AudioKit Synth One: Secret #2

YouTuber Brice Beasley thinks he found another Easter Egg in AudioKit Synth One. Following Jakob Haq's discovery of the HaQ Panel, Brice tinkered with the now-exposed compressor.

He found some settings which he believes produces an intended distortion effect. I think Brice is just abusing the compressor, but the results are still good and crunchy!

SAXLOOPS #3: apeMatrix Sound Design Workflow

YouTuber Jean Rochat produced a lengthy sound design tutorial using the new apeMatrix. This is an excellent example of the workflow available in apeMatrix. There's no voice-over, but it is presented with English subtitles.

Video Description:

Watch this new SAXLOOPS APEMATRIX sound design workflow TUTORIAL: audio routing though the matrices with audio units instruments and effects, LFO's, snapshot pad... in depth features walkthough!

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Collections Of Dead Souls - Reasons Not To Die In Las Vegas

Reader Collections Of Dead Souls was having a pretty rough time last year and ended up in Las Vegas. There in a hotel room he was looking for Reasons Not To Die In Las Vegas with an iPad running Gadget, Cubasis, iElectribe, iMPC Pro, Moog Filtatron, and iWavestation.

Tactile Control of the iVCS3 with Novation Launch Control XL

Digital Jeepney was active back in 2015 with several iVCS3 tutorials, and now she's back with iVCS3 on her phone. Here she's using a Novation Launch Control XL for tactile control instead of fiddling with tiny knobs on the iPhone.

Video Description:

You can get almost full control of the ivcs3 using the Novation Launch Control XL.

Dean Grear - Excited ZX Spectrum

YouTuber Dean Grear used Gadget to produce this aggressive Chiptunes track, and vjay for the video!

Video Description:

‘Excited ZX Spectrum’🐞 track done with Korg Gadget on iPad

Visuals done on Vjay app.

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