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Tenori-On iPad Sync Jam

Palm Sounds found this great jam from Felix, with his MPC 500 synced to his iPad running Yamaha's Tenori-On app, TNR-i.

Video Description:

Synced my MPC 500 to the Tenori-On iOS app and sequenced some stuff. Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! :) Thanks for watching! MORE INFO:

Gear used in this video:
Standuino frauAngelico drum machine (through the Kaosspad Mini) - www.standuino.eu,
Standuino fraAngelico digital synthesizer (through the Korg Monotron filter and Earthquaker
Devices Rainbow Machine),
Moog Slim Phatty (Bass),
Kurzweil MicroPiano (E-Piano),
Akai MPC500 (additional drums),
Korg Kaosspad Quad (FX),

The Standuino synths are MIDI-Sequenced with the Tenori-On TNi iPad app and the rest by the Akai MPC500.

Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero and a Canon Rebel t2i (550D).

Buy Yamaha TNR-i on iTunes: $19.99