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Insights from the Mad Scientist behind Grain Science

Wooji Juice developer, Canis (probably his LARPing name), has provided a deep look into his own perspective on Grain Science. This is an oddly unique opportunity to learn how the developer thinks his creation can be used.

Read the entire post here. It is quite long, but I think it is worthwhile for anyone wanting to get more out of Grain Science.

While most folks have been content with recording themselves saying goofy things and making scary sounds, Canis points out that it is entirely possible to make musical sounds too! The article focuses on cropping to hone in on particular tones of interest, and how to fine tune the qualities you're looking for.

Great "order from chaos" kind of stuff! I'd love to see more articles like this from developers.

Here is the "Messing Around With A Mic" that inspired the article. It does a great job of demonstrating the many sounds you can get out of just 4 household recordings.

Buy Grain Science on iTunes: $9.99