Spacing out with SpaceWiz

Reader Garrett let me know about a new video demoing SpaceWiz. As you can probably guess by the name, this is a new app on the way from Jodan Rudess and Kevin Chartier at Wizdom Music.

Voice Synth is only $3!

This is the second app today to have its lowest price ever, and the sale price for both is $3. Coincidence or Inside Job?

Voice Synth was recently updated with some very nice features, including 100 factory presets (up from 8) and unlimited user preset saves.

Buy Voice Synth on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Here is a little demo I did as part of my Voice Synth review.

Guitar and Ear - free iPhone Ear Trainer

A free Ear Trainer has just arrived on iTunes!

iTunes Description:

This app will aid in developing a familiarity with the sounds of specific intervals and their physical separation on the fretboard in various scales. The focus of this app is on the seven modes of the major scale and their tonal flavors. Play with each scale to get used to the intervals involved and then test yourself by hitting the "play" button, which will begin the game. With practice, intervals can become distinct and recognizable sounds. Then, all of music can becomes more accessible and yet deeper in meaning.

Buy Guitar and Ear on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

It calls itself a "Beta version" in the app, so it may be going up in price when it is final.

miniSynth PRO Sale

miniSynth Pro from Yonac is on sale now for $3!

This is the biggest sale ever in the app's 2 year history. Despite its age it has been kept modern with updates that include Virtual MIDI In as well as background audio. I've never played with it though, so I can't speak to its quality.

Buy miniSynth PRO on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Here is a little tutorial from Yonac on recording and exporting. It is all fairly obvious, but it is a good chance to hear the synth.

PixiTracker 1Bit Released for iOS!

Overwhelmed in a world of 24, 16 and 8-bit sounds? PixiTracker now has a 1-bit little brother! This came out on Android last week, but it is now on iOS as a Universal app.

iTunes Description:

PixiTracker 1BIT is a simple and fun tool to quickly create musical sketches, chip tunes and experiments with TRUE 1-BIT SOUND (like on old microcomputers). No musical knowledge required!

Key features:
• true 1-bit sound: only 1 and 0 in the final mix;
• pattern based sequencer (tracker);
• max number of tracks: 12; max number of steps: 64;
• MIDI keyboard support;
• several packs with unique sounds;
• mic/line-in sound recording;
• Wi-Fi export/import;
• export to WAV;
• audio copy/paste;
• iTunes File Sharing;
• true warm pixel interface!

Buy PixiTracker 1Bit on iTunes: $0.99

This has the same cutesy visualizer that was just added to PixiTracker (16-bit). Here is the official demo from Warm Place.

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