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TouchOSC extending the usefulness of an old synth!

The Roland Alpha Juno 2 can make some great sounds. However, like a lot of synths of its time, it is woefully lacking in meaningful controls. You've got to hunt around through menus on a tiny LCD screen to get at the good stuff!

TouchOSC to the rescue! BIM0X put together his own little Arduino hack to add WiFi MIDI to the old synth that came out in 1986. The Arduino is catching OSC packets sent over WiFi and translating them into MIDI messages for the Alpha Juno 2. With that done he was able to setup a slick custom TouchOSC layout to make accessing the hidden goodies as easy as using an iOS synth!

Here a video of him testing it out:

Video Details:

Touch OSC sends OSC messages (e.g /jun/DCO_Range 2.000) which are translated by the Arduino into Midi SysEx messages. But the Arduino also translates Midi sysex messages from the Juno 2 into OSC messages (sort of loopback) so that when you change the patch on the Juno2, faders automatically move to the right position !

The code and detailled instructions will soon be published on http://4colors.free.fr

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99