Kalkartronic - Live! Jam with Space X Starman

YouTuber Kalkartronic joins Space X's Starman in the Tesla for a spacey synth adventure!

Video Description:

Space X Starman has a passenger! 😂
Put on my knitted space suit and my protective space helmet, beamed me up and sat besides Starman to jam around. Since there is no sound in space due to lack of atmosphere, I plugged the output of the minijam hub mixer into Starman's helmet radio, so he could enjoy the ride. Don't know whether he liked it or not - he did not show any emotion.... 🤔
Gear set-up: iPad in iStudio frame running Alchemy and Xynthsizr (being the master Midi clock for the Volca Beats), sync-out of the Volca Beats to sync-in of the Teenage Engineering PO-12 (bass and snare). All mixed mono with minijam hub.
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SoundOfIzrael - In the realm of...iOS

YouTuber Sam Izrael recreated Siam's In the Realm Of inside of Cubasis with a whole bunch of apps. This one starts off quite slow, but it is a lot of cheesy 80's synth fun!

Video Description:

An iPad version of a great song by Siam from 1989

Using CUBASIS as a daw
Poison 202
Arturia iSEM
Arturia iSpark

Red Sky Lullaby: Syntronik Blau - PPG Wave 2

Reader Red Sky Lullaby demoed the PPG Wave 2 emulation, Blau, inside of Syntronik.

Video Description:

Blau synth in Syntronik is an emulation of the classic synth the PPG Wave 2 that was one of the first Wavetable Synths pioneered by Wolfgang Palm / Palm Instruments in the eighties.
The PPG was used by David Bowie, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and Stevie Wonder among others.

Simmons Drums Advanced

Drum manufacturer Simmons released Simmons Drums Advanced as a way to control their SD2000 electronic drum kit. In addition to controlling which samples are triggered by the drums, you can even record your own samples from the iPhone app! This looks like a great way to rapidly develop a unique drum sample library.

Simmons Drums Advanced

Simmons Drums Advanced is designed to extend the capabilities of the SD2000 electronic drum kit.

Use this app to record real-world sounds with your iPhone or iPad — anytime, anywhere. Later, edit your unique samples and add them to your kit. The result is a nearly a limitless personal library of samples and soundscapes for your SD2000.

You can now remotely edit and save your drum kits and sounds with your iOS device using a very user-friendly interface.

There are also some great tools for improving your playing such as the “Play Along"" function that allows you to choose songs from your iOS's music library and manipulate the playback speed so you can slow down a song to learn the groove.

Users will need to download the latest Firmware update from SimmonsDrums.net and will need an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and USB cable to connect the kit drum module to their iOS device.

haQ attaQ: Beatmaker vs Cubasis │ Which is BEST for you?

Jakob Haq did a comparison video to help you answer the question, which iPad DAW is best for you?

Video Description:

Here's my take on Beatmaker 3 versus Cubasis 2 and which one to go for. Questions like "this one vs that one" or "which iOS DAW is best" are popping up allover my comment section. Last week I received yet another request from a viewer asking me to do a comparison between these apps. So I figured it was time to dig in and get it done. In my opinion It all boils down to workflow and personal preference. Check it out!

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