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AfroDJMac and I had one of the most interesting conversations I've ever had. Fortunately he was recording it! Now you can listen to our pearls of wisdom! The two of us have been doing YouTube for a very long time, and we've exchanged a few emails over the years, but this was our first time talking face-to-face over Skype.

This is quite long at an hour and a half, but there is a lot of great info in here for anyone aspiring to be more productive, and more comfortable with your own music making. I discuss stuff I haven't talked about anywhere else before, so even if you've already heard me talk quite a lot, this will all seem new.

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Full post with show notes:

Tim Webb has gone to great lengths to bring us the latest and greatest in iOS music making news. His site covers all the latest releases, updates, and relevant YouTube walkthroughs, jams, and reviews of music making software for iPhone and iPad. In a refreshing blast of honesty, Tim is not afraid to tell you what apps suck and are not worth your time. He has been a faithful supporter of developers and app users worldwide for the better part of the last decade.

Tim was kind enough to sit down with me for a in-depth discussion about his work, developing apps, and creating and maintaining a one person business. He offers important lessons on discipline and sincerity that are applicable to all kinds of pursuits. Tim has been extremely supportive of my own work and the work of many creatives who put themselves and their art on the web. It was a pleasure to finally speak with him and learn some important lessons and viewpoints on running a successful music-based business.

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thesoundtestroom: Patterning 2 - Pre-Release Demo

Patterning 2 now has an official release date of July 27th! You can still pre-order now for 25% off. Doug from thesoundtestroom got his hands on it early so he could bring us this pre-release demo!

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MSXII Sound Design - Joints Off iOS - Volume 1

Developer MSXII Sound Design has released an EP of tracks produced 100% on iOS. Joints Off iOS varies between experimental Hip Hop to Trip Hop. There is also an accompanying blog post, with details on how the tracks were made.

The tracks were put together in BeatMaker 3, and use their own Lo-Fly Dirt. Additionally you'll hear Audio Damage's Adverb2 & Discord4, Klevegrand's DAW Cassette and Tines; plus more from AudioKit, Moog, Korg, Akai, and IK Multimedia.

I try not to post SoundCloud embeds because they used to crash mobile browsers. I'm going to give this one a shot, and see if maybe they've fixed it. If you notice the site crash your browser please let me know in the comments!

AudioKit Synth One Update

AudioKit Synth One was updated with a new battery saving feature. While not mentioned in the update notes, developer Matthew Fecher let me know that you can still drain your battery if you'd like, by turning on the new "Don't Sleep" toggle. The update also includes new presets in the James Edward Cosby (JEC) bank.

What's new in AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer v0.8.5:

You are amazing! Thank you all for your wonderful support <3. Please be patient with us. If you have a bug, email:
Bug Fixes in this update:
• Battery Saving Upgrade. HUGE Power efficiency update when not using Synth One.
We implemented what we call "Smart Power". Here's how it works: Background audio and processing automatically turn off, unless Synth One is connected to AudioBus, IAA, or a host like GarageBand. That way you don't have to worry about confusing settings. It determines your workflow, and adapts for you. :)
• MIDI Bluetooth connects easier
• New Presets and Sounds in the "JEC" bank, including a nice Pink Floyd inspired preset ;)
• Tap the circle on the "Tune" panel for more displays
4 states when you tap:
1) Harmonic approximation
2) Pitch (log2(frequency)%1)
3) Cents (1200*log2(frequency))
4) Frequency

You are all awesome! We are all volunteers building this app for you. Please spread the word!
Thank you :)

James Edward Cosby shows off one of the new presets, which was inspired by Pink Floyd's iconic On The Run.

Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer & Groove Rider GR-16 Updates

Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer and Groove Rider GR-16 were both updated with an iPhone X fix. Poison-202 also gains a new dialog for managing Bluetooth MIDI devices.

What's new in Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer v2.4.2:

- for iPhone X, when app running as standalone, changed behavior of the home bar. Now it will not switch between apps on first occasional touch or swipe;
- Bluetooth Midi Devices dialog added (new button on the Settings page);
- minor bug fixes.

What's new in Groove Rider GR-16 v1.5.3:

- for iPhone X, changed the behavior of home bar. Now it will not switch between the apps on first occasional touch or swipe;
- fixed bug: part volume meters were not reacting to the audio signal in certain cases.
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