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New Traktor overlay for TouchOSC

With all of the recent DJ apps I've been reviewing I had been thinking about dusting off Native Instrument's Traktor 2. My previous MIDI assignments are broken though because I made them when I had 2 APC40s. I sold the 2nd one and I need to come up with something new. Fortunately YouTube has no shortage of results for a "Traktor iPad" search, but I came across one posted today that is quite unique!

Self-styled "Controllerists" have moved far beyond scratching, so the platters on modern DJ rigs go largely unused. That is, until Ean Golden showed us they could be be used as super effects jog dials. So I was pleased discover this new TouchOSC overlay from Peter Pistole, that builds on that idea for the iPad.

I can't make it skip-ahead on embeds, so you'll have to enjoy his intro or seek to 1:05 for a short demo of it in action. Don't be fooled by the beret and pencil-mustache, he's German not French, but the video is in English!

You can download it from his Rapidshare link here (Just click on the middle "Save file to..." option, forget all the other crap).

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99