Moog Filtatron Free!

As part of one of those Free-App-A-Day programs, Moog's Filtatron is free right now!

iTunes Description:

FILTATRON is much more than your average sound app. It’s a phenomenal real-time audio effects suite and powerful studio tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It’s not a toy, but go ahead and play with it.

The Moog Filtatron is a realtime audio filter and effects engine. Use sound from any of three sources:
• Line/microphone input,
• Sampler,
• Built-in oscillator, or
• Import any song on your iDevice into the Sampler.

Run the sound through a virtual version of the famous Moog filter with a little (or a lot) of filter modulation, delay, and overdrive to create your own musical statement.

Multi-touch X-Y pads provide highly tweakable performance control for live use.

Buy Filtatron on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $7.99)

This was Moog's first app. Although it has been somewhat abandoned in the wake of Animoog, Moog has said that Audiobus would eventually be coming to Filtatron. There is no clue as to when that might be, but if you're getting this app free today you should give them all the time in the world to do so! Although Moog is a big name, they are also a relatively small company. The amount of the Moogers working on apps is pretty small and those guys have other responsibilities as well.

So grab it while you can, this sale will not last long!

Here is a demo of Filtatron with a modular synth, recorded on VHS back in 1989! The action starts about 3 minutes in.

iPhone + iPad + Kindle: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

YouTuber mmuramat has a whole channel full of him playing piano while his iPad provides backing for classic songs. In a very meta moment of inspiration, he decided to load up one of those videos on his Kindle and jam along on his iPad and iPhone!

Buy Garageband on iTunes: $4.99

PPG MiniMapper Demo

Wolfgang Palm has announced that Alba Ecstasy, aka Adrian Simion, is working on presets for the new MiniMapper app.

Here is a lengthy demo of the sounds coming to iPhone on April 20th (420, dude!) for $4.

iOS Update Vol. 38: Little MIDI Machine & Clap Box

Mitch Gallagher looks at some very worthwhile free apps in this week's Sweetwater iOS Update.

Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free


Buy Clap Box on iTunes: Free

Seline Audiobus Update, Plus All IAPs Are Free!

Seline Ultimate, a unique instrument interface from Amidio makers of, has been updated with Audiobus. Most impressively though, all of the instruments available for In-App Purchase are now free downloads! They used to cost $2 each!

What's new in 2.3:

  • Audiobus integration!
  • All in-app purchases are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD, more than 600 Mb of quality instruments, check them out in the SHOP menu.
  • Bugfixes.

Buy Seline Ultimate on iTunes: $4.99

Here is a demo of the MIDI recording and overdub functionality.

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