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midiSTEPs Update Adds AUX Hosting

midiSTEPs got an update over the weekend which added preliminary support for hosting Audio Unit Extensions!

What's new in midiSTEPs v1.1:


  • Set random trigger probability, per step
  • Set randomization of velocity and length of notes, per part
  • Keyboard can be limited to a major or minor scale
  • Keyboard goes two octaves lower
  • Auto-hold option for press step screen, set in Settings app
  • Audiobus

Bonus feature: AU Extension hosting!

Please note:

  • this is an experimental feature for a new iOS 9 API, keep expectations in check
  • that said, it's a whole lot of fun...
  • there is currently only one released synthesizer AU Extension, iSEM
  • you can run multiple instances of iSEM within midiSTEPs, automate parameters per step, and more
  • AU extension effects are not currently supported, just synths
  • certain things can sometimes cause clicks with iSEM: fast runs of notes, ties with some patches, etc
  • if using multiple AU parts, use the audio mixer popup to lower individual parts and overall volume to avoid clipping
  • experiment with audio buffer size, other AU extensions when they're released, recording via AB and let me know what works and what doesn't
  • this is a step towards the future but it's not ready for your live set yet... experiment in your spare time and have fun

Plus, the ever popular other misc fixes and improvements.

Buy midiSTEPs on iTunes: $9.99

Audiobus Fix for iOS 7

Audiobus was updated today with a fix for users still on iOS 7.

What's new in Audiobus v2.3.1:

Important bug fix: the Audiobus UI is now usable again on iOS 7. We're sorry!

Ableton Link is here and Audiobus is on sale for limited time! Audiobus now automatically enables Ableton Link in apps that have Link support, to make synchronisation just work. Find out more about Link at http://ableton.com/link.

Audiobus also now has a play/pause button in the Connection Panel that starts/stops all of your apps at the same time.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Jordan Rudess - The Shred Awakens

Jordan Rudess did a fun Proggy rendition of the Star Wars theme on his new GeoShred app!

Buy GeoShred on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

iSymphonic Orchestra Update

iSymphonic got 4 new IAPs to expand your orchestra. Each is $12, with helpful information on how much space you'll need.

What's new in iSymphonic Orchestra v1.7.7

Four new additional Sound Sets added as optional in-app purchases:

  • Ottone Sound Set (21 Sounds: Tuba, Trumpet, Horns, Cimbasso and more, requires 750 MB additional SSD space).
  • Voce Sound Set (21 Sounds: mixed choirs, boys choirs and more, requires 510 MB additional SSD space).
  • Varia Sound Set (17 Sounds: solo strings, spiccato strings, tremolo strings, various wind instruments and more, requires 1.1 GB additional SSD space).
  • Perla Sound Set (19 Sounds: Pearls of our orchestra sounds and thus a wide collection of sounds, requires 1.1 GB additional SSD space).

Buy iSymphonic Orchestra on iTunes: $29.99

Ableton Link Integration

There are a whole lot of great Ableton Link videos out right now. Rather than posting individual articles for them all I'll try to wrap them up here. Developers Sebastian Schatz (TriqTraq) and Oliver Greschke (Elastic Drums) did a bunch of great jams together! You can watch them all on their YouTube channels, but my favorite was this Berlin Session.

Jakob Haq did this introductory video to show off how you can easily make use of Link enabled apps with Audiobus.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

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Buy Patterning on iTunes: $9.99