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AmpliTube Fender gets a big update!

IK Multimedia has updated the Fender range of AmpliTube apps with a whole bunch of new features!

• New Mixer/Recorder section with loop points, visual metronome, tap tempo
• Digital audio in/out support
• MIDI support
• Audio Copy/Paste
• Retina display support
• Restore In-App purchases
• New export via SoundCloud and FTP

MIDI and ACP are always welcomed additions to any app! These are the same changes that were updated to the regular version of AmpliTube, a month ago.

The fact that this is splintered into 4 "Fender" versions, plus 5 unbranded "AmpliTube" versions is kind of crazy. I guess since the only IAP in this is 8-track recording on iPad, and 4-track recording on iPhone, that isn't too annoying. The normal AmpliTube has many IAPs, so if you use both an iPhone and an iPad you'd have to buy them twice! JamUp (still on sale), is their nearest competitor feature-wise and that is Universal. JamUp is also full of $10 IAPs though, so perhaps buying two versions of AmpliTube is cheaper.

I'm not a guitarist, so which is the better app/deal?

Buy AmpliTube Fender For iPad FREE: Free

Buy AmpliTube Fender FREE (iPhone): Free

Buy AmpliTube Fender For iPad: $14.99

Buy AmpliTube Fender (iPhone): $14.99

Reader Comments 6

Definitely Amplitube fender! It sounds better

July 11, 2012  | person_outline Gabe

Oddly, having both I would go for secret option 3 and vote garage band as the best! then jam up pro, just ignore the rediculous iap and it's insane price structure.

July 12, 2012  | person_outline Invisiblesupermonkey

I kind of gave up on Amplitube Fender because it doesn't work with my Apogee Jam interface. The Jam is way better than the iRig in terms of build quality and noise level. I don't even know where I placed my iRig last - it _really_ pissed me off when I put an actual overdrive pedal in front of the iRig and it just kind of died on me. The Jam has no problem with me putting my entire pedal board in front of it. I really do like the low-gain crunchy classic tone of Amplitube Fender. But, JamUp is pretty good as well.

July 12, 2012  | person_outline Chris

Wow! Have you talked to IK about your iRig blowing out?

The iRig didn't exactly "die"; It basically pulled a Jesus. When it gave out, it only emitted a slight hissing sound out of the left earphone. I thought it was fried. I tried using it a few times afterwards without success. A few weeks later, I tried it again and it worked all of a sudden for some reason. Of course, I'll never use it with pedals again :)

July 12, 2012  | person_outline Chris

Nice, you should sell that on eBay like the toast with Jesus' face! Those go for thousands and you can only eat them once.


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