JayEllyiot: Favorite Apps & Features to use within BeatMaker 3

YouTuber JayEllyiot brings us a collection of his favorite apps to use inside of BeatMaker 3.

Video Description:

Here are some of my favourite apps and features that I like to use within Beatmaker 3.

Thanks for watching!

Filmed & Edited by:
Jay Ellyiot



Music by: Jay Ellyiot

Music in this video contains 3 tracks from the SINTHPHONY EP. Those tracks are:

Juno Mars
Milky Wav

Download & Stream EP on iTunes:

Stream EP on Spotify:

Also available on all other digital platforms.

*Last track played in this video is unreleased (soon to be released tho)


Peace out for now!

Wayne Rowand - The Good Lonely

Reader Wayne Rowand put out another iOS only album. He's primarily using Model 15, Zeeon, and Mood inside of Cubasis. As you might expect from that roster it is very synthy! I really like the sound design on Chant, but my favorite is the moody outro Ensō. In addition to Bandcamp, there is a YouTube playlist for the album.

StudioLiveToday: 5 Tips to Avoid it in GarageBand (Optimizing)

Pete Johns brings us some tips to avoid garbage in GarageBand!

Video Description:

In this video, I take a look at the frustrating reality of the "Optimizing Performance" pop-up in GarageBand, and provide 5 tips that will help you avoid it.

1. Remove Unused Tracks
2. Use Effects Only When Needed
3. Record Virtual Tracks First
4. Close Background Applications and Processes
5. Record Your Tracks in One Session

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thesoundtestroom: Free Preset Bank Showcase

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom posted a couple of videos showcasing some free preset banks! There is a video for Ryan Janik's Kauldron bank, and embedded here is a look at Zeeon presets in KEENON by Keenan.

Video Description:

You can get your FREE Zeeon Preset Bank by KEENON here

Here is the link to the Audiobus forum thread for the Keenan Pack

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AC Sabre MIDI Instrument Update

AC Sabre MIDI Instrument, from Air Craft, was updated with MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression). The update also includes a new Guitarist panel set with power cords. AC Sabre is on sale now for 50% off!

Developer Hari Karam Singh shows off the new MPE support by controlling GeoShred!

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