Klevgränd Updates

Klevgränd released a whole bunch of updates today for Baervaag - FM Synthesizer, Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer, Tines - Electric Piano, and Pads - Lush Pad Synthesizer! All of the apps now let you save presets while in standalone mode, which can then also be used in AUv3.

What's new in Baervaag - FM Synthesizer v1.1.0:

• Added a tempo synchronised delay effect (with sync to host option if launched as AUv3)

• New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode.

• UI Updates

What's new in Jussi - Vocal Synthesizer v1.0.2:

• New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode.
• Fixed a rare bug causing noise when playing notes some times.

What's new in Tines - Electric Piano v1.0.2:

• New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode. OBS! Due to some technical issues, earlier saved presets will vanish. We recommend saving the presets in any AU host before doing the update, and then re-save them after update.

• A minor bug that occured when using the sustain pedal in combination with playing a lot of notes is now fixed.

What's new in Pads - Lush Pad Synthesizer v1.0.3:

New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode.

DJ App Review: Pacemaker

YouTuber Pid One posted a follow-up to his DJ app comparison video. In that video original video Pacemaker wasn't working correctly, so now it gets its own spotlight.

Video Description:

Review of the iOS App, run on an iPad Air 2

A great addition to any DJ's setup, slick smooth and well though out, but needs improvement

BandShift by VirSyn

VirSyn just released BandShift, a new multi-band filter with frequency shifting effect app for AUv3, Audiobus, and Inter-app Audio! The app features 2 XY controllers for real-time manipulation of the effect. BandShift arrives on sale at an introductory price of $7.

BandShift iTunes Description:

BandShift is a multi-band auditory filter and frequency shifter taking a new approach to manipulate the pitch of complex sound sources in realtime. The well know analog Bode frequency shifter shifts all frequencies in an input up by the same amount and thereby alters their harmonic relation and tends to produce inharmonic results. But it's perfect in dealing with transients and sounds smooth even with high amounts of down pitching.

BandShift splits the spectrum in 27 bands and applies a different amount of frequency shifting to each band emulating a harmonic pitch shifting. This gives you perfect pitch shifting for all kind of drum sounds over a vast shifting range of +/- five octaves without disturbing the transients or introducing metallic distortions. The extreme range of shifting gives you access to a vast field of unknown sonic territory.

The possibility to apply different shiftings on each band gives you exciting possibilities: Suppose you have a drum loop which is perfect, but the bass drum is a bit too high or too low to fit in your mix then you can easily get the bass drum shifted a bit down and the rest of the spectrum remains unchanged. But it’s applications are not limited to drum sounds, they’re only limited by your imagination.

### Introductory offer for a limited time ###


• Multi band bode frequency shifter
• Linear phase filter bank with 27 bands
• AudioUnit for AUv3 compatible hosts.
• Inter-app audio compatible effect.
• Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving.
• Apply effect to any song in your iTunes library.
• Low latency live usage with mic and headphones.
• Audio recorder

Fugue Machine Update

Alexandernaut's popular Fugue Machine was updated with Audiobus 3 MIDI Support, including the per-playhead MIDI destinations hinted at in last week's Audiobus 3 reveal. Previously you had the option of sending Fugue Machine's different playheads out to separate MIDI channels, but now you can actually specify which app (or interface) you want to receive them. In Audiobus 3 this will be even more useful, with the option to add a MIDI effect app on some of the playheads.

The update notes also include a teaser about "something new" Alexander's been working on for over 5 months.

What's new in Fugue Machine v1.3.0:


You can now route each playhead to any MIDI Destination and MIDI Channel — the previous version only allowed routing by MIDI Channel. This makes it much easier to send each playhead to a different app or MIDI Port.

Check out Settings > Midi Output Settings, and notice that each Playhead (1-4) now has its own setting. There's also an 'All Playheads' setting for convenience.

There's now a setting to explicitly set the built-in synth on and off, allowing Fugue Machine to send MIDI and control the built-in synth simultaneously. Go to Settings > Synthesizer Settings.

*Synthesizing sound is expensive! So if you're only using Fugue Machine as a MIDI sequencer, set Synth Enabled to OFF to save CPU resources.

Audiobus 3 brings MIDI support to Audiobus, and Fugue Machine is good to go :]

Fugue Machine now supports State Saving in Audiobus, making it possible to save/manage Fugue Machine patterns via Audiobus.


In previous versions, if you exited the app while Fugue Machine was running, there was a chance some MIDI Notes wouldn't be turned off. Not a huge deal, but it's fixed now.


Although this is a relatively minor update, getting the MIDI Destinations to route properly was surprisingly tricky! I wanted it to be foolproof... which required a system to ensure that redundant MIDI data would be filtered out.

Basically, thanks to this system, you can set the playheads to any Destination / Channel combination, and not have to worry about a connected MIDI device receiving duplicated MIDI messages. Yeee :]

I'm currently working around the clock (for 5+ months now!) on something new, and... I couldn't be more excited about it :]

And yes! Thanks again for your support with Fugue Machine... the new thing I mentioned above would otherwise not be possible.

Ok! Please reach out if anything comes up, and also... if you can... (and I hate asking)... please consider rating/re-rating the app on the App Store :]

All the best,

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler brings us this quick look at the new MIDI functionality!

MAIOLE - No Boras

YouTuber MAIOLE posted this stunning live performance using a classical guitar in Samplr, with a Korg MS20 and Ableton. Holy shit, I loved every bit of this, but I especially loved the way that guitar sounds!

Video Description:

Building a track live - using a classical guitar, Korg Ms20, Ableton Push, Samplr on an iPad and the lovely Crumar Bit99
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcomaiole/

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