Dj Redflame - Demo Nr. 3 (KORG Gadget)

Dj Redflame has posted several little demos of tracks he's worked on in Gadget. This one was my favorite.

Video Description:

Dj Redflame - Demo Nr. 3
Made with KorgGadget on iPad Air 2
House Music

If you‘re a Remixer and you wanne mix my track... Conntact me... Share and like it 😁☺️ thx for your support 👊

Travdidthat - Garageband Hiphop

YouTuber Travdidthat produced some epic sounding instrumental Hiphop in GarageBand!

Evil Blogger Attacks Defenseless Transnational Megacorp

Ever since the release of the New™ iPad Pro models I've been receiving bug reports from readers experiencing odd headphone audio latency in music apps. This latency starts off small, and grows rapidly over time into a debilitating delay! This coincides with an odd digital noise from the headphone output on the new iPad Pros.

Apple Doesn't Care About Music Apps

Some adventurous members of the community updated to the iOS 11 beta and reported that this had solved their problems. So I didn't bother reporting on it; partly because I hoped iOS 11 would solve the problem for everyone, but mostly because me reporting on anything Apple is doing is like pissing into an oncoming wave and expecting that to stop the tsunami. In September, with the release of iOS 11, we discovered that this it did not fix the problem. So here I stand on firm ground with my fly open.

In addition to the latest iPad Pro models, we are now getting reports that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models are also affected by the noise issue... which is surprising since they don't even have a built-in headphone jack!

You can read through the horror stories on the Audiobus forum, and also on Apple's User Discussion forum. Lots of people have tried a lot of different "fixes" but these tend not to be a full solution for all users. Several users reported that they have less noise on hardware interfaces if they change the samplerate from 48k to 44.1k in their apps. And some users report this also fixes the noise issue on the headphone jack.

It Just Works

This has been an ongoing issue, with reports from users dating back to July, but Apple has yet to make any official statement on the matter. This despite some big names weighing in on the official Apple forum, like YouTuber Cuckoo. I would say that their silence was disappointing, but that would imply that I held some other expectation. After living in Apple's world for the last 6+ years, I have no such expectation. "It just works..." except when it doesn't. Then you're just fucked.

Let's Keep Kicking the Can Down the Road

iOS 11.1 beta 2 reportedly fixes these issues, at least on new iPad Pros. From the patch notes:


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an occasionally occurring issue with audio latency or distortion on iPad Pro (12.9- inch) (2nd generation) and iPad Pro (10.5-inch). (33844393)

So perhaps we'll finally see a solution whenever iOS 11.1 arrives... Let's just hope it also fixes any iPhone 8/X issues while it's at it.

Groovebox Update

Novation/Ampify have released a major update to Groovebox which adds Song Sections, allowing you to turn your patterns into full-fledged songs! The update arrives with a new demo to show it off!

What's new in Groovebox v1.6:

Turn your ideas into full songs with Sections. Groovebox now uses ‘Song Sections’ to help you build and arrange your ideas quickly and easily. Use instruments and patterns to make ideas. Easily structure your track by adding, duplicating, moving and deleting sections.

Highlight Features
- On iPad, a full section view shows you all your sounds
- On iPhone, a simple section view shows you just what you need without cluttering up your screen
- Create, duplicate, delete and reorder sections to create a song
- Layer sounds by copy-pasting patterns between pads on different instruments

Other Improvements
Bug fixes

We really appreciate your feedback. If you have comments, questions or feature requests, let us know at or If you like Groovebox and have a minute to spare, please review it in the app store. You can also review the app on iPhone from within the in-app menu.

Jakob Haq has posted a tutorial for the new Song Sections, and embedded here is the official Novation video.

Kymatica Updates: AUM & AudioShare

Developer Jonatan Liljedahl released updates today for AUM and AudioShare! Now you can easily manage AUM recordings inside of AudioShare, thanks to a new file provider extension in the iOS 11 Files app. The update to AUM also includes AUv3 MIDI output, on iOS 11.

Note: According to a conversation on Twitter, you should open up AudioShare at least once before opening AUM to get the new functionality to register.

What's new in AUM v1.2.2:

• Update for new AudioShare storage location.
• Support AUv3 MIDI output on iOS11.
• Allow access of session files in Files app on iOS11.
• Fix layout problem when launched in landscape on some iPhones.
• Various minor tweaks and fixes.

NOTE: To continue manage AUM's recordings and soundfiles with AudioShare, you also need to update AudioShare to version 2.7.6

What's new in AudioShare v2.7.6:

• New File Provider extension for integration with iOS 11 Files app
• Fix for recording and converting to AAC with low sample rates
• Auto-scroll when auto-playing next file
• Minor tweaks and fixes

NOTE: To continue managing AUM recordings, you also need to update AUM to version 1.2.2
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