iOS Music & You Podcast: Rheyne Interview

Chip Boaz has brought back the iOS Music & You Podcast!

Two new episodes are up right now, featuring a two-part interview with YouTube's live looping legend Rheyne!

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And here is Rheyne's latest jam, where he is feeling quite Epic!

Video Description:

Live looping with Ableton Live, recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or sequences. 3x Moog Mother-32 synths are used as a 3-voice polyphonic synth with "Silent Way" by Expert Sleepers. Drums are from NI's "Damage" triggered by a KompleteKontrol 25. A KompleteKontrol 49 triggers the Moogs and a Make Noise 0-Coast (VCO calibrated with an ES-8 and Silent Way). A Fender Rhodes runs through an MXR ZW-44, and a DSI MoPho handles bass. 2x iPads are running Lemur as an Ableton control surface. 2x Launchpad "S" handle recording / playing / stopping loops.

Lighting is from 6x Chauvet Slim Par 56 and 2x American DJ Mega Bar 50 fixtures, connected to an Enttec DMXIS USB to DMX converter, with lighting triggered by Max for Live.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.


Live Jams on BandCamp:

Makunouchi Bento - The Lost Flatliners of Avebell

Reader Felix Petrescu, of Makunouchi Bento, is featured on this Industrial Ambient Tandem Tapes release. He uses a variety of apps in his composition, but I was especially interested in how he uses Thumbjam's pitch-to-MIDI to "sing" the haunted trumpet sounds. Makunouchi Bento also collaborated with Ewan Hofmann on this epic hour long track, using a similar workflow.

Tandem Tapes - TT015: $4

Vatanator Update

Georgi Georgiev's drum machine app Vatanator got an update that allows you to assign effects to XY pads. The update also includes individual Low Pass Filters on each part, and Bluetooth MIDI.

What's new in Vatanator v1.1.0:

- XY pads to control effects, MIDI assignable and automation
- additional gain to mixer (now goes to +3db)
- low pass filter (per instrument)
- new ring modulation effect with LFO (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle and Square), MIDI assignable and ability for automation
- adjustable sample start position (per instrument)
- pattern change action is now MIDI assignable
- double tap on mixer channel volume will reset it to 0db
- Bluetooth MIDI
- added clear pattern button
- Audiobus SDK updated to current version (2.3.3)
- various bug fixes and performance improvements

Here is an older demo that showcases the delay effect.

Preset Tour: Sounds of LayR

YouTuber Todd Smith is a recent convert to iOS apps, but he is already diving into the deep-end with LayR.

Video Description:


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: Gear Used :

LayR ( iOS)
M-Audio Code 49 ( Played LayR Live )
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Focusrite SCARLETT 18i8
Ableton Live 9 ( Master Recording )
No added effects

In this video I play a few presets from the new iOS synth, LayR on a M-Audio Code 49. I feel LayR is the new benchmark in performance based iOS synths. The thing can sound huge but slaughters your CPU, be aware.

I'll be doing a more detailed videos on LayR after I build my own sounds and get to know the guts a little better. I plan to use Layr on my next upcoming album, Distant Love for Life.

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New 2017 Apple iPad, the tablet formerly known as iPad Air

Early this morning Apple brought down the Apple Store, and when it resurfaced a rebranded iPad Air arrived! The new iPad Air is simply being called an "iPad" but features the A9 chip. This chip change is notable on many fronts. Instead of the A9X chip used in the iPad Pro (both sizes), or the A10 found in the latest iPhones, this is the old chip found in the iPhone 6S/6S Plus.

Everything Old is New Again

Why is Apple recycling a chip that's over a year old? Who knows... Perhaps they just had a lot left over! This is still an upgrade over the iPad Air 2, which used the A8X. According to Apple the A9 is nearly twice as fast as the A8X.

Bigger, Faster, Cheaper

In a very un-Apple move the new iPad is 20% thicker than the previous iPad Air, but that just puts it back to the same size as the original iPad Air at 7.5mm. The new iPad is also cheaper than its predecessor. A 32GB iPad Air 2 (WiFi) is a little over $400, or $500 for the 128GB model. Today's newly announced iPad starts at $329 for 32GB, or $429 for 128GB (WiFi).

Seeing RED Again

In addition to the new iPad, a new version of the iPhone has been announced today. These (PRODUCT)RED iPhones are quite a bit more expensive than the iPhone 7s from Fall. The special edition iPhones are $100 more than their non-rouge counterparts, but seem to have no other differences. The sure look pretty though!

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