New Multitasking with windows on iOS!

Marcus over at Brazilian site Music Apps has news of a great new jailbreak app! Quasar, $10 on Cydia, allows for apps to be windowed. You can resize them with ease and have apps sitting next to each other! Check out this demo video, that has GeoSynth controlling iMS-20 via MIDI Bridge, while simultaneously playing Animoog.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that he's doing all of that on an old iPad 1! Google Translate does a poor job of Portuguese to English, so I don't want to try speculating too much on what all is said. Here is the full article.

Arctic Keys Updated!

Arctic Keys got an interesting update today! In addition to some bug fixes, One Red Dog have "incorporated new Unison Mode technology". One of my chief criticisms was the way Unison Mode was handled in the early versions, but they addressed those months ago. I look forward to playing with this new version to see what they've changed!

They're a sponsor, but no bullshit, Arctic saved me $700 on Easter. I was seriously tempted by the Guitar Center Easter sale that brought the price of the Moog Slim Phatty down to Moog Minitaur territory. Before I ran out and bought one though, I did my research and listened to some patches people had made on the Phatty. I then reproduced even Phattyier versions of them on Arctic. Slim Phatty's don't have Unison! The name suggests cool sounds, but I've gotten some very warm analog patches out of this.

Buy Arctic Keys on iTunes: $4.99

New Traktor overlay for TouchOSC

With all of the recent DJ apps I've been reviewing I had been thinking about dusting off Native Instrument's Traktor 2. My previous MIDI assignments are broken though because I made them when I had 2 APC40s. I sold the 2nd one and I need to come up with something new. Fortunately YouTube has no shortage of results for a "Traktor iPad" search, but I came across one posted today that is quite unique!

Self-styled "Controllerists" have moved far beyond scratching, so the platters on modern DJ rigs go largely unused. That is, until Ean Golden showed us they could be be used as super effects jog dials. So I was pleased discover this new TouchOSC overlay from Peter Pistole, that builds on that idea for the iPad.

I can't make it skip-ahead on embeds, so you'll have to enjoy his intro or seek to 1:05 for a short demo of it in action. Don't be fooled by the beret and pencil-mustache, he's German not French, but the video is in English!

You can download it from his Rapidshare link here (Just click on the middle "Save file to..." option, forget all the other crap).

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Hyperspace 3D update and video

Strange Agency's strange 3D synth-thing just got updated with MIDI and VGA support, so you can make your own music videos like they have here!

WARNING: Turn down your volume!

Buy HyperSpace 3D Synthesizer on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

GlitchBreaks review on iOS Music and You

I'm working on my own review, but I've been busy with some other projects and Chip Boaz beat me to it! His review is great, offering a feature overview and some criticism that I agree with. I'll warn you that while I try to keep my reviews under 800 words, he likes to get really deep with over 2,000!

Here's a snippet:
Recording musicians could find the app useful for creating glitched out drum beats for their compositions or sonically altered audio loops that they could place into a DAW. Beginners with an interest in glitch music will enjoy the instant gratification of the “Glitch” and “Cut” pads, quickly churning out some sounds that reflect the music that they love.

You can read the whole thing over here on iOS Music and You.

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

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