Beatsurfing MaxForLive - Turing Funck

Herrmutt Lobby is keeping busy. Today he's showing off Beatsurfing with a MaxForLive (Ableton) device that will quantize MIDI input. But whatever, man, this sounds funcking awesome!

Video Details:

Herrmutt Lobby playing Turing Funck with an unquantized scene, and then the same with a QUANTIZE patch made by NONAGON for Maxforlive.
Listen to the track, download the Ableton Project and the .bs file here:
Download the Quantize patch here:

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Dharmatronix - Danger Bot

It is always a challenge for every musician to get heard. A lot of people will post videos on YouTube, but they are often as boring as watching someone hit the Play button. Dharmatronix had the clever idea of making a simple music video using the iPad apps TouchViz and Vjay. The music is from "a combo of ipad and cpu", but you won't see any of that. Just the Danger Bot!

You can find some videos of the actual music making progress on his YouTube channel as SpaceAje.

Buy TouchViz on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

In-depth look at the Mobile Mood Machine

Apps4iDevices has put together a nice video showing off the sounds and sound design in Mobile Mood Machine, from Julien Bayle.

Buy Mobile Mood Machine on iTunes: $2.99

TouchProducer has new content, sort of...

TouchProducer, run by Nick and Andrew, has had a long hiatus! You may remember Nick as the host of the TouchSound Podcast. They are back today with a guest review of the MPC Fly, from Steven Williams.

Interestingly enough I ran an Akai MPC Fly Impressions guest article back in April from Mr. Steve Williams.

Coincidence? I think not! I am glad to see some activity on TouchProducer though! It isn't their fault that Steve is whoring himself out all over. Playing with the MPC Fly for 15 minutes at a trade show sure has given him a lot to talk about; though I think it is disingenuous to call it "review" worthy.

TouchOSC extending the usefulness of an old synth!

The Roland Alpha Juno 2 can make some great sounds. However, like a lot of synths of its time, it is woefully lacking in meaningful controls. You've got to hunt around through menus on a tiny LCD screen to get at the good stuff!

TouchOSC to the rescue! BIM0X put together his own little Arduino hack to add WiFi MIDI to the old synth that came out in 1986. The Arduino is catching OSC packets sent over WiFi and translating them into MIDI messages for the Alpha Juno 2. With that done he was able to setup a slick custom TouchOSC layout to make accessing the hidden goodies as easy as using an iOS synth!

Here a video of him testing it out:

Video Details:

Touch OSC sends OSC messages (e.g /jun/DCO_Range 2.000) which are translated by the Arduino into Midi SysEx messages. But the Arduino also translates Midi sysex messages from the Juno 2 into OSC messages (sort of loopback) so that when you change the patch on the Juno2, faders automatically move to the right position !

The code and detailled instructions will soon be published on

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