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Binaural Haircut with VirtualRoom AU

Swiss developer MNSignalProcessing put on their most offensive Italian accent to bring us a rather clever example of their VirtualRoom AU app in action. My sincerest apologies to Italian readers, but this really is an excellent demonstration of the tech.

Video Description:

Virtual Barbershop like scenario made on iOS using the VirtualRoom AU plugin v1.1 (built on MN Signal Processing's 3DVERB® technology). Enjoy the tickling sound of an electric razor near your head, thanks to the latest addition to our algorithm - near field HRTF

MNSP website:

Reader Comments 5

My father is fresh off the boat and he thought it was funny. No worries
October 18, 2017  | person_outline Harison Zamperla
I hope you spotted the Virtual Barbershop reference ("all of the virtual hairdressers speak like this"). ;-)
October 18, 2017  | person_outline Fritz
I was not aware of the Virtual Barbershop as a previous demonstration of the tech. I found this example of QSound...


Which is the first time I've thought about QSound in about 20 years. I remember it for their use on Sega CD games!
Got this on launch and like it. I think this demo is for an update about to drop. Having fun with the launch version, but near-field spatial illusion in this update sounds noticeably more convincing. Looking forward to the update.
October 19, 2017  | person skiphunt
Is this ever coming to Mac OS?

I remember the original that this is referencing. I've always wanted and sought a binaural room modeling plugin but everyone just tends to dump generic reverb on top of HRTF filtering, which isn't even close. This is the first time anyone has actually done it right as far as I can tell. I tested the demonstration version (pre-plugin) and it was pretty good.

I know binaural stuff doesn't work without headphones but I still think this is a greatly untapped sound technique.
October 19, 2017  | person dysamoria

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