guitarscaper by Rob Jackson

Moodscaper developer Rob Jackson released guitarscaper this weekend. Like its moody older brother, guitarscaper offers a unique way to develop rich soundscapes with both generative and interactive features.

guitarscaper iTunes Description:

Guitarscaper is a generative music app and virtual instrument that’s easy on the ears and fun to play. Launch the app, and with a single tap of the auto-play button, guitarscaper will create evolving and ambient guitar-based soundscapes that are unique every time.

While all of the guitarscaper sounds originated from a single electric guitar, many have been extensively processed to create an “impossible guitar” that can morph between orchestral-type swells and ethereal choir-like sounds. Think of it as guitar DNA taken to the next level!

Guitarscaper in auto-play mode is the perfect companion for relaxing, studying or providing non-intrusive headphone music at work or on your commute. You can even set a timer so you can fall asleep to its gentle and soothing tones.

You can also play guitarscaper as a virtual instrument using the dedicated keypads and performance loop recorders, and tailor the sounds with built-in reverb, delay and “character” effects parameters. And while you’re playing, guitarscaper can lend a hand by adding auto-accompaniment parts and even provides hints for notes it thinks might sound good depending on which notes you play!

As a sample-based instrument, guitarscaper currently supports two “moods” – a light mood, based on the E major / pentatonic Yo scale, and a sad mood, based on the Em pentatonic scale.

Please note that guitarscaper is not a chromatic or MIDI-compatible instrument, and it is unlikely to become one.

You can also record and process the audio output of guitarscaper using any Inter-App Audio host that supports IAA Generators.

You are free to use guitarscaper in your own recordings or live events and installations on a royalty-free basis. All I would ask for is a simple credit that includes the name of the app – “guitarscaper”.

I hope you will agree the guitarscaper interface, while minimalist and a perhaps a little cryptic initially, will eventually become very easy to use. Please do take the time to read the quick-start guide which can be found on the website. This is also the best place to ask questions, get technical support or report any issues.

Happy guitarscaping!

Reader Meerkat Music has already put guitarscaper to use on a track. Doug Woods did a thesoundtestroom demo. Embedded here is the official demo from the developer.

PolySynth by DesignByPaul

Prolific developer DesignByPaul has released PolySynth. This polyphonic synthesizer features "analog character" and a whole bunch of features including Audiobus 3, Inter-App Audio, and MIDI Input.

PolySynth iTunes Description:

PolySynth is the first true polyphonic synthesizer from DesignByPaul with only 3 note polyphony but packed with vintage analog character. Everything on one screen makes sound design quick and easy including fine tuning of each note in the scale for endless microtuning possibilities.

PolySynth filter section sports and ms20 style resonant highpass and 24db/oct resonant lowpass.

PolySynth has Audiobus 3 support, IAA (Inter-App Audio) and MIDI-In so you can connect, play and record with other apps.

— Microtonal tuning
— 3 note polyphony
— MIDI note in
— 24db/Oct MS20 Lowpass filter and resonant highpass
— Arpeggiator
— AudioBus
— Inter App Audio
— 3x oscillators
— 2x LFOs
— 2x ADSR envelopes
— Delay

BeatMaker 3 Update

BeatMaker 3, from INTUA, got another beefy update over the weekend. Included in the list of new features is support for AUv3 MIDI plugins like Rozeta.

What's new in BeatMaker 3 v3.0.7:

[Overall improvements]
- Song position readout, in the transport bar, can be switched between BAR:BEATS, MM:SS.MS and SMPTE, simply by pressing it.
- Support of MIDI knob increment/decrement (“infinite” encoders), via MIDI RPN/NRPN.
- The transport bar record button will now be red when recording.
- Added an option, in the recording panel (press the ‘Q’ label on the transport bar), to disable minimal note length quantization.
- It is now possible to show/hide the left global navigation bar while displaying the AUv3 keyboard screen. This gives access to effects and macros from that view.
- It is now possible to tag packs & categories on a selection of files and directories, recursively from the Browser in files mode.

