Wes Hamil - What's In A Name

Wes Hamil did an impressive live acoustic version of What's In A Name off of his White Man Red Road album. He's using several iOS devices in this production; including an iPad running Filmic for video recording... which is itself being controlled from another iOS device! The audio from the mics are running into another iPad running BIAS Amp.

Video Description:

Live version of the song from my White Man Red Road CD...

iPadLoops: Beatmaker 3 Scenes Tutorials

DJ Puzzle from iPadLoops did a 2 part tutorial series on Scenes in BeatMaker 3. He mentions being initially put off by the Scenes workflow, coming from more traditional linear trackers. He forced himself to get out of his comfort zone to use BM3 and then explore Scenes. He's warmed to the clip-launching style as you can see in this embedded introduction to Scenes, and a followup on recording scenes to audio.

Video Description:

Hello fam. I just cracked Beatmaker 3 open for the first time this week. Being a new dad limits my time to mostly work and taking care of baby with my wife so I have to find time (usually late at night in bed with headphones) to try apps out on my pad. Anyway, at first I was a bit overwhelmed and also intimidated much like my peers. I'm a linear tracking kinda guy I mostly use Cubase and Protools for work when I write for TV so using scenes in BM 3 was at first not really something I cared to explore. Mind you I do have Ableton Live and I've used it several times but not for launching clips. (part 2 of this video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9rhI...)

Honestly I had BM 1 when it came out and never got BM 2 but they were giving BM 3 away for free during the winter NAMM show so I grabbed it. At first I was like ok this looks totally alien and yet similar as well in regards to the UI and workflow. I challenged my self and said I would not watch any Youtube videos I would learn this on my own via the manual and fumbling about. I got the hang of song mode and wrote this little four bar ditty shared it on some forums and folks seemed to really dig the vibe but many commented saying that BM 3 was very intimidating and the scenes mode was baffling. This inspired me to learn scenes mode and produce a very simple to the point quick start guide with hopes to break down those barriers from some of you producers out there who struggle with the app. I hope it helps. I do plan on producing a couple more quick start guides like this one.

Condy Eckerle - Winter Steam (Chill Glitch Ambient)

Condy Eckerle produced some really nice melodic Glitch in GarageBand, with video from iMovie.

Video Description:

Made in GarageBand with native sounds on an iPad. Shot on iPhone SE . Combined in iMovie

The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This

It's been nearly 7 years that I've been watching the burgeoning music app community. After all of that time I'm still taken aback by the elegant simplicity of some setups. Like this one from Satriyo Wibowo. He gets some very big sounds out of his mini keyboard and an old iPad 2 running GarageBand.

Video Description:

Check My New Project Ipad
- Making Beat with GarageBand

- Devices That I Use
Camera : Lumix GF3 - Panasonic
Interface : Ipad2
Keyboard : M-Audio - Keystation Mini 32
Music editing : GarageBand
Video editing : Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Original Song :

Music production // Video editing made by myself

Elastic FX Update

Elastic FX, from Oliver Greschke, was updated with improvements to the level meters and delay effects.

What's new in Elastic FX v1.1.1:

- Improvement: Level meters react better now
- Improvement: Delays get cleared when you change an effect (no "ghost" artifacts)
- Bugfix: Possible crash when delete or sharing a non existing/non selected preset

There's a new official demo of Gad Hinkis (Dirty Honkers) using Elastic FX on vocals. If you dig Electro Swing you should absolutely check out the latest Dirty Honkers album, which has been my soundtrack this morning!

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