Mellowsound Update

Mellowsound was updated with some small fixes and a big tease! Fingerlab promises AUv3 is now in development and should be, "coming soon!"

What's new in Mellowsound v1.0.2:

-AudioBus & IAA bug fix
-Add virtual Midi In
-Battery issue fix

We are now working on AUv3, coming soon!

Beatwave Update

Classic app Beatwave is on a roll this month following the earlier update to 3.0! In two quick updates that followed, Audiobus 3 has been added, and now the recorder feature is back.

What's new in Beatwave v3.0.2:

- Added recorder. Yes, the much loved (and missed) recorder is back! Access it from session settings.
- Improved workflow speed when changing instruments.
- Made local sessions and recordings available via Files app.
- Samples in drum editor can now be renamed and duplicated with long press.
- Fixed issue with number of groups being limited.
- Fixed issue where drum sample recordings could overwrite each other.

If you're enjoying Beatwave 3 please let me know by leaving a review!

What's new in Beatwave v3.0.1:

- AudioBus 3 support
- Fixes issue that could cause some patterns to become corrupted in certain instances.

Loopfield by Reflow Studio

Reflow Studio released Loopfield! This looper caught my attention with a great demo video last month, when they were looking for beta testers. It is available as a Universal iOS app today, with helpful input from the community and another impressive demo video!

Loopfield is a looper designed for use with field recordings, with continuous recordings of your surrounding environs and some built-in granular effects to tweak them!

Loopfield iTunes Description:

Plug your headphones into your iPhone and wander in the streets to catch noises, voices, and horns. The app is continuously recording sounds around you and automatically generates loops. Those loops are processed in real time by granular effects that transform them on the fly. To get a sense of what the recording will sound like when immersed in a track, you can import and play your own premade beat. Once you’re happy with it, you can export the loop to incorporate it into a larger DAW-based project.

Feature list
- Designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad
- Slick native UI
- Continuous recording of the surrounding sounds
- Loops generated from the recordings, automatically updated each four bars
- Four different effect sets to sculpt the generated loops in real time
- Effects based on granular synthesis
- Importation of drum loops from iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail, Airdrop and more to get an sense of the generated loops in a full audio track context
- Touchable amplitude envelope to easily shape the sound
- Sound export in .wav format

Sculpting Guitar Sounds with MidiFire

Developer Audeonic did an impressive video to show off the power of MidiFire! By using a MIDI pickup on a guitar he's able to craft special MIDI messages through MidiFire that trigger specific effects adjustments while playing. This all feels a hell of a lot more engaging and natural than fumbling around with your feet through a series of stompboxes.

Video Description:

Using a MIDI pickup attached to a guitar, MidiFire observes the 'action' on the fretboard and sends crafted MIDI messages to the FX rig to adjust the sound whilst playing. The guitar signal itself is not MIDI - simply connected direct, so it's a traditional electric guitar setup in that sense.

Gear used:
- PRS Standard 24 with Fishman TriplePlay MIDI pickup
- Line6 Pod XT Pro, TC Electronic G-Force
- TheGigRig G2 Advanced Switching System
- Mesa Boogie Mark III and Fender Champion amplifiers
- Shure SM57 mics
- Wonky fingers and one kitten

The Sound Test Room: Stagelight 4 for iOS Tutorial

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room brings us a much needed demo of the new iOS port of Stagelight 4! This is their cross-platform DAW that can be unlocked on iOS for $15.

Video Description:

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