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BeatMaker 2 & Ableton - Making Music With Apps 4

Point Blank Online continues their tutorial series on music apps, with a video of BeatMaker 2 in Ableton Live.

Video Description:

In this tutorial Danny J Lewis continues to show you how you can put together professional sounding tracks on the move. He develops the beat he started in part 3 this time using Beatmaker 2.

This approach is all about making the most of the unique qualities of each app and recording the results into Ableton as audio clips. The advantage is that you are committing the sound that you have made to audio so there is no temptation to endlessly fiddle with the synth parameters or the intricacies of the midi patterns and you can get on with the task of arranging the parts to make that banging tune that your 8 bar loop had promised!

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99