C3N.play - New Infinitely Large Music App

Palm Sounds found this amazing tutorial video for the upcoming C3N.play, which looks like Reactable on an, "infinitely large surface." Seriously, watch up to at least the 2 minute mark to see how infinitely large the playing field is. There are no details on when this will be coming out, but you can see how this has progressed from an early prototype on the Mälardalen University site.

SunVox Tutorial: Let's Make a Song

Solar Lune, featured previously for his excellent SunVox composition, shares his secrets in this tutorial. He's using the desktop version of SunVox, but all the same rules apply on the mobile app.

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $4.99


Twisted Electrons updated their SID synthesizer with a new BPM synced sequencer on the wavetable.

I was having a lot of fun with the sequencer today! If you like chiptunes this app is worth checking out, and it is free to do so. There is a lot to like in here.

What's new in SIDPAD v1.5:

  • Audio Engine Rebuild (Pitch tracking fixed)
  • Octave + / - buttons to widen range of on-screen keyboard
  • BPM Sync Wavetable sequencer
  • Fixed issue where pro users had to re-purchase the upgrade after updating.

If SIDPAD is still in demo mode after updating, please go through the purchase motion one last time, you WILL NOT be charged again. Thanks for your patience!

Buy SidPad on iTunes: Free ($4 Unlock IAP)

Apple Announces iOS 7 Coming Next Week

Jony Ive
Unapologeticly Smug

In a move that surprised no one, yesterday Apple announced the new iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5Cheap. More, faster, smaller, yadda, yadda... They didn't announce the next generation of iPads! Just a fucking plastic phone! Oh excuse me, a fucking "unapologeticly plastic" phone.

One bit of interesting news did surface yesterday, with the iPhone 5S running 64-bit processors. This appears to be a play for future development, rather than a specific performance improvement in this generation. Developers Sebastian Dittmann and Rolf Wöhrmann were available on Skype to help me make sense of what this will mean in practical terms.

"The only real benefit of 64-bit is that it is able to address more RAM. The only reason to do that is if you have more than 3 gigabytes of RAM. Since none of the new devices have more than 3 gigabytes of RAM; there is no benefit here.

If apps are optimized for 64-bit, then they can potentially be faster or more efficient because they can basically use bigger numbers. But unless apps are optimized for that, there is no benefit."

- Sebastian Dittmann, Co-Founder Audiobus

Rolf was more optimistic, but only slightly when ask about the challenges developers will have to face in order to do that.

"I understand 32-bit apps will run without recompiling on the new CPU. Just recompiling the code for 64-bit doesn't get at the real power from the CPU. You have to rethink some part of your processing kernel, to unleash the 64-bit power. The effort required is dependent on whether your current code is already thought out with these specific features in mind. For some it will be a whole rewrite, or simply not possible, for others it will be quite easy."

Rolf Wöhrmann, Tempo Rubato

So by the time we get to the iPhone 6 we should have a batch of 64-bit apps that will be able to fully take advantage of a projected 4 gigabytes of RAM, but for iPhone 5S owners the extra bits may go largely unnoticed.

Additionally Apple has announced that iOS 7 is coming out next Wednesday. If you use your iDevices in any sort of serious music production capacity I would like to remind you that you should really hold off on updating immediately. You wouldn't jump up to the latest OSX on your production Mac, so don't automatically update your iPad!

Finally in an effort to address the rampant iPhone theft in America, Apple announced plans to minimize the impact of this statistic by inflating the incidents of thumb theft.

Tutorial: Tabletop

Epic Tutorials' Eliot Fitzroy put together a truly Epic 30 minute Tutorial for Tabletop. Even if you have no interest in this app you should tune in for the first two minutes to see him use it in the intro song. This is so well done!

Video Description:

In this EPIC TUTORIAL you will learn how to master Tabletop by Retronyms iPad app. This is the most in-depth video tutorial on this incredible app and will teach you how-to use every feature of Tabletop including how to create a song from scratch, make beats, route your devices, record audio and apply fx and auto-tune as well as mix, master and export your finished Tabletop session.

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Freemium

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