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Korg iKaossilator gets Importing, AudioPaste and a Big Sale!

Korg's fun little X/Y instrument just got serious.

Version 2.1 adds:
• Importing your own loops
• Importing via AudioPaste
• Integration with the hardware Kaossilator 2

I'd personally been holding off on picking this up, because it lacked importing. Now we're rocking and it is 50%-off, at just $10!

Korg's always kind of teased us with their AudioCopy functionality, in all of their apps, but no support for AudioPaste. I'm pretty psyched that the loops we make in iElectribe and iMS-20 can go straight into iKaossilator!

This bit about the Kaossilator 2 integration is also fairly interesting:
Loop recorder data created with a Kaossilator 2 can be imported into iKaossilator, or an audio loop created in iKaossilator can be loaded into a loop recording bank of the Kaossilator 2. When you do this, data such as the loop length and the BPM of the loop that you created is also loaded; resulting in a seamless transfer between the software and hardware.

At $160 the Kaossilator 2 seems pricey, but this'll add some layers to it.

Buy iKaossilator on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)