TheAudioDabbler: DIY MIDI Export - midiSTEPs with Cubasis

TheAudioDabbler has a helpful tip on making your own MIDI Export in apps that don't officially offer one.

Video Description:

There is currently no Midi Export option inside of MidiSteps. In this video I show how you can capture the midi using Cubasis and then from there you can use it anywhere and export the midi data to your computer as well.

iVCS3 Update & Sales!

Alessandro Petrolati's iVCS3 got a bunch of new presets, including a free IAP bank, along with many fixes and tweaks in today's update. This update coincides with sales on all of his other apps!

What's new in iVCS3 v2.1:

+ New Free IAP Bank by Hazel Pascua
+ Built-in Presets updated by Matthias Kroh
+ New Bluetooth Local MIDI Central
+ LFO Frequency save/load in presets fixed
+ VCO 1, 2, 3 Sub-aliasing attenuated
+ VCO3 (Triangle) zipped noise attenuation for Shape
+ New MIDI Takeover: Pickup and Value Scaled
+ In-App Retronyms AudioPaste Store Content
+ New multiple AudioPaste allows multiple files in a directory to be pasted at once
+ AUv3 (VCO) Amplitude Parameters Fixed
+ AUv3 MIDI note from Keyboard Fixed
+ AUv3 UI improvements
+ Aubiobus SDK 2.3.3 updated
+ KS view in non modal for all Sequencer parameters
+ KS Transpose Buttons in Audiobus Sidebar and AB Remote
+ MIDI ‘Program Change’ Freeze UI, fixed
+ MIDI Bluetooth UI fixed for iPhone

Make Noise 0-Coast Audulus Clone by Robert Syrett

Mark Boyd, aka Bimini Road, highlighted this Audulus clone of the insanely popular Make Noise 0-Coast. Wait, what the fuck? Amazon is offering $120 "Expert Setup" on the 0-Coast? I think their algorithm has gone screwy. Well Robert Syrett just save you $500 + $120 "Expert Setup" with this patch you can download for free.

Video Description:

Just a tour of some sounds you can make with the 0-Coast clone that Audulus super user Robert Syrett made with the help and inspiration of @mschenkel

Download the patch for free here:

Darry Booper - Jazz's Dead

Reader Darry Booper did a very funky exploration of Jazz in Gadget! If Jazz is truly Dead, then it has reincarnated as spacey electronica, with influences from 70's Prog. Forbidden Earth 4 All best emphasizes the rest of the album, but my favorite is the gritty-funky title track.

Jazz's Dead: €7

thesoundtestroom: BLOCS WAVE - SPACE SPLITTER Demo

Doug from thesoundtestroom demos SPACE SPLITTER, an IAP pack in Blocs Wave and usable in Launchpad.

Video Description:

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

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