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MIDI In Motion

MIDI In Motion is a new app designed to use all of the sensors all over the iPhone to generate very specific MIDI Control Change(CC) messages. We've seen a lot of this sort of thing in the past, but this looks like it gives a lot of control over exactly what CC you're sending as you flail about wildly.

• MIDI data can be sent over Wi-Fi network or hardware devices like iRig MIDI
• Freely adjustable sphere of action
• Two different performance types, more coming
• Connections to MIDI services can be restored automatically
• Perform while the app is in background or even when the screen is locked
• Stable attitude tracking over long time intervals

Slightly more information is available on their website, but this is one app that really needs a demo video! It works in the background, so presumably you could set this up with something else in the foreground and make a cheap MIDI Fighter 3D!

MIDI In Motion makes your iPhone a motion controller for any MIDI instrument or effect. Two different performance types let you controll up to four parameters simultaneously by changing the attitude of your device.

You can easily customize your performance – even while perfoming. Adjust the angles, assign MIDI channels and controllers and more.

Buy MIDI In Motion on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)