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PixiTracker 1Bit Released for iOS!

Overwhelmed in a world of 24, 16 and 8-bit sounds? PixiTracker now has a 1-bit little brother! This came out on Android last week, but it is now on iOS as a Universal app.

iTunes Description:

PixiTracker 1BIT is a simple and fun tool to quickly create musical sketches, chip tunes and experiments with TRUE 1-BIT SOUND (like on old microcomputers). No musical knowledge required!

Key features:
• true 1-bit sound: only 1 and 0 in the final mix;
• pattern based sequencer (tracker);
• max number of tracks: 12; max number of steps: 64;
• MIDI keyboard support;
• several packs with unique sounds;
• mic/line-in sound recording;
• Wi-Fi export/import;
• export to WAV;
• audio copy/paste;
• iTunes File Sharing;
• true warm pixel interface!

Buy PixiTracker 1Bit on iTunes: $0.99

This has the same cutesy visualizer that was just added to PixiTracker (16-bit). Here is the official demo from Warm Place.