Audiobus 3 & Audiobus Remote Updates

Audiobus 3 and Audiobus Remote, from Audiobus Pty Ltd were updated today! Audiobus 3 now supports Ableton Link, and a new bypass button for AUv3 effects. There's also a whole slew of fixes included! Audiobus Remote was updated to include the new bypass button.

What's new in Audiobus 3 v3.0.5:

- Audiobus 3 now has tempo controls, and Ableton Link support! Keep Audio Unit Extensions in sync with your other apps, and control your session tempo right from within Audiobus.
- Bypass Audio Unit Extension effects with the press of a button

Other improvements:

- Show more detailed progress when clearing big sessions
- Fixed launch issues with apps like SynthMaster Player.
- Active session did not recover on incoming telephone call or Siri interruption. Fixed!
- Fixed endless spinning wheel on MIDI hardware output after loading a preset.
- Fixed some stuck note bugs.
- Fixed a crash when saving a preset while a filter keyword has been entered into the search field.
- Fixed a launch issue when switching between very complex presets.
- Fixed a "Tap to Fix" issue when many ports of an app were added to a connection graph
- Require user to reboot the device, if intermediate port cannot be connected.
- Fixed graphical glitches when switching between presets.
- Instances of Audio Unit Extensions were not sorted by alphabet in connection panel. Fixed!
- Fixed an audio glitch when ejecting an input app currently emitting sound.
- We now automatically remove added pipelines on removing a MIDI output port.

What's new in Audiobus Remote v1.2.1:

* Show On/Off trigger button for Audio Unit Extension effects. Please also update Audiobus 3 to the lastest version.

* Instances of Audio Unit Extensions were not sorted by alphabet in connection panel.
* If an app was ejected in Audiobus while a resource was loading, loading the resource never finished.
* Trigger buttons can be used while progress view is shown.
* Corner radius of trigger buttons was too large in split view.

Colin Powell did a demo jam using the new Ableton Link sync to keep a bunch of apps in time. He had them all piped into Cubasis, but forgot to hit record so the audio is coming through his phone. Pretend it's reverb!

Video Description:

Audiobus 3.0.5 now has Ableton Link support and has repaired some issues certain apps had when launching in Audiobus. So I decided to test it out using SynthMaster, Soft Drummer, BlocsWave, Korg Module and Synth Scaper on my iPad Air 2.

It coped very well and I even had them all routed to Cubasis (but forgot to press Record!)

Sorry again for the blurry and shaky bits but I am still videoing through a slot in a cardboard box and can only just get my fingers in to play! Must get a proper phone stand for videoing!

Seaquence Update

Seaquence, from Okaynokay, was updated with improved MIDI support. The update allows you to select sources and destinations individually. The update also includes a built-in audio and video recorder to easily share your creations.

What's new in Seaquence v1.1.0:


• Built-in audio AND video recording/export using Apple Replay-Kit. Export audio and video to other apps.
• Enhanced MIDI support: Sources/Destinations can now be selected individually.
• Settings are now accessible in-app! No more iOS settings panel
• Tweaks to compressor settings resulting in larger dynamic range when lots of voices are playing. Experience greater fidelity in complicated mixes!
• Faster session loading
• Pinch Zoom
• New filter control which allows you to morph between the 4 different filter types dynamically, allowing for more expressive spectral control
• BPM and Transpose are now included in the free download
• Tap Tempo on BPM
• Play Audio in Background (option)
• Max Active voices -- set how many voices can play at once (option)
• Showing/hide note names in sequencer (option)
• MIDI Enable/Disable (option)
• More accurate and consistent MIDI clock / note timing
• MIDI latency adjustment
• Improved IAP purchase flow and messaging
• Updated graphics / icons
• UI Tweaks
• Various Bug Fixes

BeatMaker 3 Tutorial: Midi & Macros - Tips & Questions

Shazamm The iPad Producer did a tutorial on the power of macro knobs inside of BeatMaker 3!

Video Description:

Im trying to find out if this is software or hardware based. If this is a sole feature of Beatmaker 3 I am very impressed, if this is a Novation launch key thing I am impressed. I need to know?

Knob Lab Updated with Audiobus 3

Uri Nachmias updated Knob Lab, the iPhone version of Sonic Logic, with Audiobus 3 support. Naturally this includes Aubiobus 3 MIDI, so you can use these knobs to easily control other apps.

What's new in Knob Lab v1.6:

1. Audiobus 3 support with multipeer connectivity! You can now send MIDI messages to other iOS apps through Audiobus.
2. Redesigned menu interface - New UI for layout selection, and connection screens.
3. Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Apps4iDevices Rebirth: RF-1 Demo

After an extremely long sabbatical, A4I returns as Apps4iDevices Rebirth! Here he demos the latest update to reverb app RF-1.

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