Loopfield Experimenting & Call For Beta Testers

Developer Reflow Studio is planning to release Loopfield next month. This is an exciting new looper designed for use with field recordings. The app lets you tweak your recordings with granular effects. If this sounds interesting to you, you can help them with the beta!

To participate, open up the following link on your iOS device. 50 slots are available at the time of this posting: https://testflight.apple.com/join/SxjeX2ib

Video Description:

Experimenting with Loopfield and a metallophone. The generated loop is exported to Ableton Live and included in a full track.

Shoom Synthesizer Update

Shoom Synthesizer, from Xynthesizr developer Yuri Turov, received its first update since release in 2016! The update offers several improvements and modernization; including Ableton Link and Audiobus 3 MIDI.

What's new in Shoom Synthesizer v1.1:

• Optional 'Equal Spacing' pad pitch layout (the only previously available option is now called 'Logarithmic')
• MIDI CC takeover modes (Pickup, Value Scaling)
• Control over currently selected synth with MIDI CC (in addition to previously available 'hardwired' Synth 1/2/3 mappings)
• Added separate 'Select Synth 1/2/3' actions for MIDI CC
• Audiobus 3 support (including AB MIDI)
• Ableton Link support
• Moved Sync settings to a separate menu inside Global Settings
• Synth engine optimizations
• Added 64-sample buffer size option
• Added new presets by Guido Flichman
• Fixed a bug where the sound could be suddenly muted in rare cases
• Fixed a bug where presets with names containing diacritics wouldn't be saved
• Fixed a bug where current CC map wouldn't be loaded on startup in some cases
• Fixed UI not being properly updated when changing current synth via MIDI CC
• Fixed Voice Stealing setting not being saved and loaded with the session
• Various other improvements and bug fixes

Synthogy: Ivory Mobile American D (Korg Module) Demos

There are a couple of demo video to show off the new Ivory Mobile American D, a glorious sounding piano added to Korg Module yesterday. Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom gives us his impressions while playing through the presets, and embedded here is a short demo from In The Mix.

Video Description:

Demoing Ivory Mobile American D by Synthogy which is an expansion pack for the Korg Module iOS app.

Seaquence Update

Seaquence, from Okaynokay, was updated with support for iOS 12 and landscape orientation! The update also adds a new stereo delay to this "visually immersive and sonically dynamic" app.

What's new in Seaquence v1.2.0:


New Features

• Support for iOS 12
• Support for landscape orientation on both iPad and iPhone
• New stereo delay with independent free or quantized delay time per channel allowing for lush, spacial delay effects.
• Notestep UI now allows any note division between 1 and 64
• New setting to enable/disable spawning with random notes


• Filter attack envelope tracks cutoff is maintained after hitting vertical bounds.
• Removed in-app screen recorder in favor of the built-in iOS screen recording feature.
• Updated various colors and icons
• Added a link to the Seaquence subreddit /r/seaquence in the Settings panel

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Carnatic Mix

I don't care for Ed Sheeran's original performance on Shape of You, but I love all of the covers and parodies. This performance by Mahesh Raghvan and friends on IndianRaga continues that trend with an Indian style.

Video Description:

ITS FINALLY HERE! After thousands of requests for a lyric video for IndianRaga's Carnatic Mix of Shape Of You, we are excited to release it! Just play this video anywhere, anytime and you can sing along to this fun and peppy number that has now crossed over 15 MM views on social media globally.

You can buy on Amazon Music at https://www.amazon.com/Carnatic-Mahes...

To feature in an IndianRaga collaboration apply today at https://www.indianraga.com/fellowship

For live performances, please visit https://indianraga.com/performance-re... or email info@indianraga.com

You can follow the artists here:
Aditya Rao
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adivocals
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adityara0

Mahesh Raghvan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/followingmahesh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followingma...

Vinod Krishnan
Facebook: https://facebook.com/vinodsmusic

Sriram Emani (Exec Producer)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emanisriram

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