TheAudioDabbler | Echo Pitch Demo Initial tour with iM1

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler brings us a demo of Echo Pitch, a somewhat overlooked effect app released earlier this year. This month it was updated with Universal support!

Video Description:

Demo of EchoPitch and initial tour of the app. Sounds really great when paired with other delays and reverbs. I will test it out with my guitar next.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

mood Synth v1.1 Preview: Musical Scales

ApeSoft developer Alessandro Petrolati has released a preview for mood v1.1. The upcoming update features several new keyboard changes, including a musical scales mode.

Video Description:

+ New Keyboard Transposition Key
+ New Keyboard Musical Scales, up to 35
+ New Keyboard Musical Scales, User Defined Scale
+ Pitch Bend Range save/load last value
+ Pitch Bend Range reset to default

GridComposer Update

Experimental sequencer GridComposer is getting into some serious territory today with an update that adds Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link!

What's new in GridComposer v1.2

Now with Ableton Link integration.
Upgraded to Audiobus3 SDK.
Midi now sends correctly to channels 1-3.
Fixed some problems with faulty Midi Messages and hanging notes.

Rebecca Loops - All Star a cappella

YouTuber Rebecca Loops is feeling like an All Star at Central Park in New York City.

Video Description:

Give it a thumbs up if you like it!

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Subreddit: HTTPS://
Actor website: HTTPS://

Mercury Drum Sequencer by Marcus Spangenberg

First-time developer Marcus Spangenberg released Mercury Drum Sequencer, a drum synth app with tweakable parameters and Ableton Link! There's no demo for this one yet, nor any mention of inter-app audio platforms, but I'm impressed to see it launch with Ableton Link.

Mercury Drum Sequencer iTunes Description:

Mercury Drum Sequencer is a sample based drum machine and step sequencer.


- Five tracks with two sound sources (osc) each.
- Osc and track sound tweaking parameters.
- Individual track effects.
- Each osc and track parameter can be overridden per step, by holding the desired step and changing the parameter in question.
- Supports syncing with other music apps using Ableton Link.
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