PixiTracker Jams

YouTuber Portatronika has posted a series of fun little jams in PixiTracker to his YouTube channel.

Buy PixiTracker on iTunes: $2.99

Buy PixiTracker 1Bit on iTunes: $2.99

SampleTank is free!

IK Multimedia has made the full version of SampleTank free this week! Thanks to reader Dave for this news!

Announcement Blurb:

For one week only you can get the full version of SampleTank iOS on the App Store for FREE! (normally $/€19.99) That’s a complete 4-part multitimbral sound and groove workstation absolutely FREE until July 7th, 2016.

Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: Free (On Sale)

Moebius Lab Demo

Doug Woods did a very timely demo of the new multi-effect Moebius Lab, an amazing app from Amazing Noises!

Buy Moebius Lab on iTunes: $12.99

Eclectic Method : Video DJ Mix : June 2016

Eclectic Method posted this epic 40-minute long VJ set! It's a fun ride throughout, and gets particularly good at around 4 minutes when it starts to get wild in a mix of pop, rap, and Kung Fu films! I wish we saw more artists exploring VJing with the release of VJ apps over the last couple of years. Maybe seeing the master in action will inspire some others out there!

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99


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DJDJ Mixing App Update

In March Rugoso, developer of SeekBeats, released a new DJing app called DJDJ, with a unique slider-based interface. There has been a steady stream of updates since release; including AudioShare, and today's update that adds audio interface support!

What's new in DJDJ 1.2

  • Support for multiple outputs / split audio / headphones cueing. Can connect with iPad compatible audio interfaces.
  • Added a "Dark Blue" color theme.
  • Other minor improvements.

Buy DJDJ Mixing App on iTunes: $7.99

Update: Rugoso just tweeted that there is a bug in this version.

DJDJ 1.2 has a bug: under some circumastances "hold pitch" crashes, update 1.2.1 has been sent, should be ready to download in 1 or 2 days

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