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Mobile Mood Machine from Julian Bayle

This new Universal app nearly slipped by me, in the deluge of the App Store - Music section, but fortunately I'm following the ever-busy Julien Bayle on Google Plus. And you thought nothing was going on there!

Julien, aka protofuse, has brought us The Droner, Mobile Particles, and Digital Collisions. This week he unleashed his latest experiment, an ambient app that is both generative and playable. He's doing some interesting stuff with setting the musical scales to moods, allowing you to compose a sequence and then radically shift the mood.

Here's a good demo video that explains all of the features. Shit gets real at around 3:00, when he switches on Induction mode and it starts to play itself.

Buy Mobile Mood Machine on iTunes: $2.99

Editor's Note: Wow I botched his name in the title, and now I can't change it without it screwing up all the links. It should be Julien, according to SoundCloud he's from Outerspace, France; it is an easy mistake for an Earthling to make.

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This fits into the genre of generative apps of course, and harkens back to Bloom and Trope yet also travels the ground of many many more recent apps.

An app that combines proprietary samples in the form of the background, and, then overlays this tinkly slather of drops, is, for me, stuck in the ghetto of all those other similar apps. I appreciate all the work that goes into this, but it's frustrating as a user and composer to see yet another boutique app, burdened with thin and/or inflexible samples, in this genre.

Let me plug my own background music in. Forever and forever get rid of those tinkly drops that are the downfall of all the competition. I guarantee if a developer does this--and a few have--you'll have an ear-turning app usable by other sound designers.

June 04, 2012  | person_outline kamelmauz

Yea, I'd love to see more sound design options in the ambient apps. NodeBeat is about as good as it gets, with background MIDI. I like your idea of importing samples though.

I know exactly what you mean about the other apps, and had considered passing this one over on those grounds. I've got a soft-spot for generative sound toys that also let you play with them though. It is an interesting challenge to wrestle music out of a mad app running wild on its own.

Thanks a lot for the review and the nice feedbacks around it.

Feel free to join the users community on facebook, I'm sure we'll discuss a lot there in a few days:
official mobile mood machine facebook page

June 05, 2012  | person_outline Julien

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