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FM Player by AudioKit Pro

Reader Matthew Fetcher from AudioKit Pro released FM Player! This is a completely free recreation of the classic FM presets found in Yamaha's DX7/DX7 II. Although it does not include the synthesis elements, the app does let you shape the sound with a filter and several effects. FM Player, like AudioKit itself, is open-source. It's also making use of other open-source code. The reverb in here is based on code shared by Valhalla Reverb developer Sean Costello.

The app arrives with Audiobus and basic Inter-App Audio support. And it is free! Holy shit! I feel like I'm doing a contest post where everyone wins a copy! Oh wow, I'm having an Oprah moment. You get a synth app, and you get a synth app! Everyone gets a synth app!

FM Player iTunes Description:

Beautiful Free iPad instrument featuring the classic sounds of famous 80s FM Synthesizers.

- Faithful recordings of famous classic presets from original retro 80s FM Synthesizers
- Over 50+ presets included, completely free!
- Beautiful Reverb, Auto Pan, Bit Crush, Stereo Fatten, and more!
- MIDI in (Play with a MIDI Keyboard)
- Low-pass Filter: Cutoff, Rez, and Filter LFO
- Analog Tape Style Ping-Pong Delay
- GREAT for playing Live with a Keyboard: MIDI Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Program Change, Velocity sensitive sounds, and Sustain Pedal support already added
- Some basic Inter-App Audio (IAA) integration. Use with GarageBand!
- AudioBus 3 support. Use these amazing sounds w/ other apps that support AB3 audio & midi.
- All Knobs have MIDI Learn!

“Sounds LUSH and awesome!” – The Sound Test Room

"Truly sounds like the real deal! DX7 is all about the EPs for me...and this one nails it!" - David A., AudioBus Forum

"The sound quality is incredible! Absolutely amazing!" -- IOSoundDesign, AudioBus Forum

"It sounds fantastic! So crisp and clean. I had a few 80/90’s flashbacks on some of those presets. Very cool!" – Eros, AudioBus Forum

BONUS: All features included Free. Plus, it's Ad Free!

If you like the app, please support us by telling your friends. And, leaving great reviews in the App Store. It's quick and helps us! Thank you!

There are the demos from thesoundtestroom, and Red Sky Lullaby. Embedded here is the official launch video!

Reader Comments 6

I support and endorse this post. 👍🏼
December 07, 2017  | touch_app analogmatt
Absolutely loving this app. It sounds great and who doesn't like free stuff. Also looking forward to their other free synth app that will hopefully be released soon as well.
December 08, 2017  | person_outline Ed
“Oh wow, I'm having an Oprah moment.”
Possibly the least expected Tim Webb quote.
December 08, 2017  | favorite_border Enkerli
Where have I been?! I wasn't aware of AudioKit Pro. This ROMpler seems like this is a great demo of their synth building tools.

If I had all the time in the world, I'd mess with it. But it is cool to know it exists.

All the more weird there aren't any full-features samplers in iOS.
December 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
What's the catch? :D
December 11, 2017  | person Charlie

"What's the catch?"

It's not perfect- There's no AUv3. And, the IAA Midi is pretty basic. However, it is very nice as a standalone app, lovely when played with a MIDI keyboard, or used with AudioBus 3.

There's a nice feature it on the front page of Electronic Musician magazine today with more info:
December 11, 2017  | touch_app analogmatt

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