FAC Envolver Update

FAC Envolver, from Fred Anton Corvest, got some minor tweaks and an impressive new demo video!

What's new in FAC Envolver v2.1:

• Replace MIDI Note Gate chart by dashed lines
• Update rise and fall ranges
• Update some labels and colours
• Addition of a new preset (SQ BrB Tom)
• Bug Fixes, Stability And Performance Enhancements

New in 2.0
• Two circuits: Env Follower and Trigger Gate (Audio/MIDI fx)
• Each circuit provides MIDI out (CC/Note) and optional audio transformation
• Env Follower provides a Noise Gate with threshold, hysteresis and curve smoother
• Trigger Gate provides a Trance Gate Style fx with optional resolution and patterns
• Stereo/Mono processing - a slot per channel
• Fine tuning of each slot; rising and falling time, bias, depth and inverter
• MIDI IN/OUT support: CC#, channels, int/ext note pitch and scale progression
• Multi-waveform graph: input signal, env contour, gate signal and threshold
• Host tempo sync

Note: The MIDI/AUDIO combo makes FAC Envolver usable in every host, even the ones that still do not provide MIDI out support, in this case the MIDI generator is disabled and the fx can be used as standard AUDIO fx.

Fred Anton Corvest setup a "live audio scrubbing" example of FAC Envolver in apeMatrix.

The audio coming from the sampler provided in ApeMatrix is fed into FAC Envolver which in turn sends MIDI CC and NOTES to Zeeon synth. Scrubbing the audio manually provides a nice way to generate outstanding live sequences!

RC Major plays Gestrument Pro

Tom Traxx did a demo jam to show off Gestrument Pro's internal instruments. While a lot of people are going to want to immediately start to use the app to sequence other apps, it is worth taking this time to appreciate the internal instruments! Gestrument Pro is available for pre-order, and should be released tomorrow!

Video Description:

Short track recorded with iOS screen-recording.
All instruments used in this short track are Gestrument Pro internal.

Senode Update

Senode, the modular polyphonic sequencer from Sebastian Arnold, was updated with several MIDI improvements. This includes support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices, and CC bindings for clock control.

What's new in Senode v1.0.3:

- new emitter settings panel
- added MIDI bindings for emitter actions
- added generic MIDI CC bindings for synth and clock control
- added support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices
- improved MIDI device selection
- performance and stability improvements

Reason Compact Update

Reason Compact, from Propellerhead Software AB, was updated with support for external MIDI input and MIDI from other apps.

What's new in Reason Compact v1.1.0:

• Connect external MIDI keyboards
• MIDI in from other iOS apps
• Bug fixes

We are super happy for the feedback we have received from you and are continuing our work to make Compact the best app for making music on your phone. With 1.1.0 we want to give you an update that helps you to use Compact together with other apps and devices. We hope you will have fun and enjoy making some great tunes!

thesoundtestroom: Vocal Soundscaping

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom used a bunch of different apps to do ambient soundscaping with his voice as the source! He gets some seriously epic sounding results with this setup!

Video Description:

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