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Something's Brewing from Yonac

Developer Yonac Software has released an Outrun-styled Retro teaser for an upcoming Universal AUv3 app!
There are absolutely no details to be gleaned from the video, but it definitely sounds awesome!

Video Description:

Coming soon. Universal & Audio Unit ready.

Reader Comments 11

Reminds me of the Stranger Things theme.
October 23, 2017  | person dysamoria
Me, too. Makes me wonder if it isn't yet-another-subtractive-synth. Seems likely.
October 23, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Or a bit like the end theme from Blade Runner. Anyway sounds great!
Maybe a Juno emulator type thing? Hmm. [chin scratch]
October 23, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
I'd be ecstatic if it was Magellan 2 with AUv3!
October 23, 2017  | person AdamTomlinson
No details but clues include "SHOT", "VOL", 5.0, and 7 and 2 (probably squared).
Put that all together and it is obviously, um, ok, I got nothing. ;-)
October 23, 2017  | person jimhanks
At 53 sec there's a N2 which could be Magellan2
October 23, 2017  | person_outline Harison Zamperla
I think you're onto something Zamp. If Yonac releases Magellan 2, we owe you a coke.
October 24, 2017  | favorite_border stub
It’s a bagpipes simulator. With free haggis and an “och aye ohh help ma boab” phonetics chip. And a castle echo chamber module. That’s what it’s going to be... Yonac may seem American but they are truly Scottish. They even have a dragon in their logo. And I’ve had too much single malt. Goodnight.
October 24, 2017  | person nreyes
October 24, 2017  | person_outline oceans in space
@nreyes lol. If the knobs have Jack & Victor's faces (from 'Still Game') I'm fully friggin' sold.
October 24, 2017  | person Nonny Moose

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