Grid Music meets 0-Coast

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this performance from the developer of Grid Music. Here he's using his app to sequence a Make Noise 0-Coast. This is made possible with the recent update that added MIDI Output.

Video Description:

Jamming with Grid Music and the Make Noise 0-Coast over MIDI.

Grid Music:
Make Noise 0-Coast:

All sounds recorded directly from the 0-Coast with compression applied in Final Cut.

Grid Music is sending MIDI note and control change messages to the 0-Coast. The values of active modulation cells (pink diamonds) are being sent as MIDI CC 1.

0-Coast's MIDI B CV is set to "Mod Wheel" so that CC 1 is interpreted as CV. MIDI B gate is set to "Mod Wheel greater than 50%" so that when CC 1 rises over 50%, a gate is triggered.

thesoundtestroom: Sector Tutorial

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom explores an old favorite of mine in this Sector tutorial. It is such a great app for just exploring new, sometimes radically different, rhythms and arrangements.

Video Description:

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deltAdata - dust2dust

YouTuber deltAdata got a nice Eastern Lounge vibe going in this Down Tempo jam with Samplr!

Video Description:

Hip hop chill live jam performance with Samplr !
Filmed with sony xperia z3c (head) and iphone 5s (side), video tunning was made with procamxl2 and main video editing was done with imovie on ipad mini, then i used isuper8 on android to add the 8mm FX.
I used Reaper on pc to add some eq and comp.

Thanks for watching !

RouteMIDI by Brian Howarth

Brian Howarth released RouteMIDI, an AUv3 plugin for MIDI. This is intended as an easy way to route MIDI from AUv3 host DAWs to external hardware. It even includes Multi-Timbrel routing support!

RouteMIDI iTunes Description:

RouteMIDI, in conjunction with a DAW such as Garageband, will allow you to create tracks that will use any of your external MIDI synthesizers for that track, as alternate to instruments etc. built into the DAW.
For each track that you select RouteMIDI as it's Audio Unit, you will be able to browse through whatever external devices are connected. Then, you may optionally direct the MIDI to any of the standard 16 Channels so that Multi-Timbral units are supported.

Tutorial: MIDI CC - Auria's Back Door MIDI!

Anthony from Studio A did a detailed tutorial on routing, or "funneling", MIDI through Auria Pro for CC control over plugins. Auria is an amazing DAW, but my god their MIDI implementation is a nightmare.

Video Description:

here is a Tutorial on how to control and record and edit Fabfilter plugins in AuriaPro since the introduction of the Pro version of Auria with midi. This video is from last year and I forgot to upload it. There has been some questions lately about this feature so I figured I should include this one in my Auria . Tutorial collection

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