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Patterning Update

Patterning, from Olympia Noise Co., was updated with several fixes. The update also includes a new ability to export, or import, all of your songs, drum kits, and samples via iTunes file sharing as a single Patterning Database.

Correction: This article originally had the wrong update information and revealed an interesting bug in the site's internal app database! Thanks to pantsofdeath for pointing this out. The following is the actual update that happened today!

What's new in Patterning v1.3.1:

• Export and Import Patterning database (all songs, drum kits, and samples) via iTunes File Sharing. Available from FILE screen.
• Secret hack that allows you to import .onps and .onpd files using the sample library's Dropbox browser.
• Fix issue which caused iTunes File Sharing "Inbox" to not be cleared when importing files.
• Potential fix to occasional bug with the sample editor view.
• Fix an issue that could cause a crash when deleting MIDI Mappings.
• Fix naming of MIDI Channels in MIDI Mappings
• Removed "Backup User Database" setting from System Prefs, as it was unreliable. Use built-in Database Export/Import instead.
• Clear database cache on app termination.
• Include MIDI mappings in .onps song export
• Clear inbox after sample import.
• Fix bug with Cloud Kit sharing on iOS 9
• Fix iOS 11 crash when saving Drum Kits.

Reader Comments 5

I wish that DIVIDE mode had an adjustable cycle length. Right now it is locked at a 4-beat cycle-- so you can divide 4 beats anyway you'd like, but it has to be 4 beats.

At one point the developer told me it would be "trivial" to implement it, but finding a place in the UI would be hard. I said, just put "cycle duration" in the same place that "step duration" is on the UI. He agreed that would work.

I'd love to see a version of Patterning where you had a few melodic tracks-- and could toggle between adjusting pitches and adjusting velocity. That would be kind of fun.
October 16, 2017  | favorite_border stub
er.... I think that is the 1.3 update from June.. today's 1.3.1 is a lot more pedestrian and involves itunes sharing..
Shit... this just revealed a very weird bug in the site code. These sorts of things are supposed to be prevented. I actually have a lot of code in the site designed to prevent me from embarrassing myself!

I think a conflict between iTunes' API and my recent attempts to shorten app names in the AppDB caused some kind of weird history conflict. The site thinks the last update before this was 1.2.3 in March. It thinks this 1.3 arrived on Friday, and doesn't even know about the 1.3.1 update yet.

Thanks for pointing that out PoD, I'm going to have to figure this one out.
As PoD pointed out we already had this functionality and I have downloaded several cool kits from it.
October 16, 2017  | person That guy
And @That guy: You found a bug in today's code adventure with your comment. I've been working on v3.2 features and had to roll-out a small part of that first... unfortunately I only included a small part of that small part, and this broke on your comment! It should be fixed now.

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