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deregulator - Unique Multi-Effect

CKEK Software's first app is ambitious! deregulator for iPhone is a combination delay, echo, and reverb with randomization throughout the whole signal chain. You get to select the minimum and maxium values for every parameter and it will jitter between them. The results can be cacophonous or merely vibrant, depending on how big a gap you assign between the minimum and maximum values. I was playing with this a lot yesterday and liked the results.

This is not without troubles though. Warning: Terrible English ahead, and the official website is down.

deregulator iTunes Description:

Deregulator it’s a mini-processor of stereo effects with Echo, Delay and Reverberator. Input signal goes to echo and delay simultaneously. Then delayed and echoed signal lands into reverberator. All parameters of this effects may be randomised at once and some key parameters can be randomised dynamically all time. On output we have wide effects range from simple mono echo/delay/reverb and combinations to near granulation live when remains of sounds create nebula around original input and like morning mist its blurring and smudging sound into scape of something new, vibrant and beautiful (degree of beautifulness depends on what you feed in D). Delay just repeat sound pieces and size of every piece can be randomised, this chop and remix original sound into sometimes very glitchy, something new. Echo behaves like a usual echo unless you start randomising delay and feedback parameters. Reverb have three parameters, room size, damping and wetness of output. Off course all of them are randomisible. Randomising its a root of conception in this little app.

How it sounds like? Lets walk together to the border that splits effects from synthesisers where only granular with live input lives and question this line, she is exist? You must play with it or go to soundcloud for examples.

Feature list:

  • Three linked effect module (Echo, Delay and Reverb)
  • Randomisers for every parameters of this effects
  • Ability to randomise all parameters at once
  • Recording of affected audio to wav
  • Share files to iTunes, AudioCopy 2, AudioShare
  • Audiobus of course
  • 25 non-factory presets slots
  • Stereo/mono

Buy deregulator on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

There are some version 1.0 bugs here. Sometimes the controls seem to be stuck and I've had to relaunch the app to regain control. This can be extremely annoying when the stuck parameter is something like your main output, which on one occasion resulted in no sound. It seems one parameter gets stuck every time I play with it. The UI isn't exactly pretty either. Those problems aside, this is at least doing something new that we haven't had in app form before. I welcome this one, and hope it gets some polish in the near future.

In addition to the SoundCloud examples provided, Doug from thesoundtestroom already has a demo video up!

Reader Comments (3)

I was trying to hold off on this one until at least the next update. Curse you (and Jordan Rudess who left a review on the AppStore)! Bought. Used your link tho :)

June 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterChrisG

Yes it's different, can see this one making some really cool stuff with any kind of material/sounds. But the grid and color coded layout needs some tweaking, it really is confusing. I can't see the logic in how it's all laid out here, the dev needs to think "users" when designing and grouping the layout of the chains etc. At best, it should be at least somewhat apparent to a user what does what, how does this affect this etc, when first opening an app. But that said (and while I really hope for a much more user friendly UI design), all the rest is thumbs up, nice quality all around on the FXs (and it has a "Mess All" button!).

June 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterChrisG

Its so cool to be highlighted by Discchord.
Now site is up and you guys scolded me for the cause, have nothing against, i have quite bold folder for update planned, is not excluded that I rewrite part of the program from ground and its more like 2.0 then just bug-fixes :)

June 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAshshaosh

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