Sonic State First Look: Modal Electronics SKULPT

Sonic State got an early preview for the recently announced Modal Electronics SKULPT. This is an impressively powerful mobile synth. It is designed with mobility in mind; offering both battery and USB power. The little device can produce some very big sounds with 4 Voice Polyphony, or stack 32 Oscillators in Monophonic mode. There's also a sequencer in here that can record automation, and a whole bunch of modulation options.

There will even be a dedicated iOS app for controlling it, like Modal's CraftApp. All for around $300! They're launching a Kickstarter tomorrow, when we will hopefully learn their shipping schedule.

Update: The Kickstarter is now live! Non-EU folks can pre-order for $274, while EU residents have to pay VAT pushing the price to £249 ($328). They hope to ship in November 2018!

Video Description:

Modal Electronics brought a pre-production prototype to our offices for a first look. Its a 4 voice poly synths, DSP based with two oscillators (each with up to 4 layers), sequencer, arpeggiator, distortion and delay FX, 8 modulation slots.
Launching on Kickstarter:

Frozen Reverbs Racks for Live:

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10oP - Wobble (nanoloop Live Performance)

10oP impressed me with this Dubby performance on a Game Boy running nanoloop!

Video Description:

10oP wobble

nanoloop 2live performance

BeatMaker 3 in Cubasis with Friends...

YouTuber Audio Gus shows off how he uses BeatMaker 3 together with Cubasis and others!

Update: For anyone having difficulty setting this up, Audio Gus has posted a short video detailing the process.

Video Description:

Best of both worlds! yum!

Fexomat - SpaceCraft Jam

YouTuber killerautomat created some impressive, melodic, agro drones with two instances of SpaceCraft!

Video Description:

messig with SpaceCraft Granular Synth

KORG Gadget Update & Korg Sales

KORG INC. continue to surprise us with impressive KORG Gadget updates! Today's update adds Stockholm by Propellerhead! This is a gadget version of Reason's popular Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player. Rex loops are neatly packaged loop samples with prearranged slices. And you can find millions of these online, including many for free. Functionally this is a bit similar to Korg's own Dynamic Loop Slicer, Abu Dhabi. But Stockholm can import all of those countless RX2 files out there!

Korg is celebrating this with sales on all of their apps!

What's new in KORG Gadget v3.6.0:

・Stockholm by Reason : Stockholm by Reason is a gadgetized version of the Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player.
・MIDI External Sync behavior has been improved.
・Vancouver gadget SPACE FX APOLLO has been improved.
・Fixed an issue that crashes when iCloud Drive files are deleted.
・Other enhancements to make Gadget easier to use.

* Purchased as in-app content
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