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birdStepper Tutorial with Guitar & Audiobus

birdStepper has been in a semi-open beta this month, and as it nears release the developer has posted a tutorial. He does some wild things to a guitar in this tutorial, but keep your volume knob handy! The levels are a bit wonky, with him quiet and the guitar very loud. He's using Display Recorder though, so the video of the app is great!

Maestro Touch Updated with Audiobus

Usually I wouldn't make a post for an update whose sole content is: "Audiobus Support!"
However the developer has left Maestro Touch (Full) at $0.00 from a previous sale, so here's a chance to check it out!

Maestro Touch iTunes Description:

At Maestro touch, we want to change the way people learn, think and experience music by making composition and discovery immediately accessible to everyone.

Maestro Touch is a digital instrument, designed for touchscreen interfaces, that makes the world of creating music easily attainable. We do this by dramatically reducing the learning curve involved with writing and composing new music.

Designed for novice, intermediate and expert musicians alike, Maestro Touch enables you to instantly create your own masterpieces. You can bypass years of memorization and struggling with the mechanical complexities of traditional instruments and begin work on your new creation instantly, regardless of your musical background.

Maestro Touch leverages a unique interface that maps directly to many of the underlying concepts of music theory. The rules that govern whether combinations of musical notes sound pleasant or horrifying are built directly into the interface such that anyone can quickly and easily compose songs. Maestro Touch changes the way you learn and therefore the way you think, about music. This is why we say that Maestro Touch is changing music in beautifully unpredictable ways.

Buy Maestro Touch on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

Z3TA+ for iPad

Cakewalk have ported their legendary Z3TA+ synthesizer to iPad! That might sound like generic marketing-speak to call anything legendary, but in this instance it is quite apt. Thanks to reader Derek for the speedy heads-up on this.

Z3TA+ iTunes Description:

The legendary Z3TA+ synthesizer has been used on countless records, and it’s distinctive sound has been a staple of electronic artists the world over. And now Z3TA+ iOS puts the full power of Z3TA+2 on your iPad. Packed with hundreds of presets, modulatable waveshaping, dual mode filters, and flexible effects, Z3TA+ iOS is the perfect creative synth for making music anywhere, anytime.

Feature Highlights:

  • Includes over 500 presets
  • User-friendly on-screen Keyboard and external MIDI control
  • Waveshaping synthesis with 6 Oscillators, 6 LFOs, and more
  • Modulation Matrix including 16 Sources, Curves, Controls, and Destinations
  • Advanced modular effects including Distortion, Mod, Compression and more
  • Performance section with Tap Tempo, assignable XY Pad, Mod Wheels, and Adaptive Pitch Bend
  • Inter-App Audio, Background Audio, and Audiobus support

Z3TA+iOS will be there for you when you're working behind your studio rig, or on the road. It embodies every characteristic of the original synthesizer and brings the all of parameters you know and love to a fluid iOS7 touch-enabled interface. Z3TA+iOS is perfect for both experienced and new users especially when connecting to other audio applications using Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. Plugin in any iPad compatible MIDI controller and take your performance to the stage.

Buy Z3TA+ on iTunes: $19.99

SeekBeats is now Universal

The extremely deep drum synth SeekBeats now supports iPads too, as an Universal app. The update also adds MIDI Sync!

SeekBeats iTunes Description:

Create 100% synthesized electronic drum loops that sound alive, noisy and musical.

Feel the freedom to tweak the sounds and be able to go back and forth by using snapshots.

Find mutations of the whole sound instantly with one slide of your finger via the randomizer.

SeekBeats has:

  • Eight voices, each with different synth parameters and envelopes.
  • Step Sequencer, with velocity for each step that can be mapped to different parameters.
  • Randomizer: Mutate the whole sound of your drums instantly with the slide of your finger.
  • Snapshots: Feel all the freedom to explore with your sound, go back and forth by taking and recalling snapshots. Change the whole sound of your drums with one tap.
  • Sound Banks: Load and save your favorite sounds.
  • Supports Audiobus.
  • MIDI Sync: sync with other apps within the same device, or other devices via WIFI.

REQUIRES iPhone 4S or faster. iPod Touch 5th generation (4 inch display) or faster. iPad 3rd generation or faster.

Buy SeekBeats on iTunes: $7.99

Save As has as very timely demo of this in action with the recent Effectrix from Sugar Bytes. It takes him a while to setup his Audiobus chain, so jump ahead to 1 minute in.

SECTOR Getting Started Tutorial

thesoundtestroom has released his hotly anticipated Getting Started tutorial for the new SECTOR by Kymatica.

Buy SECTOR on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)