iOS Update Vol. 17: SweetTips, Mic Locker, and Animoog

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update features lots of apps, including Sweetwater's own SweetTips and a Mic Locker I haven't even heard of! All audio was recorded with Dangerous Music Source as the audio interface.

Buy SweetTips on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Buy Ocean Way Mic Locker on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $9.99

DigiEnsemble Berlin - Word Up (Rock Cover)

DigiEnsemble Berlin, a band of professional musicians that use only mobile apps, is back with a new video! They were at LinuxNacht, an Open Source conference, when they played this seriously rocking version of the classic Cameo song.

Video Description:

The video shows a piece of "Hard Rock" played with Apps like iShred (2), Drums XD, Basist and GarageBand (2). Its just easy to play. The performance took place at the LinuxNacht Europe's largest conference and expo on open source and free software. Now we are looking forward to get some new instruments on linux soon :-)

The DigiEnsemble Berlin is founded by Matthias Krebs at DigiMediaL_musik at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin). It is a repertoire-based ensemble using mobile devices as primary musical instrument. While mobile devices have been used for artistic expression before by musical technologist like MoPhO and some other, the DiEn is the first ensemble (to the best of our knowledge) to approach its possibilities from an ensemble angle of trained musicians.

Ten professional musicians got together trying out how to turn handheld devices into instruments. It is presenting their musical results on stages. Because of its experimental approach the ensemble plays a wide range of musical styles from classical music ("largo" from Haendel) up to metal music ("word up" in the version from Korn). Every note is played in realtime with a music app on stage. Most of the performances are made and played unique for one show.

Microsoft Kinect controlling Korg iMS-20

Josué Palma has a neat tech demo of a Max For Live (Ableton Live) device he's developed; using the Microsoft Kinect to manipulate MIDI messages. In the example video his hand position changes cutoff frequency for the low and high pass filters in iMS-20!

Video Description:

Another simple experiment...

I use synapse to control devices on Ableton Live, but i wanted to control another midi hardware from live, like my boss gt8 guitar processor, on this example the Y and Z positions of my right hand are changing the cutoff frecuency of the vc highpass and lowpass filter of my iMS20 respectively, the messages are routed with maxforlive devices (to avoid osculator and have automation with live) and sent via midi over wifi.

Buy Korg iMS-20 on iTunes: $32.99

SampleTank with Virtual Drums

In a first for YouTube, hannaby has run iRig MIDI into his VDrum kit to play with Sample Tank for a really nice drum performance!

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Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $19.99

Borderlands Synthpop Remix

Oliver Chesler was making some Synth Pop yesterday with a Moog Slim Phatty, Ensoniq ESQ-1, and some modular modules.

He followed this up by throwing the resulting tracks into Borderlands Granular for some Scary Pop!


Buy Borderlands Granular on iTunes: $3.99

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