[Sampler & Plugins]
- Support of AUv3 MIDI plugins. Now, BeatMaker 3 will create virtual input MIDI devices for each AUv3 that supports MIDI out. This way, you can route MIDI messages to other plugins and the sampler.
- Added a ruler button on the full-screen sample editor to switch the time reference of the bottom grid between seconds, samples and bars/beats.
- When using the “Add to existing layer” sample load method, get the currently selected layer rather than the last one. The layer can be selected from the editor screen > SAMPLES tab, just below the small pads selector.
- Added move left/right and zoom in/out tools on the mapping editor toolbar.
- The “Stereo to Mono” sample process tool now offers the possibility to use only the left or right channel.
- When selecting a sample from the mapping editor, highlight it as well in the “SAMPLES” listing.
- When drag’n’dropping a sample that is added to an existing layer, auto-select it in the “SAMPLES” listing.
- Added tooltip next to sample markers when moving them, that will follow the current ruler unit (seconds, beats and samples).
- Improvements on the “Zero Snap” tool: adapt scan size to the currently visible range and find the closest zero-cross against all channels.
- Sample editor zoom in/out is now behaving more naturally.
- Sample editor move left and right buttons will now behave more naturally.
- Double-tapping the sample editor “START/END” or “LOOP” button will focus and recenter.
- In the full-screen sample editor, added a marquee above sample & loop start/end markers to make it more obvious the area can be dragged.
- Zoom in/out and move functions are now consistent on all three modes: select, slice and normal.
- “Grid Snap” can now be used in Slices mode in the sample/slice editor.
- Long press on [-] and [+] on the sample editor will resp. fully zoom out or in.

- Added a setting for the transport stop behavior: it can either go back to the start of the track, or on the latest position (by pressing the bar / position in SONG mode).

[Bug fixes & engine improvements]
- When drag’n’dropping a sample onto the mapping editor, follow the browser load method.
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to drag’n’drop a sample after C5 on the mapping editor.
- Fixed Modulation Delay effect that would still apply processing when depth was set to 0%.
- Fixed an issue where exporting sliced sample to Apple Loop will not preserve number of beats and tempo.
- Fixed an issue in the browser where sharing a file from a group would bogusly pick another file.
- Fixed the Auto-Scale feature.
- Fixed a crash that could happen when using samples with bogus metadata.
- Fixed an issue with the validation of purchases on iOS 11.2.
- Fixed double tapping of a value in the parameter panel.
- Fixed an issue where the mixer would not show any level.
- Fixed an issue where audio recording wouldn’t start or record anything.
- Fixed a crash that would happen when exporting slices to a new bank.
- Fixed a browser issue that would happen when dropping a file back onto the browser itself.
- Fixed a crash that would happen when duplicating pads with AUv3.
- Fixed a playback issue with samples with a 1 frame loop.

Full list available at

Rozeta developer Bram Bos shows off his app running inside of the latest BeatMaker 3 update.

SUPA JOINT - Sparked Up Challenge

Reader SUPA JOINT is participating in the MarkedUpChallenge by Willy Northpole... poorly, but amusingly so!

Video Description:

"Sparked Up Challenge" by SupaJoint (Beat by Willy Northpole)

This my entry into the #2017SparkedUpChallenge, tho I think erybody be callin it the #BodyMarkedUpChallenge or the #MarkedUpChallenge fo some reason.

buy link:

Twenty 17 Sparked Up Challenge!

Released December 10, 2017
Lyrics by HotRock SupaJoint
Beat by Willy Northpole

More SupaJoint dopeness at

Music SPJ 121017

© SupaJoint 2017
All RIghts Reserved

56th Street Records
Phoenix, Arizona

sequencism Update

sequencism, from reader Rodrigo Roman, was updated with AUv3 MIDI support. You can now load MIDI AU apps into a track... which at this point just means Rozeta, but presumably future MIDI AU apps will also work!

What's new in sequencism v1.03:

[+] Added support for MIDI AU instruments. Now, you can load MIDI Audio Units in a track and send the MIDI they generate to another track.

Minor changes and Fixes
[m] "Choose track scale" upgraded.
[m] Show AU icons when loading instruments.
[F] Major bugfixes (Auv3 effects can now be successfully loaded).
[f] Minor bugfixes (Track names, deleting tracks, chord previews, midi import, memory leaks).
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