
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
Audio Recording Software: Screenflow

Intro Song: Dario Rodriguez & Mr V - Beat Back
Outro Song: Tobu - Hope

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