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A Detailed Introduction to Tabletop

YouTuber Freth Productions has put together a nearly hour long tutorial series for Retronyms' Tabletop. He isn't fucking around when he says it is detailed; this tries to cover it all!

The video resolution is poor, but it is good enough to read labels and the email he got from Glenn Beck at 7:50 in the first video.

Via Synthtopia

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I wasn't sure about this app at first. In fact I removed and reinstalled it a few times in the beginning. But one day in a fit of crazy app purchasing I bought the bundle to upgrade to all the current devices and now I keep finding myself going back to it. I can't wait to try out the MIDI and hook up my Korg 'nano' devices when they get the update out. I would feel more a home with it if they added a sequencer device, though.

October 02, 2012  | person_outline Telengard

The resolution is about the best you can get using the Reflection software to beam the iPad screen to the desktop for recording. You should see my first tutorial video with the webcam, you couldn't even see the text on the tabletop and the colors were washed out. When I went to compress the video I was disappointed with the screen resolution. I think the only way to get it better is to get a video out adapter for the iPad and run it into a recorder somehow. I just don't have the hardware to do it. The other disappointment is the audio glitching. They did improve audio quality for the most part in the latest version of Reflection, but there is still an occasional glitch. If I find a better way to import the screen I will. Now that I have a Mac, I wonder if it has a better solution. I'll check into it. Thanks for sharing the video and getting it some exposure. If it helps others learn and enjoy Tabletop then I've done my job. By the way, anyone reading this... get some Tabletop videos on YouTube!

October 03, 2012  | person_outline FrethProductions

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