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Xequence Update

Xequence got its first update today, adding several improvements including enhancements to MIDI Sync.

What's new in Xequence v1.1:


- Much smoother zooming and scrolling in all editors.
- Part previews now show all controllers and notes, and look much nicer.
- Enhanced MIDI Sync. The "Sync" option in instruments now has a new "Relative" mode (old mode is called "Absolute"), which is compatible with pattern-sequencer-like apps and hardware, like Ruismaker, StepPolyArp, Korg Volca Sample, etc.
- The "MIDI In" button on the Settings screen now blinks when the app receives MIDI notes or controllers, for easier setup of incoming MIDI connections.
- Much more accurate timing on MIDI In from apps and devices that support MIDI Timestamping.
- You can now create multiple instruments with the same MIDI destination AND channel. Useful, for example, if you want to use different scales / root keys for the same synth in different parts of the song without constantly switching scales. As root key and scale are set per instrument, you can just create one instrument per scale / key, with the same destination and channel, and a corresponding track per instrument. Also, if you need more than 3 controllers, you can just create several identical instruments, but with different controllers.
- Looped parts will now loop for 64 bars beyond the song end (used to be 32).
- Basic iPhone X compatibility


- Fixed missing or wrong MIDI notes during recording.
- Fixed possible crash with MIDI input and switching tracks.
- Fixed possible crash with certain MIDI input sources.
- Disabled the "Xequence Source" MIDI source, as it was not used and only caused confusion when setting up MIDI routing.
- Various fixes, optimizations and usability improvements throughout the app.

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Six bucks for FOUR tracks? I might understand a free demo limited like that, or an extra purchase for advanced features, but MIDI itself has 16 channels, so this four track limit seems foolish. Crap, just make it full-featured at a higher price right up front.
October 12, 2017  | person dysamoria

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