GeoShred Universal Update

GeoShred, from Wizdom Music and moForte, is now Universal in today's update!

What's new in GeoShred v2.3:

- GeoShred is now a Universal App. iPhone/iPod devices now supported.
- Mini Control Surface added - useful when you want more keyboard space, especially on small devices.
- Global setting for keyboard layout (rows, frets, scale, key).
- Global setting for fine tuning.
- MIDI Panic now resends RPN-0 settings for pitchBendRange.
- Separate MIDI presets for "LinnStrument MPE" and "LinnStrument Multi".

They don't have a flashy demo for this update, but here is some Jimi Hendrix played on an iPhone!

Troublemaker Updates

Bram Bos has been on an update spree for Troublemaker! The app has received 3 updates in the last 5 days!

What's new in Troublemaker v1.1.3:

Thanks for the great feedback and response to Troublemaker!
New in this minor update:
- "Skip Step Chance" setting in the Mutation Engine
- All 4 items in the Mutation Engine controllable via MIDI CC
- Minor UI tweaks on iPhone version.

Previous Version: 1.1.1

January 16, 2017

- Effect tweaks (gain levels in Foldback distortion effect, smoother Delay effect) - Minor housekeeping

Previous Version: 1.1:

January 13, 2017

Thank you for the support and the great feedback! Here's what's new and improved in version 1.1:

- Realtime Mutation Probability Engine
- Responds to MIDI Clock Sync
- Responds to MIDI Start / Stop commands
- Audiobus Playback Triggers
- Cleaner Envelopes
- Slightly tuned LFO
- Minor improvements

Novation Launchpad EDM

YouTuber mike kert posted a demo performance of some nice sounding EDM on Novation's Launchpad app.

Video Description:

A short demonstration how to make impressive EDM music with the Novation Launchpad for IOS on your iPhone or iPad. Watch this EDM production Tutorial. Like and subscribe for more awesome videos !

Stranger Things Theme on ROTOR

Developer Reactable Systems did an awesome recreation of Survive's theme song for Stranger Things on the new ROTOR app. This video is incredibly well produced. I can't figure out how they're making the hands transparent in the video, but it is perfect for letting you watch the action below.

Video Description:

The all-new app by Reactable Systems.
Buy the Controllers Set here:

Inspired by "Stranger Things Theme" S U R V I V E.
Played with ROTOR iPad app.

ROTOR is the new app that turns the iPad into a comprehensive electronic music performance suite. Using the optional ROTOR controllers, which can be purchased separately, it also brings the reactable tangible music experience that has captivated musicians such as Björk, Coldplay or Gui Boratto, for the first time into the iPad.

Discover the new ROTOR by reactable.
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Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth Update

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, from Secret Base Design, was updated with new MIDI routing capabilities. Now you can specify different destinations, filtered by incoming MIDI channel. This is helpful for remapping to apps that are only listening on fixed MIDI channels. The app is also on sale for 70% off!

What's new in Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth v2.0:

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth 2.0 adds an improved in-app keyboard; you can now configure the keyboard for different scales. On the iPad, there are two separate keyboards, which can be mapped to different MIDI channels.

The app now features sophisticated MIDI routing capabilities, that are useful both with and without a Bluetooth LE MIDI connection. Send MIDI to different destinations filtered by incoming MIDI channel, and remap MIDI channels if needed. MIDI transmission can be controlled controlled in a number of different ways, and the app can handle MIDI routing between apps running on the same device.
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