Sylenth 1: Synth Focus

Computer Music Magazine is up to something new and interesting! Synth Focus is a new series of apps that specifically focus on one software synthesizer; with tutorial videos, artist interviews, and a talk with the developer. This is almost entirely off-topic for the site, since the synth focused on is a computer VST, but I really like the concept of this! I especially like the idea of the developer being interviewed, which should give some fascinating insights into the design. I hope we see a lot more of this!

Perhaps most interesting of all is their distribution of the app. You can buy it standalone for $3, but it is also available as a free bonus to subscribers of their iTunes Newsstand app!

iTunes Description:

Synth Focus by Computer Music magazine is a succinct new series of apps that explores the best software synths on the market today.

In this Sylenth1 edition, we'll show you key techniques through five video tutorials, speak to the developer in an exclusive interview, find out what the synth's most famous users have to say about it and more!

Buy Sylenth 1: Synth Focus on iTunes: $2.99

Buy Computer Music Magazine on iTunes: $4.99/issue ($39.99/year)

7 Minutes to iOS MIDI Mapping Mastery

dArrAnAsAurus mAx is not good at counting, but he is informative in this 23 minute long 7 Minutes to iOS MIDI Mapping Mastery.

Although the first video is all about getting Kieth McMillen's QuNeo setup for use in Animoog, the principles are useful for all device and app combinations. The second part looks at MIDI Learn in BeatMaker 2, and includes a demo controlling Loopy HD via MIDI.

G.A.S. Warning: This will make you want a QuNeo. I've never seen anyone setup a QuNeo like that for Animoog, it looks like fun!

Update: Reader Grey Burkart shared his Animoog mapping for other QuNeo owners. You can find it here, or on GitHub.

Gerçek Dorman - Blue Notes Red Socks

Gerçek Dorman's latest song is full of epic percussion, featuring DrumJam and a Korg WaveDrum. I really enjoyed this!

Video Description:

Blue Notes Red Socks is a world tale.... I put random voices from earth and livings in it. There are trafic-jam sounds, animal sounds, streets and nature sounds in it.

I play iPad and Korg WaveDrum in same performance. I use Alesis ioDock as sound device I use 43d World Sound Mix, DrumJam, Orphion, MultiTrack DAW applications with AudioBus app. And I also get my effects on Korg KP3. I use Ableton live for recording and I get some effects from it too.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $9.99


Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $7.99

Buy MultiTrack DAW on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Orphion on iTunes: $4.99

Eclectic Method - iPadNY

Eclectic Method met up with J-Live to collaborate on this meta video of mobile VJing about New York, from around New York.

Video Description:

Start spreading the news..... Not saying New York is the best city in the world, it's just my favorite and has become my adopted home. So my latest video is a meta frame within a frame remix of New York itself. Fragments of classic New York movies are scratched, remixed and jammed around New York locations. Oliver Stone's panning Manhattan shots are scratched up around Manhattan, Scorsese's classic Brooklyn shots scratched around Brooklyn and Woody Allen's view of Manhattan from Queens gets jammed from a Queen's rooftop. The remix about town, about a town. Eclectic Method (EM) also enlisted the help of New Yorker J-Live to scratch up classic NY centric music videos from the Beastie Boys, Jay Z and others. J-Live is a long term EM collaborator and also one of the few humans who can scratch and rhyme at the same time.

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Tulup Figure Jam

YouTuber Tulup has posted an excellent little Figure jam. What a great sounding app, and still just $1!

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99

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