NinjaJamm is a new iPhone app that lets you remix songs from artists on the UK electronic music label Ninja Tune.

iTunes Description:

Ninja Jamm is a free mixing and jamming app that lets anyone instantly remix music from the Ninja Tune label using touch control, state of the art effects and killer music from Ninja artists.

Combining aspects of DJing, remixing and producing, the app lets anyone experience the excitement of playing with electronic music. Ninja artists such as Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff and Coldcut, provide the tunes for you to jamm with.

As each tune plays, you can switch seamlessly between the original licks and bonus clips, created by highly trained remix Ninjas, whilst glitching and effecting each channel and firing oneshot samples over the top.

The app comes bundled with a free Tunepack, Beats and Pieces3 from Coldcut, the cut'n'paste classic from the DJ duo who helped define both the modern remix with Paid in Full and mashup with Journeys By DJ. You can expand your collection with more Tunepacks from Ninja artists, available for in-app purchase.

Buy NinjaJamm on iTunes: Freemium

They let you share your remixes on SoundCloud, which is not something I expected of an app from a label. This is a great idea since it lets you export something and has the benefit of providing them free marketing for their artists.

Here's the promo video, but you should also check out the Making Of video which shows the prototype in TouchOSC and MAX/MSP.

Audiobus Updates!

With the Audiobus SDK now out in the wild, developers are quickly implementing it into their apps. Three new additions just hit iTunes today, including the long awaited SampleTank update and Remixer!

Buy Remixer2 on iTunes: $2.99

Buy Polychord on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Electrify on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Epic Synth on iTunes: $5.99

Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $11.99

Buy Sample Tank FREE on iTunes: Freemium

In the increasingly crowded market of DJ apps, Remixer still stands out in my mind. This is in many ways the TC-11 of DJ apps, offering familiar functionality in an original design; suited to touch interfaces. Here's a demo from the developer.

Musikmesse 2013: Waldorf Nave

That's no typo, the long awaited NWave Synth from Tempo Rubato and Waldorf has been rechristened as "Nave" and is at Musikmesse in Germany! Muso Talk is there too and brings us our first glimpse of the app in action! Non Eric speaks (in German) with developer Rolf Wöhrmann about the features. Unfortunately all I caught from it was, "It's Minecraft for Audio!"

This is the first time anything new has been seen of the anticipated Wavetable Synth since my interview with Rolf a year ago! While the combined name "Waldorf PPG" is a familiar one for many, Nave is a collaboration between just Waldorf and Rolf. While Nave does not have a release date yet, it sounds like Wolgang "PPG" Palm will have 3 apps out by the time this finally hits iTunes sometime this Spring!

iFretless Guitar

Hans Anderson has released a companion for iFretless Bass, iFretless Guitar! This Universal app is available for free and comes with 2 guitar sounds. 5 more can be purchased in the first Sound Pack In-App Purchase, for $5.

iTunes Description:

iFretless is a guitar fretboard, completely re-designed for maximum playability on iOS devices. It replaces two handed playing and strumming with a one-touch-per-note design that enables fast, precise playing of melodies, scales, and arpeggios and real-time control over the pitch of each individual note.

iFretless is not an imitation guitar for your iPhone; it's a totally new way to make music.


  • Audiobus support allows you to connect to effects processor apps or recording apps like garageBand
  • Fretless note bending
  • Velocity sensitive multi-sampled instruments
  • Play up to three guitar sounds at the same time
  • 7 high-quality guitar sounds - 2 free and 5 for in-app purchase
  • MIDI input and output
  • Audio Copy to other apps

In App Purchases:

The ($5) package of 5 sounds includes the following patches:
  • Snarling Synth
  • Steel String Acoustic
  • Bridge-Mid Pickup Bright Strat
  • Blues Neck Pickup Strat
  • Hollow Body Electric

Buy iFretless Guitar on iTunes: $9.99

PPG MiniMapper Show & Tell

Reader Andre pointed me to a new Show & Tell from Wolfgang Palm for his latest synth, MiniMapper. This iPhone version of the WaveMapper will be available on April 20th, for $4. Wolfgang is getting some beautiful sounds out of this app!

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