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Yesterday I reported on MIDI Test Box for iPhone being "On Sale" for free, but this seems to have been an error...
And for once the error wasn't mine! According to the Dyselxia Software website:

MIDI TEST BOX was accidentally put up on the iTunes store for Free for 2 days, so some people got a bargain!

For those of you that missed the "bargain" there is a new Universal and stripped down version of MIDI Test Box that is actually intended to be available for free.

iTunes Description:

MIDI TEST BOX is an essential app for anyone using MIDI wanting to check connectivity to find out what is and what isn't working

designed to give feedback in real time and requiring little or no setup so it's ready to use when you need to use it

ideal for professional musicians, sound engineers, hardware & software developers gigging keyboard players will find it invaluable

Buy MTBe on iTunes: Free

Visual Bass

Visual Bass is a new iPad app designed to be both playable and instructive for Bass players.

iTunes Description:

Buy Visual Bass on iTunes: $2.99

Visual Bass is a simple but powerful tool which will help you to understand the bass fretboard in a whole new way! A nine fret area of the neck is displayed and the root note can be changed to the central fret of any string, this allows you to learn and visualise scales and arpeggios anywhere on the instrument.

Select any combination of intervals to create scales, modes, chords, arpeggios or whatever you like. You can choose to display intervals on the fretboard or just dots for a simpler look.

Visual Bass has a built in library of musical formulas including all of the most common scales and chords, and lots of unusual ones for you to explore as well.

After creating a scale or selecting one from the library, the intelligent display will tell you what type or scale or arpeggio your formula spells, and the built in player can play it for you either harmonically or melodically.

The tuning of all four strings can also be adjusted to any note!

MIDI MIND - MIDI Interactive Note Device

Dyslexia Software, makers of MIDI Test Box, have released a Universal app that morphs MIDI input to create new harmonies.

In celebration of this release, they have put the iPhone version of MIDI Test Box on sale, for free! This is a handy MIDI debugger.

iTunes Description:


Allows a MIDI input to produce a multiple output of Harmonies and rhythm, based on the users defined parameters.

A real-time performance and compositional tool

Highly human in response, function and intention

Core MIDI compliant

Buy MIDI MIND on iTunes: $6.99

Buy MIDI TEST BOX on iTunes: Free (On Sale)

Confused? Apparently Apple's app review team was too, so Dyslexia put out a demo video specifically for them.

Review: MPC Fly

Nekkron99 has done a fascinating and disappointing review of the new MPC Fly, which is now -- finally -- shipping! He gets right into what I'm sure many of you are curious to know: iMPC is kind of shit, so how does this thing perform with BeatMaker 2?

I had intended to do a review of my own, but it was recently revealed that it only offers a Lightning connector.
(Correction: Apparently you can get a 30-pin version, but only from Akai directly.)

I get the impression from Nekkron that my review video would have consisted entirely of me huddled in a corner, sobbing an incoherent manifesto on the importance of MIDI standardization. Audenonic has posted a guide for a pain-in-the-ass workaround with their MIDIBridge ($9) app; which includes the encouraging phrase, "Repeat the above 15 more times."

The Flaming Lips Use Sylo Synth!

Tim Warren, on the MATRIXSYNTH Facebook Lounge, spotted Wooji's old Sylo Synth app in this short Flaming Lips clip.

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