Italizer Update

Developer Kai Aras read the comments here for Italizer and he has delivered on your popular request! Now in addition to using the synth as an instrument, you can load up the Tape Echo as a separate AUv3 effect!

This is a serious upgrade to the app's functionality and it is offered to all Italizer users without additional IAPs!

What's new in Italizer v1.1.0:

- Tape Echo can now be used as a separate AUv3 effect independently of the main instrument
- Added option to toggle between 8x and no oversampling (saves cpu when using multiple AU instances or running on older hardware)
- Double tapping any control will now reset it to it’s default value rather than centering like before
- Improved Tempo Slider
- Tweaked X/Y pad scaling for more precise control
- Increased max output volume
- Minor UI tweaks and polish

Preview: SNAP - Reactable Drum Machine

YouTuber Apps4idevices Rebirth got his hands on a beta for Reactable's next app: SNAP. This new drum machine app will be available on both iOS and Android next month. They are currently accepting beta sign-ups.

Video Description:

Follow this link to check out the review, the Audio demo & the tutorial
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Blocs Wave Update

Novation/Ampify updated Blocs Wave with a new 3-band EQ, available as an In-app Purchase of $2.

What's new in Blocs Wave v13.0:

An equaliser (EQ) is one of the most important tools for shaping sound when creating a song. We’ve added a beautiful, high-quality, yet intuitive 3-band visual EQ to Blocs Wave, available now as an In-App Purchase.

Highlight Features
- 3-band visual EQ for iPhone and iPad (In-App Purchase)
- Beautiful design follows the colours of the sounds
- Preview before purchase

Other Improvements
- Bug fixes

We really appreciate your feedback. If you have comments, questions or feature requests, let us know at or If you like Blocs Wave and have a minute to spare, please review it in the app store. You can also review the app on iPhone from within the in-app menu.

Reader Simon spotted a new official demo of the update!

thesoundtestroom: iAbyssal Photo-Synthesizer Demo & Tutorial

Doug Woods brings us a thesoundtestroom Demo & Tutorial for the new iAbyssal Photo-Synthesizer.

Video Description:

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Navneeth Sundar - Carnatic Violin on Roli Noise

YouTuber Navneeth Sundar played some amazing Carnatic (traditional Indian) violin on Noise!

Video Description:

Navneeth Sundar plays authentic and real sounding Carnatic violin on an iPhone 7 plus.
Ragam - Panthuvarali
App used - Roli Noise
Patch - Swam classic viola, available as a separate purchase.
Video captured during performance using iOs screen capture feature in iOS 11.

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