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PPG Wavegenerator price announced and new demo!

With all of the teasing going on for PPG Wavegenerator, there has been a lot of speculation about the price. Today Wolfgang has released the details:

We were clear that this was never going to be a toy, but a serious product, as close to a synth that used to cost thousands of dollars, but now on the iPad. However Wolfgang wanted to share his baby with as many people as possible.

So we're not going to do any silly 'buy it for X for 7 days' kind of promos ever, it's simply going to be $19.99! Outstanding value for an amazing pro synth on the iPad.

That started off with such a wind-up; like they were going to blaze new trails in pricing with the first $1,000 iPad synth! $20 is pretty manageable, and I respect the notion that it should just always be that price. I know a lot of you hold off on buying apps you want, hoping for months that a sale will come. Or worse, feel like a sucker when you buy an app and it is 50% off the very next week.

The often mysterious editor of MATRIXSYNTH (seriously, I don't even know his name and we've exchanged about 50 emails) usually prefers to keep his opinions to himself, but he lapsed into a full-on OpEd halfway into this excellent article:
PPG WaveGenerator & The Death of Digital Hardware Synths
He is absolutely right; software is software. All of those fancy digital hardware synths are basically over-priced single-purpose apps.

A new demo for one of the presets in PPG Wavegenerator has also been released.

Let's play a game in the comments and try to name the synth this sounds most similar to.

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it's not silly to offer an initial "promo price" at half-off or whatever, in fact, it's very good for business. wish they'd reconsider for their own sake!

August 24, 2012  | person_outline coldsteelrail

What's with this demo song again... C'mon,tell me it
sounds better than that!!
Get some musicians to do the songs....is it the ad agency
Making these songs??

Don't know about the price . Though they should consider how
they price it initially for few weeks since that builds
the buzz and topoftheappcharts news

Seriously,somebody give some good demos and songs please

August 24, 2012  | person_outline Pat

$20 isn't bad; It provides a different flavor than recent releases. Plus, I think it sounds fantastic. Then again, I love my CZ-1000 and DX27. Speaking of the later instruments, I agree: there's no reason a digital hardware synth should sound better than an iPad app or VSTi. One thing I've actually heard from hardware-enthusiasts is that the DAC's were somehow better quality back in the 80's or something. Bullshit.

August 24, 2012  | person_outline Chris

>>One thing I've actually heard from hardware-enthusiasts is that the DAC's were somehow better quality back in the 80's or something. Bullshit.<<

maybe not bullshit? mpc 60 and mpc 1000 differs etc

August 24, 2012  | person_outline qmish

Personally, I'd rather hear demos like the ones they've released than ones that sound like a produced song.
I was pretty much sold before I even heard the thing, but now I know some of the sounds it is capable of.

For Tim's "game in the comments" , I'm gonna go with Fizmo...

August 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

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