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Hands-on: Miselu Neiro 

Palm Sounds' Ashley Elsdon visited the guys at Miselu, and got to play with the Neiro! He's got some great details too!

Why Android and what about latency?

In terms of the OS Miselu decided to use Android early on mainly because of the openness of the platform but recognising the shortcomings of it and the fact that it didn't have many of the media components that developers have come to expect with iOS.

In terms of the latency that I'd normally expect from Android apps, the prototype was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected at all with the Korg Polysix running on their reference device. I've used a handful of Android devices and this device didn't suffer from the issues that those have in terms of latency. In fact it was really quite reasonable when you take into account that this is not the finished hardware.

It turns out that addressing the latency issue is a lot to do with their SDK which is still in development but is something that Miselu have put a lot of time into in order to enable developers a straightforward solution to bringing their apps to the Neiro platform. This leads to lots of other exciting possibilities, but more of that another day I think.

This could be the kick in the ass Google needs to start taking musicians seriously! Read the whole hands-on interview here.