Alfiq Martindra - Not Too Long Ago

YouTuber Alfiq Martindra did a nice, original, song on guitar with Garageband.

Video Description:

Music recorded with Garage Band on iPad
Video filmed on SJcam M20
Video edited on Lightworks

Guitar -Alfiq Martindra
Bass -Alfiq Martindra
Other Instruments on Garage Band iPad keyboard

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Material Modeler for iOS Preview

Grantophone developer Grant Kot has set his mettle on developing a new physics-based material modeler for iOS. This isn't even remotely music related, it is just super cool. I wish we had apps like this when I was doing LSD. Kids today are so lucky!

iceGear Mersenne Synthesizer Review & New Presets

Tom from Synth Anatomy reviewed Mersenne by iceGear. Tom also made a Crystal Palace Sound Bank for Mersenne. The presets are free, but he requests a $1 donation.

Video Description:

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►IceGear Mersenne Synthesizer is a powerful percussive FM Synthesizer. Check out the review for all full overview of the app.

►You can download Crystal Palace Sound Bank for Mersenne Synthesizer is free of charge here:
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DA ONE Synth Tutorial 1: Basics

Developer MN Signal Processing has released an official tutorial for their new DA ONE Synth.

Video Description:

First tutorial video for our new synth, DA ONE.

Adam Tobit - Nightmare (Original)

YouTuber Adam Tobit did an original song based on Nightmare on Elm Street in GarageBand.

Video Description:

This is a song I have wanted to record for a long time. I wrote this many years ago and was created and influenced by the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.

I recorded all the instruments using the iPad app GarageBand except for the vocals and guitar solo everything else is the instruments in the app.

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