Manage & Organize Your Files in iOS - for CREATIVES!!

Henny Tha Bizness has some great tips on managing all your samples and video files with several tips and products to help get the job done. The hardware add-ons even have their own apps!

Video Description:

Having trouble managing and organizing you files on your iOS devices? Here’s a few ways I’ve perfected using my #iOS as my main device for creating!!!



Here is my current GEAR KIT:


Novation Launchpad Update

Novation Launchpad was updated with a new FX editing panel. If you've purchased the FX IAPs you can now customize the parameters for each FX pad. If you're British, like Novation, you can customise them instead.

What's new in Novation Launchpad v7.4:

In this version we’ve modernised the FX edit panel on iPad to bring it up to date with the slick new design. The FX In-App Purchases allow you to customise the parameters and channels for each FX pad, leading to some exciting and creative combinations.

DM1 Drum Machine Walkthrough

YouTuber Dope Breakfast loves the classic DM1! Here he shows it off for anyone who might have missed it.

Video Description:

Quick walkthrough of the DM1 Drum Machine app by Fingerlab. This is the only drum machine I use anymore. It's incredibly versatile and you can take it anywhere. More info available at

You can hear what the DM1 sounds like in a mix by checking out my tracks at

Downtempo Musical Travels

Thoby Davis visited The DMT Experiment for this duo on 2 iPads!

Video Description:

A jam session with just 2 iPads, midi keyboards and a range of awesome apps

theProxyServer - Cathedral of Low Freqs

YouTuber theProxyServer was checking out humbleTUNE's new granular synth Tardigrain, when an epic Cathedral of Low Freqs happened. I really dig the tones coming out of here!

Video Description:

Quick test of the Tardigrain app - hooked it up and liked what emerged, hence this quick vid...

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