A Stoner's Review: Switcher Studio for iOS by HotRock SupaJoint

Reader HotRock SupaJoint brings us a unique review for Switcher Studio, a utility for mobile video production. He uses this in conjunction with Bossjock to produce his YouTube shows. It is impressive to see how many cameras he has running behind the scenes, and all of it coming together in an iOS solution.

Video Description:

Here be me reviewing the mos recent Switcher Studio update fo all yall wonderin how it work if ya be wantin to do a totally dope tv show directly to FB or YT wit like live camera switchin homiez... all why I be gettin high an shit. #weed

Vaag - Nanoloop Jam

Reader Vaag shared this fun synthy jam on the Android version of Nanoloop.

Video Description:

I made this Nanoloop jam because it's a great app for electronic music. In this Jam i only used a Huawei P8 android phone.
more info about the app www.nanoloop.com


Dahlia Delay Update

Dahlia Delay, a delay effect from Flora Creative Ltd., was updated with Audiobus 3 and AUv3 support!

What's new in Dahlia Delay v2.0.2:

Dahlia Delay has received the 2.0 treatment to rebuild the infrastructure, with a focus upon improving stability, user experience and audio quality.

Also included in this update:

- AUV3 Support
- Preset saving (Bonus: Saved presets are accessible from AU Hosts)
- Massive perfomance upgrades to both the audio processing and user interface.
- Reduced download footprint
- Improved stability
- Enhanced support system.

#Patch 2.0.2 brings:
- Audiobus AUv3 support
- Minor design updates
- Performance tweaks
- iTunes Preview video
- Improved stability

Grind Distortion by Audio Damage, Inc.

Audio Damage, Inc. has released Grind Distortion! I guess that means their launch of Rough Rider 2 went smoothly! Once again this is Universal, and supports AUv3. It can also be used Standalone. Grind is billed as, "code-identical to our VST/AU/AAX version!" Unfortunately I can't even find videos for the desktop version.

Thanks to reader @yactre for the quick heads-up on this!

Grind Distortion iTunes Description:

A true powerhouse of audio warfare, Grind puts the "damage" in Audio Damage. From subtle tube-style saturation to full-on mangled wavetable distortion, Grind is a Swiss Army Knife of sound design. This effect consists of three main blocks: wavetable lookup, in to algorithmic saturation/distortion/, and finally to a multi-mode filter with eleven different topologies, from your favorite four-pole lowpass ladder filter, to the 18dB screaming acid, to more subtle toolbox filters like notch. Driving it all is a tempo-synced LFO for rhythmic filtering and grinding.

Grind is code-identical to our VST/AU/AAX version, and can even load its presets. Take your favorite destruction plug on the road with you in this AudioUnits v3 version. Also includes a stand-alone app.


> Input gain and gate

> Wavetable lookup distortion module with LFO modulation over 15 wavetables, and control over window size and phase. This replaces the input sample with one chosen from the selected wavetable based on input level.

> Algorithmic distortion module. Apply one of eleven different distortion/saturation algorithms to the signal, for everything from subtle tube-style harmonic saturation to full sine driver craziness.

> Multi-mode filter with eleven different topologies, from popular vintage synth filters to studio carving tools. The filter frequency is an LFO modulation target, making this worth the price of admission for the filter alone.

> Tempo-synced LFO. In an AUv3 host, Grind's LFO automatically syncs to your host, and can provide rhythmic interest to virtually any track. Mod the filter, for timbral interest, or mod the wavetable, for the full Grind destructo-effect!

> A mix control rounds out this easy-to-use, yet deceptively intense effect. Add a little or add it all, Grind is a multi-effect that will bring any sound to life.

Thanks to senhorlampada for commenting to pointing out these official audio demos. The bass is interesting!

Listen to the album "AD035 Grind Audio Demos" by Audio Damage.

Vulse by Joseph Constantakis

Joseph Constantakis released Vulse, an Audiobus-enabled effect app for guitar that combines gyroscopic motion with an X/Y pad. They intend for you to use a microsuction case to temporarily affix your iPhone to the guitar, for some very dynamic performances. Fortunately Vulse arrives with a demo of it in action!

Vulse iTunes Description:

Vulse is the only app that lets you control effects WHILE you play by touching your screen and rotating your guitar.

- Mix and match combinations of effects like Wah, Pitch Shift, and Echo.
- Put Vulse in sequence with other apps using Audiobus & Inter-App Audio
- Assign effects to the X and Y touch coordinates and the angle of your phone's rotation
- Multi-touch and hold-off mode enable completely new ways of interacting with your effects, creating sounds that are impossible to make using a physical effect pedal or whammy bar
- Dedicated kill switch and bypass button on the Play screen
- Wave visualizer and glow effects on the Play screen make Vulse more visually captivating than any physical effect pedal ever made

First bring your iPhone within reach by temporarily affixing it to the face of your guitar, using a micro-suction phone case, hook-and-loop tape, or any other method you prefer. Then plug in your guitar using an adapter like iRig or JAM. Now you're ready to create completely original sounds using Vulse!
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