SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer Update

SeekBeats Drum Machine, from Rodrigo Yanez, was updated with audio export!

What's new in SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer v1.3.6:

Added "Export Pattern As Audio" Functionality.

The update arrives with a short demo video!

Hypoid - Reign of Ash

YouTuber Hypoid Sound posted this intense Dark Ambient Noise created in Borderlands and Cubasis, with an equally evocative video!

Video Description:

Reign of Ash-

Dark Ambient Noise

Music Bits used:
Many field recordings
Guitar run through UR 22 Mk.II
Probably more fx than legally allowed

Video bits used:
Nikon D7000
35mm 1.8

More on this 277th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Chew Concrète: Make music inspired by C. Reider’s Chew Cinders album procedures” — at:
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csGrain Updated with Audiobus 2

Boulanger Labs tests the old adage "better late than never" with an update to csGrain adding Audiobus 2 and even iOS10 support! Eh, at least it isn't abandoned.

What's new in csGrain v1.4:

- Full 64-bit Support
- Enhanced Granular Processing
- Full DropBox Integration
- AudioBus 2 Support
- Update to Csound 6.08
- Updated Manual, Links
- UI Updates
- iTunes Import Support
- "Open In…" Support
- Numerous Bug Fixes, Improvements, Optimizations
- iOS 10 Ready
- Audio Copy/Paste Update


The developers of CHAiOS SYNTH 2 released Stravinski, a new melody generator, "based on scientific research in the field of music psychology." I'm not sure about all of that, but it seems straightforward! Pick a key, set your complexity, and hit play. It features Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support, but falls flat without MIDI Output; so you're stuck with the built-in instruments.

Stravinski iTunes Description:

"Stravinski" is a melody generator that creates eight-bar piano melodies with adjustable complexity. The algorithm is based on scientific research in the field of music psychology. It is developed by the team behind "CHAiOS SYNTH 2".

Workflow: set the complexity to your preferred level, press "generate", then "play". That's it. Hit "settings" to set tempo and key, or toggle the drum tracks on/off.

Of cause "Stravinski" supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

Have fun and get inspired by this next-gen melody algorithm!

This could be awesome with MIDI out! The demo does a good job of showing off how the complexity knob effects the results, as well as how plain the piano samples sound.

STEPS by Reactable Systems SL

Today Reactable Systems SL unveiled an entirely new iPhone app, STEPS. This MIDI sequencer promises complex rhythmic patterns through experimentation with dials. The app launches with Ableton Link support and a Virtual MIDI port, as well as utilizing the headphone jack on iPhones (where available) to sync Korg Volcas and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. Unfortunately it arrives without a demo video.

STEPS iTunes Description:

Steps by Reactable is a small yet powerful MIDI sequencer that allows you to create complex rhythmic patterns in a surprising new way. Forget piano rolls and experiment with Steps’ inspiring dials. With Steps you can control any MIDI compatible app, send MIDI over network to your laptop or any other compatible device, and even synchronize external hardware analog synths such as Korg Volcas or Pocket Operators via an audio cable.


- Plug and play MIDI-out system automatically sends to all available MIDI input ports and our own virtual port.

- Connect your iDevice with an external MIDI interface and control MIDI hardware.

- Synchronize external hardware synths such as Korg Volca or Pocket operators via the audio output.

- A carefully designed user interface that allows you to quickly switch between performance to editing mode.

- Play together with Ableton Link and sync multiple apps and devices over WiFi.

- Global Swing function (50% - 75%) - applied automatically to eight and sixteenth notes.

- Save and recall sequences, seamlessly during playback.

- Global bpm control ranging from 20 to 999 BPM.

- Global Gate level allows global control of note duration.

- Global MIDI velocity control.

- Global Glide function applies pitch bend to small distances between adjacent steps (if the synth being controlled supports pitch bend).

- Global transpose ribbon allows for easy transposition of the entire pattern.

- Step pitch preview function (available while transport is stopped).
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