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Sunvox Update

Sunvox updates are always big, and developer Alexander Zolotov is keeping up the pace with this one!

Update Highlights:

  • now XM and MOD files (formats of old trackers) can be loaded without the converter, through the Main Menu -> Load Song; you can find hundreds of these files on this site: modarchive.org; 
  • added autorepeat mode for the following buttons: HLD (clear current note), OFF (insert Note OFF), INS (insert), BCK (backspace); 
  • added eight layers for the modules; for example you can place some complicated drum chain on the first layer, and all other synths - on the second layer; layers can be visible together or separately; 
  • new function "Scale" in the Module menu: use it if you want a smaller or bigger module size for the current project; 
  • new module - WaveShaper; 
  • new module - MetaModule; with this module you can include some external .sunvox song to your project and use this song as synth or effect; * new option "Smooth frequency change" in the Analog Generator; enabled by default; disable it if you want to use arpeggio effect 08; 
  • velocity map in the MultiSynth module; * maximum number of pattern tracks has been increased from 8 to 16; 

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Buy SunVox on Google Play: $5.99

I came across a big tutorial series for Sunvox by game developer SolarLune! I've embedded the whole playlist here.

Reader Comments 8

Thanks a lot for posting about SunVox and my tutorial series! I'm glad more people are getting into SunVox.

September 29, 2012  | person_outline SolarLune

Thanks for making the series! I just found them this morning, looking for a different video, and immediately liked what I saw.

Thanks, Tim. More people need to be introduced to this fantastic piece of software! Now that PPG has audiocopy, creating seriously ridiculous samples for manipulation in Sunvox is a piece of cake.

SolarLune, thanks for the tutorials. As a house fan, I especially enjoyed the drops technique one :)

...now if Alex could figure out how to give us bluetooth keyboard support in-app, we'd be all set. It's great to be able to use Sunvox away from my computer, but it's a tad slow without being able to type normally.

September 29, 2012  | person_outline Wh0rules

i love this app. i wish i spent more time with it(i did when i first got it). i keep telling myself. it's really become a problem now that i have so many awesome music apps that even if i spent all day with them i wouldn't be giving the time each one deserved. i will eventually really get into it the way i want to, but can we put a stop to this flow of new quality apps? i'm probably going to have to get nwave when it comes out too.

This is almost a serious question, how do you manage your favorite music app time now with so many good/fun ones and so little time?

September 30, 2012  | person_outline Anonymouse

I've had that "Ahhh glorious free time to play" moment crushed by the weight of so many possibilities. There really are no wrong answers and only one you want to play the most. To help find that one, I categorize everything into folders. When I sit down to play I'll first think about which category I'm in the mood for, then stare at the opened folder until one pops out to me as the one I want to play the most!

Yeah, the glut of good iPad apps is why I'm thinking of making a few tracks end-to-end in Sunvox or iYM215. Just to see if I can focus.

October 01, 2012  | person_outline Chris

This is one of the few music creation apps I have trouble getting my head around. I don't think the interface has been implemented very well on the iPad either. Very clunky. Certainly looks interesting. Maybe I should give it another go.

October 03, 2012  | person_outline chipbutty

I personally use it as just a modular synth. I completely minimize the tracker/sequencer and just play with the modules from my MIDI keyboard. It is pretty damn awesome for that purpose alone.


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