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DSP Mobile released Loudness today. This peak monitoring app is $140 which has two interesting side-effects.

Firstly there is the obvious laughter and ridicule. False scarcity in the digital age has always had that effect; even more so in the world of apps. The second side-effect is that Apple requires any app over $100 to be Rated 17+, and carries with it a warning that it contains:

Frequent/Intense Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

Fortunately there is a free version. According to iTunes it seems to have all of the functionality and none of the intense drug use. It will just nag you to buy it after a little while.

Buy Loudness on iTunes: $139.99

Buy Loudness Lite on iTunes: Free

Nakano Syun snagged the free version to try it out.
You might want to lower your volume, he took the name as a personal challenge.