Precision Spectrum Analyzer by Craig Tuffnell

Craig Tuffnell released Precision Spectrum Analyzer, as a professional frequency analysis tool with power spectrum frequency discrimination. I thought I knew about spectrum analysis, but I have no idea what the fuck "power spectrum frequency discrimination" even means. It sure sounds important!

Precision Spectrum Analyzer iTunes Description:

Precision Spectrum Analyzer is a fast and accurate tool for frequency domain analysis of audio signals. It is clutter free and is suitable for professional and amateur audio-visual and hi-fi enthusiasts. Features line or bar graphs and touch zooming. Most importantly, this tool gives a high degree of power spectrum frequency discrimination.

SoundOfIzrael - Ashamnu

YouTuber Sam Izrael is celebrating Yom Kippur with this remix of the confession prayer that sounds like it was recited in a cave that opens out to a swamp.

Video Description:

Confession prayer

KORG Gadget Update

KORG Gadget was updated with the ability to transfer songs from the Nintendo Switch to the iOS version!

What's new in KORG Gadget v3.6.2:

• Added ability to receive song data from KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch with a QR code.
• Files App support.
• Stability improvements and bug fixes.

• Slice lock mode : long press the “slice trigger” button on the performance page to prevent the slice assign popover from opening while using the pads. The button will begin blinking to indicate that this mode is active. Long press again to exit this mode.
• Loop latch mode : long press the “loop trigger” button on the performance page to make Stockholm continue to play loops after the note trigger has ended. Long press again to exit this mode.
• File load speedup.

stemshade - soft acid techno jam

YouTuber stemshade used a bunch of apps on this "soft acid" jam, controlled via a nanoKONTROL Studio.

Video Description:

everything triggered by bram bos rozeta, realized i didn’t have the re-1 fx track engaged, so disregard that applied some other delay when mixing down to compensate. nanokontrol studio conreolling stuff on every track.

NOISE x Cubasis 2.6

Developer ROLI shows off the new Cubasis 2.6, which includes tight integration with their products and app.

Video Description:

Learn more:

Producing expressive tracks with your iOS device is now easier than ever with a groundbreaking update to the Cubasis app and NOISE.

The latest update for Cubasis (2.6) gives you access to all the MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capabilities of BLOCKS and the NOISE app in one extensive integration. For the first time every stage of the producing process for MPE sounds — recording, editing and mixing each instrument on a timeline based workflow — is now possible from a mobile device.

Start experiencing all the expressive sounds of NOISE within your Cubasis project. Add a NOISE instrument to your project to compose with nearly every expressive drum kit and melodic preset from your favorite ROLI and artist soundpacks.*

Enter Audio Unit (AU) full-screen mode to switch sounds, add effects and lay down your track with new Lightpad Block and Seaboard visualizers. You’ll be able to access plenty of your favorite NOISE features inside Cubasis — including Groove Kits, available in the NOISE AU for the first time ever.

If you own BLOCKS, the possibilities extend further. Pair with Cubasis 2.6 to take control of a completely portable and astonishingly expressive music studio. Connect your Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block wirelessly to Cubasis via MIDI over Bluetooth, then use the NOISE Audio Unit visualizer to record your tracks just as you would in the NOISE app.

As well as full support for BLOCKS, the latest Cubasis update also lets you use your Blocks to control the parameters of other apps that plug into Cubasis — such as the effects app Turnado or Moog’s Model 15 synth — so you can add extra expression or modulation as you perform.

Download Cubasis today from the App Store and pair with NOISE to enjoy the most advanced MPE music making experience for iOS.

*SWAM soundpacks are not supported by the NOISE Audio Unit.

Explore NOISE:
Explore BLOCKS:

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