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Steinberg LoopMash Update

Steinberg has an iOS app! Big news to both me and Steinberg apparently, as they have issued the first update for it in a year.

This loop arranger seems to have a great design with a lot of features and functionality, but absent from those is the ability to import your own! They want you to buy theirs in the In-App Store.

Today's update does add the ability to record and export though!

Buy LoopMash HD on iTunes: $11.99

Buy LoopMash on iTunes: $3.99 (iPhone)

Buy LoopMash Free on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Despite the IAP-money-grabbing forced cripple, this seriously looks slick as hell. It is at least worth checking out the tutorial video.

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Hi Tim, you are right - this is slick as hell. I bought this and all of the IAP loop packs on release as it has some great features. It's like LoopTwister and Glitchbreaks all in one but it really needed performance record and audiocopy. Well at least this update gives one of those but I rarely hook up to iTunes so this still limits its potential. Good to see it being updated though. You should give it a spin!

September 03, 2012  | person_outline Trueyorky

Good to hear my impression is accurate! It blew me away just from the screenshots on iTunes.

seriously fun app. had the iphone version since day one. a caveat...the iphone version is limited to 4 loops, 8 scenes; and some of the fx controls
aren't included (scratching, backspin etc.). the record/export function is most welcome though. heaven only knows how long it will take them to implement the user loop import.
since the stated objective of the app is to mash loops from different genres (a hip-hop beat with a rock lead with a jazz harmony...or some combination), perhaps they think most loop makers are genre limited. the sound, and quality, of the included and iap loops is pretty good.
while it's unlikely that anyone will create a monster hit with this app using the available sample loops, it is still a fun app.
not productive, but...fun.

September 03, 2012  | person_outline a1

P.S.- full disclosure (tongue-in-cheek)...i'm not associated in any way with the maker, and they didn't pay me to endorse or review the app.

it's why i read discchord...that, and the captcha challenge.

September 03, 2012  | person_outline a1

I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge of the captcha! I hate the things, but there are so many spam bots out there this place would be a mess without the captcha check.


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