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BeepStreet's Impaktor Released!

After a lot of teasing, Impaktor from Sunrizer developer BeepSteet is finally here! This Universal drum synthesizer is quite unique, using acoustic impulses to drive synthesis. There are no samples here!

iTunes Description:

Just slap your desk like you would a real drum. The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone are used as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulates behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.

With semi-modular architecture and several types of synthesis, Impaktor can produce a wide range of tones, from acoustic, like Tabla, Djembe, Marimba, Cymbals, Metal bars to electronic or industrial sounds.

  • Synthesis: physical modeling, frequency modulation, noise shaping
  • Semi-modular architecture; 2 modules with configurable routing
  • 2 modulation sources: velocity and lfo-envelope. Almost every parameter can be modulated
  • Multimode filter, harmonic exciter and several types of amplifiers
  • Over 90 presets available, more coming soon
  • No samples used
  • Ultra low latency
  • 6 tracks audio recorder
  • True 3d panning
  • Auto-quantization with configurable time-signature
  • Reverb and Delay effects
  • Audio-copy and wave export

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

This has been in testing for quite a while, and I think you can tell that is paying off with important usability features right out of the gate. Auto-Quantization and Audio-copy export in version 1.0! Last week BeepStreet released this demo video of it in action.

Reader Comments 7

App looks great and sounds really nice on my iPad but trying it with good headphones and my iPhone the sound gets crazy distorted and muddy.

First thought was that there's something wrong with the headphones so opened Bassline but it sounded fine.

However, when I switched to Impaktor, and still had Bassline in the background, Bassline also sounded muddy and distorted? Tried resetting the presets and effects in Impaktor but no luck. Anyone got any ideas why it's behaving like this?

September 10, 2012  | person_outline dlooks

Does it have virtual and core midi to trigger other synths ? Seems kinda pricey for this trick

September 10, 2012  | person_outline Pat

This is just awesome. A wonderful percussion instrument. I'm recording direct into Logic and it is already giving me some amazing unique sounds.

My iPad 3 is sat on my lap and I'm playing Impaktor by tapping rhythms on the bezel space around the iPad. I'm using a leather case so I'm not directly hitting on the iPad itself. It sounds great and the few presets I've recorded with really sound inspiring. This is no gimmick instrument and its implementation shows how incredibly versatile iDevices are.

The tones achieved are wicked. Deep and sonorous. Metallic and sweetly resonant. Ethnic. Effects. Fun. Performance-wise, this will be awesome
Iive. You can create your own sounds as well. This developer sure knows how to be creative with iOS apps. 5 stars from me.

September 10, 2012  | person_outline Med

sweet! I wonder if there's any benefit to plugging in a nicer mic

September 10, 2012  | person_outline RMG

I'm totally waking up my neighbors. :(

Works surpringly well (if you're on a 3GS it will struggle sometimes to keep up but they mention that in the info so). I actually want a more traditional drummachine to using this synth engine thats capable of some awesome electronic sounding stuff and not just pluck-ish things.

September 10, 2012  | person_outline ChrisG

THIS IS AWESOME! The loop recorder is VERY functional (though you can't really use it with speakers, duh, as the metronome and playing loops will trigger the sound you're recording). And I just found out the other kits (instead of 42 presents there's more like 90!). Only, after banging on my wooden desk for 45 minutes, my fingers are quite swollen and sore. Ouch. I need to find some other membrane to beat on.

September 10, 2012  | person_outline victor

The drum synthesis options are superb. The subtlety and tonal variety capable with this instrument is amazing. It's like a wave drum for £3. Unbelievable. I will be using this a lot!!!

September 10, 2012  | person_outline Simplex

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