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Wizdom Music Updates

Wizdom Music LLC released iOS 11 updates today to GeoShred, MorphWiz, and Tachyon. They all mention a "Fix for iOS 11.1 edge delay" which sounds ominous. I'm not sure if that is something other apps will need to be concerned about, or if this is specific to the way Wizdom music apps are controlled. I sent in a request for comment earlier this morning, but haven't heard back yet. I will update this post when I know more!

Update: I now know too much. moForte (the guys actually doing the code for Wizdom) got back to me with a lot of details. There were two major problems addressed here. The first is with the way iOS 11's dock is triggered by a drag up from the bottom of the screen. This was a simple fix to override the system gesture, but a necessary one as Jordan himself discovered during a soundcheck after upgrading to iOS 11.

The second "edge delay" problem is a bit trickier to explain and is a new one for iOS 11.1. They noticed a weird latency when pressing around the left, bottom, and right edges of the screen. This is where iOS is watching for system gestures; like app switching. This was introducing latency of up to 800ms while iOS tries to decide:

"Are you doing a system gesture, or should I let the app handle that thing you just did?"

This requires another override! While the programming language Swift is a lot prettier than Obj C, Apple's SDK still suffers from some seriously ugly looking code. This is the actual iOS SDK function that fixes this problem: setNeedsUpdateOfScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures()

What's new in GeoShred v2.5.2:

We have been shredding away here making sure GeoShred is the most powerful and expressive instrument and MPE MIDI controller possible on your device. We have added:

- iPhone X aspect ratio fix
- Fix for iOS 11.1 edge delay
- Option to turn off background audio
- Temperament transposition fixes
- Improved Squelch
- Arabic Scales
- Raga Corrections
- Hindustani Note Name Font

Jordan Rudess and the GeoShred team

What's new in MorphWiz v1.3.3:

What's new in Tachyon v1.32:

- 64-bit build
- updated for iOS 11.1
- Edge Protection turned on

Reader Comments 5

There was a latency glitch in some games I play (like Farsight Pinball) that had to be patched for iOS 11. Not sure if that's related to these fixes.
November 08, 2017  | person_outline Dfarley
I don't think the removal of the home button and the added gestures were the right choice...
November 08, 2017  | person dysamoria
On November 08, 2017 - @dysamoria said:
I don't think the removal of the home button and the added gestures were the right choice...
If you're coming from something with a real home button (like the iPhone 6/6+) then yes it would seem annoying. However, the iPhone 7/7+ fake home button was annoying, so this is an improvement!

Kind of. It can be a pain to get out of some apps, including (as I just discovered) GeoShred. That might be down to me not being used to the gesture yet.

It really takes some getting used to, but I'm optimistic!
anyone know where I can download the Mac desktop version of Tachyon?
November 09, 2017  | person_outline Greg Killmaster
Criminy. I occasionally see Jordan / Wizdom take flack from the general public. But it just blows my mind how Apple casually tosses obstacles out in front of iOS developers - yet Wizdom (and all of the other serious iOS music developers) somehow manage to roll with the punches. I dunno how they do it - but they do.

Then again, I’ve never seen a company treat its customers with the casual contempt that Apple does. But they get away with it.
November 09, 2017  | person_outline A Robot Took My Gland

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